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    • Depends on how the engine was built. You seem to have good parts but if the bearings aren't clearanced & rings the same just right it will last but not very long.  10.5 with the heads is a bit high for a big shot unless your racing it only. Keep your timing down low & don't take it to much over 6000 rpm's as Pontiac makes power down low not at the top like a chevy. If you over rev it it will be gone in no time.  Plus you didn't say what cam your using, what pistons, & which rods. Just because there forged doesn't make them all that strong. If the forged pistons are to heavy???? Was the engine balanced & line bored ? If all you did was put in new parts that to will make it go away very soon. Also did a Pontiac person build the engine or was it like most built by a chevy person & that in itself spells trouble. Oil pump,?? There are a lot of little things that need to be done to a Pontiac engine that a chevy builder will over look & cause you all kinds of trouble.
    • DON'T  EVER !!!! ,,,  try to compare a chevy engine with a Pontiac 350. They are not alike in any way except they are both 350 CI. The chevy engine acts completely different then a Pontiac 350. It really doesn't matter what cam you use but the cam you have now is WAY to big. Pontiac's use their power in the bottom end & a cam with about 420 lift is all your going to need. Something with about 230 duration & 420 lift is all you going to need & anything bigger is just a waste & will make it run badly. The heads your using & size of the engine would preform best with the good old std. Ram Air III cam or when you go to buy one use the the one listed by any of the companies as an S cam, Pontiac used that in their 350 HO engine & it makes 330 HP with the # 48 heads which are the Ram Air III heads . But with your heads it will still give you good performance & about 300 HP.
    • The biggest reason you will wipe a cam at start up is using the WRONG oils for break in. You must use the break in oils today as the oils that are sold for cars today don't use any ZZDP & the newer oils are JUNK for older flat tappet cams. You MUST use the break in oils & then use the oils that have the correct amount of ZZDP in them or you will wipe out the cam every time. It's not because the cams aren't hardened it's the oil your using. Because of the gov. ZZDP was taken out of most all newer oils, thats why you MUST buy the custom oils for ALL flat tappet cams,,, our older cars or you will damage your engine over a short time because there is no ZZDP in those oils. Most all newer engine have roller cams which don't require ZZDP ,,,,, but it's a must with flat tappet cams. If you don't engine failure is YOUR fault not the cams.
    • Yep, that is correct, @Rexs 73GTO! Anyone else who is wondering, just need to reply with your vehicle information and photo to this topic  
    • If the engine is a 67 or newer the size of the engine is cast into the side of the block. It will be 350, 400, or 455. The year of the block is cast into the boss at the dist. When you know the year & size you can then look at the block on the right side (passenger) just below the the head there will be some numbers & a 2 letter code. When you find the 2 letter code you can post here & i can tell you, or you can go the the Wallace Racing web site & there is LOTS of info on that site to give you any info you will need about the engine & heads you have. By the way the head codes are cast into the center ports of the exhaust side, it will be for instance $X or $^ or 48. It will be a 2 number or number & letter code.
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