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    Volleyball fanatic, Huntin, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles. Retired Pontiac Motor Div.

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  1. JUSTA6

    Hello to the community

    Sunny day???? C'mon April N SPRING! Welcome Steve.... This looks too familiar.
  2. JUSTA6

    New guy

    Nice start on your project. Welcome to FP.
  3. JUSTA6

    Sway bar endlinks

    Think I pushed submit, 1 sec sooner than you. LOL
  4. JUSTA6

    Sway bar endlinks

    1st thing I notice is the twist in spacers jambed in the springs which are obviously bad, affecting overall ride height. Looks like you've done a good job with the new ball joints, tie rod ends. Justa quick question. Do you have cotter keys in the new tie rod ends and ball joints? If not those need to be installed right away. (kinda hard to see in the pic's) There should not be any gap in the end link. Is this a pic of the wheel lifted?? or sitting on the ground??
  5. JUSTA6

    Grand Prix Limo?

    Justa thinkin I've seen this. And YES I have it's right here in the Pontiac area. Believe it was taking a group to a concert at DTE.
  6. JUSTA6

    Hi There!

    Sweet ride, nice color, welcome to your new fav site.
  7. JUSTA6

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    No small task for us mere mortals. Justa day playin for Last Indian.....
  8. JUSTA6

    2018 End of the Year Review

    Great friends, better Pontiac's and an awesome place to hangout. Forever Pontiac!!!!
  9. JUSTA6


    A safe N Happy holiday season to the entire Pontiac family.
  10. JUSTA6

    Scenery from a little ride today

    CAPTAIN ........... Congrats Mrs Notallthere
  11. JUSTA6

    Pontiac Christmas

    Today is a very special day for everybody. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Add your year of birth to age = 2018 for everyone. This only happens like once every 1000 years.
  12. JUSTA6

    Pontiac Christmas

    Don't forget your Holiday classic....FROSTY.
  13. JUSTA6

    Pontiac Christmas

    Cool shot. A safe N Happy Holiday season to you N yours.
  14. Hey buddy 1) Can't go wrong with a classic Cragar. 2) Modern update to the Ralley's keeps up the classic Pontiac look, with the upgrade JURY package your famous for.👍 3) These would look too much like your copying the OTHER Blue Lemans Vert......You know who I mean. But does look really good. Tough choices, but it comes down to you.
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