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  1. Fluke it may be, does NOT warrant an afternoon in front of the TV.
  2. Hard to admit, but the Lions are undefeated so far. Can't call em win less.
  3. Welcome to FP. Keep us up on your build....we LOVE pic's.
  4. Welcome to the site. Beautiful Pontiac!
  5. 3 sweet examples of Pontiac WOW. Welcome to the site.
  6. Met up with Frosty for another perfect weather day, a great turnout for the show AND a surprise visit from MR and MRS Notallthere. The Detroit Tiger mascot PAWS took a shine to Frosty's Tigers and wanted to drive off with Lucy. Even the Detroit Lions Mascot Roary.......(ya can't make this up!) was drawn to Lucy as well. Della Woods was there with her funnycar signing autographs. We also got a phone in report from IndyJoe and we made plans for the Sellers show (last of the year for me). GM was there with the rolling sideshow and this year had the Vette on display with Free RC Racing. We are loosing a local carshow legend to retirement. Rockin Ronnie is headin your way Ringo. Where ever in FLA that he settles down...you will meet him at the carshows. Here's a couple teaser pic's.
  7. Was thinkin it was perfect before, but it really does need the end cap for the splitter. Dangit...droolin all over the keypad JUSTA staring at your pic's.
  8. I hear ya. Still have mudd from Labor day on the GTO. See ya there.
  9. Glad it all worked out. Esp nice to use the parts you had. Save ya a ton O running.
  10. Thankz for sharing. Looks like you got there very early. Breakfast at TONY's??
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