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  1. Because the sidewalk is too crowded already.
  2. Things that make Pro tingly.

    Someone really should tell him he can't hunt with that rubber sword. Maybe an upgrade to a NERF crossbow might help. Then again...I have no place to talk with an empty freezer, so I''ll Justa stay outta this one.
  3. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Huntin down there would be blast bro...Was at my cabin for opening weekend, (OCT 1st) Sunday/Monday and only made it out for an afternoon downstate by the house. Seein deer, Justa NOT ones with horns. This year's new rule....6 point or better. Still have a chance to pop a doe from Dec 1st to the New Year. Still have another week to hunt down here with the shotgun. Justa got back home from the cabin, 5 days, Does N 1 spike playin all around me N eatin my baitpile like no other. Ruts ON, everyone has stories, guess the LIL spike had his way with the entire doe herd on my property!!! Gun season is buck only unless you can get a doe tag for that county.
  4. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Headin up tomorrow for a shot at gun season as Bow season was a bust.
  5. Outside of Philly

    Welcome to FP, great lookin Bird.
  6. FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Wish I had even some of your mad skills.
  7. from Newfoundland,Canada

    But that's Frosty's worst enemy, everyone knows that!
  8. from Newfoundland,Canada

    How hard can it be?...they have their own hill.
  9. New from N.E., PA

    VERY NICE, welcome to FP.
  10. The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Last Indian, hope you had a great day. Thankz Frosty, would have missed that.
  11. from Newfoundland,Canada

    Fantastic GTO. Welcome to your new obsession!
  12. Snow White checking in

    2's always better than 1. Glad you kept Snow White and hope you get er back together soon.
  13. That sucks!!!! Workin on your back and everything falling right in your face. Good luck bro. Will look so good when your done. After paint, I clearcoated as well and it still cleans up nice. If your exhaust doesn't polish back up, Eastwoods silver exhaust paint.
  14. Vargo Dragway Reunion

    Pontiac was well represented. Great shots, thankz for sharing.
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