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  1. I was going to joke about it's NOT a carshow/cruise night til the Pontiac's show up. Then noticed in the background..... Ahh the great debate, on one hand I'm glad to see the old car still on the road and most important, the owner having fun with it. Then there are the guys that try and screw people into BUYING their assortment of junk as original. The purest are a dwindling group. Trailered the car and will spend the next week cleaning the dust off for the next show. These guys are very important to our hobby, without them, most of us wouldn't know what real factory is all about. The research alone is more than most of us would even consider taking on. Most everything you see nowdays will have some cheap repop items, modern upgrades (even if its safety items such as disk brakes) or cosmetic modifications such as rims/tires, performance upgrades, even if they go back to period correct cool. I'm as guilty as anyone with my GTO build. Just added the console and his/hers shifter that was never an option for a 66. So where do we really draw the line in the sand? Is this a guy that admits it's a clone right off? or the guy that's gonna stand there and tell you that you don't know what your talkin about. When he should clearly shut his mouth before you start pickin the whole thing apart in front of him. Then there's the guy that drove his car to the show claiming to be the purest, but he's missing the factory info stickers, the factory grease pencil check marks, runs a DIE HARD battery, rain X wipers, ect ect. We have all added our own touches to make these rides OURS. Could be factory items that were not on our build sheet or the great debate on using factory trim rings/or not for our rally rims. To me it's about the owner's pride in what he has opened his wallet on and busted his knuckles to accomplish, then takes it out and pulls down miles of smiles at every stoplight and has a complete blast every minute of driving his/her beast. Even if it's listening to period correct music from a CD. I totally agree stratman that owners should be proud to to show their Leman/Tempest as what it is, instead of rebadging to something it's not. But most owners are buying someone elses OLD projects, VERY few of us own our original cars from the period.
  2. Thankz for sharing. I did see a Pontiac in the background. Great mix of rides.
  3. Ringo's got it covered like a blanket.
  4. Glad I'm retired.....NOT good with those heights. How'd ya take that selfie when both hands are in the pic??
  5. Agreed....Nice shot of a beautiful ride.
  6. http://thepartguy.com/diagrams/gto-lemans/W - GTO LeMans 67 - Chassis Wiring Diagram (FRONT HALF).pdf Hard to read, I bought mine through OPG (original parts group) https://www.opgi.com/lemans/1966 Tried a picture of my page and it's Justas hard to read.
  7. Em's purdy.....But it seems to be missing something.
  8. You have my attention.
  9. Mickey Thompson's on Crager wheels.. Great looking combo..

    1. JUSTA6


      Classic cool.

  10. Coopers on da Bird, Sticky Mickey Thompson's on da GTO.
  11. NICE, another form of Prius repelent.
  12. Was all about the Dixieland show, but its memorial day weekend and I need to get back up north. Already marked on the calendar.
  13. I ordered a medium shirt when I replied that I wasn't going to make the weekend. Good luck with all you have going on.
  14. JANE, stop this crazy thing. Now where did I leave my briefcase/car?????
  15. Sorry to hear your trip will be Lucyless, but hope you have a good time with the gang. Tell Marcel I said Hi and grab my shirt if they haven't sent it already. Thankz buddy. Don't install it upside down....
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