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  1. The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday buddy!!
  2. Great story, thankz for sharing!
  3. Popup ads coming to your dash soon?

    That much more reason to drive ....RESTORED.
  4. Looks like another way for auto company's to make $$$. Imagine...stopped at a light and a nearby restaurant pops up a coupon for a meal deal. Or gas is .10 cheaper at the next station. Annoyed with the popups on your phone and computer? Ya ain't seen nothin yet. BTO
  5. Eastwood, brush on silver exhaust paint will solve your problem. Same prob with all Pontiac V8's as Frosty said. I touched up my exhaust manifolds last spring. Paintwork had to be 6-7 years old at least. Awesome stuff, quick N easy fix when needed.
  6. New plates for the Corvette...

  7. VW Beetle set for extermination

    DUNG BEETLE......
  8. One of the last 'Birds in FL!

    Great lookin ride. Welcome to FP.
  9. New to site with Old GT37

    Thankz for the pic's.
  10. 2018 NHRA Arizona Nationals

    Busy place. 405 4 da win again.
  11. New to site with Old GT37

    Welcome to FP. We do like pic's......
  12. Momma's pretty good about what I do N when, but you must Pick N Choose your battles wisely. Making room for Widetracker meeting.
  13. I'm sure the wife would get over it sooner or later. It's the suckin up til she does, that bothers me.
  14. 2018 NHRA Arizona Nationals

    Awesome shots. Looks like a great time!
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