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  1. Beyond cool....But wouldn't expect anything less from the master.
  2. When installing, use a larger nut or washers as a spacer, then put the correct one on N tighten till the new lug is completely seated.
  3. JUSTA6

    Golling show

    Justa Pontiac Daryl..... Might have talked him into joining the widetrackers. Have admired his Ventura for many years. Don't see many of these anymore.
  4. JUSTA6

    Golling show

    Straight outta STREET OUTLAWS.... Pontiac Daryl and Injun "BOB"
  5. JUSTA6

    Golling show

    So I misunderstood at the last Golling (GM dealership) show, attendance was down and we should support our club sponsor. A show on a Thursday afternoon from 4-7:30pm?? Most people are still at work. (why Frosty/IndymanJoe couldn't make it.) No wonder why they were having trouble attracting participants. WRONG, showed up at 4:30 and got one of the last parking spots!!!! Perfect summer day with a nice breeze and over 150 cars. Here's a sample....
  6. whats smurfing my dew freind

    1. JUSTA6


      Justa got home from a show.  No awards...had fun.  Nice JUSTA crusin the GTO.

  7. Thankz Stratman. Big fan of the wagon too.
  8. JUSTA6


    Make sure you adjust the pic so you see the whole shot.
  9. JUSTA6


    This will amaze you.......Enjoy! https://1funny.com/people-are-awesome-best-of-year-so-far/
  10. Great shots Frosty. Will post the few I took before my camera battery died.
  11. JUSTA6

    cold tires

    Sorry bout the rims. 1 of 2 guys I was looking for showed up today, he said he might have 1. Doesn't help much.
  12. JUSTA6

    cold tires

    Good luck,
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