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  1. JUSTA6


    Welcome to FP. Did anyone mention we like pic's.
  2. You are exactly what we like to see around here. Young guys pickin up the torch and keeping the Pontiac spirit going. Welcome to the site! Look forward to watching your build.
  3. A convertible frame is by far the strongest and would require the least work if your planning on building a high HP ride.
  4. Glad your back home Ol buddy. JUSTA being home has to be a great step up in your recovery. You continue to be in the thoughts N prayers.
  5. Good luck on that one. 42 years and I haven't done it yet! What were you doing over here without stoppin by??? I see how you are.
  6. Of course you do....it'sa PONTIAC. Welcome to the site.
  7. When your driving on the shoulder instead of the road, ya know it's springtime in Michigan.
  8. That was JUSTA fart.... and how did you know?
  9. Ol skool for the win! Rims with real tires instead of these rubber bands. My daughter with her G6 has wiped out front and rear at the same time!!!! Destroying tires and rims. I still buy G6 rims whenever I see them. Have 3 spare rims....2 with tires.
  10. IDK.....sure wasn't $$$$
  11. Nothin usable would come anywhere near $5000. Engine/ drivetrain maybe rims. That much rust, ya know anything electrical is shot. Even hood N decklid are full of dents. Old Pontiac's never die......they become legends!!!! Til rust do us part. Goodbye.
  12. Glad you found the cause and can finally get to fixin it right.
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