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  1. Head turning pic's for sure. Thankz for sharing! I don't recall you posting show pic's before. What car did you take?
  2. I say... Let it run slow, the cars NOT aging as fast then, right? I've been waiting to tear down my GTO for paint. $$$ issues. Will be doing the same when putting it back together. Alot of work, but so worth it.
  3. 1st thing I noticed too. Wasn't even gonna comment.
  4. Looks good Joe. Found LED replacement bulbs for the GTO dash...ordering tomorrow when I figure out how many. Requires layin on my back N TWERKIN my way up under the dash. No camera's! Took my GTO seatbelts out to the car, but didn't get to pull the backseat to install. Busy cleanin on the daily drivers. Whatta beautiful day and tomorrow will be the same.
  5. It was in the 40's today in Chi-town, that's not cold.
  6. Just broke 30 for today in the mitten. Expected to reach 50's this weekend.
  7. Only used the snowblower 3 times so far this season. And I'm not complaining.
  8. So unique....simply beautiful. Hope you get your parts back quickly.
  9. Sooo nice out. Perfect time for a RIP round da hood.
  10. Looks like fun.
  11. HI

    Welcome to FP. Lots of good info from many CHARACTERS around here. Have fun.
  12. Happy birthday bro.
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