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  1. HMMMM missing crank washer???? Justa jokin Bro. Bear might have it with the dipstick. Justa pull it half way out to check. I will not confirm or deny how I know this.
  2. Forgot one we still see on a regular basis..... Della!
  3. Thankz for the add, but I'm JUSTA hot rodder as well. The Sunbird has only been on a track one time. Popular Hot Rodding magazine car show @ Norwalk dragstrip in Ohio. Timed only, nobody on the other lane. 12.3 @ 108. Not alot of Drag racers pull this off unless it's Hot Rods drag week LOL C Pic..... My daughter's used to throw candy during parades, Dream Cruise. That'sa 4:71 blower on a 231 V6. Worked with BDS to put the package together. I had the 1st one and BDS got all the spec's to sell the package. Have only seen 1 other since 1984. 1st thing everybody ask....... 350???? No
  4. Slide your phone under it. Selfie stick???
  5. Watch Kiwi's vid..... grab a smile, suddenly somebodys trans cooler does not matter.
  6. Some things are JUSTAS cool to watch now as then. Was her name Groovy? Lookin for fun N feelin GROOVY.
  7. JUSTA6

    What do we have here?

    Looks like a dirt tracker to me.
  8. OHHHHH yea. Would love to have those.
  9. JUSTA6


    Now that is HOT. Nice job!
  10. Very sharp. Welcome to FP
  11. Don't need it now, my bods back on the frame.
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