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  1. No need to worry about me. Steal this thread N suffer the wrath of Sabrina!!!!
  2. I liked the dealer vid. Checkin out all the original parts and what was available.
  3. Found a couple things that may or maynot be a waste of your time.
  4. Boy that clears everything right up. Way past my pay grade. In fact I don't see pension on the pay scale.
  5. Love it when a plan comes together. Thankz for the updates.
  6. After checking this out, had a bunch of idea's on how you can play with this stuff. Maybe..... https://www.stonecoatcountertops.com/stone-coat-product?gclid=Cj0KCQjwrrXtBRCKARIsAMbU6bGdEuJ8fi8zHAUaAkZvmvdOc75mnderczWNg8-h4gk0BDPmlZjzun4aAqg3EALw_wcB
  7. Check the backside of that heavy trim. May be screwed on there with nuts, most of the rest would be removed with the hook tool.
  8. We will have to meet up this year for the DC. We have the kickoff event with the All Pontiac, Widetracker spring Dustoff in June. LOL Must be Royal OAK instead of Royal ISK in your profile info. Watch for the flier for the Dustoff, will be posted here.
  9. WHAT???? You had me at "view it in my mind" and lost me at hex values.......
  10. Couldn't be more proud of it myself. Can't forget the custom turnsig lever that completes the package.
  11. He copied me!!!!!! Oh wait a min, this IS some of his ORIGINAL work. How lucky am I??
  12. Nice job, I can't see any sand scratches.
  13. JUSTA6

    The Q

    My Ute is my address, it's the street I live on. The general public have no idea how to spell it. Best example of what it is......a native American tribe. My Ol Sunbird is my 1st NEW car. Still only has 30,000 mi on it and will never leave here.
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