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  1. 2017 POCI NAT's

    Pontiac Heaven....Thankz for sharing
  2. Newby here..

    Welcome to FP. Lots of knowledgeable Pontiac fanatic's round here to help out if we can.
  3. Of course FORD was right there to step up to the plate. Could this be a Mustang on the logo for this year?
  4. IMG_0052.JPG

    Nice job. All are great shots of your 66.
  5. a Michigan Noob

    Great shot of you and the biker chick!!! Hope your feeling better after the big bang.
  6. Nice shots 31.....thankz for sharing.
  7. Prof's shopping nightmares

    A man N his truck is a wonderful thang.
  8. Great shots of your Pontiac's. Welcome to the site.
  9. Sorry last Indian, been a crazy week of travel N hangin with the family. My correct plug arrived in the mail. As long as it seals right and stop's the oil from staining my exhaust (what started this whole mess) I'm thinkin I'll keep it the way it is. Would like to keep the clutter down (even though matching breathers would be very cool from all the work we have seen of yours) Now, if you keep the offer open,,,,, I'll be starting on the Sunbird soon (Would like to have it on the road for Dream Cruise in Aug) Have run into a problem on a project I started years ago and could work out so we could install on both of our cars if you were interested.
  10. I MIRRORED that 200R4 install in my GTO last year, having a local trans shop do the install. Many probs most of which were shoddy work from the trans guy and many return visit's. Never worked everything out, then the shop went out of business. I did add a His/Hers Hurst shifter to the new package,before taking it in. Totally agree on the shifter yourself went ya wanna stand on it. Trans guy did not like the original shifter cable (said it was fraying) and replaced with the most cobbled up mess using a B&M cable, lost the adapter kit I had bought. I bought another kit and correct new cable and with the help of a friend got it back together correctly and installed a new kickdown and adjusted properly. (had a hip replaced last summer, so working under the car was a challenge at best) Still have a small leak somewhere. I did not add an extra trans cooler, but it doesn't seem to be a problem with heat issues. Also did not use Art Carr parts to rebuild the trans. Shop owner seemed to know what upgrades were needed, but who knows what he installed. End result, it drives well, sucks less gas, but have to live with a LIL drip. He went to work for a National trans shop and will honor my 1yr warranty.
  11. Pontiac Restorations

    Engine compartment is lookin good. Looks like you have some welding in future.
  12. Prof's shopping nightmares

    Wow..and we complain about our Sec of State.
  13. HAPPY 4th of JULY

    Very cool. Lucy's top up on such a sunny day?
  14. Nice shots...thankz for sharing.
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