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  1. Soooo worth the wait. But I can't rant N rave about the out come. Notallthere asked we don't post who won. Did you happen to slide over hear to this side of the river N watch the big event?
  2. Welcome to the site. Lots of nice Pontiac's to check out.
  3. Street Outlaws on tonight with the continuing build for the race.
  4. Wheels make or break the look of a car.
  5. Richard's runnin a HEMI. Go figure.
  6. Many 1st for Marty's ol body. Richard brought in his Gas Monkee pro team and driver. Had to laugh when his driver put it in the wall on the test pass. Go Chief, Pontiac rules!
  7. I didn't know Chief had a 70 GTO as his daily driver. The build for the race will get him back into a METAL CRO when they are done. The race is march 27th.
  8. So is everybody watching the call out for the race, the builds, Aron leaving gas monkee, and his build off VS Farm truck N Asian?
  9. AGREED!!! It's a PONTIAC replacement, right? Hey, sent ya a lead if you care to call the guy.
  10. Welcome to FP. We like pic's.
  11. Gonna fit right in here. Welcome
  12. I agree with Frosty. Sell it. Rebuilding could get pricey. Start at $500. It's only worth what someones willing to pay.
  13. Inline tube https://www.inlinetube.com/
  14. Welcome to FP. Is that a 60?? It's in great shape, awesome ride.
  15. LMAO... I had all the Zinger models. Gratiot Auto supply. Spent alot of my teenage money there!
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