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    Volleyball fanatic, Huntin, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles. Retired Pontiac Motor Div.

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  1. JUSTA6

    Pontiac Firebird

    Sweet Bird, great pic's. Thankz for sharing and welcome to FP.
  2. JUSTA6

    Burt Reynolds dies at 82

    RIP Burt. Many hours watchin him on a screen.
  3. JUSTA6

    The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Easy....GO deep....I'll pass.
  4. JUSTA6

    The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Thankz, but I'm not countin them anymore. Lettin some of these kids catch up!
  5. JUSTA6

    JustA few cars, but hey

    You have been very quiet this summer. Glad to see your Pontiac showing the rest of your buddies how high the new bar is set. Car looks great, nice mix of rides at the show. Thankz for sharing buddy.
  6. LMAO... I'm the only one runnin around with a real camera N not a cell phone. I don't think that paint was Royal.... If so I've never seen one before.
  7. Some shots from another show this summer. It's different.
  8. This poor Canadian VW owner. The pass side suicide door flew open on the expressway. Leaving bent hinges and a huge dent of the awesomely painted Bug.
  9. Lone wolfed it, nice show, 160+ cars. Saturday was forecast as the best day of the holiday weekend. Stayed nice until I got the GTO home N in the garage. While I did not win one of the 4ft, 3ft or 2ft trophies from my 66 class. I was awarded one of 4 participation plaque's I saw on the table when accepting mine. Weather not looking real good for tomorrow's show.
  10. https://shiftworks.com/collections/gto-lemans-products Justa added my His/hers and they were very helpful.
  11. JUSTA6


  12. JUSTA6

    My Can Am

    Awesome find.
  13. JUSTA6

    64 grand prix project

    Welcome to FP. Try Original Parts Group and see what they have for your car.
  14. 66 GTO, 421 tripower
  15. JUSTA6

    Dallas’ Firebird

    YEP....He's a Flintstone. After 30+ with Pontiac, in Pontiac. I mean that with all due respect. Maybe you can hook up with Frosty on one of his cruise nites in Davison. We will be attending the Sellers All Pontiac show Sept 23 in Farmington Hills and we usually attend the Golling show in Lk Orion on Sept 15th.
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