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  1. Still 1/2 price of the rest of the supercar crowd. Waaay otta my league.
  2. That sure sucks, but you were smart enough to have the work done with a warranty. Still a pain, but it's covered.
  3. Now your cookin.....95% of the gas i buy is from Kroger. Best deal out there!!
  4. beautiful ride, thankz for sharing the pic. Welcome to FP.
  5. Guess that'll teach me to post late. Between Frosty N the Vid...it's all covered. Nice day, no awards for the group. At least out tigers made the vid, LOL.
  6. Welcome back to the widetrack Strat. Great lookin ride, won't take much to make it "yours"!
  7. We did too. Haven't heard from Indy, was Justa gonna give him a call.
  8. Justa like a C-6 with 2 more C's????
  9. 2.99 fillup before I left for the cabin. 2.79 up there to get home??? SUP with that???? Always higher up there.
  10. Not implying you need to do more work, but those Pontiac letters on the rear would be waaay coool if they lit up like the Ol Fieros??? Already have the exhaust going on. Justa sayin......... I wouldn't change a thing. The exhaust made me smile, that turned to ...... What if?????? Cause I've always thought it would be sweet to have the lit up Pontiac in my rear spoiler on the Sunbird. I used metal in the spoiler for strength when I was building it. Messed up my chance to cut in the letters.
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