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  1. Wow... Lacking in attendance!! They should have closed off the back 3/4 and saved spectators all the walking. Amazing cars that did make the show. As always thankz for sharing. ESP the Sunbird.
  2. Check Utube for a how to vid. Get an idea of what you have to do.
  3. Frosty was too fast, will settle for Santa.
  4. You can buy the covers and reupholster yourself. Bought mine from OPGI. They did not come out bad. You mentioned trying your doorpads and center console. Fairly easy if you take your time. Never said to go buy a sewing machine and start from scratch. Waay past my pay scale.
  5. They have been around for many years. Price ended up close to the copper, when I had the 4 core made for the GTO, it was $600. Copper, factory appearance. Went with the local guy that has taken care of all my Radiator needs since I started driving. Replaced all hoses, 160 thermostate, found one of those 7 blade fans (dumping the flex fan) water pump, Plastic (OPGI) shroud. Finally got the temp problem under control.
  6. Way I look at it...I got alot more time than I do Money. DYI for the win. Good luck, take your time and post your pic's!!😎
  7. Electric seats as well. Have you tried to move them? They look in really good shape. Great find! Thankz for the pic's of OL Lucky
  8. Yea......Why don'tcha strap on your fake knees and come with me this year?? That way if we run across the bear, I don't have to outrun him.....Justa you!
  9. No had to come back early N left days late for our vacation, waiting for the promised washer N dryer. They did not show up last Thurs as scheduled (for the 3rd time) We were headin for the cabin and using that as a pivot point to check out some of our favorite Northern Mich towns. Traverse city, Cadillac, Petoskey, Kalaska, Houghton and many small mom N pop shops/attractions along the way. Hunting season does'nt start til October 1st. I did clear some of my shooting lanes (branches,bushes anything that would effect my arrow) Put out some cracked corn, apples. Shot my bow a number of times. Did some plinkin with my 22 revolver. Finished cleaning up and stacking the wood from the trees I took down in July. Saw many Grouse, 10 turkey Bussards on a roadkill deer and a Mom Turkey with a few young ones. Massive storms left most of the 2 track roads covered in huge puddles, all hills were washed out leaving huge gulleys. Downed tree's. Made for some awesome 4 wheelin with the truck. Few times I was wishin I had a winch. Chain was enough to move the largest tree JUSTenough to get by. Got home late last night. Finally got the damn appliances @ 9:30 this AM. Of course had to make a parts run for gas line adapter for the dryer, drain hose extension for the washer. Momma is attacking the mountain of clothes from the last 3 1/2 weeks. Have a carshow this Saturday. Hope we can get the Rivy buttoned up and fired so my daughter and son in law can attend the show. New rebuilt motor. To do list does not seem to be getting smaller.
  10. Gawd I love that rearend. Also like it in RED!!!!
  11. Whats wrong with with critters? They get into places you wouldn't believe....AND they make great sandwich.😎
  12. Bears are all I have to worry about. Deer season doesn't start til Oct 1st. Have an hour left on the window to deliver the damn washer N dryer. Wife is bouncin off the walls. Headin out to mow the lawn.
  13. No that will be our appliance company if they don't show up again. Been without a washer N drier for 3 weeks after they missed the 1st delivery. Hauled our old working stuff outside to promptly sit out in the rain. Already missing the 1st 3 days of vacation at the cabin and getting ready for the bow deer season.
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