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  1. until

    New motor. The spare on my engine stand has all my Blower parts. Crank/rods/forged pistons and my destroyed blower cam. (soooo bummed, it's my Kenne Bell cam!) It's new....fired and never made it out the driveway. Spun a cam bearing. The one in the car should have never held up 20 yrs. Thrown together junk, shouldn't have held up to the blower, let alone all the tire smoking burnouts over the years. I do have the Gran National motor sitting there too, already set up for boost. But I don't know anything about it. Pull the intake/turbo and go through the lower end. OR I have the backup block I've been meaning to transfer all my GOOD stuff into for the last 20 yrs. Anyway ya shake it, gonna move some junk out of the garage.
  2. until

    Don't know if the Bird has that much of a roadtrip left in it. Was smokin pretty good on way home from Golling. Stopped at a light and had a bike run up the shoulder and sit next to me instead of turning. As the light got ready to change, I pulled the R's up to make him think I was gonna put his 2 wheel ass in the dirt and got a big puff of smoke. Funny to watch him take off like a bat outta hell with a cop also sitting at the light. Thought for sure the cop would have chased him down, but no. Really want it there for Sellers, but always have the GTO. Do have my new wheel to show off.
  3. 360...Glad you had the chance to check and found some new power in the deal as well. Last Indian....your gonna be everybodys hero soon.
  4. Gary's Goats

    NEED the red Go Cart!!!!!!
  5. until

    Lookin like only one of my cars will be there. And JustaG6.
  6. Engine Block rust removal advice please...

    Justa me, but I would put the intake back on to minimize water getting into your engine. (still change oil after, as Frosty suggested) Also remember that you need to go in the reverse direction of normal water flow. Lime scale and debris will form in ridges of the direction of the water flow. Will also hold rust and crap in the ridges. Backflushing will work on the ridges and help remove the buildup in between. You can pull the radiator and try cleaning the same way. Reverse direction. That only leaves the heater core and what you wanna try to clean that. (heater core is the weakest link in the system...be gentle ) You know that has to be full of crap too. If you don't clean the entire system it will Justa re infect the old wounds. Good luck.
  7. until

    Hoping to have Momma drive Justa66, I'll have Justa6???? maybe. Mel will have JustaG6. Mike will have the Rivera. Have not heard from Indy. Know you'll be there. Anybody else?
  8. Golling Charity Car Show


    Close one on the game...Win's a win. Mike took his 1st award with the Rivera!!!
  9. until

    You MUST have punches on your card for all 3 shows to register for the special prizes. I saw very few cars from the Dustoff at the Bakers show #2 on the list. So being one of the few to have all three punches, looking forward to see what these prizes are.
  10. A few Pontiacs

    Vette looks good.
  11. Golling Charity Car Show


    Thankz buddy. Had it turned right when downsizing went sideways when I posted it. This grill on a 29 blew me away. As always in this area, Pontiac is well represented.
  12. Gary's Goats

    Cleanup in isle 3..... there's drool everywhere. Thankz for posting.
  13. Golling Charity Car Show


  14. Golling Charity Car Show


  15. Golling Charity Car Show


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