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  1. Will it be done quicker than the Chevelle? I can only eat soooo much popcorn.
  2. I'm real happy how it came out. Wish he could have seen it. I may JUSTA leave it the way it is.
  3. Anybody mention we like pic's? Welcome to FP.
  4. Is it the rental company that....PICKS YOU UP?
  5. Don't like my meat frozen. He did show picks of ice/teeth that flash freeze roadkill.
  6. I don't have the depth you have to work with. It already has plenty to bite on, so I'm thinkin Justa brush BLACK in and go. No real room for primer.
  7. Will have to take notes on this one. Had Brians name etched into my Hurst T handle and will need paint.
  8. Welcome to your new obsession. Great lookin TA.
  9. The dollar store display is going all out.
  10. Wouldn't touchin that with YOUR typing finger......
  11. Welcome to FP. I'd like to know what trans N rear gears your using in the beast.
  12. Nice shots of your tribe.
  13. Whole lotta love shown to that ride for many years. They become part of you with that many hours involved. Awesome job.
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