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  1. Welcome! Wow, those are rare even here in the States and yours is a manual as well. Very nice. How did that find it's way to Norway?
  2. There will be a Jet City Fieros club meeting at Beaver Lake Park, 25201 SE 24th St, Sammamish, WA 98075 at 11am this Saturday, August 15th. Bring lunch and a lawn chair. We'll be socially distanced, but together sitting in an open space between the lodge and pavilion. If you're into Fieros, come on by! Hope to see you there.
  3. Welcome! I love 3rd Gen Firebirds. Are you planning to keep the KITT nose on it? That's pretty cool. Maybe complete the Knight Rider look?
  4. Welcome! Sounds like a cool project. Looking forward to watching your build.
  5. I had a somewhat busy weekend with my Fiero. I installed Hella sealed beam conversion headlights along with some LEDs. The LEDs are Lasfit LA Series Plus 9003/H4s rated at 6000 lumens and 6000k color temp. While everything was apart, I refinished my rusty headlight buckets. I'm happy with the results so far and like that I have preserved the external OEM look, but greatly improved the lighting. I also installed a set of XXR 521 wheels, 17x7 inch with +38mm offset. I used 5mm hub centric spacers in the rear and aluminum hub rings in front. The handling and steering are vastly improved. It's really amazing what modern tire and wheel technology can do for the driving experience. Turn in is MUCH quicker and no more floaty feeling. The steering even feels a little lighter and quicker. First, the LEDs. LED vs Halogen bulb. Location of LEDs matches that of Halogen filaments. Rusty buckets refinished. LEDs installed. First shot without dust boot. Next one with dust boot. Had to modify the dust boot to tit around the LED fan. Ready to install. Installed in the car. Lights on! Clean cut off on the lights. Still need to test them on the road at night. Now the wheels!
  6. Are you talking about Natalie Carroll? The Firebird Calendar girl? Here she is from an episode of Knight Rider.
  7. Here's another favorite of mine. Pontiac really had their advertising dialed in. Totally 80s!
  8. Follow up regarding The Humbler. I did read it in Smoke Signals, November 2019 to be exact. An article title, "The First 1970 GTO". I also misspoke. There is lots of evidence this car is the actual Humbler, but it has not been positively identified. It's a very interesting article. If you're a POCI member, you can read it online in the archives.
  9. That's probably my 3rd favorite ad, it's so cool. I read the same thing about the car being found. IIRC, it was in good shape. It's a different color, but as they're tearing the car down, they've found evidence of the VOE installation. It's in the process of being restored to it's original condition. I want to say I read it in Smoke Signals, but it may have been somewhere else.
  10. Good call on "Ride, Pontiac Ride"!. That's a very close 2nd for me. Love the scene with the 80s girl getting pulled over by the cop in her Fiero GT. The Paul Revere & The Raiders song is fantastic. One of my favorites as well. Good choices!
  11. Ha! That's a good one. I like the guys name on the bottom of the car. I had high hopes for the G6, G8 and Solstice. They were on the right track I think. Maybe if we can get that witch Mary Barra ousted from GM, Pontiac might have a chance at coming back. They should bring back the Firebird first.
  12. I'm a child of the 80s and came of age during the "We Build Excitement" age of Pontiac. It's what drew me to the brand during high school and launched my love affair with the brand and specifically with the Fiero. To say these ads and commercials impacted me personally is an understatement. My question is what is your favorite Pontiac ad? Below is mine. It's the jingle I remember in high school and it still gives me goosebumps. It makes me want to jump in my car and drive!
  13. Pontiac 4 Life


    My favorite generation of Grand Prix! Beautiful! My dream would be a red 1990 Mclaren Turbo.
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