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  1. Pontiac 4 Life


    My favorite generation of Grand Prix! Beautiful! My dream would be a red 1990 Mclaren Turbo.
  2. The 6000 STE is one of my all time favorite Pontiacs! I'm glad some folks still appreciate these great cars. I'd buy one if I could find one.
  3. That is amazing. What a great car! Have you tried contacting the the Pontiac Oakland Museum and Resource Center for more information?
  4. Very cool car! Fun fact, the Fiero was originally going to be called the Pegasus which is why the Fiero badge has Pegasus on it.
  5. Even the newest cars are getting pretty old now. So depressing. 😢 Mary Barra is doing a fine job with GM, but damn, I wish she'd just bring Pontiac back.
  6. Wow, that's a beautiful GP. Love those WideTrack era Pontiacs!
  7. Hi! My name is David and I live in Washington State. I'm a long time Pontiac fan, but recently found this forum. Thought it was time to introduce myself, try out my sig, etc. My love affair with Pontiacs started in the early 80s with the "We Build Excitement" ads while in high school. Read a lot about the 6000 STE, Firebird, Grand Ams, and Fieros in Motor Trend, Car and Driver, etc and loved the styling and performance. For this reason, I'm very enthusiastic about that era and love the Fiero, 3rd gen Firebirds, really love the 90 Grand Prix McClaren Turbo, and would love to get a 6000 STE some day. I currently own a silver 1987 Fiero GT with a 5 speed and red 2001 Firebird Trans Am with the WS6 package. My first Pontiac was a 1985 Fiero SE 2M6. I've had 2 other Fieros in addition to that and the one I own now; another '87 GT and an '86 GT. I've also owned a 1994 Firebird Formula, 2000 Trans Am WS6, 2005 Grand Am SE V6, 2006 Grand Prix, and a 2006 GTO. I've enjoyed each and every one of them! Cars I'd like to get in the future would be a 1990 Grand Prix Turbo, preferably red with the tan leather, a 3rd gen Trans Am GTA, a 6000 STE, and a Solstice GXP. I'm currently a member of the local Fiero club, the Jet City Fieros and a member of the Western Washington Firebirds club. I've also been a member of the POCI for many years and support the Pontiac Oakland Museum. I also collect dealer related items such as books, displays, posters and the like. I'm grateful for my wife and kids who put up with my Pontiac obsession.
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