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58Bonne's 1958 Bonneville

2021 September
of the Month

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    • Time to gear up for October Pontiac of the Month! Got a spooky themed photo for Halloween this month?

      To nominate your or another user's Pontiac, please read the rules below:


      You may nominate your own Pontiac or another member's Pontiac from Forever Pontiac. 

      If you do nominate your own Pontiac, please be sure that you've added it to our Garage or your entry will not be accepted.

      In your nomination/entry you must include:

      Display Name of the user you're nominating (if not yourself)

      A picture of your Pontiac (only 1 photo)

      The year and model of your Pontiac

      Any other facts about your Pontiac you wish the voting public to know. Such as modifications, restorations, etc..

      Only ONE entry per user.

      Please do not submit any one user’s vehicle more than once.

      This is a friendly and honest competition. You will be disqualified from POTM if you are found registering (or enlisting individuals to register) multiple times once we are in voting. (NOTE: that is multiple times for one individual. Inviting one user to vote one time is fine.)

      Nominations will run through September 26th and voting will start on August 27th. 

      To enter your Pontiac or nominate someone else's, just reply to this topic (click the red "Reply to this topic" button above this post or scroll to the bottom and click into the "Reply to this topic" text area)

      If you submit your nomination outside this topic, it will not be counted towards POTM.

      Please let us know if you have any questions!
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    • Thank you to everyone who entered to be a part of our 2022 Forever Pontiac Calendar! It's amazing to see all these fantastic Pontiacs. You'll notice, like last year, that the models with a large turn out are going against each other, such as Firebirds, GTOs. Our aim is to give a little diversity to the calendar this year and give a fighting chance to all involved 
      Please note that for the first round of voting if you have 10 posts or more you have automatically gotten a pass to the second round as a thank you for being an active member. (to see if you have 10 posts or more, visit your profile  )

      We will be taking the top 2 or 3 (ties, number of people, and other factors are considered) individuals from each group and they will move into the 2nd round! 

      Voting will run till August 31, 2021 11:59 PM ET

      Round 2 will start September 5, 2021

      The way voting works is there will be groups of members and out of that group you will need to select one (1) individual that you like the best as the winner for that group. The individual with the most votes at the end of the round moves on to the next round out of that group. Let's get started!

      Please be advised: we are monitoring the use of voting and watching closely. Those who solicit individuals to make accounts, multiple accounts or make fake accounts to move votes in favor of themselves will be removed from the contest. We want this to be an FP calendar for Pontiac lovers, voted by Pontiac lovers. Any questions, please let us know! Thank you for cooperation.
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    • 2022 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries
      2022 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries

      We're going to start the calendar contest a little earlier this year so that there is more time between the calendar prints and the holiday, as was suggested by a few people last year.

      For those not familiar, this is a wonderful calendar comprised of 12 of our members' Pontiacs. This contest is meant to decide who those 12 lucky members are. This is one of our favorite times of the year as we get so many great Pontiacs and the story behind them! Keep in mind, we are voting on best photos, not necessarily best Pontiacs so any and all Pontiacs are welcome .

      Without further adieu let's get things rolling with some entries! To enter your Pontiac to be in our Calendar contest, please carefully read the instructions/rules below:

      Please post ONE picture of your Pontiac in this topic and that will be your valid entry to this contest. Pictures may be touched and Photoshopped but remember, we are voting on which picture looks best for this calendar so make sure it looks good! As well pictures should be high quality and good taste (please as appealing as it is please don't pose naked on your car), should you violate any of our rules or do not have a high quality pic your entry may not make it, even if you get voted into the calendar. Entries will be allowed until August 1st at which point no more entries and this topic will be closed. Round 1 voting will start on August 5th and last through till September 1st. Be sure to keep informed by opting into our emails!


      You MUST be a member of Forever Pontiac.

      Picture MUST be of a Pontiac. You must own or have owned the vehicle you're entering (any year, any model)

      Image must be of good quality: minimum resolution of 1000px width and 300dpi (Most digital Cameras this is the default unedited import provided)

      Only one photo will be accepted. If you enter more than one photo, the first photo you submit will be used.


      Let the entries begin!

      Entries will close: August 1st at 11:59pm
      Voting will begin: August 5th

      We will NOT be accepting entries outside of this topic. To enter hit the "Reply to this topic" button above this post or click into the "Reply to this topic..." text area at the bottom.

      For help uploading photos, please see the help guide: https://foreverpontiac.com/topic/48-how-to-post-photos/

      Any questions, comments or concerns, please use the contact us link at the bottom of each page (or direct, click here).


      Let the entries begin! Best of luck!

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    • Looks like June needs to end with a Tie Breaker as well! Guess we have so many great Pontiacs here that people don't know who to pick  . Congratulations to both @JUSTA6 and @Mizzi for making it to a Tie Breaker but there can only be one Pontiac of the Month winner!

      Please remember, this is a friendly competition. No one individual may register/vote more than once. If you are found soliciting individuals to register/vote more than once, you will be removed from the competition. Let's have a fun voting round!

      Voting ends: June 7th at 11:59 PM EST


      JUSTA6's 1980 Sunbird, 4:71 blown 321 V6


      Mizzi's 1959 Star Chief Vista
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    • Pontiac of the Month for June is here! A great collection of Pontiacs submitted/owned by our members are ready for your voting pleasure!

      Please remember, this is a friendly competition. No one individual may register/vote more than once. If you are found soliciting individuals to register/vote more than once, you will be removed from the competition. Let's have a fun voting round!

      Voting ends: May 30th at 11:59 PM EST

      NOTE:  quite a few people forgot to add their Pontiac to the garage so have been disqualified and will not appear here in voting. Please remember to read both of the rules, if you have questions, please ask.


      JUSTA6's 1980 Sunbird, 4:71 blown 321 V6


      hdkeno's 1969 Firebird


      RICH's 1972 GTO


      ErikG's 1959 Strato Chief Wagon 389 


      Peterl's 1967 Firebird


      Solstice's 2009 Solstice GXP


      Mark Haddad's 1976 Firebird

      JAH's 1968 Pontiac GTO. Fully optioned 400HO 4-speed, numbers matching engine. Hideaway headlights, power windows, power brake, power driver seat, reclining passenger seat, A/C, tilt wheel, power trunk release, cornering lamps, Rally II wheels, AM/FM stereo radio with factory original 8-track player.


      Mizzi's 1959 Star Chief Vista


      Vivica's 1987 Fiero GT //supercharged engine 


      West Coast Bird's 1968 Firebird
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