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General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in the Southeastern States of AR, AL, GA, FL, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN.
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  2. Derek Bieri, host of Roadworthy Rescues and his own Vice Grip Garaqge YouTube channel, completed his Long Haul. Still looking for my photo.
  3. I check the HRPT website yesterday. The Long Haulers package is now completely sold out too. The Atlanta Motor Speedway cruise laps are also sold out. Is anyone in FP Land going to go on Power Tour - even if for one day? I'd love to meet with some of y'all. Heck I might even catch up with GuitarsExtreme (GE). Gawd help me if that happens.
  4. Today I noticed that the platinum and gold club long hauler packages are already sold out. These sell for $2500 and $425 each, respectively! Last year all the long hauler packages were sold out in advance, for the first time ever. I suspect this year will be a repeat! The platinum and gold packages entitle you to VIP parking at all the venues and access to all or one of the VIP lounges at the venues. So on a 112 heat index day, an air conditioned lounge with cold beverage is a real winner! Still this isn’t worth it to me. A regular long hauler package (all five days and all five stops) is $175. Last year Hot Rod reported that there were 6000 long haulers! Each long hauler package has credentials for two people.
  5. Motortrend has just announced the dates and locations for this year's Hot Rod Power Tour. Over 6,000 cars and trucks are expected to participate in this year's Power Tour. You can find the details at: https://view.ceros.com/motortrend/power-tour-1-1/p/1 I have already register for the Long Hauler package - which is going to all five stops. I also signed up to do the cruise laps again at Atlanta Motor Speedway again! So I am in! Anyone else going to go?
  6. Nice! Had some friends in the Deltona area but they moved closer to Orlando now. Interesting area.
  7. Nice man! Been a while since I've been there.
  8. 360Rocket lives in Florida with his '70 Judge.
  9. I live in Englewood Florida, Race my Pontiac up at Bradenton motorsports park
  10. Anyone from Florida on this Forums ??
  11. The museum features Navy and Marine Corp aviation. Very cool place. A four some of old Douglas Skyraiders, painted as Blue Angels 1-4 in delta formation, use to be hung over the lobby entrance.
  12. That sounds awesome! Love anything WWII era related. My grandpa was in the Navy for WWII so his story set that ground for me.
  13. You should come for the cars AND make a point to visit the National Naval Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola. It is quite the aviation museum. I've been twice., once with my dad in 2002. It was quote the experience the second time with my dad since he worked on WWII era Navy plane electronics and avionics.
  14. until
  15. The 28th Annual Hot Rod Power Tour is coming to the Southeastern U.S. this year. Here are the scheduled dates and locations: HOT ROD Power Tour 2022 Dates And Locations Day 1: Monday, June 13 - Memphis International Raceway, Millington, Tennessee. Day 2: Tuesday, June 14 - Nashville Superspeedway, Lebanon, Tennessee. Day 3: Wednesday, June 15 - Hoover Met Complex, Hoover, Alabama. Day 4: Thursday, June 16 - Pensacola Fairgrounds, Pensacola, Florida. Day 5: Friday, June 17 - Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton, Georgia. Registration information can be found at: https://www.motortrend.com/events/hot-rod-power-tour-2022-dates-locations/ For what it is worth, ol' Frosty has just registered for Power Tour this year! I am currently planning on taking the Trans Am (Black Beauty) out on the road. She has sat for nearly a decade, it's time to stretch her legs for a change. Now I have to get my hands on a Snell certified non-motorcycle helmet.....and a Go Pro.
  16. Cool car...Hate to see that you're having transmission issues...I have a couple of questions....First off I'm not trying nor do I want to come across as being a smart ass..or condescending in anyway shape or form... So please don't take it that way...I also don't want to put up inaccurate Info if at all possible.... Are you 100% sure that the trans is a Dynaflow and not a Hydramatic..Or a Powerglide...?? I ask this because Dynaflows were exclusive to the Buick brand and were only used in Buicks...The exception to this is when there was a catastrophic Fire (Burned to the ground) at the Hydramatic plant in Livonia Michigan that shut down production for an extended period of time in the fall of 1953..As a result of that...GM had to scramble to come up with an automatic transmissions for use in cars that were supposed to be equipped with the Hydramatics...So they hastily reengineered the mounting points of the dynaflow trans case for use in other GM cars...They were for sure used in thousands of Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles in 1954 and possibly into early 1955..If you bought one of those cars they came with a certificate that would allow you to take the car back to the dealership and have the Dynaflow swapped out for a Hydramatic free of charge...Once production restarted and the supply chain was up and going again...Automatic trans (hydramatic) equipped Pontiacs of that same time period used the cast iron cased Chevrolet sourced Powerglide...Instead of the Dynaflow...The Powerglide was adapted to the Pontiac engine via a steel band adapter plate about an inch or so thick so it would bolt up to the Pontiac engine block...As with the Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs the Pontiacs also came with the Certificate to swap out the Powerglide for the Hydramatic free of charge..The seperate steel adapter band between the engine block and the bellhousing remained afterwards and continued to be used on the Chevrolets equipped with the cast iron case Powerglide transmission until it was updated to an aluminium case in the early 1960s... If your Pontiac 100% for sure does have a Dynaflow...Instead of a Hydramatic which may or may not Be possible..?? Since it is on a commercial type chassis and could be or not..??? More closely related to the very early 1955 producton Cadillac ambulances and hearses..?? Than a standard Pontiac station wagon... If you could be more specific as to exactly what the symptoms of your transmission problems are...It could very well be just a simple adjustment to cure the problem...That could be easily done yourself...There are lots of pages of adjustments in this manual... For different symptoms....Too many to try to post them all....Without norrowing the issue down some... TLBT..
  17. I did a search on Yelp. These shops that claim they work on classic cars and show good customer reviews. There may be more - but at least here are two to call and talk to: Hightech Transmission Service 7207 Buford Hwy NE Atlanta, GA 30340 (770) 574-4037 Business website: high-techtransmission.com Landmark Transmission Center 10435 Alpharetta St Roswell, GA 30075 (770) 993-0455 landmarktransmission.com
  18. My transmission is going in and out of gear nonstop while driving its a dynoflo
  19. Saturday, March 28, 2020 The Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine at Michelin Road Atlanta on Saturday, March 28, 2020 is open to all classic, vintage, exotic, vintage motorcycles and collectible cars of interest. Each $45.00 car show registration includes: - 2 Weekend passes to the Vintage and Trans Am Races - Touring on the Road Atlanta race track - VIP Parking - Event poster and program - Full access to the race car paddock Road Atlanta is a multi-purpose motor sports facility is situated on 750 acres in the rolling hills of Northeast GA, and offers a world class 2.54-mile, 12-turn road course. A full slate of vintage races and the Mazda Miata Heritage Cup will compliment the Trans Am Series. Register here: https://speedtour.net/st/?lib=product&pid=581&cat=11 For more information email [email protected] or call 863-698-8620.
  20. I’ve seen it or another version of it before on YouTube. I love the idea of a giant Radio Flyer.
  21. Same here. That wagon caught me by surprise, as you probably heard in the video
  22. Thanks for sharing Ringo. I loved the Radio Flyer wagon and the '55/56 home made El Camino.
  23. This cruise in took place today in Estero, FL and had to have had at least 200 cars going on the cruise. A 22 mile cruise from Daniels Rd to Corkscrew Rd along Treeline Rd. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to do the cruise but was able to meet up and see the sights of all sorts of cars from classic to modern muscle, hot rods, some imports and even a radial flyer . IMG_0443.MOV

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