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  2. Daytona Turkey run.

    Sweet Mother of Gawd. A Buick Fireball straight-8 with 4 Strombergs. I am impressed. I'll bet that intake manifold is a work of art.
  3. Daytona Turkey run.

    I was soooo amazed at that thing in an ambulance. Here's another inline wonder. It was a crapshoot if we even had the time to go to the show. Glad to squeeze in some time with my son.
  4. Daytona Turkey run.

    Dammit JUSTA, I wish like Hell you would have told me you were going down to the Turkey Run too. I would have given you a parts list and cash. I especially would have loved to have that GMC Twin-Six V12 702 engine in particular. Only V-12 I know that actually could pull a Minuteman Missile. Let's see a damn Ferrari or Lambo V-12 do that!
  5. Daytona Turkey run.

    Biltmore All decked out for Christmas, Simply beautiful. My fav room was the library. Looked through everything here and CRO. Have no idea where I posted. Even looked through sent mail thinkin I Emailed you. Might have been a quote on a thread??? Sorry...shoulda JUSTA called you. My son mentioned he hoped we would have time to hit the biggest swap meet in Fla the weekend before. That's why I was wondering if you were doing any shows. Had no idea it was at Daytona.
  6. Daytona Turkey run.

    Nah, last message I got from you was here on July 5th. Nothing that I saw on CRO. Even if it was only 15 minutes I would have made the trip to meet up brother. Glad you got to see the Biltmore House. Its my wifes favorite and I think she has dragged me there more than the Vanderbuilts were there, ha ha. I lived in Hendersonville back in the 90's and loved the weather and scenery. Glad you got back home safe.
  7. Daytona Turkey run.

    Very clean! Good work
  8. Daytona Turkey run.

    He just fixed a hole in the bottom of the front fender. Welded in new metal and ended up painting the entire car 2 weeks ago. Things an awesome cruiser, he added an AC kit to the Red interior to finish the creature comforts. I wanted a white interior and almost had a complete set, but swapped it for a complete black set to match my headliner in the GTO. He blames me for his addiction to red, black, white. True DAT. 360....have the same problems getting the family rides together in 1 place. He and the owner of the Shelby want to make the Dream Cruise someday.
  9. Daytona Turkey run.

    I was thinkin of you when I saw the 6. Was workin my way through his Pontiac parts to get a shot when I found the elusive Fisher body 2in chrome seatbelts I've been looking for, for the last 10yrs. He had a complete car set, was asking $450.00. Wouldn't break em up. Can't blame him. I did find the same belts with the GM logo instead and talked this other guy out of 3 of them to complete my backseat for $50. I've used the black plastic in the back for all these years. I'm still very happy. Don't think anyone would ever notice the different button.
  10. Daytona Turkey run.

    I'm not sure if it was here or on CRO, but I did ask you if you were doing any shows last weekend, and was a lil bummed myself there was no reply. But with the holiday weekend and all the set up/take down for the wedding, we had very LIL spare time. I was glad we had Friday AM to get over to Daytona. Headed home Sunday with a few planned stops. We did the Biltmore in NC that was amazing. Didn't think I'd like it. Almost got caught in the fire mess. Smoke was extremely thick on 40 working our was back to 75 North. We were down to a crawl. Think we hit Kentucky when they started evacuating Gatlinburg???
  11. Daytona Turkey run.

    Nice, pics looks like it was a blast! Your son's Impala is amazing, great work. What are the plans for it? Next time you're down south let me know as well.
  12. Daytona Turkey run.

    And to top it off with just a TEASER shot of a '67 Sprint I feel so slighted Glad you had a good time, it is indeed an event that all should do at least once. Cheers
  13. Daytona Turkey run.

    Dammit Steve, On one hand I am glad you came down and had a good time but on the other hand I'm a wee bit perturbed that you didn't give me a heads up that you were this close to Tampa and didn't give me a heads up! I had plans of attending the Rod Run this year but backed out at the last minute. I would have immediately changed those plans because its THAT important to me that you and I meet face to face one day, a hardy handshake, and share stories over a frosty beverage. You might just have to be on my Xmas sh*tlist for a few seconds for this sir! Beautiful cars by the way, Glad your son has your taste in fine autos. Yes, still mad!
  14. Daytona Turkey run.

    Here is my sons Impala and the Shelby project he's been building for his best friend for the last 4yrs. Finishing the hood and it can finally go home! Can't begin to list the custom mods and details involved with the Shelby. Never got around to pulling out his racecar for pic's.
  15. The 43rd annual 2016 Turkey run is in the books. A road trip to FLA for Thanksgiving and my granddaughters wedding turned into a mini road trip with my son to Daytona. Not to disappoint, the infield of the track was turned into the largest swap meet/car show I've ever attended. The new hip replacement was NOT happy with that kinda walkin. We never made it to the largest part of the carshow. Was able to find some trinkets for the GTO, Sunbird. Beautiful day and the people watching alone kept us laughing all day. Here's a taste of some of the cars for sale in the swap meet.
  16. American Legion Car Show Today

    Amazing pics!
  17. American Legion Car Show Today

    The WB 69 is near perfection, a GTOAA multi time winner and in countless magazines. The Orbit Orange is a "LeGoat" but on the road to being a very nice, pro touring "LeJudge" lol.
  18. American Legion Car Show Today

    Damn, bro, you are lucky man! A GTO in the garage and a wife that polishes. Man I screwed up somewhere along the way. i am impressed to see a Warwick Blue retractable headlight '69 and an Orbit Orange '70 Goat. Very nice rides my friend!
  19. American Legion Car Show Today

    She is definatly the best.
  20. American Legion Car Show Today

    Wow!... what a wife!!
  21. American Legion Car Show Today

    Its not often we get together like this, rarely do we all have time off or good weather or a million other excuses for not going. I wasn't going to go but I woke up at @7:30 am and went out to the garage to find my wife had backed the GTO out of the garage and was giving the car a top notch detail job. I couldn't let her or her hard work down so I decided to change my mind and make a day of it. We baked like potatoes as the show was scheduled from 11 to 3. Its just so damn hot down here for summer shows and rarely can you find shade in an open parking lot. It was a good time and I'm glad I decided to go.
  22. American Legion Car Show Today

    Looks like a great time bro. Nice bunch of Poncho's representing.
  23. American Legion Car Show Today

    Great pictures Rocket! Love the lineup go '68-'70 GTO's... you guys travel together?
  24. GOD Bless America and the men who selflessly serve our military to protect this great country of ours. Semper Fidelis! Don't know if this pic gets big enough but "Where is Waldo" (me) is waving from behind the burgundy Avanti.
  25. 24th Annual Wide Track Warrior Car Show

    GMC's always been a bit of an unloved child. I expect they wouldn't turn away an Oakland or Lasalle. Show up in a 2015 Camaro in Trans Am dress tho ... and you'll probably get parked over by the portapotties.
  26. The Wide Track Warriors Pontiac Club of Orlando will be holding its 24th Annual Wide Track Warrior Car Show March 5th, 2016 at BurgerFi in Altamonte Springs, FL. And new for 2016, open to Oldsmobile, GMC, Saturn, Hummer, and SAAB (1990-2010). Proceeds benefit Pet Rescue by Judy. Before Feb. 27th (Pre-registration): $20 per car Day of show: $25 Application: OrlandoWTW For more info: OrlandoWTW.com [email protected] Lots of prizes and giveaways. We hope to see you there!
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