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  2. Run to the sun

    Sounds like an awesome show. Please be sure to share lots of photos with us. If I wanted to go to the show that badly, I would have no qualms about breaking Lucy out of her winter slumber and driving her (o' so carefully) to the show. Or if the weather was truly that bad in my neck of the woods I'd borrow a buddy's truck and trailer.
  3. Run to the sun

    Nice! Sounds like a good time!
  4. Run to the sun

    I'm headed to S. Carolina March 14. The Run to the Sun car show is in Myrtle Beach on the 15th 16th and 17th. It's their 30th anniversary. I've never been there but my buddy has and has sent me videos and pictures from there. There is supposed to be over 3000 cars. I just wish I could drive my own car down there for the time. Those are the things I want to be able to do when I retire. I'm looking forward to six days away.
  5. I was telling JUSTA yesterday, the biggest thing I want to see at the NAIAS is the original Steve McQueen Bullitt '68 Mustang. I wouldn't dream of going to this show without taking pictures. Too much eye candy.
  6. Thats awesome Frrrrosty, remember pics. We all like pics. We got down to 28 degrees here in Taampa this morning.
  7. Hey 360, I got my tickets for this weekend's car show too!
  8. Yeah, I think I understand why it was a no sale. Great looking car and lots of custom and one off goodies, but not $150-$175k worth. $100-$125k perhaps.
  9. HEY!! Lemme point out something......look down by my feet, this room was filled with trails of trans fluid, oil, and radiator juice from million dollar cars.....all cars leak! ha ha
  10. So how much did the Jim Wangers' Edition GTO go for? I'm guessing six figures since its a one-of-one. Love the 'Dandy' Dick Landy car. Brings back memories. Thanks for the pictures BTW.
  11. Some of the beginnings of early Funny Car couple of ponchos
  12. Bugatti Chiron was a didn't make reserve highest bid was 3.5 Million dollars LaFerrari did not sell at $3 million dollars Ferrari Superfast, did not sell at $1 million dollars Jim Wangers Edition 69 GTO.
  13. actually peace signs at a bad angle, lol. or maybe 6 shooters since they wouldnt allow me in the building concealed carry, un American bastards.
  14. We got a gangsta here! look forward to seeing some pics!
  15. Man, Had a great time, saw some awesome cars and collectibles, and got to experience some real historic hot rods. Got tons of pics just gotta find time to upload.
  16. That's kinda how JUSTA and I feel about the CRO Champs these days.
  17. I didnt recognize anyone there last year, all college kid jobbers. I went and introduced myself and told them I was part of the forums and they could have cared less.
  18. Neither has JUSTA or I, nor has anyone bothered to call us. I submitted a write-up to them regarding the Charleston WV show back in October. It has not been posted to the new website either. Not sure what's going these days. Of course if you see Bruce "Mr. Mow-It-All" Kaufman there, tell him we said "Hi".
  19. I've not signed up on Gold Eagle since they flipped the site. Didn't think there was enough room over there for Chris plus anyone else? lol. Carl got ahold of me via text and asked If I wanted these.
  20. I'd love to pay Don a personal visit. He and I haven't had a good long conversation since Eric White's funeral. The problem is the wife would expect to come along too! And she wouldn't want to leave either. Are you going to say "Hi" to our pals at Gold Eagle for JUSTA and me?
  21. Dennis aren't you overdue to pay your boy Don Keefe a visit? maybe see what nice weather is like?
  22. Definitely! Let me know if you're ever down here
  23. Sounds like a great place to check out next time I am in Ringo's neck of the woods.
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