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  1. Congrats! Got any pics of your GP? We love pics here
  2. Looks like the images that were uploaded were removed. When you upload photos, make sure you don’t click the trash can icon as that will delete them. It should remove them from the post in that scenario but have seen that it doesn’t sometimes. Can read more about uploading photos here: https://foreverpontiac.com/topic/48-how-to-post-photos/?do=getNewComment
  3. Congratulations to @Maricks68 and @70TARAIII for making it into our 2021 FP Calendar! Full winners are going to be announced back in this topic:
  4. The tie breaker is over and now we have our full 2021 FP Calendar! Congratulations to the individuals below for making it in! If your name/year/model is red and bold below, please send myself a message with the original photo that you entered. The larger quality of an image you can provide the better your Pontiac will look when it's printed! You have until November 30th to get myself this photo or we will be contacting the next person in line in your group to allow this calendar to get to print so we can get it out to by the holidays. @Flukediaz 1967 Firebird @Kota981965 GTO
  5. All cars in the contest are owned by members here . That's what makes it special
  6. Google does have an image search if you use their browser but it looks for the exact same image and isn’t that accurate Example; https://www.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZivcbn5D5V4PXly4g7D5oufU02Emi2c-AMAaP27En3elJ2BG4Lz837KW7IJF05vJo9fLuyLIwtfi5WHxxcwGIEjaAVzPowhQxb074Yuf3xznlzOHwNEQffU5DPhxVMC03wLObvrKSdLZ2cA-hpKfpwt2Y8gHvw6fDWIWyrdqKIQKfAL4yYkaUKxQyXjX8WHjOrICuV-82qe570T75c7qnCR5qtJXTMq_1-c2ug4oWMl7UH_1I7qQTncjAqqCuGRo0wYGhi3-iAR5Gz37WOvEe7NokfZnTv5RXWg_17Gx80k-9V1xn4QXu7WP2AmpslzDc16GYhs3OH9Iz4-fSgPiapyAhignJox8Q
  7. 2 ties need to be broken! Hop on over to the topic below to vote!
  8. This doesn't happen often but this year we have a need for a tie breaker between 2 separate groups! Seems like you guys couldn't decide between these two fine examples of Pontiac awesomeness. Just like in other voting rounds, you will need to vote for one of the Pontiacs in each groupings. The winner here will be in the calendar! Voting Closes: November 18, 2020 at 11:59PM EST ------ Group 1 Maricks68 1968 Firebird Lucky 1974 Trans Am Group 2 70TARAIII 1970 Trans Am scarlit 1967 Lemans
  9. Sorry, a little busy here today. Will be updating shortly with the calendar lineup!
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