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  1. Congratulations @Steve Morris and their 1967 GTO for winning our May Pontiac of the Month!
  2. Long as it meets your want/desire, that's all that matters.
  3. Wouldn't laugh. Looks like you got some work cut out for you on the body. Are you going for showroom quality or other plans?
  4. We're happy to help you in your journey with your Bonnie! First things first though, got any pics of the Bonnie? We ❤ pics here
  5. Got any pics of your G6? We ❤️ Pics here
  6. We've got a tie in our May Pontiac of the Month for 2021! Not only just a tie but a 3-way tie! Our tie breakers run in a similar fashion to our normal voting, with the exception that it is an accelerated timeline. Votes will close on May 7th so get your votes in now! Please remember, this is a friendly competition. No one individual may register/vote more than once. If you are found soliciting individuals to register/vote more than once, you will be removed from the competition. Let's have a fun voting round! Voting ends: May 7th at 11:59 PM EST --------------------
  7. We’re about $3.40 a gallon here for 91.
  8. I wouldn't mind owning it, especially if $179k was a drop in the bucket for me
  9. Congrats on the GTO! Looks to be in great shape!
  10. Nice! What was the progress/story behind this beauty?
  11. I wanted the not useful part of a truck but also a Grand Am...
  12. Can find the poll at the top of the page, just above my post with all the photos of the Pontiacs in it.
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