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  1. Not in FL . High humidity and high temps. Except today, we have a "cold front" that brought it down to bearable. Good luck with the paint job @notallthere!
  2. Sounds like fun . Made an even so it shows up on the calendar:
  3. See Frosty's topic for more info and to coordinate getting together:
  4. Sounds like a good project and you got some work cut out for you. Look forward to seeing more on your project and watch it continue!
  5. Thats one great looking bird. Fantastic color 👍
  6. Split this into your own topic so you get some nice, welcoming attention . Amazing looking Pontiacs! Major props to you for doing Concours. Certainly takes some major time and searching to keep them original. Have you taken them to many shows?
  7. First, they would need to enter.
  8. Those who own them love them. It's much of a cult following.
  9. Great pics! i laughed way too hard at that tow truck company name 🐫
  10. Wow! Quite a bit of work you’ve done to it. Looks great! I especially love that trunk lid. Some good “go” mods as well 👍
  11. Nice! Look forward to hearing and seeing more about it
  12. Sounds like you may kinda like the Grand Prix . Great to see that love affair for the car and then carry over to human love with your wife! Anything done to your Prixs?
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