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  1. Understandable I think if it's delayed by what's happening in the world right now.
  2. Quite an amazing collection of cars you got there! Look forward to seeing more on the goat!
  3. Ringo64

    The Q

    Great progress! Interesting color of green, definitely suits it!
  4. Great looking Pontiac!
  5. Sorry. With everything going on, a bit behind with this... The winner is... @Michael Dalke's 1967 Convertible Firebird 400! Congratulations!
  6. Eh. Lived here 20+ years and only have come across them when I'm in their habitat. Came across more deadly creatures when I lived in St. Louis
  7. Excited to see what you do with your restoring
  8. Some babies have popped up from time to time but nothing really to be concerned with (unless you’re a chihuahua). Generally, a call to animal control and they move em back to the Everglades where they belong.
  9. I live in a villa. While I have a backyard, it's less than 20 feet to a pond/lake. Pretty but not really functional for much lol
  10. Both of y'all have nice decks/backyards. I do not really have a backyard at my house.
  11. What kind of pizza? Working is consuming my life at the moment but today was a decent break. Cleaned house, relaxed and played Xbox with my girlfriend. Was nice.
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