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  1. old guy44, doesn't the 6l80 have a inbuilt neutral switch ?? and if so, buy pass your column switch . OR, pull your slide switch which is mounted on your steering column out and make a new matrix board with contacts to suit your trans pattern
  2. havoc. i agree with two lane, get a couple of barbed fittings and use a short length of fuel hose to get you going and use good quality clamps... as a short term fix
  3. yes, see to me, thats cheap as! it would cost me $700 nz just for the ac compressor without freight 😡! well done mate
  4. oh completely agree with you too Justa ! that thread would be full in a week !! my youngest wants a new shower installed in her home... when i have nothing to do🙄
  5. Well done frosty! those hoses are really good at welding them selves to the metal connections and remember what you told me about old fuel hoses? i recon same applies to heater hoses too!! replace the lot. good on you for doing this job your self, if you had a shop do it they would charge you a arm and a leg to do just what you went through AND you will know exactly what you have fitted. i also agree, if you had a original core in hand to take it and have it rebuilt but since its an after market one, just replace it full stop i wonder why the different pipe sizes to the core???? to reduce flow rate and allow for more heat absorption ????
  6. yes mate, i will be collecting my chassis from auckland as soon as i can and its got a really tidy 2 door shell. trust frosty would know if they are close enough for you to use . i would like his in put as this is my first pontiac and not sure on year model changes. more than happy to help if i can
  7. Or.... 64 pontiac 2 door hard top is the same as a 64 impala, would this be the same case with 65 ???? above the belt line that is window seals are the same , front rear glass is the same
  8. frosty, how close do you think fitzy 65 is too a 64 bonni for the parts ??? my chassis is coming with a free body shell and the frames are in good nick ? maybe fitzy could use them off my shell ?
  9. were the hell do you find these Justa ??? sooo crack me up mate
  10. ah frosty just take the hose from the water pump and hook it to the intake manifold👍 no joiner need mate, i bet its 3/4 tube which will completly by pass the heater element mate
  11. Then you have gone this far, so hunt down the best deal on a good quality replacement core. Here in nz i have my radiator man that knows his brands. if it was me... take it to someone you know he will tell you.. its stuffed, say get me a new one with a good warranty or i will make you take it back out when it shits its self at your cost and the damage it does to my car 😄 i went through this with a tiny heater core for the mk1 cortina and i had to pay good money for a good... brand new core from a company that warranty its product. i am sure you can do that, i would not try to have your unit patched, it will have chemical and erosion corrosion from all the years of flow through it. am a plumber mate, copper just doesn't last 😜
  12. well best thing to do.... fix it your self and then you Know its right 😄 they clearly put it in the "too hard basket"
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