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    taupo new zealand
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    cars, cars, and did i mention i like cars, mostly 50's 60's and 70s'. oh and beer !
    and i am a workaholic ! always got to be building/ making something ! haha

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  1. i found this on YouTube, and ponchos rate highly in this top 10
  2. Very exciting mate 👍👍 i would justA be little worried about those Florida afternoon yellow arrow looking lightening strikes!!!!! haahahaha
  3. Gees fitzy I think Russel is a mechanic ! he knows what he is doing ! Unlike this plumber guy ! 😜 Yip certainly agree with you on the wheels 👍👍👍👍👍 rallye wheels win every time for classic look 👍👍👍👍
  4. hi Russel, i see you have changed your wheels ! since your 2016 post, nice shot of the 57 in the naki 👍 You should share your story with the good folk here about your 57
  5. Welcome Alan,, thats one cool five seven your have there !!!! Try posting your pictures from your phone, works for me as living down under i too have the upside down issue sending pictures from my home computer pretty sure there must be a big twist in the cable under the Pacific ocean !!!
  6. mate ! that's the last thing you say to a tradie these days!!! work is soooo full on you wont see your job done this side of xmas!!! hahaha dangle cash!!!! it works for me!!
  7. i think its beer o clock!! my boss is currently stuck in Auckland after going up,to help with the new grand baby but now cant get home thanks to there being a border between Auckland and the rest of nz.. she is whats called level 4 up there and tomorrow it drops to level 3 but shes still not allowed to come home !! guess i will be cooking for myself for a while yet!!! hmmmm tomorrow night will be pork chop night,,, followed by steak eggs and chips night followed by crumbed fish night. followed by lamb roast night... ...... who was i talkiing about ?????? i forget ?
  8. mate! nz is screwed !! delta is going to go ramp- it in the next few weeks and the only thing we have is vaccination to stop it killing ppl they locked down Auckland for 5 weeks, did not "quote" stomp out delta" and tomorrow are dropping the lock down level! justA big waste for time and lost income. this new zealand government should have had us all vaccinated by now and they didnt ! consequences of actions aye ! you hang on to those mirrors because we WILL meet up, and it will be either you and your boss coming here or me and mine coming to visit you !!
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