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  1. 64 kiwi boni

    Fiero spotted

    Crack up ringo the 57 Chev looks to be a right hand drive ! Then I clicked ! It’s in your mirror !!
  2. Had a great weekend with great people caddy won a couple of prizes and a trophy
  3. Found this is this little town in the middle of know where And a super clean ford falcon and cool blue truck
  4. Some pictures from today’s cruise And found a cool shop that had 8 tracks for sale ... o would have grabbed them if I owned a 8 track player !!! And this cool display
  5. I am in the fence with this one kind justA sortA looks ok BUT i am sure someone could draw a more retro REAL gto design ... you know four separate head lights longer sharper lines less c pillar and maybe lose a bit of that hood curve
  6. Loading up for a long weekend heading 3 hours south to join in with the Wanganui rod clubs weekend run more pics to come 🍻
  7. 64 kiwi boni

    g8 burnout.jpg

    yip gota love those ls engines
  8. do our little test mate... ohms test between the housing of the dissy and the block.that will ensure you have a good ground like we talked about with the earth straps, you want something like 0.1-0.3 ohms of resistance with your multi-tester
  9. sounds ok to me mate. did you get a chance to try your timing light on another motor ?
  10. James. my advise.... step back and make a plan... hell, get a white board and write everything you need to do to the TA on it, nail it on the wall and best part about a white board is you wipe off each job as you finish it and you will find yourself adding new items. we are here to help you with anything that your feel is over whelming you... these cars arnt that bad to work on,,, there lots of literature on line with lots of deatil on where those small parts go And Hay if you get stuck.... ask here !!. best part about a white board.... as you wipe completed jobs off ...
  11. AH yes very good point !! i wouldn't cut the fenders either!
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