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  1. Ringo, you live in such a awsum location its way warmer where you are than here. but here ... less people . like I could go down to the beach right now and there would be no one for a mile
  2. Mate ,as a IT guy you would love a pcb thermostaticly controlled shower that doesn’t changed temperature while your in there and your good lady turns on the sink faucet to rinse a cup 🤪
  3. This thing with getting older, just doesn’t sit right with me. when your young you just don’t think about getting old I have just spent my life going hard, doing skids,burning woman, and loosing pets . Now ... i kind have changed my mind losing harry , has reminded me that life is about your friends,you ,and all the guys on foreverpontiac , my Taupo rod and custom club , my mates from waiheke rod and custom and all the other clubs that over the years I have shared beers with are more important here sitting on the deck at the beach with a beer in hand,
  4. Ringo ,it’s a shit spot
  5. Might just go for a swim later on
  6. and today it’s all about insulation nasty bloody itchy glass insulation to install
  7. Hay, guys , i am doing a renovation at the beach and wanted to show you what i found to use in the new bathroom for the shower This is a electronic thermostatic mixer valve that does away with the shower mixer or taps you would usually have to run your shower. the module mounts in the ceiling and a data cable runs down in the wall too this control knob. you simply touch it to start and stop the flow, touch left or right to adjust the temp and scroll left or right to adjust the flow rate, its something new and felton asked me if i would trial one for them. https://ww
  8. welcome, cool GXP, what motor?
  9. Hay fitzy, there is 5 rallye 2 for sale on trade me mate https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/alloy-wheels/listing/2827232798?bof=XC8igfHo
  10. harry the vinsen quad biker harry as a puppy harry6.bmp
  11. Hay thanks to all of you for your wishes. when i posted this yesterday, i was a complete ball of mush😞,( balled my eyes out) i am struggling with it as it was not expected, the wife is .... well not good at all, which in turn makes me feel even worse😔 . the house seams so empty now. i got Harry for the boss nearly 9 years ago when the last kid left the nest as a companion for her, she works 24/7 from home for the plumbing business and Harry was like her little friend all day. it just feels so empty now😞. Bloody animals!!, my last dog "Troy" was 17 when he past, thats was just
  12. I am so very gutted to let you all know that my little mate Harry passed away today he has been the best little mate for the last 8 years he has had to battle with having meningitis since he was 2 but he was a fighter he loved riding in the cars loved the beach and only ever sleep close to me on the bed he loves cuddles and always did what he was told good bye Harry just gutted
  13. do a skim off maniseal around that exhaust cross gasket faces if you do pull the intake off, too mate, it wont hurt
  14. Two lane! my first question is... are you climbing all the way up to where you have taken these pictures'??? and if so, how the f--cking much money do they pay you to do that !!!! mate i am on roof tops every other day but nothing like this🤮 tell me about this job?? is that you on the tower below the chopper?? how are you chopping sections off and hanging on for dear life at the same time
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