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  1. hi Ted, keep an eye on my 64 rebuild thread, shortly i will be pulling my 8 luggers off for refurbishment and i will be taking lots of pictures of the set up... i personally think they are super neat and with their trim on look flash as !
  2. Welcome to FP, mean looking Goat mateπŸ‘
  3. Thanks Wrong way, thats the path i was thinking they ran but justA wasn't 100% sure,πŸ‘ Will do Mate, both are justA sitting here, i will get some pictures of the inside of each and post them πŸ‘

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    Wanted a pair of head light trims for a 64. Bonneville


  5. Thanks Wrong way, its justA getting to the fun stuff now where i get to assemble everything including all the body panels i prepped back early last year when we where in lock down. ( drivers fender yet to be straightened ) Am going to look at buying some paint to do all the inner sections of the engine bay so i dont have to mask everything latter. Am thinking of going with high opacity white and put a perl over the top.... πŸ™„ And once again i have bit the bullet and am going electric fan, πŸ‘ hay question for you,,, does your e brake cables run under your trans cross member or
  6. At the fire up was a car I have not seen for quiet a while, its one of our club members and a bloody good bugger, he is building a scratch built 34 3 window and this is his other car, He offered it to me! its a 67 , 326 auto no ac but super stock, and thats original paint and interior. whats is i worth guys?? i have no idea
  7. Next mission was to pull the inner guard off the driver side fender and sand off the staples holding what is left of the dust flaps, not sure what to do about replacing them, has anyone done this or do i justA leave them off ?????πŸ™„ Got this one buffed and sand blasted out side before it started to rain !!😑.......oh look ITs beer O clock !!!!
  8. The thermostat housing was staring at me and i knew i was always going to pull the thermostat and replace it, so off it came and i hit it with the wire buff to find a wtf moment !...surely in 1964 the housing was not made in china???. Any way it got buffed, sand blasted and painted ready for a new thermostat πŸ‘
  9. I painted it in enamel and stain black, very happy with the results, justA lots of sanding cleaning and prep, but worth it as you can see, and as i go along i am justA wire buffing all my bolts and painting them black with a quick drying enamel also in satin black. she is never going to be a show car, but will be nice and clean.
  10. The radiator support cross member that i have as a replacement had one spot of rust to cut out, so in with a patch, and i sand blasted the whole thing and painted it with my new devilbiss gun that i bought like 4 years ago and have never used!!πŸ™„ what i dream to use compared to my cheap one i have been using for the last 30 years !!...hind site tells me i should have bought one long ago!
  11. Here is my mates super bird now down on its wheels and the motor ready to fire up. 440 stroked tot 505 and i do have to say it sounds nice and strong πŸ‘ 5BCC3418-6999-4B1C-9547-CA68F93F89EE.MOV Then this latter that night 08FEDA57-8222-4175-99AE-AE563F960C6E.MOV
  12. Big day today !! My mate who is building the super bird is firing the engine for the first time and a small few have been invited to the cranking πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I will post some pictures πŸ‘
  13. Yes that’s a very good point mate we do lots of cruises that drive around in convoy really slow , like the Christmas parade etc and that’s why I am thinking to go electric , to get that cfm up at low speeds πŸ‘ and good point about the four core I will call in on Monday and ask Maurice the rad man if he is building me a four rowerπŸ‘
  14. I am also thinking of deleting the factory fan, and fitting a thermostatically controlled electric one on the back side of the radiator. My reasoning is that the factory fan is not thermostatic, so its pulling power straight from cold start, it has no real shroud to make it way more efficient. It will increase hp justA by removing it. What you guys think ??? πŸ™„
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