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    and i am a workaholic ! always got to be building/ making something ! haha

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  1. Marcus I dropped my 64 3 inches in the front and there is tons of room with my stock tires and rims I think to get what your after you should front a rim and tire up to the front end and check your clearance . Offset is a big issue to check , I would talk to your tire shop they will know what will fit well and what won’t 👍👍
  2. yeah frosty! you mustA bumped your head !!! your talking Yiddish
  3. wow! is the first thing i thought when i saw what you have done to the g8. you certainly need to give us some detail on what and where you sourced tail/ head lights. and well done they are a great car, the boys at holden know how to make a car! sadly they are not building any more and i for one struggle with that 😥
  4. A bit of knowing me knowing you. From abba does the trick too
  5. sounds like you have a bad case of beer fog mate !!! hahaha
  6. yeah i would be interested if you guys have any feed back on this too surely we are not reinventing the wheel here! carters are as common as the round wheel !! hahaha
  7. ah, fitzy you may want to pop into mangatainoka factory.... where the tui beer is made ... its really quiet a nice place !!!! Any you wonder why we love beer!!! hahahahha
  8. ok further to the carb rebuild DONT buy the edelbrock kit if your rebuilding a carter afb!!! why... there is a number of parts that are missing. they are.... accelerator plunger ! the edelbrock kit only has a seal compatable with the later model plunger assembly, and wont fit the brass carter plunger assembly. the gaskets for the secondary air horns are not correct for the carter. there is no replacement seal for the coke assembly to the fuel bowl assembly the base gasket is a open 4 barrel gasket when the carter needs a 4 hole gasket... i found all this out by looking at the kit on rockauto... i had ordered a accelerator plunger from out new local speed shop, he came back to me and said there was none in the country and do i want him to order one from usa!!! i sad NO ! came home jumped on rockauto and found that i should have bought a COMPLETE kit from them https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=987394&cc=1350425&pt=5964&jsn=849 i paid $100 for the edelbrock kit and as you can see they are $47 plus $20 for freight to me here in nz!! boy some times i am such a dumb arse !!! i have now ordered the rockauto one... so i can get all the parts i need to correctly rebuild my carter! 😡 yip he was a cleaver man!!! hahahahha
  9. so you got me wondering, so mr google says it a hot idle compensator, that when the engine gets hot allows extra air into the motor and helps to cool the carb down again, and then shuts ... from what i have read you need it for ac cars and hotter climates!!
  10. bugger me your right mate !!! i was wondering what that plate did !!! where did you find this info ????? the interesting part was i noted that there was not a replacement gasket in the edelbrock kit for it !! fitzy, you will find you have the same leather plunger seal too mate and will need to get yourself a Edelbrock #1470 plunger complete
  11. Here is a little catch for anyone rebuilding their carter carb, the edelbrock kit has a plunger seal that works for latter model units not a 1964 unit, my seal is leather and a different shape , so the new seal doesn’t work I have had to order a whole accelerator plunger assembly
  12. Then I had enough time to pull the carter carb and start the rebuild JustA small rebuild instruction manual !!!! NOT
  13. Fitzy! It’s so you don’t get bored on your Tour of a Country that is , justA long as one state in oz ! Haha While you guys state side have had wide tracker weekend I got to paint my long branch headers with the ksb heat proof paint Zinc coat first and then I got to try out my brand new touch up gun with the satin black
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