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  1. Let us know what they say bro. I went with the white star pattern in my 63. Love it and I changed from red to white and black. Gotta make it yours lol
  2. Hey Fitzy, according to Ames Performance which is where I got mine for the 63'. 64 was the last year for the star headliner in the GP. For the 65' model year it was Perforated. Ames part #PA531. Hope that helps
  3. Danny, are you asking because you're needing to replace a couple of stock pistons or just out of curiosity? Because if you're looking to replace the stock pistons iv actually got 4 or 5 here that are in good condition from when I rebuilt my 428.
  4. Yes sir, it was bored out .30 over, factory crank ground .10 If I remember right. New pistons, cam, lifters, timing etc. Long tube headers, duel exhaust with series 40 flowmasters. I was trying to stay close to stock with the cam so I didn't have to put in a big stall and this was Comps recommendation.
  5. Ok Frosty, on both sides the numbers are unclear do to the paint. But if you run your fingers on the ports I did feel what felt like a #1. I can say for certain it was not a #9. I didn't want to say that originally because I was unsure. When I had the heads rebuilt the machinist did say they had 211 valves and that if it were him he would just rebuild them with new parts but not change anything. So that's what I had him do. Is there anyway of guessing the HP and torq with the cam and other things iv done? His guess was between 406 and 410. the whole 406 number just seemed odd to me lol. Especially when he didn't know what cam was going in. Thanks again Frosty
  6. No it doesn't. The Grand Prix is a 1963. The engine (428) and trans (400 turbo) are out of a 1968.
  7. That is under the valve cover on the head right above the center bolt Hope that helps Frosty. If not I can remove paint if need be or take other pics. Just let me know. Thanks again bro
  8. Ok Frosty, that looks like a 3 to me. 0168?
  9. After reading the HP difference between those 2 heads I'm curious to know what heads iv got. I'm looking at the pics of when I put it all back together and there's multiple numbers on it. Which or where are the set that I'm looking for?
  10. That amount of weight on a road king front end, bet it feels really funky. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.....
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