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  1. After hearing what yall have been saying I guess you right. At least I guess I need to reach out to the guy again.
  2. I believe that it could be rebuilt, and yes they are aluminum. I've got those also frosty. The car has been sitting and is non restorable, but the hood has been closed.
  3. Yeah, now you see why I don't want to go back unless its really worth it. Sever itching that last between 1-2 weeks bro, I rather take a beating lol
  4. It truly looks amazing Kiwi! Great work buddy. Well thank you Justa.
  5. Thank you Frosty. I will be checking it out a bit closer. Kiwi,,, They itch like hell bud! "Chiggers hitch rides on people who walk through infested vegetation. They grab onto shoes or clothing and typically explore a host for several hours before choosing a place to feed. Chigger bites are most common in areas where clothing is tight or where skin is thinnest. Bites are most common at sites around sock lines on the ankles where socks fit tightly, around the waist and near the groin. Bites also may occur in other areas, including behind the knee and under the armpit. Contrary to common belief, chiggers do not burrow into a host’s skin or suck blood. They pierce the skin with their sharp mouthparts and inject a digestive enzyme, disintegrating skin cells for food. Itching usually begins within 3 to 6 hours after an initial bite, followed by development of reddish areas and sometimes clear pustules or bumps. As the skin becomes red and swollen, it may completely envelop the feeding chigger, making it appear that the chigger has burrowed into the host’s skin. Itching typically peaks at 24 to 48 hours after chigger bites occur, but redness and itching may persist for a week or more for some people." Ron, I'm sorry we got off topic and I high jacked your tread bud. My apologies sir.
  6. Hey, welcome to the neighborhood! Great ride man, any interior pics?
  7. Yes I have the intake and carbs. Maybe you can look and tell me if I'm missing anything and need to go back for. I thought about trying to work something out on the entire engine but I was in weeds and chiggers up past my waist. It would be probably a 4-6 hour job in those weeds to get the car pulled out far enough to pull the engine. Are they actually worth it Frosty? If so I may go back when it cools down and the chiggers all die! They seem to like me lol
  8. Wow! Justa cool bro! This is different, kinda cool and I love the rear vent windows.
  9. Yeah brother, I've traded with Franks in the past. I'll give them another look. I had all but given up on them and stopped looking last year. Justa moved on and never got back to them. Also, I will keep an eye out for the patch panels bro. As far as the intake & carbs, that's kind of what I was thinking. It'll have to be completely rebuilt so I just need to figure out what's its worth and post it. I checked eBay the other night and didn't see any that I could use as a reference. Thanks for the info bro
  10. Thank you for the pics Justa! Great to see all the cool old rides brother.
  11. Ok cool. Where did you find the reverse lights man? I looked for a while with no luck? Any chance you have an extra front bumper that's justa taking up space lol? I actually came across a duel carb intake last week from what I was told was a 65' Buick Rivera 425 super wildcat engine. The car was beyond repair but I was able to talk the guy out of the intake.
  12. Hey Ron, Welcome bro. Great to see another 63 GP man. Is your rear bumper painted silver or just "scotch brighted" to look satin?
  13. Awesome pics Frosty! Cant wait to see what yall post from the Dream Cruise!
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