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  1. That stair case is amazing! Awesome job
  2. Don't think so Frosty , although they did call some friends and I murdered 8 of them in total over the next 3 hours!
  3. Just an update. I took her for a drive to the end of my road a couple for days ago. She still didn't feel like she wanted to shift right so I adjusted the modular on the side of the trans and she feels a lot better. Shifting between 2500-3000 RPMs. I pulled into an empty parking lot and checked the trans fluid. As I was turning around to leave I gave her some gas to see if she would kick the ass around and she popped then died. Wouldn't restart, the battery was almost dead from sitting all winter. Swapped battery's and she restarted. Came out today to look her over and put in the new vent window frame and found I had some visitors. In between the passengers side door jam was a bees nest, they chased me out and won that battled. I did however return with a can of starter fluid and won that war! A few got away and came back. I left them lay for their friends see. So I guess the vent frame will have to wait until tomorrow.
  4. Damn bro, glad you and the boss are safe.
  5. Welcome, and we don't mind ratty but we do love Pontiac pics when you can get some. lol
  6. Great story Justa, thanks for sharing it with us bro.
  7. Welcome bro, great ride!
  8. any pics of the inside?
  9. I'll get you a pic of the gap. Its not bad if I remember correctly, just pushed way forward. But we'll get to mine when I get there. Right now I'm just enjoying your body work bro!
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