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  1. Originally it was a paint called Magnetic, Its basically dark charcoal that I added more black to darken it up. Its got ground up course and medium aluminum chunks with finely ground silver dollars. Its an amazing color bro. I cant wait to send y'all pictures when its done!
  2. Well bro, as soon as I get this guys paint finished and bike gone I'm going to change out the vent window frames so I can hang the new door panels. Then I think I'm ready to start the body work and hopefully get her in paint by the end of the summer, as long as there's no issues when I do start driving her.
  3. No apologies needed bro. Not sure if you still need to know now or not but on my 17 inch rims the bore size is 83.06 according to American Racing. Hope it helps
  4. Hey bud, nope no ring or spacers. I made a tool that's shaped like a T with sliders, It slides against the drum so I could spin the drum and get the measurements I needed. I can send you the sizes, measurements or model numbers later today bro.
  5. Fitzy, very interesting read. I read it, thought about it and just reread it. I'll switch ports and see what happens but if I have to make any changes then I'll have to wait until I figure out why a timing light wont work. Thanks for the article and I'll let you know what happens.
  6. No Bear, I haven't bro. Most of the trash I found was while helping a friend try to get his Chevy running. I had pretty much given up on forums until I came across this one. I may go peak in the windows over there and see what's going on since you suggested them. I did move the GP yesterday! I didn't take her down the road due the the pouring down rain but I did back her down the drive and pull her back up a couple of hours later. Fired up the first shot both times!
  7. Looking at what's on the street today I don't think its to bad lol.
  8. Yeah Fitzy, your 100% right brother. I looked at some other forums before joining this one. I had never been on a forum and stayed away because of the trash taking and lack of respect. I would look for answers but that was it. I actually looked back on this site at some older posts and the comments people had trying to help each other. I watched new posts and member interaction for a couple of weeks before finally joining and speaking. I guess I was just nervous asking strangers for help after seeing all the bull crap on other sites. I'm glad I joined (still the only forum Iv been on). The lev
  9. Oh hell yeah! Love the wide body!!!
  10. So the hold down was tight guys. I didn't check the resistance between the hold down and the distributor shaft. Its a really tight fit but it was between 00.4 and 00.6 depending on how and where the probes touch. I rechecked the ground strap that I just scraped the paint off of and it was 00.1- 00.3. I tried the one on the back of the motor the I couldn't get off to clean and couldn't get the probe on the block. There's just not enough room.
  11. I may sound ignorant Two Lane but I did not know that the distributor hold down grounded the distributor. I'll check it tomorrow bro, thanks.
  12. Hell yeah, warm weather again!!! So today was the first time I've started the GP since January. She started right up, back fired a couple of times and died. Out of gas. Put 5 gallons in her tank and fired right up, no back fires. Hooked up the timing light and still wont read the timing. The confusing thing is that before we change the advance spring it did read the timing. I wouldn't think that could affect it but I don't know. Maybe one of yall know. Anyways, she runs better the ever with these springs. So here's the videos of her from today. Should I drive her or do I need to figure out th
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