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  1. Yeah, I back read this whole post and 1st off, wow you know your s%&t sir and 2nd, you made my head hurt and I know absolutly nothing about engine oil. I started running Rotella in my big trucks. Once I came off the road I stuck with them figuring that if they could protect those big deisel engines then they should be good enough for my little F150. So per your advice I will dump the straight 30w. But in Kentucky climite would I be better off with a 5w30 or a 10w40? Its gonna be a daily but honestly I dont get out much so she may only run 10- 20mi a week on an average week. Maybe a bit mor
  2. Ok, so how does a straight 30w come into play? Behaves as 30 weight at all temps? Once you figure out the HP, max RPM and what your needs/demands are going to be how do you then decide what oil is best for you? For example, Im running straight 30 weight rotella. I was told by the counter guy at the local parts store to run straight 30 weight because my engine isn't broken in yet. Im running Rotella because it has zink and Comp Cams says to use zink additive or oil with zink in it. But after break in and oil change how do you figure out what oil to run?
  3. Hey Joe, not sure if you would be interested or not but I do have my orignal cam and rockers and probably a couple of other parts floating around. The cam is out of a 1968 Pontiac 428 with 68k miles. I looked at it when I pulled it out. It looked good. I can inspect it and send pics if you want. It was greased and wrapped in plastic wrap before storing it. Im not sure how she will act in your 350 but it should fit. If you are interested let me know and we can work something out bud.
  4. Wow thats awesome Fitzy! The back yard and that your tach is on the way!!!
  5. Yeah, I looked the up! Thats Justa crazy bro. Yall can keep those things. Here's to never finding one in your Grand Prix! (<- back to topic lol)
  6. I just googled it! Australia’s Bird Eating Spider, damn it man!
  7. Wait, a spider that eats birds? I mean, a bird that eats spiders is one thing, but a spider that eats birds? How damn big is that spider???
  8. Yes yes, The infamous his/her shifter! I love it!!! Also really like the way you chose to mount the vac gauge. I had wondered a couple of times about it since your mentioning that it was in Lucy. You were right though Frost, it does indeed look new. Hopefully Fitzy will bless us with a few more pics.
  9. Iv got a couple pics bro, I'll send them in a message so we don't distract anybody from your build bud.
  10. Justa don't forget us little people who are still awaiting pics of this beautiful tachometer!👀👀👀 Glad to hear that its going to a good home guys!
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