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  1. Welcome bro! We love pics around here! lol
  2. Almost hate to admit this and it would be absolute worst case if nothing else works bro. I had a bulb years ago that I couldn't get to release. I wrapped a towel around it and broke the glass part off. (towel to keep glass out of carpet). I was then able to spray a bit of WD into the sides around the base and using a pair of needle nose from inside the bulb I worked the base out of the socket. Not sure if you can or want to go that route. But like I said, Its the last option. Good luck.
  3. Welcome bro! There's a lot of Pontiac knowledge floating around here. Just ask. These guys have helped me out a lot! Pics help, also we just love looking at other peoples rides lol!
  4. Like Frosty said bro, I replaced mine. Hell, I didn't know they could be rebuilt. Damn that shipping is crazy bro!!!
  5. 1) Somebody else to do the body work, prep and paint. 2) New rear end gears. 3) His & hers shifter. 4) A couple more gears in the transmission. lol
  6. Welcome. Looks like she's in pretty good condition. Love the skirts!
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