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  1. It just seems like I'm hearing something at the end of that last video. After the wind up, or maybe I'm just wanting that to be the issue. Turning by hand felt fine, no more no less resistance then normal. Only clicks 1 time, right after I try starting it. Even then its smooth turning it. Yup, same starter and flywheel. Flywheel was bought new when I rebuilt. The starter is old, not sure how old but its the one I've been using. I had a bubby turn the engine by hand and had him crank it while watching torque convertor and flywheel, both looked straight and the flywheel wasn't re
  2. Never heard a started that loud, like after it starts up. Near the end of the video. Could that actually be the problem. Just echoing over the engine sound?
  3. Well upon further review I can't see anything that could be hitting that cable. Its not near the starter gear or flywheel .
  4. Ok, so I pulled out the dip stick, removed valve covers, plugs out, no dust cover. Still did it. Put a bar on the crank pully and as soon as I started turning it she went click. On 2 full rotations only the 1 click. Cranked the ignition and the sound was still there. Again had buddy turn by hand with me underneath. Felt and heard click from starter, 1 click only. As always I've included pick and videos. My thoughts are that's something was hitting the battery cable on the starter while cranking and only softly pushing the battery cable on hand crack. I'm not sure how, but there are marks on it
  5. Will do bear. Thanks again guys. Yeah I gotcha crank washer JUSTA
  6. No brother I didn't start her yet. I did the compression test and took the video. I needed to walk a way from her bro. With all of the problems that she's had in the past I didn't want to do any more damage until i had a chance to look underneath her and talk to yall. I'll look under her when I wake up or when the sun comes up. Whichever happens first. But I will let yall know if i find anything. Thanks bro
  7. That's brilliant bro . I hadn't thought of that. I don't own one but I think my daughter has one. If not I do have a 2x4 I can lay it on to move it around. Thanks bro.
  8. Ok great Bear thanks bro. As far as the converter, the dust cover is off. I pulled it to make sure the converter was turning. Could they be hitting/rubbing anything else? I even thought about climbing under and looking while a buddy bumps it. Decided that was a really bad idea.
  9. So I decided to do a compression test today before actually starting the engine. Here's the numbers. 1st pic is before head work 2nd pic was new numbers from today. Obviously you'll see my concern. I also included a video, I'm hearing a noise. Doesn't sound normal. The sound sounds as if its coming from the back of the engine at the bottom. Converter/flywheel area. It wasn't doing this before I pulled the engine last time. Noise.MOV
  10. So I'm going to try starting up the engine today or tomorrow. Shooting for today but not sure it'll happen. I know we talked about the excessive timing I had set to keep the engine running. Any suggestions on timing that I should be shooting for?
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