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  1. Old Guy Was just reading your latest post. Was just wondering if you are still running the original fuel pump ?? Also you mentioned one of the lead plugs leaking..Have ran into that problem before myself mostly with Q jets there are two of them in the bottom of the main body of the carb and when they started leaking had the exact same kind of issues that you're describing it Will also kill fuel mileage..and make them smell like they're running way to rich especially on cold start up and extended periods at idle..Also will let the fuel bowl drain dry especially when parked on an incline..Or for an extended period..Would also explain the difference in the intake runners depending on which side of the intake the gas was leaking into.. With the excess fuel puddling in the intake manifold will definitely cause a rich condition which could also explain the cold exhaust manifolds..anyway they used to make a thick gasket part that would go between the main body and the base plate..up into the cavity where the plugs are located If I remember correctly is was called a well seal..They were not included in the standard carb rebuild kit..Had to buy separately but always cured the problem..Would for sure look into that...Also probably wouldn't hurt to look Really really close to make sure that there is not a sometimes impossible to see hairline crack fuel bowl area of the carb..(Getting old and blind sucks)..Sorry that I've taken such along time to respond been having family tragedy also.. On top of long hours at work
  2. Old Guy Have been really busy the last month or so..I'm sure you know how it is...Out Early. In late...And it's 100 degrees...with 90 % humidity..Haven't been ignoring you..will have time Sunday to get back in the Pontiac frame of mind...
  3. Prof's shopping nightmares

    Congratulations on your purchase..I too have experienced the O2 sensor self clearing..Would run a tank of high quality gas thru it.. may not come back..Would definately give the rear wheel brake cylinders a thorough inspection other than rotors sounds like you might be good to go...One other thought check all the connections at the oxygen sensors could be bad ground or something...
  4. Anyone know what this hood is from?

    I'm thinking Could possibly be from late 70s early 80s Dodge Magnum or Dodge Aspen....or maybe a Mirada..Can you post a photo of the underside of it..Pretty sure (Not 100%) that is not a GM hood.....Thinking Mopar...
  5. Prof's shopping nightmares

    Would go with Firebird needing timing chain If the rest of it is in decent shape..Turbo cars or any car with blown head gaskets tend to have more serious problems that you really don't know about until disassembled..Like cracked cylinder heads..blocks.. bent valves from water in the cylinders..Not to mention the root overheating problem that manifested itself as a blown head gasket...ETC. Timing chain issues are generally more straight forward without hidden issues or nasty surprises when disassembled and is way less labor intensive..Am pretty sure that 3.4s Are a non interference engines.. So internal problems with the exhaust valves hitting the pistons is a non issue..also Timing chain's are way less expensive to replace than head gaskets..don't require machine shop work to surface the head. To insure that it is flat before reassembly..assuming you get lucky and don't have an internal crack somewhere among other things..all that being said..Must admit that my opinion is biased toward Firebirds as I have driving them almost exclusively since 1981.......
  6. hard start after warm up

    Would agree with last Indian most likely starter solenoid going bad..Possibly an old battery with dead cell or two..Would show a surface charge of 12 volts then drop way off when loaded up..Could also be the timing advanced Just a couple degrees too much...Or a combination of those things especially in the hot summertime weather..
  7. F R O S T Y !!!

    Low production number cars are Way cool like Lemans 455 4 speed cars.. But when At a show where there a bunch of GTOs it Will hardly get a look..Same thing with 1LE firebrds most so called car people even when they do look..Really have know idea what is they're looking at..They usually go right for the loaded up Ram Air TAs..Firehawks and SLP cars and when they do actually do talk to me..It's always I know three people who have one just like it..See them all the time..Which I know is complete B.S...I Am always on the lookout..I travel all over the country....Have never seen another one in person..Probably never will..Guess what I'm trying to say is Oddball and rare means Unpopular..Which in the car world..Translates to less $$$ in the end unless the right person At the right time wants it.. Don't get me wrong.. Personally I really dig oddball rare cars like 455 4 speed Lemans better than a Goat anyday...
  8. 1962 Catalina Frame Repair

    Anything can be repaired..The question is..Is it economically viable to do so..Chances are if it's that bad in that particular area the rest of it is probably not much better..Just hasn't rusted completely thru all the way yet..in other places ...Am not trying to be negative here..just realistic..At the very least to do it right. Would probably have to seperate the body from the frame and place on a jig..Which would require you find a shop that would have a frame jig for the GM X frame..Or maybe make one for it..after that Would require someone with excellent metal working skill to execute the repair..(expensive) If you just try to patch it while still under the car in that place the results will be less than optimal..Don't know if anyone remanufactures those frames or not .. Might be able find a rust free straight replacement somewhere..which would probably the best solution..
  9. Forever Pontiac Shirts

    " Make Driving Great Again"...Does have a nice ring to it..Would buy that too. Would suggest also Forever Pontiac instead of bring back Pontiac. With the arrow head graphic as shown..
  10. Forever Pontiac Shirts

    I like it too..Would buy a couple... Time to drain the automotive swamp...and start offering basic stripper model performance cars again..
  11. A case for Pontiacs return

    I have been a GM guy for all of my life. (pontiac and Oldsmobile)..Have owned As many Olds as I have Pontiacs..Even though they never offered a pony car..(I do still have a 1971 442..Holiday coupe 455 4 speed) As far as I'm concerned GM has 5 srikes against it...The first one..Bought new Olds Silhouette in 2003 With on star..A few years later when everything went digital (GM) knew it was coming years ahead of time..Like the rest of us did. They didn't offer a retro fit. Rendering the On Star that I paid extra for at the time completely useless.. 2nd strike.. They killed Oldsmobile.. Which along with Buick and Cadillac were the 3 original GM divisions..3rd strike..No more Firebirds. 4th strike..Was going to buy a new GTO..when they were rereleased.. The local dealerships around here decided to Jack the prices up way over the sticker price..(NOT going to pay over sticker for anything don't care what it is).. Still can't believe people were dumb enough to buy them at the hyper elevated prices..I guess that's why the dealerships were able to get away With it..5th strike.. GM Killed Pontiac..The only way I would buy a new GM product would be if they offered a stripper package (no power accessories Windows seats etc.) on the Camaro. Have checked into it..Will probably never happen. Can't believe. I'm saying this..Will probably be new 5.0 mustang in my future instead of any new GM product..
  12. Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Incident had potential to get really ugly..So I let it go..Didn't want to wind up on the local news..showing me using harsh and unpleasant tactics to defend myself.. Just happened to be riding by minding my own business..
  13. Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Had an incident with prius type protesters the other day...Apparently they have issue With loud pipes on my motorcycle..(Like I really care)..
  14. Original factory Pontiac camshaft is # 537441..1963 Thru 1970. All 326 engines including..HO.. Int duration 269 Lobe centerline...112.5... 1.50:1 ..= 374.. 1.65:1 ... =.411.. ( not really sure what above specs indicate)..Lift with rocker ratio possibly?? Exhaust side = DUR..277 Lobe Centerline = 113.5 1.50:1 = .410.. 1.65:1 = .451 .. Engine code located on front pass side.. Engine block. Just below cylinder head.. WP =250..Horsepower..9.2:1 compression ratio WR = 285..hp..HO ENGINE 10.7:1 compression ratio YN = 250 hp 9.2:1 comp ratio YP = 285..hp HO ENGINE 10.7:1 comp ratio.. Don't recognize #s stamped on your cam as related to any mfg...possibly a custom grind?? E1...possibly Erson ??????? Hope maybe this helps you...
  15. Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Don't get me wrong boobs are amongst my all-time favorite things..
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