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  1. "Reincarbonated".... Good one Frosty..👍
  2. I feel your pain Kiwi... Ain't it fixin to be Summer in New Zealand too..?? I generally don't drink much ...Tonight I will make an exception...A recent Tropical Storm took out a large part of one of my 100 year old Ashe trees...Luckily it barely missed the house...So I am going to use the tree to build a bonfire tonight and drink a couple of brews while standing around it....During the course of this evenings festivities I will propose a toast and hoist a beer in honor of your deceased Kelvinator...🍻 One other thing...Might have found a job for Earl..
  3. I'm thinking the same thing🤔...The lack of a tachometer and the woodgrain on the dash instead of the engine turned aluminum trim were the first things that jumped out at me...Also appears to have manual brakes...Also hate the 80s velour seat covers..
  4. The homemade aluminum foil flags on the rabbit ears were also a cool accessory.... Although they only worked correctly as long as you were standing there with your hand on the antenna.....So dad could watch Cronkite with a clear picture.....After he used the "No batteries required remote" to change the TV channels....
  5. Except for the Pontiac cop cars in Smokey and the Bandit.....
  6. I have a 1963 air conditioning shop manual..Don't know if it will help...But might be worth a try....What exactly is it that you're looking for..?? Also have a friend (work with him) with a 62 Grand Prix with functioning factory AC..If all else fails....Might be very possible to take a really close look at it...and take photos or draw out a crude schematic....
  7. Super remote skiing.....You might as well be on the moon....If Something (heaven forbid)...Went Wrong... Thats Hardcore...👍👍 Understand body parts that don't function as well as they Once did.....My climbing days are pretty much over...☹☹ Time to let the young guys have it.....
  8. As an animal lover myself... My pets are a major part of my family.... I'm truly sorry for your loss... R.I.P Harry.. TLBT ..
  9. Was only able to find a couple photos of the Georgia helicopter job... There is some more really excellent photos and good video of us actually on the tower with the helicopter hovering 30 feet above us..While we were cutting the sections loose....Rigging the sections to the chopper were the were flown and laid down 5 miles away...Have been unable to locate them though....Think there might be copies on the company computer...Will check into it sometime the first of the Week...
  10. Hi..Everyone If I remember correctly...Some of the tower shots are in the Off Topic section..Titled as My Morning Commute... Think there is some more in the Photogeekery thread... Anyway here is some more pics that I have taken over the last couple of years at various tower sites Mostly in SC..GA..VA..and CT...
  11. New Zealand is a beautiful place...Maybe someday I will get the opportunity to see it in person.. We used a helicopter (civilian version of a CH-47 Chinook) one time a few years ago to take down a 500 ft. Tall old School AT&T communication tower with four copper feed horns the size of a pickup truck mounted on on the top of it....From a mountain top in Northwest Georgia Near Stone Mountain.... It was.... Extremely Terrifying and exciting at the same time.....With absolutely no room for error...Thought I was done for...A couple of different times on that job...Loved it and wouldn't hes
  12. I reread my answer and looked at the photo again....Now that I think about it...The exhaust heat passage in the intake goes around the the depression you're pointing at...That is where the choke thermostatic spring would have been and is not open to the passage itself...That being said blocking off the passage wouldn't do anything...advantageous and would hinder cold weather drivability...Bottom line is...It's not a good idea...For a year round street driven car....Sorry wasn't trying to lead you astray.... When the cylinder heads were redone...Were they cut (milled down)...If so How much
  13. That passage is where the thermostatic spring for the divorced choke that was used on the original carburetor was located...The spring tension increased or decreased opening/closing the choke accordingly with the air temperature...The air temp in that passage was controlled by the heat riser located on the passenger side exhaust manifold.. As Bear suggested try tightening the center bolts.. I'm not 100% sure but I think intake gaskets are available that block off that passage.... Might also be a good idea to make sure the exhaust manifolds/headers aren't leaking at the gaskets..
  14. Have been away for awhile... But I'm back now........Does the engine have an oil scavenger tray in the bottom...?? If so It's very possible that one counter weights on the crankshaft might be hitting it or rubbing against it once on every revolution....
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