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  1. Welcome to the site great looking old wagon... Noticed you said that the straight 8 engine was seized up.....Was it seized due to a mechanical failure or just rusted (rings to the bores..possibly from moisture over the years...??) The reason I ask is....Years ago my dad came up with an old Cadillac (1949) that had been sitting in an old shed for years and the engine was locked up...So what we did was use a process called electrolysis...Basically what we did was reverse the oxidation process using a car battery and charger and an electrolyte made out of water and washing soda (sodium bicarbonate) If I remember correctly he used right at one tablespoon of washing soda to one gallon of water...So we pulled the engine out of the car and removed the intake manifold..valve covers...water pump...oil pan.... timing cover ... freeze plugs ETC...Then submerged the engine in a plastic kids wading pool large enough to completely get the whole engine underwater then added the washing soda to the water and mixed it up really good so as to be sure it did not clump up....Then from the 12 volt car battery using jumper cables hooked the ground to the engine block which turned it into a cathode....Then we used a piece of steel rebar as an anode which we hooked the positive cable to the hot side of the battery then submerged the rebar in the solution placing it real close to but not touching the engine block with about 6 inches or so sticking up above the water level where the positive lead was hooked to....The rebar will be consumed during the process so you would need to keep an eye on it and replace as necessary...so that the positive cable does not become submerged into the electrolyte solution...It is a slow process took about three weeks to clean and derust the Caddy engine...It worked really well and when it was done...We rolled it over by hand with very little effort...The black powder residue that was left on the engine came right off with stiff brush...Then the engine was quite easily disassembled any wearable parts replaced reinstalled in the car and was driven across country to Seattle from North Carolina and back with no issues.....I am sure that I have missed a few details as this was 30 some years ago..... Electrolysis Might be something worthwhile to check into if you want to reuse the original engine......Good luck with your project and keep us posted..... TLBT
  2. As the owner of a rare Pontiac myself...... I'm a realist and know that rare also means.... Unpopular and/or Undesirable.....Which in the car world means it's not really worth anything except to maybe a very very narrow group of people if at all.....Bottom line is...It's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and how bad they want it.....Don't see that car as being anywhere close to being $95000.00 desirable.....
  3. Welcome to the sight...Really dig the wagons....
  4. Damn that sucks....At least if you're going to have a failure it's better to be close to home rather than 500 miles away.....When the water pump belt came off it probably heated up quickly and you noticed it in a fairly short order.....Pontiac engines are pretty resilient and tough....So more than likely the engine will be OK...Once all the belts are reinstalled and properly aligned.....Enjoy the rest of your trip...... One other thing....If the Hatfields and the Mcoys decide to start feuding again while you're there....Align yourself with the Hatfields as they are distant cousins of Mrs. Two Lane.......
  5. Having another beautiful N.C weekend .....Just put an engine (4.155 bore....3.48 stroke with 5.7 rods = 377 CID) together for one of my friend's truck .....Built the 377 instead of a 383 just to be different......Also first one that I have built with this combination .....First startup after installation....Hope to surprise a few unsuspecting individuals once we get it quieted down and play with the tuning a little bit.....Now it's Miller time... 20190922_145657.mp4
  6. Really like the wagon...Very cool....
  7. Every dog has its day....Sooner or later......Karma has a way of sneaking up....When you least expect it......
  8. Didn't know Kroeger was still around....Used to be my favorite store.....They all disappeared from around here 20 plus years ago.....
  9. $2.21 For regular unleaded here in the Winston Salem area...Of course diesel and 93 octane are considerably more expensive.....As much as 30 to 40 cents per gallon......
  10. It might run.....But not like it's supposed too.....Will be in a constant open loop...and will have the check engine light on...As the MAF sensor will and the oxygen sensors will not be talking to each other and will be in a constant cold start mode and running on the factory cold start parameters and at the very least....Will probably idle really crappy and run super rich....among several other issues......Would highly recommend putting a bung in the in the exhaust pipe and reinstalling the O2 sensor in the proper location.....Can always plug it off later......
  11. Would check to make sure that you don't have a break in wire somewhere in the wiring harness....Or a bad ground......This may sound crazy but do you have the correct bulbs...? Supposed to be a dual filament bulb....One filament for the stop/turn and one for running lights....Pretty sure it is a 1034 bulb or maybe an 1157.....
  12. Is it only the high speed fan setting not working..?? If that's the case..There is a seperate fuse that is used for only the high blower setting.....Located in an inline fuse holder under the hood along the firewall...Can be hard to spot....Usually hidden in the wire harness that runs along the firewall....Might be worth checking to make sure it is not blown......
  13. Am wanting to change the very troublesome and unreliable power windows in my 1996 Firebird over to manual crank windows...Should be a straight forward swap..The main issue is trying locate all of the correct parts....As very few of those cars (4th gen ) were equipped with manual windows...Actually I Have only seen one (1) that didn't have them and it's a 1LE car...Was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on where to source the parts (internal and external) to do the change....Any input or thoughts would be welcomed......
  14. Have seen quite a few catastrophic mechanical failures through the years...Never anything like that.... Glad everything turned out OK....No one injured and nothing torn up....
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