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  1. What year did Pontiac get it's first V8?

    I saw a half 389 or Trophy 4 cyl. In a local junkyard within the last year.. Was in a 62 or 63 Tempest..What was left of it...Was missing the cylinder head..Had probably been robbed off of it years ago..Rest of the engine...Exposed to the elements....Think the Intake and carb..was laying on the floor. On the only little non rusty solid spot inside the car... Don't know if it still had the transaxle in it or not.....
  2. New to site with Old GT37

    Cool car....
  3. Have to agree with Frosty on this one...Petronix set up with the light springs for the advance is a good reliable way to go...Especially on a street engine, looks original from the outside too...Have used it many times with good results...
  4. What happened to Pontiac?

    I too come from a long line of very highly skilled and respected tradesmen..Dating back a hundred years...Have been pretty much hands on since I was able to walk...Could go on for hours or write pages upon pages about it...Appreciate the fact.. Frosty and Last Indian that I'm not the only one that has the same insights and thoughts...The reality is times have definitely changed and it will never go back to the way it was before..... Frosty you have my vote for CEO of GM also....
  5. What happened to Pontiac?

    Have to agree with both Frosty and Last Indian...Here's my take on things...Technology and mass media..Has in the last 30 years completely changed our society and the way people..Wheather it be individuals or giant corporations...Interact (Or should I say interface) with each other...It is happening at a faster rate than it has ever changed before..Is still changing almost on a daily basis...Next time you go to a restaurant just observe the families...Everyone of them all have their individual communication devices doing their own thing and don't even talk to each other unless it's to show each other something on their phones.. Skilled trades (welding..Machine work..ETC..) are dying a slow horrible death..Younger people are not interested in doing those kind of things anymore and look down on those of us who do..It is really hard to find anyone under the age of 45 with anykind of skills and working knowledge, Common sense...ETC..Even when I do come across a young person who really wants to learn a good trade...I will go out of my way to try and show them the ins and outs (Real world problems.... Applications and methods and thinking outside of the box) Versus what they're taught in school...just As soon as I think that they're actually making headway...Their cell phone will beep or something...It is like someone flipped a switch somewhere..Then it's back to the basics for the 20th time.... I'm coming to the harsh realization that the way I think and do things makes me pretty much like a Pontiac or a dinosaur...(Extinct)
  6. Idle issue after partial rebuild

    Thank you for the kind words....Glad was able to help....
  7. Idle issue after partial rebuild

    STFT= short term fuel trim LTFT= long term fuel trim OL= open loop which means that when the engine is cold the MAF (Mass Airflow sensor) and the Oxygen sensors are not talking to each other and is running on the factory cold start parameters.. (rich)..that are stored in the PCM (Power control module) As the engine warms up it goes into closed loop..Which is where the coolant temp sensor comes into the picture... When it senses the proper temp..It tells the PCM.... Then the MAF and the O2 sensors actually start communicating..Adjusting timing..fuel mixture (leaner or richer) fuel Injecter pulse width...ETC..According to the throttle position..Temp..humidity and driving conditions...ETC....That is also why a vacum leak can cause it to idle up and down..When extra air is introduced into the system between the MAF..and the O2..It sends the PCM a confusing signal so it idols up and down to try and compensate...for the extra air... Also when the check engine light is on it sends it into open loop...(rich condition)... The fuel trim is basically what the mixture of air and fuel is over different time periods....
  8. Idle issue after partial rebuild

    Without actually seeing it.. Would be hard for me to say for sure about an O ring...Or where it Would go....Has been awhile..Maybe if I could see some detailed photos.. You're Welcome..No problem
  9. Or maybe....Balance and Blueprinting the rotating assembly....and setting the valve lash....Of course won't run right unless the cam is properly degreed for max power..
  10. I'm jealous...Thought this was a family friendly website...All this car porn has me thinking of sexually harassing Mrs. Two Lane...Which is not a problem...Until I accidentally call her Valvoline....
  11. Insurer to monitor drivers via cell phone data

    The only way that you can prevent your cellular phone from being tracked is to take the battery out of it... Was involved In a head on collision in 2004 that destroyed my mint condition low mileage 86 TA...Was hit by a teenaged girl who was blabbing on her phone and doing everything but driving...When she crossed the centerline in her Sunbird and hit us at 55 MPH....Happened so fast that I never saw it coming...Until it Was too late..Was EXTREMELY lucky that everyone concerned was basically able to walk away....Am still pissed about it..Personally I pretty much hate laws and regulations..but think that you should loose you drivers license If you get caught playing with your phone while driving..Just like a DWI......
  12. The Official Pics of our Pets Thread

    Earl and Boris
  13. Idle issue after partial rebuild

    There are a few different ways to check for vacum leaks..the best way is to use a smoke generating machine...But if you are like me...And don't really have access to one for free...I usually use brake clean in a squirt bottle..with the engine running..I spray around all the lines..around throttle body..intake manifold..power brake booster..Around the fuel injectors anywhere there is a gasket or hose connection..ETC..Listen for subtle changes in the way the engine idols..some People do the same thing with trans fluid or WD-40 and look for smoke to come out of the exhaust...It is effective but can be really messy..When the idol changes.. Or smoke comes out the exhaust..Note the area where you were spraying..Will more than likely be the source of the vacum leak..As far as the Idol Air Control sometimes.You can clean them out real good with carb cleaner and get them to work correctly but that Can be hit or miss...One other thing is the fuel pressure regulator or an extremely clogged fuel filter...Although those would be extreme longshots....and very unlikely but not 100% impossible.... Please let us know what happens....
  14. '73 LeMans Blower Motor Resistor

    There is a separate inline fuse for the blower motor high setting...Located on the firewall under the hood somewhere. Near the center between the wiper motor and the blower motor in that area...Can be hard to spot..May be bundled in with other wires...But it is there....When the motor shuts off on the high setting..More the likely that fuse is blown..It is a regular round glass buss type fuse inside of an inline plastic fuse holder....
  15. Idle issue after partial rebuild

    Are you 100% Sure that you don't have a vacum leak somewhere ?..Around the Intake manifold possibly....Sometimes vacum leaks can be hard to find...
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