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  1. 389 in a LeMans?

    Have to agree with Sprint..More cubic inches are absolutely cool...Especially when properly camouflaged....Then released on unsuspecting "victims"....
  2. 389 in a LeMans?

    389 Only available with GTO option.....Hope these photos help....Nice car..Took pics with phone sorry they are sideways..... This is the actual manual put out by Pontiac division GM in 1965 not a reprint....
  3. Rear differential oil

    Last Indian Thanks for the input.. Use Lucas products in our racing ventures..have had no oil related problems..of anykind..So that is what I'm going to use....
  4. Rear differential oil

    Last Indian, I am in no big hurry...As long as I have it done before middle of Jan. Was planning to take it to Carolina beach...(4hr drive) As far as checking the gear pattern to get a baseline..That is absolutely sound advice..Will do that..The test lube you are referring to. What is it exactly?? Also is it something that will last for a few years under all types of driving conditions and temperatures?? With no issues..OK for use in limited slip differentials??
  5. Rear differential oil

    First off Thank you for the input... I did think about a seal swelling additive . Have used them before in Industrial applications..Mostly in gear boxes..Self contained hydraulic units etc.. at an aluminum foil mfg.. Rolling mill where I was the lead Millwright / Industrial mechanic.. Before it shut down..Had mixed results on the effectivness..I'm just going to go ahead and replace the seal..Going to do it myself so..Getting the crush and preload correct is NO problem...I caught it early the oil level is only about a 1/4 inch below the filler plug..If that low..I agree with you on the synthetic..Reaffirmed kind of what I was thinking..Has 90,000 miles on it...Going to change it anyway and Go back with petroleum based gear oil with the limited slip additve...
  6. secondary power to the light switch 66 pontiac bonne

    This is the actual GM pontiac manual from 1965..I know you said yours is a 66 and said 65 Was the same..Took photos with phone hope you can see them OK..Thought might help you in your quest for secondary power source...
  7. Rear differential oil

    The rear pinion seal on my Firebird Formula has started leaking..Going to replace seal..Figure might as well change the rearend oil also..Was thinking of going synthetic any thoughts??...
  8. Rear differential oil

    The rear pinion seal on my Firebird Formula has started leaking..Going to replace seal..Figure might as well change the rearend oil also..Was thinking of going synthetic any thoughts??...
  9. The 1970 Humbler

    Seems like I remember seeing that commercial during an episode of the Brady Bunch....When I was 8 years old..Reason I can remember...There was someone with a green GTO..In our neighborhood. Pretty sure it a 68 model with loud mufflers..We used to try to race it on our Schwinns..(that I still have) The women who drove it had big Dolly Parton hair among other things..and would rev the engine and smile at us whenever she went by...Of course all us kids thought it was the coolest thing ever...Strange...The things you never forget .
  10. They were also quite a bit faster than the Mustangs of that era...Used to see them getting smaller in rearview mirror all the time.......
  11. Too be honest I don't know anything about quadrasteer..I've heard of it..Not sure if I have even seen one before...Most of the literature I have is from the mid to late 70s back to about 1957 or so...Wish I could be of more help..Still trying to get estate settled....
  12. New guy from South Carolina

    Have been looking for a column shift manual trans...OHC 6 firebird for years.....GREAT find !!!!!!.... Welcome to the site..
  13. USPS rant

    My mail people suck too..Have for years..I try not to antagonize them too much..I really don't want to be the one that sets one of them off and causes them to impliment phase one of their planned slashing spree or whatever..That that they have been fantasizing about for years...and just waiting on the right set of circumstances.... It is called GOING POSTAL for a reason......
  14. It's amazing what a couple of simple adjustments can do....
  15. Engine Block rust removal advice please...

    As far the oil galleries....would change oil..and filter.. Pull the distributor..( after you Mark everything ) use an old distributor shaft or an oiling tool...in a drill and and pre oil the engine just like you would before starting a fresh engine.... Do it for a few minutes to be sure the new oil is well circulated thru the whole system...Then change the oil and the filter again..and reassemble..Remember to turn the pump CCW the same direction the distributor rotates..Should remove any residual water. If there is any present...
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