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  1. New guy from South Carolina

    Have been looking for a column shift manual trans...OHC 6 firebird for years.....GREAT find !!!!!!.... Welcome to the site..
  2. USPS rant

    My mail people suck too..Have for years..I try not to antagonize them too much..I really don't want to be the one that sets one of them off and causes them to impliment phase one of their planned slashing spree or whatever..That that they have been fantasizing about for years...and just waiting on the right set of circumstances.... It is called GOING POSTAL for a reason......
  3. It's amazing what a couple of simple adjustments can do....
  4. Engine Block rust removal advice please...

    As far the oil galleries....would change oil..and filter.. Pull the distributor..( after you Mark everything ) use an old distributor shaft or an oiling tool...in a drill and and pre oil the engine just like you would before starting a fresh engine.... Do it for a few minutes to be sure the new oil is well circulated thru the whole system...Then change the oil and the filter again..and reassemble..Remember to turn the pump CCW the same direction the distributor rotates..Should remove any residual water. If there is any present...
  5. Hurricane Irma

    Happy to see that you and Rocket 360. Made it thru with minimal damage and everyone OK.....
  6. Hurricane Irma

    Would really love to open up my private arsenal..( Been stockpiling for 30 years )Take out Scumbag looters without question or hesitation...You have Mrs. Two lanes and my thoughts and prayers..Really hope Y'all and all Floridians come thru this with minimal damage...and all family members safe...Have family members in Punta Gorda fortunately they have been in Seattle for the last couple of weeks....
  7. Two lane black top

    Two lane black top
  8. 1997 Pontiac Firebird Formula WS6 1LE

    1997 Pontiac Firebird Formula WS6 1LE
  9. Charlotte auto fair

    Was wondering if anyone was going to attend the autofare at the Charlotte Speedway ??.....In a couple weeks.
  10. Charlotte auto fair

    Was wondering if anyone was going to attend the autofare at the Charlotte Speedway ??.....In a couple weeks.
  11. Looks like what you might need to do is find TDC again....pull the distributor unhook all the wires off the cap...with the dist out put the cap on it..Orient the vacuum diaphram where you want it...you can use any terminal on the cap that you want as #1...when you decide which terminal that you want to use as #1 put a Mark on distributor base in the center of where that particular terminal is when the cap is installed...remove the cap reinstall distributor with the rotor pointing toward the position where #1is going to be...when the distributor drops in the rotor should be pointing close to the Mark you made on it...the rotate the base so that the Mark is right at the leading edge of the contact on the rotor...Shouldn't have to move very much.... tighten holdown just right enough to turn by hand reinstall cap put wires back on in order starting with the #1.... With the Mark on the base lined up with the rotor as indicated the timing will be within a couple of degrees of the final setting......might have to move the rotor a tooth one way or the other to get it exactly where you want it.....to keep vacuum diaphram where you want it and lined up with #1
  12. Is it possible to post a picture....that we can see of what you have now....Then go from there......
  13. When you found TDC did you Mark the damper so that you know where TDC.. REALLY is in relationship to the timing tab ??.. You will not be able to set the timing accurately using the original Mark if it wasn't lined up at zero to begin with..... Because of wear and age.......
  14. No matter wherever you may go There you are...

  15. A Possible 2018 GTO? Whats your thoughts?

    We can still dream.....The last real base strippers were the 1LE camaro and formula firebirds..from the late 90s.. Had to do a central office production order (COPO) to get one...They are extremly rare..They were available from around 1988 to 1999..from GM..The 1LE SLP cars are a completely different animal and used the 1LE moniker under license from GM...No more than 20 firebirds were produced in any given year and less than 100 per year for the camaro.... Most of them were never titled and went straight to the track..to race in the stock showroom classes in the SCCA...GM had to make them available to the public to homogulate them for racing in those classes...Chevrolet advertised them as four Konis..(the double adjustable shocks) in a plain brown wrapper...Trust me.... They are without a doubt.. Street legal HARDCORE factory track cars...
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