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  1. Mike G Don't know if the front pump seal would be available at local autoparts store. They used to be years ago. Might have to procure one from another source..While have apart might as well replace the seal at the rear also..Where the drive shaft yoke goes into the trans. As far as the torque converter goes. If the hub where it goes thru the seal into the pump doesn't have excessive wear from contact with the seal.. It will probably be OK. The trans internally is the same as a Chevy Powerglide. Only the case is different..Seals should be the same..Thank you for your service also..Let know what happens....One Other thing make sure to lube new seal with trans fluid before reinstalling converter.,
  2. Suggest filter and fluid change too.
  3. Probably front pump seal...Hope this helps Proud This manual is the one actually put out by Pontiac Motor division. 100% sure it is accurate..... after removal from car just slide torque convverter out..No further disassembly required...can use seal puller to remove seal from front pump... No need to remove front pump .From trans .Just make sure torque converter is slipped in properly...(will feel it drop into place) before putting back into car....
  4. #2= 2.69 gear ratio...Not having good day..Season opener at local race track tonight..( We are running in NASCAR Modified Division ) Had car out on track for final tuning..Early This morning was clicking off some really fast laps..Got mixed up with another car.. Went ass end into wall hard..Driver OK.... Car not so good...
  5. notallthere Noticed that you are located in Canada...What do y'all call Canadian geese there??
  6. If an African elephant comes to America, does it become an African-American elephant?? Would an elephant really know the difference ? If crime doesn't pay...Does that mean my job is a crime?? I agree what they pay me should be.. Do fish get thirsty?? Fresh water fish don't drink water they absorb it thru their skin....Salt water fish drink water but use their gills to remove the salt. Weather or not they feel actual thirst or not is any ones guess.. Do hummingbirds hum because they don't know the words?? Pretty sure the name hummingbird comes from the sound their wings make when they are hovering or flying or whatever it is that they do...So yes they do "hum" because they don't know the words... Can you cry under water ?? Yes If you are on a submarine.. Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?? It does... Have you ever tried to use 5 year old industrial type glue that was in a container that wasn't sealed good the last time it was used ? How can you tell when it's time to tune your bagpipes?? Next question please.... How do you Write zero in Roman numerals ?? The number zero doesn't have its own roman numeral instead uses the latin word for none.. If you have a cold Hot Pocket , is it just a pocket?? Still a hot Pocket because it says so on the box,even while in the freezer.. Why is the show called Unsolved Mysteries?? Again I agree if they were solved they wouldn't be mysteries.. Do Penguins have knees?? Have never seen a penguin sit down..Even while sitting on their eggs...But yes they do they're covered by feathers so they are not readily seen.. What do chickens think we taste like?? Chicken... Everything tastes like chicken.. How come people tell you not to stand in front of the emergency exit, Surely if there was an emergency you would not stay standing there.....That one answers itself.. In libraries do they put the bible in the fiction or non fiction section?? Non fiction with all the other books on psychology and philosophy and religion..but with most public libraries being publicly funded might not be there at all.. Why do they call "chili if it's hot?? Probably named after the peppers not chilly as in cold.... Why do they call Life insurance , especially if it doesn't pay off until your dead?? So my seriously disfunctional family can afford to do everything that I hate just to spite me when I'm gone... Well enough for tonight....Have a big day tomorrow. Going Racing....Nascar modifieds (season opener at the stadium) We won it last year. If it don't rain.................
  7. Old Guy, Hope you can see the details in these photos. Took them with my phone sometimes it doesn't do so well. This manual is the one actually put out by Pontiac Motor Division..So I'm 100% sure it is accurate. Got it from my dads immense automotive library 40 some years ago.
  8. Old guy, .The axle code should be stamped at about 7 o,clock on the carrier it self looking at the front of the axle..would be pass side. Safe T track is indicated by a tag by the filler plug..Can elaborate more later....
  9. How we doing Old Guy ? Thanks for giving me the cam specs. My guess on the advertised duration I was pretty far off. Sorry about that...Actually the 268 int. 270 Exhaust will work better with the higher compression..Feel vindicated that My guess @ .050 was real close on both intake and exhaust..which when choosing the proper cam is really the numbers you should use..Wasn't too far off on the lift either...with that being said will adjust my power band guess from idle to 4800 RPMS... To 1000 RPMS to 5000 RPMS...Just goes to show how the lobe profile ...Acceleration ramps etc... Can make a difference in the characteristics of the engine. Even if specs are pretty much the same. With lift and @ .050 . Should run nice and smooth for you. But a well trained ear might be able to detect a very very slight lope. Had forgotten the Slim Jim had a fluid coupling. Haven't even seen or messed with one. Since a year or so before my dad croaked unexpectedly 15 or so years ago. Agree with you that it will not be an issue. They are a way better trans than the old vacuum drive Turbo Glide from the late 50s ( remember those ? ) Changing the rim size from 14 inch to 15 inch will probably make no difference at all. The main measurement will be diameter or circumference of the tires.. Do agree though will have negligable effect on final drive ratio.
  10. Do vegetarians eat animal crackers ? How long is a piece of string ? Pack my bag with five dozen liquor jugs.. How far west can you go before you are heading east?? What is the difference between regular ketchup and fancy ketchup? Why is it that the professor on Gilligans island can make a radio out of a coconut but can't fix a hole in a boat? Crazy Frederick bought many very exquisite opal jewels Why does Hawaii have an interstate highway?? Why do adults have trouble opening childproof bottles? What do people in China call their good plates? If you buy an egg and half for a penny and half how much does it cost to buy 100 eggs? Which one is better sliced bread or individually wrapped cheese slices??
  11. 1) Correct uses all the letters in the alphabet 2) Jury still out on that one.....although great answer 3) Agree Have yet to see a wild moose here in NC 4) Can eat a whole grocery store with one fork until you get to the soup aisle then you need a spoon 5) Saw it on Seinfeld just seemed like a cool thing to say.. Like the beer answer better 6) Have not spoke to any Canadians lately..Will ask when I do...Mrs. Two Lane loves geese so that pretty much makes me a geese lover too especially when looking at them down the barrel of my shotgun 7) Learned how to read with Playboy LOL 8) Like that answer too...Will float that one out to the local unemployed brain trust that hangs out at the corner store to see what they come up with.. 9) Or hits me in the chest when riding my motorcycle 10) Have not seen the movie will take your word for it.
  12. Old Guy Was looking at your cam specs. Doesn't have a lot of overlap so it should have a sewing machine smooth idle. All the best Pontiac grinds are dual pattern. Should have a different duration (more on the exhaust side) that explains the faster acceleration ramp speed. That aids in evacuating the exhaust out of the cylinder. Pontiac cylinder heads are little a deficient in the exhaust port the dual pattern makes up for that. Makes the engine all around more efficient and economical. You didn't say what the duration of the cam is. Assuming advertised duration is intake side somewhere around 248 degrees with the exhaust somewhere around 260 degrees or around 204 degrees @.050 intake side around 212 degrees @ .050 exhaust side..With around 430 lift intake around 450 lift exhaust with a 112 degree lobe separation?? So it pulls enough vacuum to make the power brakes work properly. RPM range off idle to around 4800..Just curious how close if at all that I guessed ?? With the high compression you will still have to run premium fuel. Stock torque converter should work great. Rear end gear ratio shouldn't be an issue either. If I guessed the specs right. Still interested in rear end tag. Please let me know how close I guessed the cam specs.......Also getting older does suck for sure. Went and climbed a 700 ft. TV tower to change out a beacon light a few days ago. First time I have climbed in a couple years still hurt all over......As far as pulleys go try Ray Whites service station and junk yard Germanton NC 336 408 2220 or 336 924 2689 They have stuff from the 1930s to present day. Think they might have a website also.....
  13. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.. Is a zebra white with black stripes or is it black with white stripes?? If a cow says moo then does a moose say cow ? Can you eat more with two forks than you can with one fork ? These peanuts are making me thirsty.. What do they call Canadian geese in Canada ? Just geese or Canadian geese.. Does anyone really just look at Playboy for the articles ? If your cat goes out and kills a rat then chokes to death on it..While eating it..Did the cat kill the rat..Or did the rat kill the cat ?? Sex stone = F@#king rock.. No matter wherever you may go..There you are....
  14. Really Like original umolested cars..Even if rough around the edges..Also like the poverty caps (No offense) better than the mags...Very Cool car.
  15. Are the cooling lines for the transmission plumbed to the radiator correctly? Outflow from trans to top fitting then flow back to trans from bottom of radiator? Not 100% sure but think rear line on side of trans goes to the top of radiator. Front line on side of trans goes to bottom..Like I said Not 100% sure about that. Has been awhile.... Might be something to verify. Don't think duct design and airflow on third gen is an issue if it is all intact. When racing modifieds. Have really similar type duct setup in front of radiator with 2 fans as third gens do.. Have the engine side of radiator open no shroud to allow the air to flow free thru whole core with no obstruction. Running 700 Horsepower 18 degree aluminum headed solid roller 9000 RPM hardcore race engine. Temps normally run 190 to 210 under green flag conditions. At the stadium. Running between 5700 to 8800 RPMs for 200 laps. On a hot summer NC night... Rarely if ever temp gets above 225 and that's only if run a bunch of caution laps. Also run seperate oil cooler with the dry sump oiling system holds Like 20 qts oil....Just going over some thoughts. Maybe some thing here you can use..Also have an aversion to spending money unnecessarily for things that Might not or don't work. please let know what infra red thermometer shows..
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