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  1. I've told him more once that he needs to adjust his attitude...Have even threatened to ship him off to military school...All to no avail...Wouldn't mind shipping him down under for a job...But he's lazy and unmotivated and he would wind up getting fired anyway and would be just be another mouth to feed...With no results to show for it....Other than getting fat....
  2. Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) is definitely better when using the foot pedal for heat control...Although it can be very tedious especially when welding out of position like in tight awkward areas or overhead and you have to operate the pedal with your knee or elbow/toes..butt..ETC..and have to be able to do it both right and left handed (Been there Done all of that more than once)..The main thing is to have the tungsten needle sharp when welding stainless whereas you want a little ball on the end when doing aluminum...Also the cleaner the base metal is... The better and easier it is to weld especially when doing paper thin or cast aluminum...Personally... By far the hardest material to work with is cast iron...Just because of the prep work involved...Properly preheating and stress relieving is very very important and if not properly done the results will substandard and you will more than likely do more damage than good... An expert fitter can make a mediocre welder look good..The better it all fits together before welding...The less filler metal you have to use (tig) the better the overall results will be and that's true for all welding processes MIG..TIG..and Stick... The car is looking good and I respect the ingenuity and attention to detail...That is what makes for a truly top notch restoration....
  3. This is Earl...Has got to be the laziest animal on earth...Am pretty sure a Sloth has more speed and ambition....Than this one..And then he has the unmitagated gall to get plum angry and hiss at me when I move him out of the way..So I can go to bed at night....But he likes Mrs. Two Lane...He attacks me whenever I get even remotely close to her....He has also figured out how to turn the water spigot on in the bathroom ( For spite )....I figure it is just a matter of time before I come home to a flooded house...But somehow it will probably be my fault.... Glad to see that you're making progress with the Bonneville....In spite of everything going on.....
  4. Hope everything works out well with Mrs. Frosty... Y'all have my thoughts and prayers...
  5. I mowed and trimmed my yard for the first time this year....Depending on the weather...That will be a weekly chore from now until October..Doesn't look like there will be any racing at our local venue (Bowman Gray Stadium)anytime in the foreseeable future So the prepping the car has been put off indefinitely especially since the Modified race at Martinsville and probably Bristol have been canceled too..So instead I have been doing a weapons check and ammunition inventory...Found some firearms that I had almost forgotten about that I stashed away years ago...Including a pre WW2 Colt 1911 45 auto pistol and a mint condition Model 86 Winchester 45-70 lever action rifle with an Octagon barrel with a real low serial number manufactured in 1891 (Very valuable) among several others...Fortunately my job is considered essential and I will still be able to work..Although business has taken a major nose dive as of late....So will just have to wait and see what happens next...
  6. This may sound crazy...But It is very possible to have weak or starting to get weak valve springs ..Not holding the seat pressure like they should when under boost...Causing one or more of the valves to not quite close tightly enough to seat properly when under boost but would run normally otherwise..Just something to maybe look at... Especially if they have a lot of miles and the valve springs have never been changed....
  7. Happy birthday Frosty and many more.... TLBT
  8. Don't know if this will help or not...Don't have a manual for a Pontiac..But I do for a 1955 Buick...Alot of GM cars share the same electrical parts and the circuits are laid out very similar or in alot cases they are the same amongst the different brands.. Anyway maybe this will help..
  9. Nice car.... Have owned several 70s Grand Prixes thru the years.. Don't see them around much anymore....
  10. Unfortunately Due to work priorities and the current state of affairs of everything that is happening over the last week or so...The engine build has been delayed for awhile....☹☹ Sorry for any inconvenience...Hopefully things will change and I can resume my Quest for horsepower and torque in a couple of weeks... Even though it is "Cheavie"... TLBT..
  11. The graduated syringe...Clear plastic plate method..That Last Indian explained is an accurate way to determine the CCs of the dish including the valve reliefs on the tops of the pistons...
  12. The engine belongs to one of the guys I work for...Has been sitting in the back of the shop for a few years...Since work has been kind of slow lately... He decided now would be a good time for me to go thru it and undo and make right what the previous amateur (borderline incompetent) rebuilder had done before... Anyway the goal is around 670 or more very streetable horsepower at the flywheel...which is realistically achievable with the cam/cylinder head, supercharger combination that I'm going use..Will go into the specs of how I will get those numbers in detail when I have a little more time here in the next couple of days...As far as the vehicle it is going in..I'm not really sure...Since the person that owns the engine doesn't really know himself yet...All he knows is that he wants a blown big block engine (so he can play show and tell with his buddies)...But I'm confident that he will come up with something cool to put it in... Lots more to come..Stay tuned TLBT
  13. Realistically what will probably happen is the price of gas will go up..Because the states will start losing revenue because the people who buy electric cars won't be paying the road taxes that are attached to every gallon of gas sold..So to make up that deficit they will just add more taxes to every gallon of gas sold....therefore raising the price at the pump
  14. For anyone who might be interested...Started a new engine build today...I will try to document it as much as I can although I am lazy and taking photos isn't my top priority, but I will try my best to post as many that are relevant as I can throughout the process... The engine is 454 Chevy that was originally put together by some backyard amateur and only has supposedly 5000 miles on it... During the teardown I discovered the engine had excessive end play in the bottom end and the rod and main bearings were damaged by not having the proper clearances and grit that was left in the engine during the previous build..So I will be turning the forged crankshaft to .010 under and using the appropriate rod and main bearings.. The bores surprisingly look good and still have a nice crosshatch pattern to them and they are straight ..No taper or ridge in the top and are nice and round and will not require any machining and only a good cleaning... The forged rods and pistons are in really good shape and I will be reusing them after a good cleaning will be using new rings so I can set the end gaps to coincide with the blower that will be installed.. The cylinder heads came separate in another box and were already completely disassembled..So I will work my magic on the ports and then they will be completely rebuilt with all new parts.. Will update with photos as applicable.... Stay tuned..
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