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  1. engineering explained

    2 small intake valves bring in more air volume. With greater velocity. Rather than With one large intake valve that actually creates a restriction and turbulence that disrupts airflow into the cylinder making it less efficient. Same thing with exhaust flow. Exhaust valve sizes are always smaller than intakes to help create backpressure in the cylinder. ideally you want the exhaust flow to be right around 70 to 75% of the intake flow. That is also why header tube size is important larger the tubes the less backpressure that's why they hurt low end power. It is all going out the exhaust. Especially on small blocks. That's why multi valve (example) ford 281 Cid (4.6) Cobra engines make as much power with 70 CID less than LT1 chevy. It's all about airflow. More volume and velocity = efficiency and power...
  2. Started when I was 6 or 7 yrs old rode in my cousin's 65 Lemans that was only 3 yrs old at the time. My first car was 69 Buick Skylark In 1977. Got my first pontiac a black 79 Trans Am. 400 4 speed. Was not black and gold. had Charcoal and red trim bird on the hood with the silver colored snow flake wheels . When was in the Navy in 1981. Had less than 10,000 miles on it. When I got it. Sold it 2 years ago it was completely Oringinal unmolested all the way down to the last vacume line under the hood had 70K miles. Kicked myself in Ass ever since......have owned a couple of 70s Grand Prixes one them a 70 model LJ with a 455. Wish would have kept that one too. The other was a 76 model. Have also had 4 or 5 other Late 70s TAs. And 3 or 4 third gens . Including an 85 TA that was destroyed in a head on collision with a Ironically a Sunbird. Was extremely LUCKY everyone was able to walk away. Have always at least 2 or 3 Pontiacs at the same time. Special ordered 97 Formula 1LE. Took delivery of it in June 1997.Still have it also have 96 firebird that I got in 1998 it will probably turn over 40,000 K in the next couple monthes. Also have a Pontiac Transport van.Am looking to buy another Firebird. Want a 67 thru 69 base Firebird with OHC 6 with column shift 3 speed manual trans. Got a feeling might be hard to find? Been driving Pontiacs almost exclusively since 1981.Still having depression issues. LOL Since GM Killed Pontiac....
  3. Like your car. Not something you see everyday. Cool factor is of the chart....
  4. Was on the intro.Then was in a few of the episodes with Salter. Had us potrayed as the mad scientist engine builders. At the time a few of the Modifieds were running our (Salter)engines at the time. Two of teams that the show focused on were also running our engines ( Junior Miller and Johnnathon John boy Brown) Since I was in the intro I was in all the commercials on TV and the Net promoting the show. NASCAR stepped in about halfway thru the season.They really didn't like it. So they bought the rights to it So it wouldn't be shown anymore. As a result there was about 3 episodes that weren't aired and the history channel changed the time slot. Went from primetime to the 10:00 PM Sunday night slot So the production company cancelled filming the first couple weeks of the 2nd season. Was actually filmed in 2009 and aired in 2010.
  5. Was on a TV show (Madhouse aired for one season on the History channel) in 2010 before NASCAR stepped in and said that it really didn't fit their family friendly narrative at the time. For the next 2 years couldn't go anywhere without some Ahole recognizing me. Was very very IRRATATING most of the time...
  6. Among lots other things is when not parked on level ground. Passenger opening door and letting it go so it bounces full force against the hinges...Irks me just thinking about it.
  7. Ram air or shaker hoods can look great on almost any Pontiac.Especially when you have something under it to back it up.....
  8. Apparently Pontiac pre 1965 Pontiac 389 cylinder head cooling passages are located differently and the intake manifold flanges are different they have 6 bolts on each side instead of 5 bolts. Guess 1964 was the changeover year real late 1964 could have 1965 revisions ? I didn't know that. I learned something today! Only company that has aluminum intakes for that I have found 1964 and earlier is Offenhauser and they only make dual quad and three deuce intakes no single 4bbl. As far as Comp cams We had a catalog of all their lobe numbers each number indicated a specific individual lobe profile. Would give them the lobe numbers and the separation we wanted then they ground the cam for us. Have a special computer program where put in specific engine combos and run simulated dyno runs and could mix and match different cam grinds (lobe numbers) cylinder heads port volumes carbs etc until came up with results we were looking for. The actual dyno runs on the finished engines was usually within 3 or 4 horsepower of that figure. Torque curves,horsepower,and RPMs where the torque curve is. It is possible to move your torque curves as little 100 RPMS one way or the other or flatten it for a few hundred RPMs in the center of the power band with different profiles. to help keep the from spinning tires off the corner with an aggressive driver at the track. Sure could do the same thing with mileage and economy. Larry at Valley head service might know of someone out there who has that same program and access to the lobe #s. As far as the carb goes a thorough rebuild and adjustment will work wonders for it. Don't remember what the exact name of that software but can find out. Q jets do have their issues for sure.Still love them anyway .
  9. From the album Kenith McIntosh

  10. From the album Kenith McIntosh

  11. From the album Kenith McIntosh

  12. From the album Kenith McIntosh

  13. From the album Kenith McIntosh

  14. From the album Kenith McIntosh

  15. From the album Kenith McIntosh

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