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  1. That is a really really tough question....All the decades had some really great Pontiacs...Including the Not included...1950s....?? Will have to think about it for a couple days before casting my all vote...
  2. Thanks Frosty..... Apparently I am on a roll... Now If I could just win the Powerball lottery......
  3. Thank y'all very much...For allowing me to be part of the Pontiac community....Will be taking the Picasso down and replacing it with the Forever Pontiac calendar....It will definitely add some class to my house...And I will now be the envy of all my family and friends... Thank y'all again.... TLBT...
  4. If the cylinder heads look like that...Chances are the lifter gallery/oil galleys are going to be just as bad... The screen on the oil pump might be half ass plugged too...Short of disassembling the engine and hot tanking it...I don't know...Perhaps Last Indian would know of some kind engine flush Chemical/procedure that would work without having to take everything apart...that could be put in the crankcase and using an oiling tool to turn the oil pump without actually running the engine..... Wish I could be of more help......
  5. Good looking car...Gotta love the ragtop.....
  6. Unfortunately yes..Or you could remove the intake manifold instead...To replace the O ring between the timing cover and the intake manifold.... Either way you would have to replace the gaskets... Timing cover gaskets or intake manifold gaskets depending on which way you go.....Personally I would JustA remove the intake manifold....(Whole lot Easier and quicker)....
  7. I completely agree...That is a very sound strategy....Hard to go wrong by doing so...If the heads are in decent shape to begin with...Could be a very economically viable option....
  8. The thing that have noticed is the lack of cash..Most of the retail outlets at least in my area do not have enough cash available to make change for even a $20.00 bill... So you have to pay for everything with a debit/credit card..As far as classic car prices...Pretty much everyone watches the cars go for high dollar on the Barret-Jackson auctions in TV and then they think that the rusty piece of junk with half the parts missing that has been sitting out in the woods behind their house for the last 25 years is worth a mint and seem to think they can retire off of What they unrealistically thin
  9. Unfortunately the political climate here has drastically changed as of late...And has completely divided us more than anytime in our history...It's getting worse everyday...Everyday average ordinary people are being branded as Domestic terrorists...For simply holding traditional American values...What's really going to set it off is When they start squelching our second amendment rights (Firearms) Which I fear will set off a rebellion the likes we haven't seen since the American Civil war of the 1860s...This the one time that I truly hope that I am wrong... By the way..Is it true that whe
  10. If you can post a clear pic of the data plate... I'm sure that accurately decoding it will be no problem.... Welcome to Forever Pontiac...
  11. I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one that sees the Big picture... Have lots more to say about it..But that's for another forum another time...🇺🇸
  12. I realize that this is not the forum for this...But I'm going to say it anyway...The fear of climate change that the gullible masses ( The ones who just smart enough to do what they're told without Question or hesitation...But dumb enough to think by doing so makes them smarter than everyone else) are the ones buying into it...The "climate crisis" is merely the vehicle being used to gain control of every facet of our daily lives from cradle to grave... Unity = Submit and Obey..or we will crush you...
  13. The price of Gas started going up here In NC..The day after the election...Right at 50 cents per gallon so far and rising daily... Non ethonal 93 octane has gone up even more than that....There also legislative talk here about a mileage tax.... Welcome back to the Paris climate accords...
  14. The Turbohydramatic 400 transmission is a very economically viable upgrade from the Super turbine 300 (Jetaway) trans and can be done easily without major modifications or specialty parts.....The TH-200-R4 is also another good upgrade if you want overdrive for cruising down the highway looking cool with the top down...
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