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  1. Every dog has its day....Sooner or later......Karma has a way of sneaking up....When you least expect it......
  2. Didn't know Kroeger was still around....Used to be my favorite store.....They all disappeared from around here 20 plus years ago.....
  3. $2.21 For regular unleaded here in the Winston Salem area...Of course diesel and 93 octane are considerably more expensive.....As much as 30 to 40 cents per gallon......
  4. It might run.....But not like it's supposed too.....Will be in a constant open loop...and will have the check engine light on...As the MAF sensor will and the oxygen sensors will not be talking to each other and will be in a constant cold start mode and running on the factory cold start parameters and at the very least....Will probably idle really crappy and run super rich....among several other issues......Would highly recommend putting a bung in the in the exhaust pipe and reinstalling the O2 sensor in the proper location.....Can always plug it off later......
  5. Would check to make sure that you don't have a break in wire somewhere in the wiring harness....Or a bad ground......This may sound crazy but do you have the correct bulbs...? Supposed to be a dual filament bulb....One filament for the stop/turn and one for running lights....Pretty sure it is a 1034 bulb or maybe an 1157.....
  6. Is it only the high speed fan setting not working..?? If that's the case..There is a seperate fuse that is used for only the high blower setting.....Located in an inline fuse holder under the hood along the firewall...Can be hard to spot....Usually hidden in the wire harness that runs along the firewall....Might be worth checking to make sure it is not blown......
  7. Am wanting to change the very troublesome and unreliable power windows in my 1996 Firebird over to manual crank windows...Should be a straight forward swap..The main issue is trying locate all of the correct parts....As very few of those cars (4th gen ) were equipped with manual windows...Actually I Have only seen one (1) that didn't have them and it's a 1LE car...Was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on where to source the parts (internal and external) to do the change....Any input or thoughts would be welcomed......
  8. Have seen quite a few catastrophic mechanical failures through the years...Never anything like that.... Glad everything turned out OK....No one injured and nothing torn up....
  9. The lifters should measure 2.00 tall and .842 diameter...it's the same size as a Chevy lifter....The pontiac specific lifter has the oil hole closer to the top of the lifter than the Chevy does so the oil hole in the lifter doesn't drop out of the bottom of lifter bore when using a cam with a small base circle....Usually when you get the cam and lifters as a kit the lifters should already matched to the base circle of the cam..Just something to be aware of... Even though you soaked the lifters for a couple of days in the oil..would still preoil the engine just to make sure that the lifters are indeed pumped up good and tight....Can make an oiling tool out of an old distributor shaft...just be sure that you turn the oil pump counter clockwise....Back the rockers all the way off but still just tight enough to where the lifters stay seated on the cam lobes first before pumping them up...Try that first...Then readjust the valves...See what happens before getting different pushrods.....And then go from there......
  10. Good choice...Hard to go wrong with a Pontiac rally wheel.....
  11. Sorry didn't even cross my mind to do so...... Truth be told.... I'm almost too lazy to even carry my phone around...let alone take photos..Will try to do better when I go back in September....
  12. Thanks for the input guys..Will more than likely try the Mobil one....
  13. Are you running hydraulic lifters..?? If so did you preoil the engine to be sure that the lifters are fully pumped up....Are the pushrods the proper length to match up with the cam -n- lifter combo that you're running..?? The ratio of the rockers should be marked somewhere on them.....
  14. 10W40 works well with the hot summertime temps....
  15. Looking for suggestions on what oil to use in my 2007 V star...Been using the Yamalube oil since new..Would like to change to something I can easily get from the local auto parts store...(has a wet clutch) Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated......
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