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  1. Same as before. There is room for all of God's creatures....right next to the mashed potatoes and gravy.
  2. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    That's the girlfriend's job....or notallthere's.
  3. until

    So what do you have to do to the Bird to get her road worthy again?
  4. until

    Which critter - Goat or Bird?
  5. A Hellcat Durango!?! Oh Hellcat Yes Please ! I drove a 2017 Hemi 5.7 Durango Sport to and from Hilton Head this summer. It came with paddle shifters!!!! What domestic truck or SUV do know you comes with paddle shifters? This thing was fun to drive (when the wife was not in the vehicle). I can only imagine what a Hellcat drivetrain would do to this thing !!!! Shades of the Viper V10 Ram pickups. Yes I know someone built this as a phantom vehicle, but if Dodge built it they will buy it
  6. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    So you are saying there is never a good time to crash your place in Montreal? So let's raid GE's toybox then. He's got lots of them plus the stump water. I wanna' run the crap out of his Beemer too.
  7. With any luck this weekend, I hope to give Lucy an over due tune-up. Excellent advise 360. Last Indian, I support what JUSTA said. Kudos to you and your generosity.
  8. until

    So long as it's a 1979 Columbia Trans Am 10-speed Joe !
  9. Gary's Goats

    Where in PA is this place located? I think I need to talk to the man about some parts......LOL!
  10. My childhood was a lie

    Be afraid! Be very afraid! Like I said, the video equivalent of "hold ma' beer, watch this..."
  11. Engine Block rust removal advice please...

    Excellent points JUSTA!
  12. BMW: Keys to be replaced by smartphone apps

    Worse yet, what if you loose your phone? Is that the only code (in the world) that can get into the vehicle? I can think of a ton of security issues with something like this too. Nah, key for me please.
  13. Engine Block rust removal advice please...

    Quite frankly I am interested to see how this works out for you. Be careful on your water/air pressure. You don't want to blow out your freeze plugs with too high a pressure. The only other caution I would have is to make sure that you don't get any water into any of the oil passages or crankcase. I'd also suggest you be prepared to change the oil after you 've done this and let it settle down for a little while so everything can drain down. Putting your intake manifold back on will definitely minimize this possibility but I would still plan to change the oil anyway as a precaution.
  14. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    During the French and Indian War perhaps. A probation violation perhaps. A restraining order most definitely. Treaty violation no. What's your point? You don't want a guys weekend?
  15. My childhood was a lie

    We've seen YouTube videos of your butt in the Challenger mister. So why do you think its that hard to find other messed up videos on YouTube? Its a natural haven for this sort of thing. The video archive for "Hold ma' beer and watch this...."
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