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  1. Note to self, don't piss off Teckelhut.
  2. If you are game, GE will have to run you over!
  3. Sadly we can't keep them all. There's never enough money or garage space.
  4. Sweet! Love the side chrome exhaust too!
  5. Are you looking for the cam manufacturer or perhaps more importantly, the camshaft profile? I have a few other questions for you: 1. Do you believe this to be the original OEM camshaft or do you think it has been replaced at some point in its past? 2. Is your 326 the numbers matching engine to the car? If so, is it a two or four barrel carb engine (and is it going to stay that way)? 3. What transmission do you have in the car? WIth the above information, there are printed reference materials that I (and others) can look up to find the original camshaft profile. With that profile, you can order a custom camshaft from most camshaft makers (assuming they don't already have it that profile).
  6. The Chevy successor to the Pontiac G8 is now no more. Soon neither will be rest of Holden Manufacturing. A sad day really. Another blow to a wonderful rear wheel drive platform and series of cars. I hope GM decides to build something in North America to replace it (and at a cheaper base price than the current $48k starting price). The 6th gen Camaro (zeta platform) is now built in Lansing MI so perhaps they will add new product to Lansing in the future. Now the interesting question, what will GM submit to NASCAR as their "corporate" car for the Monster Energy series for 2018? The Chevy SS is the current car for the Monster Series and the Camaro is the Xfinity series car. Promote the Camaro? Perhaps. Impala? It's been the Sprint Cup car before, so why not again? Mailbu? Why not? Cadillac ATS or CTS? It would be novel to see "Cadillac" running at Daytona. However I don't see this fitting the Cadillac image. Buick Regal? Regals once ran at NASCAR when they were RWD. So it "could" happen but I doubt GM will submit it.
  7. I hope we are not being too sexist for your taste.
  8. Zaware si je vous ai confondu, je m'excuse. Je fais une blague sur le professeur, pas vous.
  9. That is a great story! Sorry to hear about you late husband but it sounds like fate meant for you to enjoy this car.
  10. In your house or in your community? I suspect the former not the latter. Heck isn't that the reason we bought sports cars and muscle cars in the first place? To get chicks?
  11. I am going thru this process myself with my '72 convertible as one of the lines blew out after 45 years. You must bleed the lines. You can add transmission fluid once you've removed the little rubber stopper in the side of the motor case. I purchased a small ketchup bottle to make pouring the transmission fluid into the hole easier for me. 1. Fill the motor with oil until you can feel the oil just below the hole. 2. Cycle the top up and down three or four times (this will force the air back to the motor and allow it to escape out the hole) 3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until you don't need to add oil anymore 4. Insert the rubber plug BTW - this is the process that was in my GM service manual.
  12. Let's assume for a moment that you had RAM DIMMs that are rated to 2.4GHz, the same as your motherboard's clock speed. However your CPU processor (itself) is rated at only 1.6Ghz. It is the combination of CPU and motherboard clock speed which limits RAM DIMM speed. Actual DIMM performance will only go as high as the lower of the two speed limits between the CPU and the motherboard. So in this example, the CPU runs at 1.6 GHz, and the motherboard supports speeds up to 2.4GHz, but the DIMM's will go up to 1.6Ghz because that is how fast (in this case) the CPU can accept the data from the RAM (thru the motherboard). Conversely, if the motherboard was slower than the CPU, the motherboard's speed would be the limiting factor and the CPU would be waiting for data. Does that make sense?
  13. notallthere - but he serves as the "bad" model. Not to mention you'd have to spend a fortune in Nair, hair removal, and bikini waxing products before you could even think of photographing him. So that option is out! Perhaps you could ask "The Women of FP"!
  14. Pro, stop admiring another man's tool in public! It just ain't right !
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