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  1. Interesting concept GTO based on the now defunction Buick Regal GS / Opel Victa platform. Cool lines. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/04/artist-imagines-a-modern-day-pontiac-gto-based-on-the-buick-regal-gs/
  2. Welcome to FP and the madness Kat95. Let me be the first to say, we love pictures. Feel free to post pictures of your beauty. Also feel free to ask about anything, parts, tech, etc. We are fun bunch and always happy to help.
  3. Don't mess with me at Trivial Pursuit either!
  4. I've seen that one on Woodward a few times with JustA before. I love it!
  5. You will also need a new dual belt pulley for your water pump. You will have two belts now. One for the alternator and one for the power steering pump. Again Ames or most of the online catalogs should have what you need. Don't for get the power steering hydraulic Ines between the pump and the new steering box. For what it's worth, I would get a quick ratio steering box to make the steering more responsive since you have to replace the steering box anyway. Anything 16:1 or lower. Stock units were 24:1 which was about 4-4 1/2 turns lock to lock. 16:1 is closer to 3 lock to lock. Inspect your rag
  6. For 1981, the natural aspirated 301 or the Chevy 305 (for California) were the standard Trans Am motors, and the 301 turbo was the optional motor. Since Rear Engine Shop said this was a Daytona Pace car edition, then this would have been a 301 turbo car. 1979 was the last year for the 400. To your point, he can bolt in whatever he chooses for more power, but again this car is considered a turbo pace car edition by badging as well as the distinctive turbo hood. So this makes it a tad more desirable over the the stock Trans am and the turbo Trans Am of the day.
  7. Yeah, I'll bet she's a real handful now. Is the wide body parts made out of plastic/fiberglass or metal? I know the original Fiero body panels were plastic over the space frame.
  8. Very cool engine swap. Did the SC 3800 and transaxle necessitate widening the rear of the car or was there enough real estate to accommodate the stock wheels and fenders if you had wanted to? The wide body looks bitchin'. How much HP or torque are you getting to the ground?
  9. Welcome to FP and the madness. As a fellow Michigander, I hope you will be able to make the Tri-Power Pontiac/Buick/GMC shows we have planned iin the Detroit Metro area for this summer too. I am not entirely certain that Wilwood has a brake kit for the G6. I couldn't find one listed on either the Summit Racing or Wilwood's websites. You may need to call Wilwood directly if you are set on them as a brand. PowerStop does have drilled and slotted rotors, pads and some performance calipers for the G6 - available thru Summit. EBC and Stop Tech make drilled and slotted rotors as well. MGP makes
  10. In addition to Corvair steering boxes, a lot of hot rodders like to use Vega steering boxes. They had both power steering and non-power steering. My '71 Vega didn't have power steering.
  11. Here you go! https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-antique-1800s-pontiac-buggy-1818317659
  12. Yeah, but how many of them knew about the High Wheel Runabout - especially since it is technically not part of the GM/Oakland/Pontiac history?
  13. .....and your point is? Is it cheating if you know it? Besides the pictures of the Pontiac buggy is from Pontiac Illinois! Neah!
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