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  1. Use the excuse you are just adjusting her chassis!
  2. 2018 Bentley Bentayga

    No wonder this thing has a twin turbocharged W-12 engine. It weighs almost 7,200 pounds. That is almost 1,000 more than a Hummer H2! I don't see this sucker doing soccer mom duty anytime soon.
  3. I was telling JUSTA yesterday, the biggest thing I want to see at the NAIAS is the original Steve McQueen Bullitt '68 Mustang. I wouldn't dream of going to this show without taking pictures. Too much eye candy.
  4. Perhaps I am naive, or just too thick headed to get this. Is it ride share availability, in and of itself, the reason that these so called 250,000 have given up car/truck ownership or is it more likely that: A. Ride share availability is abundant in their area - meaning its cheap and plentiful B. They can't or don't want to afford a new or slightly used car, insurance, registration, etc., etc., etc., (e.g. all the costs it takes to own a vehicle) C. They are millennials and they are too lazy or cheap to be bothered with owning a car/truck period. They are use to mom and dad constantly chauffeuring their butts around all their lives, so as an adult, this is the next best thing. D. They can't take their eyes off their smartphones long enough to pay attention to the road. E. All of the above are required?
  5. The only time that appearance truly matters is in a judged concur event. Otherwise, it comes to personal preference.
  6. Don - welcome to FP and the madness. Wonderful looking Grand Am you have. You don't see late 70s / early 80s Pontiacs much anymore, save the Firebirds & Trans Ams. I have a question. In Ontario they tell Newfie jokes. Do you tell Ontario jokes in Newfoundland? Telling Ottawa jokes is a given and understood.
  7. Hey 360, I got my tickets for this weekend's car show too!
  8. Okay - you win. I have a dozen PF24s and PF25s for both Lucy and the Trans Am (Chevy 305 Tuned Port). I certainly don't have anywhere close to that much oil.
  9. Light show

    So should we start calling you "JUSTA Little Chicken"?
  10. FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    I must admit, I am admiring your mad fab skills.
  11. Light show

    So did I, but I didn't get a Christmas card signed by Mr. Mow-It-All either. BTW - did you talk to or email Carl? JUSTA curious.
  12. Jim Wanger's Condition

    You're welcome JUSTA. As Jeanne suggests, we need to keep Jim in our thoughts and our prayers.
  13. Light show

    That was the third most uncommon thing I've experienced. 1. 1977 - while in high school we were at a meet and a nearby industrial plant exploded (gas leak) - it lit up the sky and then I heard the bang (gotta' love Newtonian physics) 1. 2010 - earthquake in SE Michigan (epicenter was in Ontario) - my chair shook and my PC moved across the conference room table - not something you expect in the Midwest 3. 2017 - Meteor over Michigan
  14. I got this from the Performance Year's forum this morning. It was posted by Old Man Taylor. It would appear that Jim Wanger's health is deteriorating. As many of you know, Jim is considered the Godfather of the GTO and the authority on Pontiac advertising in the Widetrack era. I consider myself fortunate enough hear him lecture, to know him, and converse with him. http://forums.maxperformanceinc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=813860&p=5833581&utm_source=threadloom&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ed37&utm_content=iss18 Jim Wangers has had increasing problems with his memory for some time now. Today his Administrative Assistant (really more like a daughter) posted this on the GTO Tiger Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GeeTOTiger/...location=group). "Dear Pontiac Friends and Family, Many of you have heard rumors concerning Jim Wangers and his current health status. Let's set the record straight shall we? Jim was diagnosed with dementia, possibly Alzheimer's Disease, four years ago. Up until this past Fall he seemed to be getting along pretty well. Unfortunately this horrible disease takes no prisoners and that is no longer the case. Jim is currently living in an assisted living facility (soon to move to a Memory-care facility) in Oceanside, CA. He is getting wonderful care, his overall health is good (he still walks unassisted), in no pain and seems to be content. Our office will be closed by January 29th, 2018 as will our website and Facebook page. I have had the honor to work for Jim for almost 20 years and it is hard to see this hideous disease take such a toll on this great mind. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I'd also like to say thank you to the friends I've made during my travels all over this great country following Jim. You opened your arms to a non-car gal and made me feel welcome where ever we went. On behalf of Jim Wangers and the GeeTO Tiger may life bring you love, joy, good health and many GrrrrrrEAT adventures! Jeanne Weiss Assistant to Jim Wangers Jim Wangers Productions, Inc"
  15. Yeah, I think I understand why it was a no sale. Great looking car and lots of custom and one off goodies, but not $150-$175k worth. $100-$125k perhaps.
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