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  1. Welcome - looks you and dualquadoete need to get together.
  2. Evolution? Even Neil agrees! Don't beleive me? Watch!
  3. Careful Pete, or I'll get on my rant about Moosehead.
  4. Happy to help. I found this ad in the latest Smoke Signals ‘30s Pontiac Parts Cars: 1937 Pontiac 4-door body and frame for parts, NO Title $700. 1939 Pontiac 26 4-door body, very nice front clip, no title $1,500. Randal Verhey (641) 780-7731; tin4sale@yahoo. com Also try reaching out to California Parts Restoriation: http://www.pontiacparts.net/
  5. Are you looking for a stock replacement or something a little more custom - like for fuel injection? What condition is your current gas tank? Is it possible to have it restored? I honestly don't know anyone that is doing a '38 Pontiac gas tank reproductions. Plenty of Chevy and Fords for sure - for the hot rod guys. You may have to have one custom made or use a more universal Chevy or Ford unit. Do you know if a Chevy tank will fit? Some Pontiac and Chevy parts are interchangeable but I don't know if the gas tank is one of them. Tanks Inc makes a '38 Chevy steel tank.
  6. Welcome to FP. So what is the inspiration/perspiration between the 455-to-LS 5.3 swap besides "because I can"? You looking for better milage, reliablitiy, one fell out of the sky and into my lap? LS motors are great to be sure.
  7. Happy belated birthday Ringo !!!
  8. I'll will probably run down Saginaw St. on Thursday evening. I am planning on making an unofficial run down Woodward to catch up with Indyman Joe and JUSTA6 Saturday morning. Care to tag along?
  9. Yes it is! Might have to reach out to Stewy too. Have an FP crew cruise. I’m not parking with the Widetrackers this year either since all the official Dream Cruise events are cancelled.
  10. I wished you’d come out, even in the Ranger! We had a great time! Are you going to roll down Woodward, come Hell or high water next Saturday? I plan to cruise Saturday morning and then get the hell out of there.
  11. Now onto cruising Woodward.... I met up with another fellow member of the Forever Pontiac family. He's also a member of the Michgian Widetrackers. We just had not a chance to meet until now. I finally got to meet him, his lovely wife Nancy, and his gorgeous '72 GTO. I am talking about RevereGTO! Dude it was a pleasure to finally meet up with you and check out your ride. We definitely have to get the goat and Lucy together for photos in the near future. RevereGTO's Goat! Since Lucy was in the still being worked on, I was able to take the Buick Roadmonster out on it's first ever Woodward Cruise. So here are the photos from the road! If you are a member of POCI and read Smoke Signals, this is Dmitri Toth's car. Happiness is looking in your rear view mirror and seeing a gorgeous carousel red '69 GTO Judge behind you ! There is RevereGTO - cruising Woodward! There's Lucy's twin sister. A 38 Pontiac hot rod! I think this is 67-68 Buick Riveria I was shocked to see that the Blarney Stone was closed! Man this place was jumping years ago! The famous Vinsetta's Garage. For 92 years it was a working garage, now it's a restaurant. I have pictures of Lucy in front of it when it was still a garage. Hey Kiwi - look at what blew past me - to the left of the Solstice!!!! Look familiar? It sounded bad ass! Lots of cars parked along side Woodward to check out too! Coming back into the Pontiac city limits.
  12. The Michigan Widetrackers held their August meeting on the grounds of the soon-to-be Pontiac Transportation Museum. The COVID-19 pandemic brought remodeling to a stand still. So the museum still resembles the elementary school it once was, rather than the museum it someday will be. After the meeting, we were permitted inside to good inside and look at the cars and trucks currently housed there while building renovations are on hold. The museum is Pike St, two blocks off Woodward Avenue, on the south bound loop in Pontiac. After the tour, we cruised down Woodward Avenue. Enjoy the ride... Pontiac Transportation Museum photos 1908 "The Pontiac" Highwheel Runabout - this car was not made by Oakland Motor Car Company but by Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works. It's the first car to be called a "Pontiac". It's one of about 50 to beleived to be produced. Only 4 are know to exist. 1913 Oakland The first Pontiac's were actually horse drawn carriages and sleighs. Tom Goad's infamous 1974 Grand Am wagon made by Pontiac Engineering - complete with functional cold air scoops that were never available on the GTOs or Grand Ams. Engine compartment of Tom Goad's wagon. Note the air cleaner! A Mallet-optioned Solstice - you could've ordered an LS-powered Sostice through Mallet from your dealership! A race car Fiero I was told this was the original Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 prototype that was built by Pontiac Engineering to eventually holmologate the car for NASCAR. A Ventua with a hood scope but it's not a '74 GTO. Possible a GTO prototype? No idea but interesting to see. A '73 GTO with non-functioning hood scoops. A Sunbird A 1911 Oakland A Mobile Training Unit - this was covered in an issue of Smoke Signals awhile ago. A Pace Car Grand Prix A 1938 GMC 1977 Lemans Sport Coupe CAN-AM This is suppose to be the last car ever produced at Pontiac assembly. Again this car was covered in an issue of Smoke Signals.
  13. I rationalized pulling it to replace the bulbs with LEDs. Then I opted to replace the original clock with a tach. New radio with bluetooth capabilities. New circuit board since the gauges seemed to act funny from time to time - like they were loosing ground. Might as well take care of it while the dash is out. Yeah - it's a real pain in the ass job. Hopefully this will be the last time.
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