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  1. Very cool pictures redneck. I appreciate you sending them to us.
  2. Highway to Hell .... like you've never heard before. https://www.facebook.com/theheimatdamisch/videos/609096079292954
  3. Man, I didn't realize it was that bad. You had better see a shrink. He's about the only one who has a chance of talking you out of a Yugo!
  4. Are the the voices telling you to do things like: Clean your gun in public? Carry a knife like Crocodile Dundee? Tell the world that Putin is your kind of president? Your middle name should be changed to Gertrude? Rock on Liberace? Buy a Yugo?
  5. Welcome to FP. Dakota Digital dash? Any other mods?
  6. Welcome to FP and the Madness. Great ride! What part of WV are you from?
  7. Last Indian is in trouble if the voices don't like him!!! It's both - your wife talking and your body's natural defense mechanism - it's congenital mate. All married men have it.
  8. Good catch Two Lane. I missed the brakes and the dash trim.
  9. Yes it would Wrongway. By the looks of it too, a Judge would come with the Ram Air IV engine. This doesn't look like one to me. See the difference? The more I look at this, the more I wonder if this is a Lemans or Tempest in Judges robes.
  10. Um...are you sure? The G8 GXP is suppose to have a 6.2L LS3. The G8 GT had the 6.0L L76 V8. If you do indeed have a 5.3L in it, you've been robbed!
  11. If you said that to my dad!!! You'd have an ear ache and a butt ache and you'd miss "Flipper" because you were in your room crying:
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