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  1. Ringo, thanks for posting the great car pictures and crinked neck!
  2. My buddy Pete who lives in Northern Toronto (known as DualQuadPete in a lot of the Canadian Pontiac forums) just emailed me today. It would seem that his shop caught fire on Thursday and his '52 Pontiac, '69 Cutlass convertible, and vehicle trailer appear to be a total loss. The fire chief says he thinks the fire might have started with either the beer fridge or the stereo. The insurance company is working with Pete. Pete is okay other than he slipped on the ice and hurt his hip trying to fight the fire until the fire got too bad. I'd appreciate it if you guys could keep Pete in your thoughts and prayers tonight. This obviously not something any car guy should have to go through.
  3. Let me know the details on the LED bulbs JUSTA. Where did you find them? How much? How many does your car need? LED bulbs are on the bucket list for Lucy. Last time I was at NPD they had returned all of their LED bulbs due to quality issues. So I am not sure where to go with that plus I understand since LEDs drawn less current you have to put a resistor in the light circuit otherwise they flash quicker (now some bulbs now have a small resistor in them to resolve this problem).
  4. A bow tie on a Firebird? Oh the shame, the shame, the shame
  5. Joe what if you bought a used correct spare and had it converted to quartz movement? JUSTA a thought. It's also more time and money....but.....
  6. Let me guess Ringo, you are back home in Naples!?!?
  7. It is for someone from Florida who thinks 60 is cold.
  8. Thanks for sharing your work careeer Last Indian. I don't consider it boasting. Life can be amazing who you come in contact with. If you are working in a career that is more hobby than work, how can you go wrong? I am thankful for the talented engineers and tradesmen I've ever worked with. I consider myself lucky to meet some of my own racing legends during my career. Don Prudhomme came to the Warren Tech Center. Tony Stewart came to Powertrain after he won the Winston Cup in his Pontiac and I have his autograph on a 1:24 model of his car, Richard and Kyle Petty, Connie Kalitia, and Shirley Mulroney. I got to work with many of the many amazing Buick V6 engineers including Denny Manner.
  9. Define cold Florida boy. You have to wear something other than shorts and flip flops because you are in Chi-town in February?
  10. I expect to be in the mid-70s in Charlotte NC (a.k.a GE land) this weekend, which is where we are headed Saturday morning.
  11. In some respects, I can't blame GM. I mean how many decades have they been losing money in Europe? At some point, you have to fish or cut bait.
  12. Me either.
  13. I didn't realize the Lauertians had that much cloud-t.
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