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  1. A Judge that no sales at that price. It must have had a higher reserved that didn't get met or something else didn't add up. I have to admit that the tigers on the car draw in the young kids. If they come over I ask if they want to pet them. They point to my Tiger in the tank tail and I say I have an even bigger one in the trunk that I can't let out.
  2. What are your goals for the engine and the car as a whole? That should dictate what you do to the power train. Port matching and polishing are always a good idea. I am not familiar with the camshaft you mentioned. What is it's particular specs? You will find high performance pistons for a Pontiac 350 might be a little pricier than a 400 or 455 simply because 350 Pontiacs are not a high demand engine these days. There is nothing wrong with it either.
  3. Mine is in the tank and on the convertible top boot!
  4. Thanks for the invite 360. I've met Don several times. I have his email address too. Sadly he and I collaborated last year when a fellow Widetracker and mutual friend, Eric White, died suddenly of a stroke. Don came to the funeral. Eric was a brilliant illustrator and author in his own right. Don used my memorial article for Eric in Poncho Perfection. It was also used in the GTOAA Legend as well as the Widetrackers "Tracker". In that article I got reactions from Jim Matison and Jim Wangers too. I send Don things from time to time as well. Finally, Eric's definitive work was the Illustrated Guide to the GTO and GT-37. It is "the" book and reference for judging by both the GTOAA and the POCI. All that said, can I still come down? Did Don move from Farfield NY?
  5. Ding, ding ,ding, ding, ding,ding.......we have a winner! It is indeed the Esso Tiger antenna ball. These were popular back in the day. As Ringo indicates tiger advertising was big with the GTO back in the day. There was Kellogg's Tony the Tiger, Esso gas "like putting a tiger in your tank", and Tiger Paw tires.
  6. You are half right Ringo, but it is not Tony the Tiger. Good guess though.
  7. Well I went to the 44th Annual Detroit Swap meet today. I saw some interesting things. I passed on a set of BBC valve covers that had the Pontiac name and arrowhead logo etched into them. They were clearly used and the asking price was still $300. However I did pick up Don Keefe's latest book "Pontiac Concept and Show Cars". I will have Don autograph it the next time I see him. I worked with Don last winter on Eric White's memorial for both the GTOAA Legend and Ponco Perfection. While I didn't see a ton of Pontiac stuff, I did pick up this little gem. So can anyone tell me what it is and what it means? This section is just for GE. This is stuff that I saw but I didn't buy, but I should have.
  8. While this is a rare thing, it happen to me with my S10 Blazer years ago. I would put my key in the ignition and nothing would happen. I would check the battery, it seemed okay but I would have to charge it from time to time. I had the ignition switched checked, it was okay. Turned out to be the starter that was bad and it in turn ruined the alternator. Now this occurred with a 4.3L V6 engine. However, this sounds similar. So I had ro replace both the starter and alternator. So I would have both items checked if possoble. Take your battery to your local auto parts store and have them run a load test on it. That will see if the battery is truly fried. As Last Indian states, its from over charging or ruined plates internally. A depleted battery can be recharged. Putting the car on a trickle charger like Battery Tender is a good idea if the car is going to sit for awhile. This will keep the battery fully charged. A Battery Tender JR runs about $35-40 USD.
  9. You have to put the parts that fall off on the freeway somewhere.
  10. Nothing worse than explaining to anyone why you have a stuffed up loo. Also you're assuming he's taking them, I think the wife and kids will be in the bus once the chloroform wears off.
  11. Another point to add is that is torque, not horsepower, that gets you down the road. So to add to what Last Indian stated, adding displacement will add both horsepower and torque by increasing cubic inch displacement. However, it is torque, or the rotation force, that actually moves a vehicle. There are several examples were a low horsepower but high torque engines are more desirable for street application, this is particularly true in the trucking industries. Case in point, back in the early 1960s, GMC had a 305 CI V6 engine is used in its light duty pickups. They also built what they called the Twin Six, a V12 710 CI engine (essentially two 305 V6 back-to-back) that they used in medium and heavy duty trucks. Some even pulled Minute Man Missiles. The Twin Six produced less than 200 HP, but it had enough torque to move a missile! Let's see a modern V12 do that. GMC Twin Six V12 engine
  12. You know that answer ain't gonna fly. He'll just dump the doggone thing in the middle of the bathroom and take off laughing (and you know he will). Then there will be even more 'splaining to do.
  13. I just found this video that shows the drag racing that actually occurred on Woodward Ave on Friday this past year. It's also a nice history lesson. Sadly, I have just learned that FCA has once again closed the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. This time for good. The building is going to be converted into office space. The museum closed in December 2016. That is a tragic loss for Mopar fans.
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