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  1. Welcome to FP Brad. Sweet looking Goat. The last time I was in Omaha, the od Omaha Royals were still playing at Rosenblatt. My buddy and I almost got kicked out of the game for heckling the home plate umpire! I still have a souvenir foul ball from old Rosenblatt.
  2. Look bucko, this was the kids idea AND this is on a 35 year newer vehicle!!! Wise acre! At least with Lucy I can get the bulbs in and out!!! They just don't work for some reason (not beyond calling it human error at this point).
  3. Okay - I'm helping the kid on his '06 Hummer H3. He is swapping out all the interior incandescent bulbs for LEDs. He has a burned out 192 courtesy light bulb on the passenger side footwell. We simply can't get the damn bulb out. It almost feels like it has some sort of mechanical grip on it. The bulb is so smooth that grabbing it with needle nose pliers, it slips right off. I've tried putting electrical tape, duct tape, masking tape, and painters tape on it and it all slides right off the bulb and won't stick. I tried a spritz of WD-40. No luck. I've tried prying at the base of the bulb w
  4. Welcome to FP Bernie. We love pictures, We'd love to see your ride. We're happy to help, just ask.
  5. I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you asking GM to bring back Pontiac? The Pontiac Grand Am itself? You would need to petition GM's Board of Directors. However, I think that is an uphill climb. GM has been downsizing and shedding brands and global operations since their 2008 bankruptcy. The only brand to make any sort of come back is Hummer, now as a sub-brand under GMC.
  6. Welcome to FP Thomas! I am just down the road from you, in Davison. Once this pandemic lifts we will have to catch up at the likes of the Friday night Davison Cruise, the Flushing A, the Sloan show, Woodward, etc. JUSTA6 lives in Clarkston and Indymanjoe lives in Milford. So some of us FP'ers are local to SE Michigan!
  7. ...and how long does each method take to get to you, including customs? You're gonna need a lot more beer before that order arrives mate!
  8. Can't say I've ever rebuilt one Kiwi. Around here, they are pretty much throw away and get another one.
  9. Yes, I am slightly jealous! 😁
  10. Frosty's Pontiac Christmas List: 1. New Rear Rally IIs and tires - the new ones I got last year rub on the fender lip- so I have to probably go down a little bit 2. New door cards and then have them customized by my upholesterer (door cards have been ordered but are on back order from Legendary Auto Interior) 3. New convertible boot cover - I am considering monograming Rat Fink on it this time around 4. New tilt steering column 5. New paint job for underneath the hood - its blistering and peeling
  11. Welcome to FP. That's a great looking GP you got there. At least your garage/storage unit doesn't require the use of ramps, like mine.
  12. Deal! You don't know the power of the dark meat!
  13. Both - because of potholes and ruts in the road. JUSTA lives on a dirt road!
  14. I too like the Banshee, the '99 Concept GTO and a host of other great past concept cars that Pontiac came up with. Uber-rare Super Duty Grand Prixes and Lemans, and Swiss Cheese Catalinas are all great cars and all of them would make a great calendar on it's own. What makes this calendar so special is every member of FP has the chance to enter their car into the calendar contest and have the opportunity to get their car into the calendar. Something we don't normally have the chance to do. Of all the car calendars you see, you don't see many Pontiacs in them. Here you will see Firebirds an
  15. Amazing work so far. How long did that take? And why did you choose to do it that way if I may ask? That seems extraordinarily labor intensive.
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