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  1. Gas jumped up yesterday to $2.86 in my neck of the woods.
  2. I think this article from the Hot Rod Network might help: https://www.hotrod.com/articles/ccrp-0211-aluminum-or-copper-radiator-for-your-car/ Unless otherwise spec'd by your engine builder, factory coolant will work in either brass/copper or aluminum radiators just fine. Cost / price is defined by each manufacturer. Without knowing their business costs, it's hard to say why one costs more than the other. One maybe custom built, the other may be more production line oriented. I would also look at customer reviews of each one's product / quality / warranty information too before making a final decision.
  3. Other than local Michigan shows you mean? I plan to attend the Motor City POCI and Seller's Indian Summer shows here in SE Michigan in July and September respectively. These are the last two of our "tri-power" Pontiac shows here in Michigan. I volunteer at my local hometown cruise-in every Friday night. I am also planning on being in West Virginia twice this year. I will be attending an event on July 20th in Winfield WV for the WV Drag Racing Hall of Fame. They are having a cruise-in car show/fundraiser. They are also officially unveiling a historical marker there in Winfield for the first drag strip in the state of West Virginia. My dad and I donated half the funding for the marker, so they have asked me to come down for it (I lost my dad last July sadly). Unfortunately there are no open drags strips in WV at this time. The second event in WV is the Charleston Boulevard Rod Run and Doo Wop in early October. I will be down for that 5-day event. That's a chance for me to really connect/re-connect with all my WV friends.
  4. I am not sure what to make of this: Steele Rubber Products - it says it's a Firewall Grommet. Picture and description are not right with me. Still it says its for a '64 Bonneville. https://www.steelerubber.com/firewall-grommet-35-0515-20
  5. Have you checked the exterior portion of tail light lens for being loose or hairline cracks? My son's Hummer H3 front headlight kept collecting a lot of water on the driver's side. We tried siliconing the snot out of it, but that didn't help in our case. We ended up having to buy a new (e.g. used) headlight assembly (you can't buy a single headlight unit for the Hummer) to fix it. My point is, it's not the LED but the tail light itself that may be bad.
  6. I would start with the basics. I would check the timing and make sure it's within either stock specs, or your engine builders recommended spec. Next, could the engine be way too lean or way too rich. You can adjust the carburetor accordingly. Check for vacuum leaks or unplugged hoses or ports on the carb or intake manifold. If none of that helps, pull your spark plugs, they usually have a story to tell.
  7. I cleaned out the Roadmaster this weekend. I throw away a bunch more stuff my dad had in the car that I don't need. It got vacuumed, Armor All'd, I aired up the tires (they were all at around 20 lbs of air). I check the air filter, it was good. It needs an oil change. I will probably put a new set of plugs in it too, it's got 115,000 on it.
  8. Thanks for sharing Pete. What you are showing appears to be the engine head casting number. The casting number on the intake manifold I am referring to is like in the picture below. So in this photo, the intake manifold casting number is 9790140. You are looking for casting number 521571.
  9. I talked to GE last night. He wanted to come up and visit and I suggested that the weather was bad (it was for awhile). Anyways, he and Sam had a really busy day. First up they went to the Henry Ford Museum. They checked out the Presidential Limo collection, the chair Abe Lincoln was assassinated in, the train collection, the steam engines, but they did not have time to check out the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!!!! They didn't get through the whole museum or any of Greenfield Village before they had to leave for their next destination... The Jack Roush collection in Livonia. They saw many of Jack's cars and trucks. NASCAR, road racing, and one offs. Sam loved the trucks especially. Finally, they were on their way to Ken Lingenfelter's place in Brighton, not far from their hotel, for dinner. They got to see the exotics, the wild collection of Corvettes, and then GE went around on the domestics saying "had that", "had that", "sold that". GE loved the Auburn boat tail speedster though. He got to chat with Ken a few times too. Got Ken's autograph on a poster too. Sounds like dinner was a success. Now, it's not even 9:00 am as I write this. I get a text message from GE already..."Took out a Michigan raccoon". So I have to ask if the kill sticker for this sucker is going to be different because its an out-of-state critter? Did he notice any difference between Michigan and North Carolacky raccoons? GE and Sam are on their way to South Bend Indiana and Tire Rack to autocross today. Lord only knows what he'll hit next.
  10. $2.64 for 87 octane. Gas Buddy says I can get it for as low as as $2.50 if I’m willing to drive a ways.
  11. Tell me about it. I told GE that the coyote kill sticker needs to be Wile E. After dinner, we were chit chatting in the parking lot of the hotel when their fellow race competitors/friends from North Dakota (the Nordensroms) showed up. Seems that last year they had killer Texas-sized cinnamon buns that Sam could not get enough and she was wishing they had brought some with them this year (alas Sam was disappointed). However these folks run a relatively stock Dodge Magnum. It basically has a RideTech suspension and Brembo brakes under it, but the drivetrain is pretty untouched - compared to GE's 528 supercharged beast. I like these folks spirit too.....they affectionately refer to this car as the "Grocery Getter" - for obvious reasons. This was her daily drivers for several years. Now it only does autocross duty. This is the Nordenstrom's 4th year doing the FM3 Cars and Cones event. They just love it. Something everyone else might want to consider. Today the formal events kick off with a tour of the Ken Lingenfelter collection. Indyman Joe and I toured this earlier this spring. So check out that thread for pictures. Here is the sound of GE's 528 Hemi engine idling..... MVI_1296.MOV
  12. Well GE did indeed show here in Brighton Michigan on Saturday. Seems he and Sam left North Carolalacky around 3 am to get here by 3 pm on Saturday. The notallthees could not join us, and JUSTA6 was last seen trying to stuff a Cadillac motor into a Cadillac and not having a lot of success in the process when I last talked to him. So it was up to Indmyman Joe and I to hold down the Michigan FP contingency. The little woman is GE"s finance Sam (Samantha). Sam, GE, and Indyman Joe - Joe and I brought out our cars to meet GE. I dropped the top and brought Sam and GE to dinner. Joe, GE, and me. We had dinner a wonderful Italian place that Joe recommended. Food is made from scratch and it was close to their hotel. Of course I took pictures of the Deer Slayer. Joe got to hear the story of the Deer Slayer from GE - how Richard Petty (yes - that Richard Petty) named it that. This is soooo typical GE!!!! Dash is autographed by both Richard Petty and Ray Everham! ...and the famous "kill stickers". GE tells me that he has to add a few more.....2 more deer, a coyote, and I think he said a possum.
  13. I saw the original Nomad concept twice , with two different paint jobs. It was cool looking. It would be interesting to see how one of these look on a Solstice.
  14. Hi DUstin. Welcome to FP. Your photos are appreciated but they are just missing key information we need to help you to help identify the heads. There should be a two or three character designation where you see the 5C in the picture above. Or there is a six or seven digit casting number that usually begins with "5" or "9". Either one will tell us what Pontiac head you have and what cc's they are (assuming they are stock). I suspect you are correct that the cam and heads are not well matched to each other or perhaps the double pumper is a tad too much fuel. What is your goal for the car? Mainly street usage?
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