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  1. Nope Yiddish is useful it lets me insult people in colorful ways and let's me get away with it. Careful mates. Disco Duck and the Bay City Rollers won't be far behind at this rate! BTW - my dad listened to ABBA.
  2. Last Indian - does the "honey do list" ever end in retirement? Great work by the way!!!!
  3. You have the 2-door sedan. This is an example of a '54 Chieftain hardtop. Notice that the hardtop has no "B" pillar behind the door or window frames. That is the difference between the hardtop and sedan.
  4. That's the beauty of the FIre-Am, you could (and still can) build your own. Herb Adams designed the Fire Am (and the Cheverra - Camaro) as primarily as DIY tuner for your Firebird/Trans Am. He sold the parts from his company VSE. National Parts Depot has purchased the rights to those parts and you can retro fit your car with these parts today.
  5. Hmm....I was sure it was a Wayfarer. You hardly see either the Custom or the Wayfarer here in Michigan at all. So what is the story on this old girl?
  6. Is that a '50 Dodge Wayfarer Business Coupe? Does it still have the straight six?
  7. It might be the switch, or it could be a loose wire(s) at the switch.
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