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  1. Frosty

    The Official Video Game Thread

    That doesn't change with marriage I want you to know. The only thing that changes when she is finally ready, "why aren't you ready?" and "why haven't you warmed up the car already?".
  2. Frosty

    The Official Video Game Thread

    I'd love to have 40 hours (and good weather) just to work on Lucy, Black Beauty or the Roadmonster.
  3. Frosty

    62 grand prix

    I am not sure if this is what you are asking for.... https://www.opgi.com/grand-prix/1962/cooling-heating/heater-blower-motors/GBC0574/
  4. Frosty

    Pontiac Christmas

    Happy Birthday to ME! -AND- Good night Missus Calabash, wherever you are!!!!
  5. Frosty

    Pontiac Christmas

    Now that's my idea of a traditional Christmas. You got things started right. All that is missing is "A Charlie Brown" Christmas, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and "Santa Claus and His Old Lady"!
  6. Frosty

    Gear selector

    What's your native language? French? Can you describe the problem more properly in your native language and then we can try running Google Translate - if that helps you communicate more effectively?
  7. It's probably $60-70K truck anyway Ringo. I doubt either of us have to worry about it being our driveways. Obviously we are going for the rugged / huskie / manly look here.
  8. Frosty

    Gear selector

    Okay I think you may be on the cusp of transmission technology my friend. Your Grand Lemans may have been built with either the TH200/TH200C or the optional TH250C transmission. In 1981, GM introduced the TH200-4R (overdrive). So is the '81 transmission you have a TH200/TH200C/TH250C (which GM still produced until 1987) or is it TH200-4R? This will make a significant difference as to why things shift differently.
  9. I am definitely talking about the center / brake pad contact point of the rotor. No way in blazes that thing should be that badly rusted and pitted with daily use. It had to have sat for a while.
  10. Welcome to all the joys and frustrations of DIY !!!! Don't be cheap on brake parts. Use good quality parts through out. The brakes you put on are suppose to save your life. It's amazing the abuse we and previous owners put our cars and trucks through. You rotor is so rusted and pitted, it makes me wonder how long its been sitting.
  11. You should also consider TH200R4 out of the T-type Regals and Grand Nationals. They were 3.8L Turbos. Heck, the '87 GNXs could beat the Corvette with TH200R4! You will want to match the flex plate to the tranny. Talk to you engine builder and see what he/she recommends.
  12. Frosty

    Heat hot at high rpm, cold at low

    Sounds like you've done most of the standard stuff. Have you checked your electric fan(s) to make sure they are working properly and perhaps checking the fan temperature sensors to make sure they are working / calibrated correctly? I am wondering if the fan is coming on and off at the wrong temperatures. For that matter, you might check your fuses for the radiator fan. Also check the electrical connections on the fan for corrosion or dirt contamination. Can I assume for your note above that you are running 50/50 mix water to antifreeze?
  13. Hmmm...me things FIA swiped this idea from the old Hummer H2T / H3T and the former Jeep Commando pickup truck. 2020 Jeep Gladiator
  14. Frosty

    55/65 motor swap

    Hi again Marv. Again my question is the 4-speed originally to the '55 or is it a 60s-era or newer Saginaw, Muncie, or Borg-Warner style 4-speed? If it isn't the original '55 transmission, I would go with a modern OEM/OER replacement bell housing, fork, clutch, and throw out bearing that fits the 326 and 4-speed. The clutch linkage still all connect up. You may have to change the adjustment rod a little. Most of the modern parts should be readily available at most part stores or online catalog stores., Rockauto.com, etc. My theme is this, since you are not going with an all original, numbers matching engine in the car, who cares if the transmission isn't original either at this point? So if you are going to build up a reliable 326, 400 or 455 engine, why not build a reliable transmission that fits that motor too.
  15. For the least hassle, a BOP (Buick-Olds-Pontiac) bolt-pattern TH200 4R is the best route to go, in my opinion. The case is 2 inches longer than the TH350/400 case but it should otherwise fit your transmission tunnel with no problem. You will probably need to shorten your driveshaft or get a custom one made. You also will no longer have a transmission kickdown cable (assuming you have a TH350). You can go with the more plentiful 700R4 transmission but that requires an adaptor kit to switch from the BOP pattern on the back of the engine to the Chevy pattern on the transmission.
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