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  1. Bud - I had my own near death experience just a decade ago. Been there and lived to tell the tale. I spent a month in the ICU thanks to a ruptured colon and the sepsis that followed. My kidneys almost completely shut down. Lost 35 pounds of muscle mass in the process. I was so weak I got winded and exhausted just shaving. It was over six to eight months before I was healthy again. Don't rush it. I learned the expression "I"d rather see you than view you!" and what it means to me and the people around me. That one hit me between the eyes and I've never forgotten it.
  2. Changing the oil and transmission filter on this transmission is a royal pain in the butt, as the attached video will tell you. For a job like this, I am willing to pay someone else to get dirty. I would agree that after 18 years that the transmission has probably absorbed it's share of moisture via condensation and needs changing. Changing it is not a problem as long as you take it to shop that knows what they are doing.
  3. The short answer is no. Most GTO body bushings look like large hockey pucks. The Bonneville/Catalina/early Grand Prixs have a combination square and circular body pushing. Original Parts Group has OER body bushings for your ride. They are not polyurethane but they will be way better than the wiped out stock ones. https://www.opgi.com/chassis-suspension/bushings-mounts/1959-72-body-mount-bushings/bushing-body-1961-72-bonnevillecatalina1962-68-grand-prix-square-34-id-gbc12403.html
  4. This is definitely my sister-in-law Illeterate? Write for free help!
  5. ... trying to get out of JUSTA's unpaved subdivision without getting the car dirty.
  6. I’ve seen how your wife looks at you.
  7. Grandpa's carpenter square is probably made post-WWII and probably straighter than anything you can buy at Home Depot today. Yeah, it will do in a pinch for sure! LOL! I feel your pain watching you pull this motor apart. Been there and done that. I was able to cheat a little when I replaced the rear main seal. I was able to leave all the pistons in and raise the crank up just enough to get the old seal out and the new one in. I still had to remove all the main caps, but I didn't have to disconnect the pistons. It was still a horrible tear down on a 7-year old rebuild. I am still pissed at the engine builder, 15 years later. Let's just say he doesn't get my endorcement any more.
  8. It begs the question.....why'd SHE settle for you then?
  9. Okay so the bottom end is fairly fresh then. I assumed it wasn't, my bad, sorry about that. You might find yourself a true straight edge and check the heads and block deck to insure they are flat and true. $6k is about what I had into my 455/462 too. So I feel your pain. That also doesn't count the time I removed it to replace the leaking rear and front main seals either, 7 years later.
  10. Yeah, you are essentially buying a VIN at this point. Assuming the cowl was in decent shape, that would be all that you would have left of the original car. So much of the rest of the car would have to be replaced. It's would almost becomes a proverbal or automotive equivalent of a Ship of Theseus.
  11. I think this is the rustiest GTO I've ever seen for sale. This one was found on eBay. Poor '68 GTO. I wonder if it can be saved and if it's worth saving. As of this writing, the bid was at $5,000.00. https://pontiacstreetperformance.com/psp/RockerArms.html "Complete and all original numbers matching 1968 Pontiac GTO HO 400 4 spd. convertible project car with clean PA title. Purchased this GTO from the original owner in 2014 and it's been sitting in my garage ever since. Last time it was on the road was the mid 70's and only has 68,258 miles on it but the owner left it sit outside in the weather for 20 years and is very rusty - the floors, trunk pan, hood, quarter panes etc. need full replacement/restoration. Engine turns over freely but have not attempted to start it. Trans and rear are original and appear to be in working order. Frame is rusty and may be salvagable and I have an extra convertable doner frame included with this sale. Also Included is a new Endura front bumper, 5 pontiac rally rims and all the chrome which came with the car from the factory. I also have the maintenance paperwork and books that the owner gave me. Only parts I found missing are the key's, right side door mirror and trunk lock. Car is listed for sale locally so this eBay auction may be canceled at any time. Feel free to ask questions."
  12. Well I think there are at least three of us that can't wait for that to happen. You, the missus, and the rest of us!
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