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  1. My first reaction is it MAY be possible to take a Northstar V8 from a Bonneville and transplant it into a GP. Having said that, I don't know of anyone that has done that. However, given that GM produced the FWD V8-powered Bonneville, it stands to reason that with some mad fabrication and engineering skills, someone ought to be able to make it fit. However, this is no bolt in kit to do it. You are completely on your own. Similarly, people have successfully taken an LS1 and used the components from a more modern Impala and put them in a Pontiac Transport. So putting it into a GP again should not be that big a stretch. Again, there is still no aftermarket, bolt-in kit for this. This requires picking and choosing the right parts and fabrication skills. What about using a supercharged 3800 instead of the regular 3800? Hood clearance problem? Maybe. Clearly you will need to upgrade the fuel injectors and ECM and perhaps the fuel pump, but not much else I don't think.
  2. W While I would normally not disagree with you JUSTA, and this does look like an Astre to me, the 78-79 Sunbird Safari wagons were pretty much carry over Astres but called Sunbirds. 1978 Sunbird Safari 1979 Pontiac Sunbird Sport Safari Wagon promo photo
  3. How deep is your wallet? It could be arranged!!!! Be careful what you wish for....you just might get it!!!!
  4. It's not posted on the car show website (yet), but rumor has it that Lou Santiago from "Car Fix" will be returning to the Rod Run and Doo Wop this year.
  5. Very cool. You will have to tell us all about your trip down the Mother Road. Oh and don't skimp on the pictures. You know how we love pictures! The Hackberry General Store (in Hackberry - west of Kingman) is very cool stop as well as feeding the wild burros in Oatman Az. The restored Standard Oil gas station in Odell Illinois is also pretty cool.
  6. I love your goal too. I love putting rice rockets back in the bowl. Since this is primarily a street car and part time race car, you have to be able to live with it on the street. Indyman Joe's car is a good example. He has a stout 400 under the hood of his '72 Luxury Lemans. It's strong. He does the occasional 1/4 mile just to beat his buddy's big dollar Camaro. However, Joe's car is still a street car that he can take cruising or on long weekend and Sunday drives with his wife. It has no roll cage, stock interior, no line lock, but it does have a Ford 9" rear end and 4-wheel disc brakes (now). Someday he may actually paint it (sorry Joe - you know I had to kid you about it!).
  7. A buddy of mine has a '42 Pontiac Torpedo. It was built in late January of '42, just a few weeks before Pontiac shut down for WWII production.
  8. Awesome stratman. It definitely fits with the car very well!
  9. Don't look JUSTA....this is not your El Sunbird! https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/d/arlington-79-pontiac-sunbird/6942836594.html $1800 79 Pontiac Sunbird 3.8 V6 4Barrel Carb T5(?) 5speed Transmission Posi Rear End Original Rally Wheels
  10. Sweet looking Goat! That isn't a '67 factory color is it? Looks amazing regardless. What, if anything, has been done to it?
  11. I agree with Last Indian. You have to have a goal in mind with you motor. Most of us don't have limitless budgets. So what is your vision for the motor and the car? If you say street performance, handling, occasional autocross or the quarter mile blast, then 400-500 HP should be fine. Also, if you start pushing much more horsepower then that you have to spend more money in other parts of the car too, such as bigger brakes, sub-frame connectors/roll cage, etc. You get the point, going faster means more money needs to be spent elsewhere too. Personally, I am happy to put the rice rockets in their place. I don't need to beat the latest Corvette or Hell-kitten.
  12. Woodward is technically a state highway - M1. This means we can’t keep the riff-raff out!!!
  13. Challenger Drag Pak car Got Nitrous? Nice Rolls Royce! Not quite the American Family Truckster but close. We couldn't find the dog leash! I love it when the engine is as high as the roof! The "SH-Boom" flame throwers are legendary in the Detroit area. The '49 Cadillac and F-150 are two The Motor City [Mercury] Marauders club At the NCRS Corvette korral - an original Corvette fuelie! This Challenger has no top ! How much would it cost for you to stand around in a hot dog and mustard costume all day? Love the license plate No notallthere - this is not my next car!
  14. Okay I was not quite as snap happy as JUSTA, I only did around 300 photos. Here are some of mine. Signs from my buddy Joe's stand - he's an official Dream Cruise stand too. Sweet Indian head on a gorgeous '49 Pontiac. A Hellcrate engine in a '68 GTX - very cool. Loved the Hell crate in the cop car - the Dunkin' Donuts on the dash was a nice touch too. Great looking '70 GTO convertible Avanti C7 Limo Hot Pontiac! Lead Sled Donked '85 Buick LeSabre Limited. My parents had one - sans the donk. JUSTA's Tiger is getting fresh with my two tigers. WTF? The little guy is saying "I don't know you!" Lucy's identical stranger? Sometimes you just want to bring the whole family out to Woodward! I snitched one more cookie than JUSTA - even though he got his first! They let anything on Woodward! I do mean anything!
  15. Probably because its cheaper for the county road commission to get their hands on the chloride than the road oil. That's my guess anyway.
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