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  1. Oh sure! If you want to get real detailed about it! Good job buddy!
  2. If you are referring to the start of Pontiac as the Oakland Motor Company! It was horse drawn carriages!
  3. Not sure what the spray can paint is like or if it’s even the same product, but the Hammerite I have used since the early “70”s is goooood sh%#! Tough as a rock and pretty much impervious to most all chemicals after it’s cured! The Hammerite I use is a brush on that you can spray, but it takes a pretty high psi to do that. Inner fender in Hammerite undercarriage in Hammerite rocker cover bracket in Hammerite you can hardly mare this paint with a hammer!
  4. Good point JustA, but I think I’m coming down with laryngitis or with maybe it COVID! Ya ya that’s it and I think they’re going to have to intubate me! Darn it!
  5. In their day Black & Decker was on top of the heap! Now the whole thing of all the competing greats, like Stanley, Bostitch, DeWalt, Irwin, etc. are just all rolled into one huge conglomerate! With the only directive being, make it cheap and charge what ever you can! Long live the men of ingenuity, ingenuity is dead!
  6. So now that’s what I’ve got to do to impress you? Well I could sing moon river or, wait for it; show you the moon! Either or both might make you woozy & gag!
  7. No! But I think they got all the ants that were running around!
  8. Does this count? This is a Blackfoot Indian dancer! And I am part Blackfoot!
  9. Yup! Handed down tools are as meaningful as JustA bout anything! In my case my dad didn’t have anything to hand down as he really wasn’t a handy guy! It is what it is! Fact is you really wanted to keep him away from things! Once he tried to replace the master cylinder on our 57 chevy! He ended up driving through our garage! Really! Another time he built a stool to stand on,,,, yes it collapsed when he stood on it! But the good news is my grandfather, my moms dad, was that guy and while nobody ever showed me how to do anything when I was young, I do have some of his old tools! The man who
  10. The Fat Indian refuses to sing! Because I can’t in good conscience do that to the poor dogs in the area! Also I can’t afford to replace that many mirrors!😳
  11. Some day, maybe!? Still have family outside of Belfast! Yes we are of the Ulsters!
  12. My wife might disagree with that! 🙃 She knows me too well, damn it! 😁 Few hours on Saturday to fiddle!
  13. THIS is VERY TEDIOUS! My fingers hurt 😓
  14. Ok! So #3 is a little more 3D, a little bolder? Maybe?! But all have quite away to go!
  15. So there was a quick change to an open assembly with a solid, one piece head! Both of these units I will finish, but again it JustA didn’t grab me so I have gone to a third idea! This one is a little more 3D I think! Of which I will post some pictures of soon!
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