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  1. Do all the Gage's work? If it's not a fuse or relay it is likely a ground or corrosion. Check the plug in the back of the gage cluster for bad wires or connections. Also check at the fuse block as well. Still doubt that all light bulbs are bad.
  2. Your explanation is a little ambiguous! Can you show a picture? I'm only guessing, but possibly the gage cluster is the printed type with wireless sockets you remove from the back, than remove the bayonet type bulb and put in a new one. That said, all of the dash lights out at once would indicate to me a fuse/relay etc., not a bulb.
  3. Well I don't know that car specifically, but it sounds like the rear parking light. Typically in the older cars that was a red lens, single element bulb. the double element you speak of is a parking/brake/turn signal light. Before you go and cut wires make sure the socket is bad. Check and see if there is corrosion in the socket itself. It might just need cleaned up inside.
  4. Dave's is off Vine street, East of rt. 91 South side of Vine. He does really good work. I would take it down to him and at least get an estimate.
  5. I see you're in Cleveland, I would say your best bet is to go to Interiors by Dave on E. 357th in Willoughby. They do really good work and I know they'll be able to match what you have as close as anybody.
  6. Justa, yes, the offer is open, not quite sure what you are looking for or what both cars are but we can figure that out. If you need an email to talk to me through copy and past this link into the send link.
  7. Grand Prixs & More

  8. P7150095.JPG

    From the album Grand Prixs & More

  9. P3060005-1.JPG

    From the album Grand Prixs & More

  10. IMG_2670.JPG

    From the album Grand Prixs & More

    Made this for a buddy who loves AMC Gremlins
  11. IMG_0207.JPG

    From the album Grand Prixs & More

  12. IMG_0136.JPG

    From the album Grand Prixs & More

  13. Indian Wing -1.jpg

    From the album Grand Prixs & More

  14. 88 GTA.jpg

    From the album Grand Prixs & More

  15. 88 Firebird.jpg

    From the album Grand Prixs & More

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