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  1. Well finally I got to go back to the Indian to do some work, do with out of retirement work! decided to take The Indian down even further since this year looks to be shot in the ass for getting it out! Started taking the body armor off the cleanup the underneath structure on the doors. Not much there as it turns out, all pretty clean after 18 years, but still a once over is ok! Got the splitter on as well, but still need to finish the one hood insert and the two front cover side vent inserts.
  2. Most of the folks that get flooded around here live in the valleys by the rivers. I’ve never been flooded, knock wood, even when we got 9” of rain in 10 hours before, so alls good! Heat has been killer here as well. The Indian is at a stand still, half torn apart. Work asked me to come back for a while for some further development work on one of my patents. They want to augment that into an additional patent so no time to finish it yet. I doubt that it’s the thread issue. Most likely either the threads are screwed up, which can be fixed. Or fitting wasn’t screwed in tight enough, or something might be cracked. If he hasn’t taken it apeart yet, I would put plastic in the area to protect things and run the rams to see where it’s leaking at to try and make a determination.
  3. Hey buddy how are you? The confusion with tape is which tape is it? Teflon tape is actually a lubricant for certain metals, it can seal yes, but it is actully a lubrcant to stop galling of the threads. That said there are some tapes for sealing, but as you said pipe dope is a safer bet. The other thing you might help Forsty with is the thread pitch. I don’t know where the rams came from (made) but it is possible, unlikely, but possibly the thread is British pipe not America and they’re one thread off, 19 tpi vs 18 tpi. Need to varify they’re American both the tapped hole and the fitting.
  4. I can’t really tell from the pic how the plastic line connects to its fitting, but presuming that it’s removable, as in a feral fitting. Take the plastic line out, then un thread the fitting in the ram. It appears to be 1/4” pipe in the picture you have. That said make sure what size it is, 1/8 or 1/4, the get a pipe tap for that size. Take a light and look in to the hole, it should just go into a cavity. If so take a small file and file top of the threaded hole just enough to remove any burs or protrusions, wipe it clean with a rag. Take the tap and put Vaseline on it, carefully thread it in the hole by hand. Once it gets about three to four turns in it should get tight. When you can’t turn it by hand anymore take a crescent wrench can tighten about a 1/4 to a 1/2 turn. When done with that remove the tap, any chips or debris should stay in the Vaseline. Now take a new brass fitting of the right size and thread it in the hole. From the point at which the fitting grabs the threads and starts to pull into the threads it should only go in 3 1/2 to 4 turns by hand. If it goes in deeper let me know how much. If it doesn’t go in that many turns then you need to reuse the tap and cut the threads deeper accordingly. Once you get the fitting in the correct tuns by hand another 1 to 1 1/2 by a wrench is needed. If you get that done, clean the hole and the old fittings up and use them unless they’re damaged. When you install the fitting into the hole use Teflon pipe dope, not tape. I could go into what would be a long explanation, but there’s no reason. Just use the pipe dope not tape! Then reassemble everything.
  5. Last Indian

    So What Do I Get Next?

    I truly feel for you buddy! Been there way more times than I ever thought I would have to be, 6 times so far and we’re there again, brother in law! You just hold tight, pray for strength and compartmentalize what you can. Part of that is looking after your own well-being, for you and your family!
  6. Ya! That really does suck! Can you take a few pic too show the problem area! Might be able to give you a couple ideas as to how to fix it. Also I’m sure you know how to get the oil out of the belts, but if you can get some textile sprits that will real do the best job of cleaning them!
  7. Last Indian

    So What Do I Get Next?

    Couldn’t be happier for ya Frosty! Enjoy the hell out of it! Also said a prayer for your dad, hope he improves quickly!
  8. Last Indian

    So What Do I Get Next?

    Yes I think that’s what I’m saying, though I tend to repeat myself sometimes!🤓 kidding aside I think GMC makes a hell of a vehicle. It’s never been just a Chevy with a name plate change. Good quality added.
  9. Last Indian

    So What Do I Get Next?

    I would go for the GMC or the GMC, but you could consider the GMC instead, but that’s just me!😁 The G8 old be nice too, but you have Lucy and the TA.
  10. What Frosty said! Love it, all of it!
  11. Last Indian


    I’ve seen Grand Funk three time once at Geneva on the Lake as I said, once at Cleveland Public Hall, which was the best one I saw, and then at the Atlantic Pop Festivel where their Live Album was depicted to be made, but wasn’t real recorded there. always thought it was sad the way their relationship went south with Knight, but he did screw them!
  12. Last Indian


    Ah! Grand Funk Railroad, one of my favorites! When I was about 10 or 11 I started listening to CKLW out of Detroit. In particular Terry Knight. Who eventually started his band Terry Knight & the Pack. Both Farner & Brewer played with Knight. When I was about 14, maybe, they came to my home town of Saybrook to a bodunk store to promote an album. I got to meet all of them one on one for a while as they sat at the table because no one else was there! Pretty cool I thought! I was never a big fan of doing that type of stuff, but I really liked that band at the time. Fast forward to 1969 Geneva on the Lake, Grand Funk is getting started and plays there. I already knew of them and knew the co owner of the Cove Night Club where they were going to play. So he got me in to see them play. I’m right up front with my buddy and as their getting ready Farner looks at me and says, “hey I know you, your that kid” yadda yadda. Which is kinda funny when I thought about it years later as he’s only 3 years older than me!
  13. Last Indian


    Frosty, sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun & excitement! I guess my biggest interest after cars in general is car engineering; more than power, handling, delivering g forces to the ground, minimizing lost energy & braking. Boring I know! Than mechanics, I.E. designing, developing, evolving devices to better function. Than architecture, followed by woodworking. I’ve traveled way more than I ever wanted to, about 20 states, work, but not like Frosty, I’m a home body in general. The one thing I’ve done as I said to Frosty a while back, that was really a goal as time rolled on was to drive as many different types of vehicles of motion as I could and I got to do that quite well! Absolutely love music, especially hard rock and old original heavy metal. Had a good friend in rock my wife and I would get together with a couple times a year when he was in the northeast somewhere, but he past in 2014. Also a avid student of history! I’ve researched historical documents for four decades to try to educate myself on the history we were never really taught!
  14. Last Indian

    Ticking noise

    Frostys’ on the right track. You might actual check TDC of #1 piston vs the crank/harmonic mag pickup setting. Also if you run 5W30 or 10W30 move to a 10W40, but I would suggest a 15W40 especially @ 200,000 mi.
  15. Great to hear, JustA hope you get some time to get it in soon!
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