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  1. New to the site

    Oh ya I forgot! What my buddy JustA said, Great lookin GP!
  2. New to the site

    Welcome 1977GPX! The 988 most likely has xx in front of the whole pn# which is 481988 which was the resurrected 400 block from 1971-1974 (much stronger block) the block was resurrected in 1978 and part of 1979 for the 6.6 Firebird. So they gave it the casting number xx481988.
  3. GM's dangerous game of Jenga

    For about ten minutes! Unless you were an American Indian, and then no! Without getting all biblical the US is a conundrum more than any other as a sovereign state and continues to be evermore increasingly so as time progresses. Frosty is correct in his statement to the point of the US popularity for residence, but that only exemplifies the conundrum. I still love the US, but part of that is because of specifically where I live, I might feel different if I lived in another area of the country. In my humble opinion the biggest disconnect in the US are the people. Most think they live in a democracy and as a result really don’t have to do anything. While the fact is, as Frosty appropriately pointed out we live in a republic! They aren’t even close in comparison. As an old timer told me a long long time ago, when you point at the government look at the thee fingers pointing back at you, that’s were the fault lies.
  4. GM's dangerous game of Jenga

    I don’t really disagree with the utopia analogy, but as a supposed world leader, AKA Empire if you will, nearly all have lasted at least 400 years. The US didn’t start its accent till mid 19th century. So that makes us a flash in the pan? Additionally Most empires are done in by their governments, and while ours may be suspect it’s the inmates that are destroying it, IMO.
  5. The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    A Big Happy Birthday to Frosty
  6. GM's dangerous game of Jenga

    Frosty, I would like to say I feel your pain, but no one can feel another persons pain quite the same! So I’ll say I do know where you are coming from. Unless you’ve been to Detroit where those factories were and seen the devastation and had seen it before that all happened, it’s an arms length feeling. Because of my work with the OEMs, GM & Chrysler, I saw it happen as I would go to Detroit many times over my 39 years to many of the places that are gone now! To have grown up in the hey day of the Muscle car era and have read the stories around it all and to have been in some of those very places was just the best! Then to watch the industry self destruct, but in my opinion more accurately, watch Americans sellout their own values to save a few buck while cutting off their own nose is just the hardest thing to watch! For guys like you and JustA I can’t imagine the heartbreak and emotions! Somehow I hope it works out in the end, but I don’t see how? My own company’s industry is in disarray, as they take a good share of their marching orders from yours. I find it a little ironic that about a century ago the US had such dynamic industrialist that pushed this county beyond anyone’s expectations and now a century later it’s all coming unglued!
  7. Great job of covering the whole design, front to back. I never thought Delorean got enough credit for his other work.
  8. Bright Lights

    Well maybe things have changed, so you will have to do some investigating, but hands down the best headlights I ever ran we’re in my 69 Z. They were 7” round aftermarket Cibie headlights that were direct factory replacements. They were not sealed beams and they took an H4 bulb. I run HIDs in my Lacrosse’s and my Grand Prix and they still don’t come close to the Cibies. The Cibies I ran had used 24 percent lead crystal lens, a true mirror plating on the back metal reflector parabolic. The actual performance came from the lens. While it was a 7” round light the lens threw the light down and slightly to the right no light existed above the horizon mid line. Just like a projection headlight in today’s cars, but without any loss due the thick magnifying lens and a multiple bounced light signal that has loss due to opacity issues. See attached link. https://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/headlights/cibie-5-34-inch-e-approved-headlight-conversions
  9. Frosty, since you bring up the interesting and obscure from time to time I thought I might ask you, and I know you know what a Trophy 4 is, but perhaps you could share some of your knowledge about it with folks. I had a friend who had one in 1967, but I really didn’t have an appreciation for it then. All these years later I do, but haven’t seen one since those days.
  10. 1932, but only that year, after that they ran straight 8s till 55. The V8 in 32 was actually from the Oakland.
  11. VW Beetle set for extermination

    So instead of bring bed bugs they brought us poop bugs! Justa sayin!
  12. VW Beetle set for extermination

    Can’t happen soon enough!! Really it’s eight decades late!
  13. VW CEO sees a diesel "renaissance"

    I believe you’ll find he’s smoking the end of the tail pipe! In the current time we are in, a car used for every day transportation, diesel has no advantage. The cons of pollution for human health out weighs any fuel economy. Without going into a long white paper saga it’s this simple. Diesel consists of long chain carbon compounds and a larger quantity of them that produce more energy, but the two by-products it leaves behind are sulfur dioxide (acid rain & pulmonary issues) and particulate (soot & or Nox) Both cause major health issues to mammals, in other words us! This can’t be changed, only minimized. On the other hand we have petrol/gas. This fuel is made up of short chain carbon compounds and a lesser quantity of them than diesel, less energy out, The by-product it leaves is Co2 (greenhouse gas), but not harmful to mammals health. The one single thing every ecologist excludes from the reason and solution of Co2, greenhouse gas are the natural scrubbers that exist and would remedy, to a great degree, if not completely, this issue. We have exacerbated this problem through deforestation, both on the planet as a whole, but even more relevant are the two largest natural scrubbers on the planet. The North/South mountain ranges of the Rocky’s that run from the tip of Chilly to Alaska and the Ural Mountains that run from the Kara Sea above Russia, to almost the Caspian Sea in Southwest Asia. The deforestation as well as other activities have disrupted the natural effect these two mountain ranges have on sequestering Co2.
  14. 2018 NHRA Arizona Nationals

    It was a custom made Vega body & it was about 1/2 scale! Look at #80 in the attached link. This was one of his fastest times I knew of, 3.225 sec. 1/4 mile @ 392 mph, but he traveled the country with the car, I wasn’t involved in that. Basically the car would go as fast as you wanted it to go! I’ll explain. Nagel was a smart guy, you have to apply for a federal license to use hydrogen/rocket fuel. While the principal is simple, it’s very dangerous, the Challenge explosion! All the other cars you see that say rocket, aren’t they’re jet engines! Even the pocket rocket of Nagel’s that’s been resurrected is now a jet engine. A rocket engine in very simple principle is push hydrogen through a platinum screen and you produce thrust. The larger the volume and the fast the flow through the screen the more thrust. The real issue for him was stopping! Some track have pretty short run after the finish. http://www.draglist.com/draglist/category.php?VIEW=Extended&CATEGORY[0]=ROCKET&x=exhibition&SORTBY=ET%2CYEAR%2CMPH+DESC&page=3
  15. 2018 NHRA Arizona Nationals

    Just to clarify, when I said we raced together at a couple tracks I didn’t mean to imply I raced him or even Funny cars. I was a bracket racer, but at that time I was helping a guy Larry Nagel with a car called the Pocket Rocket. It was in the development stages then. It ultimately had a rocket engine in it, yes Hydrogen! Anyway even then, Force was impressive. The Rocket has recently been resurrected! It is a tiny car as you can see!
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