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  1. Last Indian


    Welcome Colin! the only viable way to do what you ask would require you to drop the headliner and splice the mirror lights wires into the dome light wires! For the work, effort and possibility of damage to something, like the headliner I would advise against it.
  2. We would need a little more information than that to answer with any good advice! What kind of Edelbrock? Two barrel, 4 barrel? High rise, duel plane, torquer? What kind of carb? What is the intake lift & duration, exhaust lift & duration, overlap? What kind of vacuum are you pulling at idle & in gear? Do you know? What kind of torque converter? What kind of 350 6 cyl version or V8? Do you know for sure? I owned a Z/28 for 35 years. To make a long story short, I put a 350 turbo in from a 6 cyl, than heavily modified it, more clutch an friction plates, a Fairbanks shift kit, (the only one worth putting in), 6 cyl converter. I ran 4 11 gears. It was a 600 hp 302 DZ motor! From a stand still it would not spin the tires! Because in gear at idle it pulled 4” of vacuum! But it was an 11 second car! On the street from a light just about anything could beat it of the line, but after 30 feet the only thing they could see was tail lights getting smaller! So my point is what is it you what vs what do you really have that maybe you don’t have setup just right!
  3. Last Indian

    New Shoes for Lucy

    See I feel like the wheel black out between the spokes makes the wheel appear weak. And gives the appearance of the car sitting flimsy shoes, but a solid polished aluminum or chrome wheel gives a stout/strong appearance, IMO.
  4. Last Indian

    New Shoes for Lucy

    Frosty, clearly your choice all the way! No one knows your taste or preferences like you, but since you asked for some input I’ll give my cent and a half! I love the old classic muscle car look as much as anyone! Still I feel there are always things that can be borrowed from the past as well as the past borrowing from modern looks. To not drone on and keep this short, I like the Foose look! With the right offset and tire combo I think it would change Lucy in a good way, more aggressive! I would look at 17” or 18” honestly! another wheel you might look at is the wheels I have on the Indian. There 18” , but can pass for 19” because of how the wheel is made. It’s actually made backwards, so the spokes on the larger inside diameter. It looks like the Foose is done the same way! The Michelin pilot sport A/S 3 is some of the best rubber I’ve run in a long time! Ok maybe it was a full two cents worth.
  5. Last Indian

    So What Do I Get Next?

    Yes I know that color combo! I love black, to me nothing says killer like a impeccable, flawless black car, but I do understand getting away from it for a change! That’s why the Indian is Midnight Blue! So I think that color combo would look great, maybe with an SS in blue on the silver? And possibly the right color pinstripe? My buddy has the black and silver SS that was in the pics I posted from my company’s United Way campaign car show.
  6. Last Indian

    So What Do I Get Next?

    An “87” ? If it’s in restorable condition, doesn’t need major work like floor or bed replacement and you can get it, I would grab it. They are becoming more rare by the day. If cloning isn’t out of your vocabulary, a Black SS would be drop jaw eye catching!
  7. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Ok, sounds good Frosty!
  8. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Settling an estate of any size that involves property and assets of relevant value is always a daunting task! I feel for you, but it sounds like there will be some toy rewards for the effort!? 🤔 Sure I could do, “The Jury” emblem for the grille. Just pm me some pics of the front grille, where you want it and a ball park figure of the overal size you think you want it. You won’t need to chrome it as it will be polished aluminum, but the backing fire 🔥 ball can be painted. I presume what you are referring to when you say the jury is the one I’ve seen on the side fenders of Pontiac Lemans?
  9. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Thanks Mark I appreciate it! Thanks Frosty! How have you been? what did you have in mind to fab?
  10. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Thanks buddy! How’s every little thing? Haven’t talked to you much as of late.
  11. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Thanks buddy!
  12. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    I realized I never finished the update of the new style front cover and lower splitter or the new shifter setup. So here it is. Also this off season (winter) I’m going to modify a new back bumper cover and stretch it in width to give a more aggressive look to the rear of the car and try to get rid of that, tires sticking out past the back cover look you get from behind the car! The below view of the current bumper cover will be the new project in widening a new cover to encapsulate the rear tires.
  13. Very interesting to see someone else’s take on how they would do a repair! Always more than one way to skin a cat you know! With the equipment he has I would have thought he would take a different path.
  14. Last Indian

    Cracked molding

    DaBear, as I said the parts aren’t cheap, but they are worth the price if the car is! If you try to go that route you’ll need to find a good GM dealer who knows how to find the parts, all dealers are not equal! Some, but not all of the part # are: 10290648, 10321354, 10321355, 10326351, 10326352, 10326353, 10436587, 10436588, 10421789, 10409206. I could go on, but these should help if you are interested in the OEM path. Those parts alone totaled $700 and I buy for body shop price, sometimes less.
  15. Last Indian

    Cracked molding

    Good news, bad news! The only place you can get trim for a GP that year is a GM dealer. A little more than have of the window trim is still available, but that back quarter glass trim is long gone! None of it is cheap either! I bought all that trim a few years back, a year ago I bought two of the rear quarter glass pieces, a front windshield, back glass and the reveal moldings as only the OEM reveal fits properly. Your other choice is a salvage yard, which in LA might be ok! A glass shop could probably install it for you if you don’t know how. Good luck!
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