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  1. Logdog, I’m not trying to discourage as much I am cautioning you and I think Two Lane is doing the same. I would really recommend you go to https://zzperformance.com website and go to the supercharge section and then the L36 supercharger kit, I know yours is an L26, but it talks about the L26 in that section. Then email them and see if you can get some input from them.
  2. Two Lane you’re right on! The other issue for Logdog is as you’ve pointed out, fly by wire. Logdog if you haven’t visited ZZperformance website you might want to consider it.
  3. Actually the crankshaft is the single biggest concern. No matter which series, 1,2 or 3 the main difference between an NA motor and a supercharge one with respect to increased force on the crank was the supercharged crank was forged steel the NA motor was cast iron! So you really need to weight that as a structural disconnect.
  4. You’ll need to get the pcm flashed and be advised the bottom end & heads of a NA 3800 is not the same as a supercharged 3800. You’ll run the risk of blowing the motor!
  5. Last Indian

    99 pontiac grand am rims

    All trims levels were 5X115 with a center bore of 70.3 mm. Original rims could be 15” 16” or 17”, but I doubt they are 17”.
  6. 360, I’m just catching up after being out of touch for a while, but you’re not OCD, you’re quite wise! I do very similar, minus the cardboard though. Flushing an engine with a new filter and fresh oil is the ultimate way in which to effectively clean, flush and rejuvenate mechanical parts as well as seals. While moving all that unwanted debris out of an engine. You hit the nail on the head when you noted that synthetic or not the oil still gets dirty. I’ve commented on the subject before on this site! Synthetic oil serves only one purpose, that is to maintain a constant viscosity! Synthetic oil is a shear stable product, that’s it! Everything else is the same as conventional oil, providing they have the same additive package. Conventional oil holds it’s viscosity for about 2000 to 3500 miles depending on oil quality and additive package. At some point shear starts to take hold and the first thing that happens is the oil starts to thin than after a short time it begins to thicken. Frosty mentions the engine specs of the Corvette requiring synthetic oil! The reason for that on that engine and engines like it are bearing clearances and other contact parts. One experiment I ran at work was to show the effect of increasingly smaller gaps in bearing tolerances and their effect on oil viscosity especially with soot. This phenomenon can drastically reduce viscosity locally in the bearing journal as opposed to the bulk viscosity of the oil. This occurs because the debris hits/rubs together creating friction/heat elevating the local temperature thus lowering viscosity. When we would run a field test on a specific oil chemistry and then run the next test on that motor we always flushed it twice! And we would run the engine for 15 to 20 minutes after it reached temperature. So the only real change you could make is to run the motor a little longer on the flush. I could go in to more detail if you want, but I think you see the point! The only additional thing I would say is, a synthetic oil will still oxidize, it still is contaminated with acid (tan), still becomes fuel diluted, still becomes heat stressed which consumes the additive package. So at 3000 or 4000 miles everything that the conventional oil has been through so has the synthetic and the only difference between the two will be the viscosity! Fact, 90 percent of engine failures from oil related issues are from the additive package failure, not viscosity!
  7. Basically 5 hp 5 ft # of torque was the difference when both had the 3.4. That difference was a ram air setup for the gt. You can achieve a lot more than that through a tuned pcm, exhaust upgrade, intake upgrade and thermostat change, all pretty easy. If you want to get more complicated than cam, lifters and head work.
  8. Last Indian

    Grooved rotor??? WTF?

    Yup, that's what happens because the groove is symmetrical with the pad and rotor rotation! A little hint, if in the future you have trouble getting a caliper/pad off a rotor because of a lip or groove do this. Take a large screwdriver or the like, place it between the rotor and an open area of the caliper, non piston side, usually through the top opening of the caliper. Lever the screwdriver handle back towards the non piston side of the caliper. This will collapse the piston back into it's bore creating a larger gap between the pad and rotor allowing the caliper to come off easily.
  9. Last Indian

    Tragic story with a positive ending

    What a great ending! Not dry here either!😪
  10. Last Indian

    Grooved rotor??? WTF?

    Actually that was an OEM option on some cars, my Z had grooved rotors. Two Lane is dead on! It is a proven fact that the degradation of the brake pad compounds release a gas when heated and you know from physics law that a gas is a fluid. So basically that gas create a type of lubrication between the pad and rotor causing — you guessed it brake fade! That single groove helps elevate that gas. Cross drilled rotors or slotted rotors do the best job though. Look a any of the bikes (motorcycles) all their rotors are drilled or slotted. Their rotors are also hardened. The problem or short sightedness of the OEM with the groove was since it was circular with the pad in time it no longer functioned. Point of reference below, you can still get these as reproductions. 70-75 GM Front Disc Brake Rotors Grooved W30 Judge GS
  11. Last Indian

    Sellers INDIAN Summer car show

    Stratman well said, and I’m sorry for your loss as well. A spouse is or child is often more difficult because it defies life’s progression. Your observation of Frosty I echo as well for this site. I’m not big on social media of any kind and usually avoid it. Yet starting with Ringo on through the folks here have always been good of heart! Peace to you friend and all!
  12. Last Indian

    My '78 Firebird Esprit

    Thanks Two Lane! The “74”, which was the frame that was in the driveway and garage, was a fun car once the full frame went under it. It was my wife’s so I made it more docile. Still it was a really excellent handeling car. It was very quite because I used 1” square tube in a square pattern attached to the frame and made a double wall floor with foam in between. That particular “69” Z was my all time favorite car. The car would pull 1.25 g’s in a 300’ skid pad test, the CG was lowered 5” and RC was lowered 13” yet still rode quite nice. It was an 11 second quarter car and so much more. I use to explain it as, the car drove like it was an extension of me. Just plain fun! Kurk Kurk, I wish you the best in whatever you choose.
  13. Last Indian

    Sellers INDIAN Summer car show

    Hey no big deal, I haven’t been around I would forget about me too! Besides Stratmans’ better looking!😜
  14. Last Indian

    Sellers INDIAN Summer car show

    It’s not Stratman, it’s Last Indian!😱
  15. Last Indian

    Sellers INDIAN Summer car show

    My deepest sympathies Frosty! I know you where close to your dad and just as important is your dad knew that! Peace to you and you family and his memory will be with to comfort you forever! Your friend Last Indian
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