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  1. Really nice car Frosty, love the interior color combo! Sorry about the thread issue, you said the pitch was different, makes me think they use British pipe instead. British pipe is one thread different, 19 tpi instead of 18 tip. If it was meteric the diameter wouldn't be close. Either way too bad!
  2. Well, if I follow you correctly it's the guts and probably could be fixed so I would at least keep it as a possible repair for a backup. Does the speedometer work but not the odometer or neither? If it's neither the worm gear that runs off the cable drive, behind the mag drive, is bad and preventing the mag drive from moving. If it's the odometer worm gear or the spur gear so just the odometer doesn't work than it's in that area. See attach pics, the one that's a cutaway is actually from a Porsche, but you get the idea.
  3. Frosty, I think those prices are fair. It's hard to put a price on parts that are basically obsolete when you really need them. One thing that I didn't see Scarlit, is what exactly is the speedometer doing or not doing! Are you 100% sure it's the speedometer? Not a cable or tranny speedometer gear? Just a question, but I didn't see any description of the speedometer issue, so I think it needs asked before you buy something that doesn't fix the problem.
  4. P245/45r18 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3. Phenomenal cornering/handling tire.
  5. From the album The Indian

  6. From the album The Indian

  7. From the album The Indian

  8. From the album The Indian

  9. From the album The Indian

  10. From the album Last Indian

    Made this for a buddy who loves AMC Gremlins
  11. Sounds like a noble, noteworthy cause. Enjoy!
  12. Frosty sorry, that’s not me, pulled it of the third gen Camaro site and then labeled it. I never took pictures of my work in those days of racing and building and I rarely let my picture be snapped. The one in ground pounder thread in my 69 is one of the few. And all the stock I once had I disposed of when I ended that era of my life.
  13. The pot metal part that is in hand is the guts. The plastic housing is the part that’s relative to make & model. It carries the odometer numbers cluster, which again when you dismantle that plastic assembly those pieces are interchangeable to other makes and models, or at least they were as I recall. I only ask because in my recollection, most of the failures were the mag drive tiny brass bearing, similar to a clock type mechanism.
  14. Frosty & Justa6, question, it's been quite a few years since I rebuilt a old style magnet drive speedos, but back I the day when I did I seem to recall all GM speedo guts, behind the face plate were the same no matter the year, make, etc. the attaching screw locations in the faceplates simply oriented it in the proper position on the speedo guts. That said those were all still close in relationships. I.E. Camaro, Firebird, Nova, Venture, Apollo, and so on, did that not hold true across the rest of the lines?
  15. From the album Last Indian

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