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  1. Well it to raise my head for 5 minutes! Thought I’ld let you know I didn’t fall of the roof yet, although I haven’t made it that far yet!😫 It’s unbelievable to me that anyone could e so incompetent at a job! Yet I should know better! What a mess! I spent two weeks fixing our bow window that they really never installed right! It would have been easier to have pulled it out and started over, but when all you have is me myself and I and you don’t want a 5x7 hole for a couple days in the front of your house; you do things that take a lot longer! Had to replace all of the foam board with plywood! Than tar paper, which they never used. When I got to the front of the garage! Surprise these morons not only didn’t use tar paper they never heard of flashing! I can’t wait to get to the second story! Oh happy days! I didn’t think it would be possible to drive the Indian less than last year! Guess what?; it is! 50 miles so far!
  2. Well the cedar was ship plank. Ship plank has a undercut lip that the one above overlaps so it worked ok, but at the end of the day the crew the built it were real incompetent! I went to the house nearly every day & did most of the interior work, but I missed the transition of shell to siding because I was traveling during that time! Now I find in taking all this front siding off that they didn’t even use tar paper! Idiots! I’m using Stone Facade by Certainteed on the bottom, but just 32” high than transitioning to dimensional vinyl cedar board. Than in the back there is a fireplace chimney with cedar that will get stripped as well and finished in the stone facade! My shop is a mess! and that’s not all of it!
  3. Quite, the wife will hear you! Yes I do enjoy it! Even when I’m cussing up a storm! If you sit on your ass as my father and his father before him did, that’s how you’ll die as both did! Now that may be how I go, but I figure if I keep moving even when it does catchup with me; I’ll make it a little tougher on the guys that have to cart my ass away! Need to keep the Millennial’s on their toes! I might JustA be on the second story roof!😁
  4. What JustA said! No! It got bigger! Because I lost the, I have a job excuse! But in all fairness to my bride I could hirer someone to do some of the work, but I have no tolerance for incompetent morons! And you can pretty much never find someone who knows how to do it right, let alone do a job the correct why. You know simple things, like fertilizing a yard! Really! It’s not that difficult and yet it is! Folks pay an arm and a leg to have their lawns taken care of! Fertilized and lawn service! And yet depending on the area, soil type, rain fall, weather conditions some yards can look pretty bad! Why? Well first off the guy paying the bill is to stupid and lazy to be informed, or even drag out a water hose and water his yard! So really do I think he knows the difference between a insect problem or a fungus or even a nutrient issue? No he doesn’t have a clue! And more often than not neither does the service they hire! Out of 9 companies I had look at my house to redo the outside only one gave me a quote! That quote was so ridiculous I could have sided my whole house in the most expensive siding available, had my roof redone and built a forth and fifth bay on my garage! The other 8 weren’t even interested they didn’t want to remove the cedar siding and didn’t know how to do stone facade siding! Seriously they’re in remodeling home exteriors and you don’t know how to do the work?
  5. Who would have thought that remodeling a staircase could be so much work? Add in remodeling the outside of the house and maintenance of over 300 trees, shrubs & bushes would fill one old mans retirement time. Had to hand make about 50% of all the star parts plus remove the knee wall and rebuild a different one. finally got my outside materials! What a pain that was! Ever peel cedar siding of a house? You have to remove every nail! I knew that, but there must have been a sale on nails the week they put mine on!
  6. 360 my friend my heart breaks for you! Life can be very unfair for no obvious reason! But I know you will take those lemons and make the best lemon aid anyone has ever tasted! And as Justa6 our buddy said, lean on us whatever you need Justa ask! There are many things that pull us together! God, country, brotherhood! Always in my prayers Randy!
  7. That’s a tough one! More than likely it’s not a water stain per say, but water that soaked through the upper layer of fabric down into the padding! This action usually releases chemistry within the padding that then is wicked and absorbed into the fabric which then causes a stain! As long as you keep wetting the same area with the fabric in place, it’s the proverbial cat chasing it’s tail! You unfortunately need to remove the fabric at least enough to place a barrier between the fabric and the padding! But if the padding is stitched on to the fabric like most seats are than that gets really involved, I.E. remove, unstitch, clean restitch! If this the case and you really don’t want to go through that headache, and who would?! So do what Kiwi said! Find a good dry cleaner who has the capability to apply cleaning chemistry with vacuum suction removal at the same time, which minimizes contact duration and fluid transfer!
  8. Well, this is probably the only work I will do on the Indian this year! Finally took the front splitter back off to paint the underside with Hammerite!
  9. I ask because I’m trying figure timing if I can! You know that project I have going, well actually two projects. One for you one for Frosty! Things have gotten; well as they say at least here, balls to the wall! Trying to desperately finish a major staircase renovation. Which I can’t get any help on for parts from the supplier, this COVID excuse is getting ridiculous! And soon I’ll be starting an exterior remodel that will certainly test just how old I really am!!
  10. I’m not sure what you mean by not working most of the time! I’m not picking, we are all just trying to help with something we can’t see or hear! So you have turned the traction control off and that’s what you mean by not working most of the time than ok, but if you mean it’s not coming on than no, that won’t stop intermittent issues that are due to faulty sensors! As faulty sensors often never register in the traction control mode! Likewise, while the fluid may not be burnt that doesn’t mean it’s good! How many miles are on the fluid since the last filter & fluid change? If and when the fluid was change how was it changed? What brand of fluid was used? All of these things play a big role in GM FWD trannys! And this is all only relevant to the transmission! Which may not even be the issue that you are having!
  11. My personal favorite for a V8 was always a pyramid design! To me it gives a structural stability design to the engine. It also has a tendency, if designed right, to aiding in volumetric efficiency? Kiwi, when do you think you’ll be ready to paint?
  12. I agree with Ringo! The front grille, like most nearly all of today, is ridiculous! He lower front ducts, that at least in the GS are nonfunctional, look stupid! And Really! A triple barrel scoop on a GDI! To me only the wheels & tires on the Judge look good!
  13. Well! As the close of winter comes and the tweet tweet of the birds starts and hope springs eternal?! Oh I’m so screwed! The Last Indians Work Shoppe will now become The Last Indians Sweat Shop! 🥵 More work than one Old man can shake a tree at, forget the stick! 😩 To quote my buddy JustA, and so it begins!😔
  14. Turn off your traction control and keep it off until you determine that’s not the problem! Traction control works off the wheel sensors/antilock system! If the sensors are having an issue because of corrosion or poor signal reception they won’t set a code unless they are completely dead, but intermittent won’t set a code. But the engine will respond on acceleration as though the wheels are slipping! Which can seem like the the car is hesitating!
  15. Oh sure! If you want to get real detailed about it! Good job buddy!
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