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  1. Got Paint? Finally descent weather!
  2. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Thanks Joe! Sounds like you guys have a good time! First hood insert done! So they match in looks? Should look look uniform when all do I think!
  3. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    It should be mandatory and in fluorescent lettering!
  4. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    I really should have the last five words tattooed on my forehead!
  5. Papi, The cold air intake is a good start, but the cat back really isn’t the problem. It’s the down pipe/cat Ubend that kill the late model V6 GMs, replace that. It’s usually good for about 7 to 15 hp depending on what other mods you do. You could increase the throttle body size, change the lifter ratio to let the engine breath better. Look at the front exhaust manifold, usually the most restrictive and get a performance flashed ECM for starters.
  6. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Or; maybe just quazy!🤪
  7. Last Indian

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Well the first set is done, only two more to go! The front grilles are complete, now I’ve started the grille inserts for the hood and then the inserts for the lower side front fascia. Sooner or later the weather needs to cooperate so I can paint!
  8. And; there it is! Killer, Cool!😎
  9. Love it 360! Gona be killer! Yes it will make a marked improvement in engine performance due to lower temps! The F.1 hood on the Indian diverts fresh air from the front scoops on to the engine, while a rear set extract hot air out the back. Drops engine temps anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees and inlet plenum air temp as much as 40 degrees depending on ambient air temps.
  10. Part of the Anglamol additive chemistry in gear lube is mercaptan, which is the skunk smell. Also I’ve never seen clear rear axle lube, but if the brakes have leaked enough that fluid would be clear from adding brake fluid! Be safe buddy!
  11. Frosty I gotta agree with JustA! Unless you are running an unusual rear lube you would smell the anglamol, skunk smell, from a rear end lube leak. Plus if you feel the fluid and it’s rear lube it should feel slippery, but if it’s brake fluid it will feel like it’s etching your finger tips when you rub them together. JustA little input! You have rear drums right? You might have one of several possible issues! I’ve seen brake lines with hair line cracks by the flare nut. I’ve seen wheel cylinders leak only on pedal application. So if you brake issues haven’t been resolved, try this. Get some brake cleaner and clean both rear assemblies, in and out. Then take a drive come back and check for a leak, I think you get what I mean.
  12. Last Indian

    1980 Trans Am Engine Swap

    And dead people!
  13. Last Indian

    POTM Vote, May 2018

    Yes! What everyone has said! Congratulations!
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