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  1. Frosty as long as you’ve enjoyed most of the ride then it’s good! Well it went like this! Hated school, loved sports, mechanics, cars, planes, trains and girls, not necessarily in that order! Started building cars at 11 with a friend and his dad. Then started racing at 15 and building more complex cars. Got a scholarship to Case Western, lasted a semester and quit, told you I hated school. While at Case I met my wife to be, but she didn't go there. After I quit I didn't know what I was going to do? My wife’s dad was an ex Navy pilot and a super sharp guy with a very rich history as a test pilot, reconnaissance pilot in the pacific theater and as a Cleveland Air Races pilot, quite famous actually, those races were nationally recognized for decades, but ended forever at the end of “49”. We came from similar backgrounds, so he convinced me I could do anything I set my mind to. That said I went to work for one of the largest fluid additive companies in the world as an R&D machinist. Within a year of employment, because of word of mouth at work about what I did with cars and racing and mechanics I was asked to head up special projects with respect to mechanical designs for chemistry and development for new products. This lasted my entire career there. In the process I got to travel lots of places and work and operate lots of equipment the average guy never gets the chance to, it was truly a fun career! I’ve stood in the middle of GE transportation in Erie Pa. building 60 is their (R&D) facility, with every conceivable company logo Dash9 Loco running and I’ve driven a Dash 9 on their test track for the work I was doing with them, I’ve driven Caterpillar mine haulers at Power River mine in the Powder River Basin and had my systems installed on them. I’ve gotten to design and oversee installations of my systems in the giant wind turbines out west & the one that sits out front of the the Great Lakes Science Museum in downtown Cleveland, this unit was my test bed, a collaboration between my company, Case Western & the Science Museum . I worked with Union Pacific railroad in Little Rock, Arkansas & North Platte, Nebraska where other systems I’ve designed were installed. I worked with Maersk on their container ships with six cylinder two cycle engines 5 stories high, and have stood on pistons big enough for 4 men to stand on. This was a system for oil replenishment based on insitu analysis of oil degradation. I worked with GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes, Hino, Freightliner, Parker & Donaldson to name some I've worked with. Yet my two very favorites that I think any of us would feel the same about, was working with Joe Gibbs NASCAR team when they were running Pontiac & my father-in-law on some of his plane projects! That was fun & interesting! Don't think I'm boasting, I'm not, I am humbled by my fortune and was just damm lucky for that fortune, I'm forever grateful!
  2. Thanks for the short history Frosty! Sounds like you've gotten to change things up a bit. Which can keep things interesting and fun if you have to work to make a living. I was fortunate in my employment to have gotten to do a great many things that were well of the beaten path of a normal career and I will always be thankful!
  3. It's either a Honda or Acura, roughly mid 90's
  4. I figured our paths hadn't crossed, but you never know. I always worked with the platform guys or else the drivetrain guys. Thanks though!
  5. No, it's not a grand prix. They never used that type of fabric, never used those kind of overhead exit pulls and the moon roof looks nothing like any of the Pontiac moon roofs used on any of the models Pontiac built between 97-09. It does look like it might be a GM car though. If not I would look at Toyotas.
  6. Frosty, if I can, what did you do at the tech center? I doubt that our paths crossed, but you never know. I was at the tech center many many times over the last 25 years for the different projects I was involved with for my company. The last time was the end of “15” just before I retired. Love the Bird too!
  7. Well it's been a long long time since I had the steering column of my GTO apart and since it's been gone for more than 40 years my brain may be foggy. That said I believe the balls are from a collar bearing just below the turn signal switch assy. It is retained by a snap ring if I recall correctly. So if any of this is accurate, and that may be a big if, it sounds like something has come apart. I think you’ll have to dig a little deeper into the column.
  8. I usually use lacquer thinner. You could also use acetone/fingernail polish remover.
  9. Most likely it's the idle air control valve. This valve does nothing more than to create a vacuum leak at idle and cold startups to act as a choke. For various reasons this valve will carbon up from time to time creating a vacuum leak at low rpm idle causing the problem you described. To fix the problem, disconnect the electrical plug, take out the two screws that bolt it in place and remove the valve. Then clean both the valve and the port that the plunger seals against with a solvent. Then reassemble.
  10. Ok, first cars that use computers (pcm, bcm, etc.) only last about 28 days on a fully charged battery. So no, summer or winter makes no difference other than depending on where you have it in the winter could result in less time. Also if you try to start a pcm car that is charged below 11.7 volts you run the risk of damaging the pcm or bcm. The security system malfunction won’t affect the battery as far as being fried. What you described leads me to believe the internal regulator is bad. If you haven’t checked the alternator on a machine that makes all those measurement you can’t know the alternators true condition. The fact that you tell me it's noisy is often an indicator of a defective regulator. Whether it's under or over charging, both have their problems. Likewise battery charges/tenders can create problems.
  11. First off if the battery is toast! As in fried and won’t hold a charge than that can only happen one of two ways. The most likely is over charging, you say you checked it? With what and how? The other is a short and that’s not to likely without blowing fuses somewhere. Secondly if it's fried it's not drained! A drained battery that is depleted of power will charge up. A depleted battery that’s been cooked won’t because the plates have been destroyed or there isn't enough water left. This can also occur with a junk battery like Professur said.
  12. One bit of advice that may or may not help minimally with mpg, but well definitely help wth performance and continued maintenance of the fuel/induction system is to use a fuel additive that has PEA (polyether amine)in it such as Regain by Gumout. PEA is the highest end fuel additive there is and will cleanup many deposits and varnish that other additives won’t. All fuel injected engines suffer from the same issue which is that no fuel flows past certain components. Port injection is a problem, but DIC is the worst as it gets no fuel to the back of the intake valves. Either way deposits and varnish buildup is a problem in fuel injection systems. I can tell you factually that PEA works as I spent three years developing systems to deliver it for OEM use for warranty issues as well as a advisory role in the development of the chemistry.
  13. While I believe the consensus is the Sunfire doesn’t get great fuel economy there is a reason, and it's not that car specifically! The problem is an EPA illusion created by saying that fuel mileage today is better, not true! As a general statement not a specific one! Fuel economy for the auto industry today versus say 40 years ago, when compared to engine/transmission configuration and outputs, versus body configuration I.E. weight, tire configuration etc… Has not changed much at all! Your Sunfire when compared to a Vega 3 door as an example is close to the same configuration. Likewise so is the fuel economy. In 1967 I owned a 67 Impala, a 283 with a powerglide tranny. It got 18-21 mpg. Today I own a Buick LaCrosse with 3.6 with a 6 speed tranny, it gets 18-21 mpg both cars are relatively comparable in weight and wheelbase. Other specs like tire size etc. aren’t. Without getting real complicated the total power band configuration of the V8 and powergluide match that of a V6 and a 6 speed trans when compared to body configurations. Some, not many, but some newer technologies like DIC have helped improved fuel economy. The end result is for the Sunfire to get noticeably better fuel economy you would need to reduce weight or actually increase cubic inch displacement, not hp, but displacement.
  14. It's not that simple to answer without being there. Many things and multiple things can be involved. That said, with it being a 02 I’ll assume the antifreeze has been changed seldom. If it's never been flushed and if most or all of its life there's been Dex Cool in the system you most likely have major blockage. If that's the case it will require a complete redo of the coolant system. Water pump, lines, heater core and radiator. What you described makes me lean towards that. So you will need to verify that condition before you start down that road.
  15. Shark, I hope for you it's a fuse, but I doubt it! Most likely it's the ignition harness. The door widows and sunroof aren't on the same fuse. The ignition harness is a typical problem in all of GM's late 90's on till they changed to the can-bus wiring system. The GPs ignition harness uses 5 main 12v hot wires. 1 in 4 out. The switch that the harness is molded to is the problem. It has finger contacts , like distributer points, these fingers burn like points do. When they burn bad enough they won't flow 12v any longer. In most cases the only carry millivolts. Most likely you will find more things than just the windows malfunction. Each one of the 4 12v leads feeds a different group of components. The harness cost about $100.
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