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  1. well at least its going to someone who will take care of it, great find!
  2. that is freaking beautiful, damn!!! Nice work.
  3. only way I would buy it is if it was a hard top hemi cuda with the original plum crazy purple. Minor design changes would help too.
  4. yes and I don't remember them making a cuda vert. No matter what I think its a joke. Good idea but horrible design. Looks to much like the challenger.
  5. Here is the link so you guys can read it. http://gearheads.org/dodge-shakes-up-charger-durango-dakota-and-cuda/
  6. ok not to change the subject but did any of you guys see the article about the new dodge cars coming. The Dodge 'Cuda is a joke. A disgrace to the Cuda name!
  7. nice I do admire slp's work. Also why go turbo when an eaton sc fits directly on the block?
  8. how many miles on OD, could be fuel pump. Mine did that crap too!?
  9. ok so I'm not sure what the difference is between the GTX and the GTP? Very good lookin gp, I really like what you have done.
  10. yeah but if I can't mod or repair cars I would spend all my time building or fixing pc's lol. Nothing like making something work properly.
  11. Has anyone here ever converted a car with a pedal e-break to a stick e-break? I would like to see how much of a pain it will be if anyone has. I would use as much of the factory components as possible. I also don't understand why the later gtps never had them?
  12. I love the Buick luxury and styling. I had a late 80's park ave, my first car, loved it and still miss it sometimes. Buick is doing a great job imo. I just wished they spent more time on the new regals.
  13. ^^^^^ this lol thanks ringo, took the words right out of my mouth. Don't get me wrong it will have balls and lots of them but it is still our arch enemy.
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