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  2. 74Esprit

    1983 Pontiac 6000STE

    Great car for sure! I had an 1984 6000 STE Light briar Brown, Dark briar brown combo with suede leather seats. Loved it! No major issues with it either. I can remember waiting for the delivery from GM, and actually being at Kemper Pontiac, Bridgewater, NJ when it arrived at the dealership. Truck drove through an ice storm and my car was covered in ice, so much that they had to hose the car off with water to melt the ice so that the driver could get in the car to unload it.
  3. Yes, you will have to change the fast idle screw to adjust the carb so that the revs come back down to normal. Remember, the carb was use to running on partial vacuum, now it is running on full vacuum.
  4. Lincoln on Monday announced that suicide doors are back—at least for the 80 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Edition sedans the automaker commissioned a coach builder in Boston to create next year. At around $100,000 each, the cars are more than double the price of a base 2019 Continental, but they aren't simply full-size sedans with...View the full article
  5. China to temporarily cut on tariffs for US-made cars China confirmed it will cut tariffs on American-built cars as part of a ceasefire temporary agreement in the ongoing trade war between the two countries. 2019 Nissan Murano first drive review: Steady as she goes Way back in 2003, Nissan brought out the first Murano, a nimble car-based crossover...View the full article
  6. China confirmed it will cut tariffs on American-built cars as part of a ceasefire temporary agreement in the ongoing trade war between the two countries. The country's Ministry of Finance said Friday that the temporary reductions will take effect on Jan. 1, 2019. China will slice the tariff from its current level of 40 percent to the 15 percent it...View the full article
  7. Way back in 2003, Nissan brought out the first Murano, a nimble car-based crossover that banked on style as much as it did substance. It was different from most SUVs because it was car-based and avoided the trucklike ride of its body-on-frame competitors while still retaining a commanding view from the driver’s seat. It was what most...View the full article
  8. cool...appreciate update!
  9. FeedBot

    2019 Audi Q5

    We’re constantly reminded how wrong we are, and it only took 20 years and thousands of luxury crossovers on the road to do it. Luxury compact crossovers like the 2019 Audi Q5 are automotive smartphones now: they do it all, store it all, and are seemingly everywhere. Sedans are cool like pagers. The 2019 Q5 gets a 7.0 on our overall scale...View the full article
  10. Toyota on Thursday issued two new recalls for its pickup truck and its largest SUVs. The recalls affect the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, and the Toyota Land Cruiser and its Lexus LX 570 twin. The recalls are separate from one another; the Tacoma recall involves leaking brake fluid, while the Land Cruiser and LX 570 recall surrounds seatbelt sensor...View the full article
  11. Yesterday
  12. Frosty

    Scenery from a little ride today

    That girl is awesome. Just one more reason for that. Next stop - mile high club?
  13. Unfortunately, this particular topic and likely others like it are 7+ years old. As these images are from external sources, we do not control them and they likely were removed by the author or website they were hosted on. We now offer larger uploading space and our software now supports proxying of external images so won't be as big of a deal moving forward.
  14. JUSTA6

    Scenery from a little ride today

    CAPTAIN ........... Congrats Mrs Notallthere
  15. Is it just me......or are others experiencing a Wheel/Tire thread that Wheely....lol don't have proper links for pics or any real visual for lookSees ?
  16. Not to, hijack this thread,but seeing it made me think back to an earlier time some years ago in my 2nd 64GTO and way before late nite auto parts stores were around. Me and the Mrs at the time...lol... were in Pigeon Forge about 125miles from home and had a stud break from the rear left. Long story short...was within 2 miles of home when pulled over due to such low speed with just 3remaining lugs and only had right signal to alert traffic.l got encouragement from the officer and was sent on my way....and made it home. Man that was the good ole days! Sorry....just had to share that!
  17. Ringo64

    Scenery from a little ride today

    Congrats to Ms Notallthere! Some great views up there!
  18. notallthere

    Scenery from a little ride today

    A little misty out so things look cloudy but great visibility. This was the first time I have been in a small aircraft (Cessna 172) in about 26 years. Yes I was scoping out a wrecking yard just about 40 km from Sarnia. The best part was I had the cutest pilot I know at the controls. As of last week Ms Notallthere is a certified pilot and I was her first passenger.
  19. Last week
  20. FeedBot

    2019 Nissan Rogue Sport

    The 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport compact crossover doesn’t waste time. Among small SUVs, the Rogue Sport filled the hole left by the outgoing Juke and replaced outgoing personality (and quirks) with brute-force practicality. The Rogue Sport’s low price of less than $24,000 in base trims is proof enough. Although its price is comparatively...View the full article
  21. stanley hollis

    1983 Pontiac 6000STE

    yeah i love this car its awesome floats like a boat and handles like a german car

    A Shooting Brake Dodge Demon ? Why Not?

    I've never really been a MOPAR guy...But I do like it.... Wonder if the transmission will fall out of it at around 70K miles.....
  23. Frosty

    A Shooting Brake Dodge Demon ? Why Not?

    Most definitely. I’d be a skipper of one these boats!!!
  24. Ringo64

    A Shooting Brake Dodge Demon ? Why Not?

    Could be a boat itself 10/10 would drive though
  25. Okay - before we get too excited - this is a what if. A photoshop. Still it's pretty awesome if you think about it. This could be the wagon that could probably pull the trailer from out underneath the boat! http://www.thedrive.com/news/25441/this-fan-made-dodge-challenger-demon-shooting-brake-rendering-has-us-writing-letters-to-santa
  26. I think so too,but idle goes way up if I bypass TCS and go direct to constant vac port. Normal???
  27. I have a Pertronix II on my '72 Lemans distributor. I love it - no more points and dwell to worry about. My engine builder had an old Sun distributor curve machine so he could add a lighter spring/weight kit (~$10 from Summit), and re-curve the distributor to bring all the mechanical timing in at a lower RPM. I find most people who are not (yet) die hard Pontiac aficionados find out the hard way that Pontiac distributors run counter clockwise. I think your car will like straight and constant vacuum now. Fine tuning a rebuilt carb can sometimes be a pain.
  28. Topless


    I think gas shocks are too harsh and beat the heck out of a car that was built for hydraulic shocks. On our FB I removed the gas shocks that road terrible and puy Koni hydraulic shocks and saw a huge improvement in ride. Sure, if I was road racing the car the gas shocks may have been better. But Pontiac wasn't stupid and had the capability to build shocks as stiff as they wanted. They offered multiple stiffnesses on the Firebird shocks alone, so don't think some stiff gas shock is some new invention that will remake your car into a slalom racer. GM didn't run gas shocks and neither should you. These non-gas KONI shocks provide a great ride without beating you to death on a rough road. I took off a set of KYB'S that cost more and the car rides much better!!
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