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  2. Thanks for the info, might have to take a leap on one at the size I want see if it works, I know I need a minimum 15" rim to fit the disc brake conversion I am looking at.
  3. Marcus I dropped my 64 3 inches in the front and there is tons of room with my stock tires and rims I think to get what your after you should front a rim and tire up to the front end and check your clearance . Offset is a big issue to check , I would talk to your tire shop they will know what will fit well and what won’t 👍👍
  4. So been a few weeks but some replacement parts have started to gather in my garage....... So next question for all you experts, if I go for a Ridetech Street Grip suspension upgrade which lowers her by 2", what is the largest wheel and tire combo that will fit without rubbing issues? 15x8s or 17x8s?
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  6. July Pontiac of the Month time, let's see those Pontiacs! To nominate your or another user's Pontiac, please read the rules below: Rules: You may nominate your own Pontiac or another member's Pontiac from Forever Pontiac. If you do nominate your own Pontiac, please be sure that you've added it to our Garage or your entry will not be accepted. In your nomination/entry you must include: Display Name of the user you're nominating (if not yourself) A picture of your Pontiac (only 1 photo) The year and model of your Pontiac Any other facts about your Pontiac you wish the voting public to know. Such as modifications, restorations, etc.. Only ONE entry per user. Please do not submit any one user’s vehicle more than once. This is a friendly and honest competition. You will be disqualified from POTM if you are found registering (or enlisting individuals to register) multiple times once we are in voting. (NOTE: that is multiple times for one individual. Inviting one user to vote one time is fine.) Nominations will run through July 22nd and voting will start on July 23rd. To enter your Pontiac or nominate someone else's, just reply to this topic (click the red "Reply to this topic" button above this post or scroll to the bottom and click into the "Reply to this topic" text area) If you submit your nomination outside this topic, it will not be counted towards POTM. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  7. yeah frosty! you mustA bumped your head !!! your talking Yiddish
  8. Thanks for the reply. I've attached another entry.
  9. You bumped your head again didn't you?
  10. Please ensure to include photos which meet the rules of the contest. Sorry but the dimensions here would not work for a calendar. It would result in a pixelated, small image when printed. Do you have another which you can use which meets the requirements? Here are the requirements below:
  11. Amazing job. Beautiful car, welcome to FP. Chat it up with us in the forum. Great bunch around here.
  12. 1967 Pontiac GTO Restomod. Acquired in March of this year.
  13. Amazing G8! Love Holden Commodores and all their variants. Still wouldn't mind owning one . Think this is as great or greater of a travesty as Pontiac.
  14. wow! is the first thing i thought when i saw what you have done to the g8. you certainly need to give us some detail on what and where you sourced tail/ head lights. and well done they are a great car, the boys at holden know how to make a car! sadly they are not building any more and i for one struggle with that 😥
  15. What’s up fellow Pontiac enthusiasts. Original owner here. 2008 Pontiac G8 GT that just rolled over 78,000 miles. This car started its life as a Manufacturer demo in Detroit Michigan and was used at various car shows to help I introduce the Zeta platform to consumers back in early 2008. The original delivery dealer was the GM Proving Grounds in Michigan, obviously after the boat ride from Elizabeth, Australia. Since then the car has went through quite the overhaul, however I still have every OEM part to return the car back to its original unmolested state. This has to be hands down one of the best cars I’ve ever owned and for being 13 years old, one of the best looking ones on the road.
  16. That’s awesome information! Thank you! I’ve thought about looking for some actual parts like that but since I currently bracket race the car, i think I’ll leave it the way it is.
  17. A bit of knowing me knowing you. From abba does the trick too
  18. Last week
  19. So that's why we don't see em round here, you got the last one!
  20. No! I'll never give up singing Born To Be Alive! That normally gets rid of the women, leaving just beer and some really bad dance moves - a classic combination.
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