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  2. Nearly 750,000 vehicles were stolen in 2018, according to the FBI, and very few of them were the high profile vehicles glamorized in films like "Gone in 60 Seconds," "John Wick," or all of the "Fast and Furious" films. The vehicles most prized by car thieves were workaday models easily stolen and easily stripped for parts. The Honda Civic and...View the full article
  3. 100% agree with you there. If it was RWD, I would have jumped on it already. Also if it had a V6 available outside of the GS trim level and not AWD.
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  5. Wise acre! Retiree's coffee cup.
  6. I agree with you Ringo. The current Regal TourX wagon reminds me of the Volvo wagon. I like it's styling a lot. Again, being the RWD bigot that I am, it's a no go in my book since it is a FWD platform.
  7. Our editorial team doesn't agree on many things, but we were unanimous in calling out BMW for fleecing shoppers by charging a subscription fee for Apple CarPlay. "BMW still irks us with an $80 annual CarPlay user fee that begins a year after purchase," Editorial Director Martin Padgett wrote in his 2019 BMW X7 review. "It’s a chintzy...View the full article
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  9. Seems about right with how everything with Buick has been focused. Really dig this gen Regal, even though it’s technically an Opel and German.
  10. I think the first set of rice cakes would look better to me as beer cans.
  11. This marks the second time Buick has killed that particular marque here in the US. The first time was between 2004 and 2008. This sounds like this retirement is for good though. Think about it. The last US-made (or North American-made) Buick car (not SUV, crossover or truck) has already been built and sold. There are no more Buick cars. Think about Buick's line-up here in the US as a whole and where they were actually made: Regal sedan and TourX wagon - Russelsheim Germany (to be discontinued in 2020) Buick Cascada convertible - Gilwice Poland (discontinued in 2019) Buick LaCrosse - Detroit/Hamtramck (discontinued in 2019) Buick Enclave - Delta Township (Lansing) Buick Encore - Shanghai China / Incheon Korea Buick Verano - Lake Orion [the Asian version is called the Buick Excelle/Excelle GT/Excelle GX and it's built in Shanghai] (discontinued in 2017) Buick Envision - Yantai, Shandong, China
  12. Critical life-saving safety features are arriving to new cars quicker but still take decades to trickle down to a majority of car owners. On Tuesday, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety-Highway Loss Data Institute reported that an analysis of cars' crashworthiness and safety systems revealed that automakers are about three times quicker to...View the full article
  13. https://southbend.craigslist.org/cto/d/south-bend-2014-nissan-cube-pure-sport/7030601521.html - $12k I've got nothing.
  14. Buick Regal won't return next year as brand shifts to SUV-heavy lineup Buick to discontinue the Regal sedan and Tour X wagon after model year 2020. 2020 BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe costs about the same as the two-door, is still not a coupe 2020 BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe splits the cost difference between the X1 and X2 AWD crossovers. 2020 BMW 4-Series...View the full article
  15. Ok! You are forgiven! ‘‘Tis the season you know! So how was the first days back? Really great right! Not funny!
  16. The 2020 BMW 4-Series has us all tied up, and that’s before we’ve taken any turns. What’s likely to be its last year in the current iteration, the two-door coupe and convertible, and five-door hatchback (which BMW calls a Gran Coupe) earn a 6.0 on our overall scale. That rating is based on the 430i coupe, which is the most...View the full article
  17. When it goes on sale next year, base versions of the 2020 BMW 228i xDrive Gran Coupe four-door sedan will cost $38,495, including destination, the automaker announced Wednesday. That's $200 more than a 2020 230i xDrive coupe, which is already on sale, but not related to the upcoming 2-Series. That's because the new Gran Coupe is based on a...View the full article
  18. The Buick Regal sedan and Regal TourX wagon won't return for 2021, signaling the likely end of Buick's car lineup in the U.S. for now, our colleagues at Motor Authority reported Wednesday. Buick spokesman Stu Fowle confirmed the Regal's demise after model year 2020, which was largely telegraphed by U.S. buyers' increasing preference for crossovers...View the full article
  19. Hey! We don’t use the M word around here! Heck most of them don’t know what a Pontiac is! Not even the actual Indian Chief himself! (Ringo excluded of course)
  20. Finished welding up the front splitter today, also pulled the ECM & air box. I have to do some work on the air box first before I do the mod for adding the NACA duct leg to the box. So thought I might use this as a teaching moment, for those who are interested, with respect to all the add-on air filter setups. The single biggest issue with so many of the new type air inlet systems is a restriction at of the front air box! While this is not new, basically the same principle as the old air horn snorkel on a carb air cleaner. Why the OEMs did this is beyond me, but when you do the math if the area of the inlet is the same size or smaller then the throat of the throttle body, it’s a restriction. Likewise if you make it to big, turbulence is created. The fact is this restriction can easily be removed! Once that’s done and with some very aggressive mods on the box, this system will out perform the aftermarket units! Partly because nearly all of these OEM systems sit in an optimal location for air flow. While the aftermarket units take their air from a dead zone inside the lower fender/front cover area. They may increase the diameter of the filter area, but that doesn’t help with volumetric efficiency. Forced induction changes everything. Whether turbo, supercharged or ram air, these change turbulent air into laminar flow! Take this six generation GP! The air box sits right behind the left headlight and that’s where the air inlet is as well, but it’s too small. Still this air is rammed. You may think not because the headlight sit in front of it, but when you remove the restriction and open the area of the opening of the box up, then look at the aerodynamics of the cover and headlight, as well as the area of the gap around the perimeter of the headlight, which is almost as large as the entire filter area and 5 times greater than the area of the throttle body bore diameter! The physics completely change! Now introducing an upstream inlet of low pressure air, which will be coming from the NACA duct of the new front cover this really changes does things! A high flow higher (comparably speaking) pressure flowing past a hole/tube so to speak creates a siphon effect. Now when the other end of the tube, in this case hose, is connected to a low pressure NACA duct, we get very high low at low pressure. For those who don’t know the polycarbonate plate divides the ECM area from the air area & protects the ECM from direct water contact.
  21. I work for the State of Michigan as an IT project manager pal. I am just a Pontiac enthusiast, like you, who happens to know a lot about Pontiacs. There are parts for the 8-lug wheels out there now. Again not the cheapest in the world but they are available to help at least refresh the brakes if you need them. One of my car club buddies owns a '63 Grand Prix with the 8-lug system. So you have a tired, probably well used, 389. So you have the choice of a complete rebuild or crate motor. Have you considered calling Jasper for a quote on a replacement motor? They are not known for hi-performance motors but they are known for quality rebuilds, which sounds like what you want given your funding limitation. So if you get long block, transfer both manifolds, put on a new water pump, transfer your brackets, you might be motoring down the road next spring. Food for thought.
  22. I'll let you know for sure when im off work but i believe 5.
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  24. Thanks again Frosty. Who are we? (can help). Things to ponder. Totally agree with 1, 3, 7 and 8. Oh, I have a tired 65 Bonneville 2 dr. I've lost compression in two cylinders I suspect from running unleaded gas. Suspect that rings are bad also. Haven't had it on the road since I've owned it. It has the 8 lug wheels so I don't believe it has a lot of stopping power, but they look good. Body is rough, but it has a great interior. I've about decided just to try to get it roadworthy and drive it as is. Limited funds has a lot to do with that thinking. Anyway, what co are you with?
  25. If the compact hatchback was the precursor to the small crossover, then the Kia Soul and Mazda 3 took completely different approaches in influencing the crossover craze. The redesigned 2020 Kia Soul is less quirky than when the hamster box first launched for 2010, yet it still retains the tall boxy proportions that provide roomy passenger and...View the full article
  26. If the compact hatchback was the precursor to the small crossover, then the Kia Soul and Mazda 3 took completely different approaches in influencing small crossovers that came after them. The redesigned 2020 Kia Soul is less quirky than when the hamsterbox first launched for 2010, yet it still retains the tall boxy proportions that provide roomy...View the full article
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