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  2. I thought about that actually, I just installed the new pump today. I'm still not sure if I have a fuel delivery issue stemming from the tank-to-pump line. So it might not work. Now that I'm thinking about it I might just hook a hose up to it anyways and turn the engine over a few times to see if the pump is even pulling fuel from the tank. If it is, I'll run a rubber line like you suggested, if not I'll rig a pony tank of sorts. Thanks for the reply Two Lane
  3. The shift pattern changed to PRNDSL in 1965 (Hydramatic)...Cars equipped with the 2 speed Powerflow..(Pontiac nomenclature for the Powerglide)..PRNDL.. I don't know if changing to a later model neutral safety switch...Would be beneficial for you or not....
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  5. The earlier Pontiac engines are reverse flow cooling...I'm pretty sure (not 100%) the changeover to the conventional water flow was some time in real late 1964 or The beginning of the 1965 model year...Because of that the earlier cylinder heads won't interchange or Visa versa with the later model engines...
  6. Yes it would work....If the floats are good in the carburetor (not heavy) so it will maintain the correct fuel level in the bowl and operate the needle and seat correctly to meter the proper amount of gas and not constantly flood or not run at all.... Why not just run a temporary soft fuel line from the fuel pump to the carburetor...?? You should be able to get a couple of male fittings with the the correct threads to screw into the pump and the carb at any auto parts store then clamp the rubber gas hose on to the fittings....Just make sure that it isn't on the exhaust manifold or rubbing against anything that could potentially wear a hole in it.... Rochester two jets are excellent carbs...
  7. Tell me about. Already had to deal with the airlines more than I care to get a refund on 2 flights.
  8. Definitely zero fun. Least not the doing things with others kind of fun.
  9. Something that has not been mentioned is the change in heads/ intake manifold. Earlier Pontiac engines had 6 bolts on each side of the intake manifold later ones had 5. I spent a long time looking for a 6 bolt 4 BBL manifold for my '63 and eventually gave up and used a Holley Sniper. Never did get it running right and when it launched a rod bearing I gave up and put in an LT and 6 speed auto out of a 15 silverado but that is another story. Point being is that if it is a Pontiac engine 6 bolt intake manifold a head change might be necessary to get a 4 BBl manifold. Don't know if there were block changes that would affect a head change someone that knows more about Pontiac engines than I do would need to address that. Also I went to High School with someone that drove a GMC pickup with a nail head Buick in it backed up with the early 4 speed cast iron hydro from the factory. So maybe another engine possibility?
  10. Put an L83 and 6L80 trans in my '63 Catalina convertible. Could not be happier with the results but found another gremlin I never thought about, the neutral safety switch. The original trans was the Roto- Hydro which had the old shift pattern, PNDLR. The 6L83 has the standard PRNDM. Problem is that with the existing switch it will start in reverse which under the right (or wrong) circumstances could be ugly. Has anyone addressed this problem and if so how? What year did Pontiac change the shift pattern from old to new, possibly a newer switch would fit.
  11. Totally - but not really unexpected given that the Detroit area is "the" state's hotspot for COVID-19. 2020 is shaping up to be the year of no fun.
  12. You’d be forgiven for forgetting about the mid-size Acura TLX sedan. Up against heavyweights from other luxury automakers, the TLX fell behind. Up against best-selling crossovers from Acura, the TLX got lost in the shuffle. This time around, the 2021 Acura TLX sculpts a daring shape around zesty turbocharged engines and powertrains to jog...View the full article
  13. This notice was posted on the official Woodward Dream Cruise website: http://www.woodwarddreamcruise.com/ "Notice: Due to public health concerns caused by COVID-19, all community events planned for the 26th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise have been canceled. Stay safe. Be responsible." Since Woodward is a public highway, it is unlikely to stop people from actually cruising Woodward, but there will no events, parking, and spectators will be discouraged - all in an attempt to try to prevent spread of the virus.
  14. From Larry Crider, POCI President To all POCI Members It's with much regret I have to announce the 2020 POCI Convention will be canceled. While other organizations have canceled events much earlier in the year, the Convention Committee and Executive Committee has been monitoring local, state, and federal recommendations and guidelines to how it would affect the operation, going forward with the convention. It was our belief that with the low effects in the Oklahoma area and the area affected by the virus, that we had a shot of still hosting the convention. We have also been contacted by many POCI members wishing and thanking us for not canceling the convention and to stay positive. Unfortunately, our final decision has progressed from recent discussions with our hosting property, Hard Rock Casino. As the state of Oklahoma is going to be fully open on June 1st, it is still up to each business and organization to handle their reopening procedures as they feel fits their needs. At this time, Hard Rock cannot guarantee they will be fully open, which means no guarantee of having hotel rooms, restaurants on-site, and the opportunity to produce our two banquets associated with the convention. Following these unanswered questions and the suggestions from Hard Rock management, we will need to cancel and proceed forward in the most constructive manner that best benefits POCI and its members. Not only was being able to produce a successful convention for your enjoyment part of the equation but also providing a safe environment that everyone would feel comfortable with. Unfortunately, this cannot be done. As a member of the local hosting group, the Indian Nations Chapter, I feel their pain as well, as they have spent countless hours for the past 3 years preparing for this convention. As you can expect, POCI and the Indian Nations Chapter will be out much time and expense so the sale of 2020 merchandise will need to be offered and hopefully recoup some of our losses. POCI has plans to attempt to work on a new contract to host the convention at the Tulsa Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for 2022. Once this information is confirmed we will alert the membership. For those members who booked rooms at the Hard Rock, you will need to do nothing pertaining to your room reservation. Hard Rock will automatically cancel all reservations associated with the POCI block and not charge anyone for their booked rooms. Those who made reservations at the backup hotels will need to follow up with those properties and cancel their reservations on their own. I have instructed our treasurer and club office to give full refunds on all purchases toward the convention which will also include convention registration fee. Those who paid by check will receive a refund check over the next several weeks. Those who purchased all activities online with their credit cards will receive their refunds back to the same credit card from the POCI club office. Again, this will take a period of several weeks, so please be patient. Speaking on behalf of the POCI Executive Board, Directors, and Convention Committee, we hope you understand our decision as we all are experiencing trying times all around the world. We appreciate your support towards POCI and will move forward in promoting the 2021 convention which will be held at the Mohegan Sun Resort in Uncasville, CT. The dates are July 11-15.
  15. Hey guys and gals, I ordered the pump to carb fuel line, but it won't ship til mid-June. In the meantime I was thinking of rigging a pony tank to get the car running for now. My question is if it's possible at all to have it gravity feed directly to the carb? Will there be sufficient fuel pressure here? It's just a small 2 barrel. I know mechanical pumps only put out like 8-10 psi, so I think It'll work, but I wanted to ask. Thanks all
  16. Understandable, but just in case you’re not aware; you might want to either hang on to the 283 or sell it, even as is! To a good Hot Rodder they are gold! Any good muscle car guy worth his weight can take a two bolt main 283 and build one of the nastiest small block engine that ever existed. 600+ hp & 500 lb. of torque is an easy reach for that motor.
  17. Ford Fiesta, other small cars top IIHS list of deadliest vehicles Small cars and minicars accounted for the deadliest vehicles for drivers, according to the IIHS, while full-size SUVs are among the safest. Review update: The 2020 Honda CR-V fits the family without much flair The refreshed 2020 Honda CR-V is one of the roomiest compact crossovers...View the full article
  18. Ahhh the memories! Dragway 42, Thompson drag raceway, Norwalk! I’ll never get to do that again, but remembering is always good! Thanks buddy! Now I have to go get a tissue!
  19. The 2020 Honda CR-V fills a lot of needs: It’s well packaged, comfortable, safe, and spacious. Those are all key traits for a small crossover, but the Mazda CX-5 has sharper moves, and the Toyota RAV4 has a more adventurous look. With a TCC Rating of 6.5 out of 10, the 2020 Honda CR-V wins big with comfortable front seats, plenty of room no...View the full article
  20. Ooooohhhh sweet cam lope, how I love thee!
  21. Will let you know new water pump coming in Friday. I also am going to install a 3000 cfm pusher in front of the condenser as its a ac car. You guys are great on the info.
  22. yes, see to me, thats cheap as! it would cost me $700 nz just for the ac compressor without freight 😡! well done mate
  23. Small cars continue to be the most dangerous type of vehicle for drivers, according to a report released by the IIHS on Thursday. Small cars and minicars accounted for 15 of the 20 deadliest vehicles for drivers, with the Ford Fiesta having the most driver deaths during the period of the study, from 2015 to 2018. “Smaller vehicles offer less...View the full article
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