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  2. General Motors dealers on Monday began offering extended full-coverage new-car warranties that the automaker said are the first of their kind. Rather than extending coverage for certain components like other factory-backed warranties, GM's new, extra-cost warranty is a complete extension of the bumper-to-bumper coverage its cars include when they...View the full article
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    2019 Volkswagen Golf

    The 2019 Volkswagen Golf is what we would all drive if we were all rational people. We’re not, so we buy three-row SUVs to take to Kroger and convertibles for family cars. We’re imperfect. So is the VW Golf, but not as much as we are. On our scale, the 2019 Golf rates 6.6 out of 10. That figure is for the lineup as a whole, but...View the full article
  6. TravisC1997

    Travis Coleman

  7. Let's just imagine here for a minute two lane.. say I got the supercharger kit and changed pull sizes to squeeze just a few more psi. Can the regular internals handle the pressure? I'd like to say the the engine (ld9) has 230,214 miles. I've run the car for about 6000 miles on the current oil and it has only burnt 2/3rds a quart also still has color. Normally I change the oil every 3 to 4k always just checking the health so to speak
  8. The machine shop is always my worry. My pops has a three bay shop with all the necessary tools so I'm lucky there. Not trying to make a super car or anything. Like you said if it is running that good just leave it alone.
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  10. Thanks for the input !! I have the 64 manual, but will order the 63 manual as it gives more detail !! Wayne
  11. The quad four engine is pretty much a throw away engine..... NOT designed to be rebuilt...GM 3.4 V6 engines and V8 Northstar Cadillac engines among others are the same way....Although they can be rebuilt and make good power if they are done correctly...The cost and man hours...Aggravation.... Associated with doing so...Not mention finding a competent machine shop....Makes them completely emotionally and economically unviable for the average person to do so.......
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    2019 Infiniti Q50

    Fierce competition has left a bevy of good compact luxury car choices for shoppers like the 2019 Infiniti Q50. While crossovers like the Infiniti QX50 get more attention, the Q50 remains a compelling value among sedans. We give the Q50 a 6.2 on our overall scale thanks to its good looks and relatively strong value. (Read more about how we rate...View the full article
  13. These are actual GM Pontiac service manuals....Not reprints.... Hope this helps
  14. JUSTA6

    New to Pontiac

    Awesome ride. Welcome to FP.
  15. Ringo64

    New to Pontiac

    Nice Bonnie!
  16. Lynn5907

    Oil light

    Well got it right now. Lol thought the whole press the gas petal thing was a hoax. Girlfriend was like just try it. It worked
  17. Thank you both. The whole if its not broke don't fix it thing. I just worry about motors when they get 230k on the clock. Cuz the just driven miles noway to tell how long it been idleing or started you know. Thanks two lane black top for that. Had no idea how weak the block is. That is just craziness
  18. Seeing what you all think of this ld9 motors health 2000 Grand am with 229,894 miles . Ok so to it. Two oil changes ago I put seafoam in the motor as directed by the bottle. Ran it for 2000 miles then changed it came out black witch is normal for that type of thing. This last oil change I put 1/3 bottle of stp oil treatment and 10w30 oil. Ive gone 6000 miles on it and it only burnt 2/3 a quart of oil and still has color. Just seeing what you all think of the health of the engine. Car runs great and no coolent leaks. I need to replace upstream o2 sensor .. think it will make it to 300k+ ???? BTW I normally always change oil at 3000 to 4000 miles.
  19. Okay, need to replace heater core on my 64 Bonneville w/air how do I get it out ?? Thanks, Wayne
  20. wdl182

    New to Pontiac

    Hello, Been a car guy for 50 years with many different makes through the years! Recently bought a 64 Bonneville 2dr. Hardtop . I live in the Finger Lakes area of NY. Will have some questions because a few things are not working!! Thank You in advance for any help. Wayne P.S. I Love this car !! and have put over 3000 miles on it since I got it in July !!!
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    2019 Mini Countryman

    Brands can stretch too far. In rare cases like the 2019 Mini Countryman, the biggest Mini on offer gets the same spunk as the adorable Cooper, applied to a more useful crossover body that mainstream buyers want. All good things. In other cases, brandalism can end up like “Chicken Soup for the Fisherman’s Soul.” The 2019...View the full article
  23. Last set of pictures from the show. This appears to be a homemade pie/paddy wagon. Four=door Olds Dynamic 88 The firewall of this leadsled is autographed by George Barris, Gene Winfield, and "Candy Apple Red" Joe Bailon - legends all. \- When was the last time you saw a working, 3rd-owner, 1902 Rambler? This was a highly modified Buick, as you can see from the sponsor logos on the side. Lucy from up above. Ok its a parking deck. Street shots of the Doo Wop on Saturday
  24. Thanks for the support guys. I can't make this year, not after spending a long weekend in WV for the Doo Wop and then another week in Hilton Head with the missus. I am 3.5 years away from retiring, at which time, I have every intention to find any excuse to get out and go somewhere. That's when I will have time for the things like the Blue Ridgeway Parkway, Tail of the Dragon, Route 66, Road to the Sun, etc. If I have the opportunity to meet you fine gents before then, so much the better.
  25. stratman

    2018 Chaleston WV Rod Run and Doo Wop

    Think about adding the Skyline Drive to your trip... I'm about 15 miles from miles from the start of the Skyline Drive. The end of the Skyline drive is the beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway. So to get the full fairyland cruise, you would start at the beginning of the Skyline Drive in Front Royal VA, continue on the Skyline Drive till it crosses over I-64 at the top of Afton Mountain, at which point it becomes the Blue Ridge Parkway, and then continue on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the end in NC. The Skyline Drive is 105 miles, the speed limit is 35mph, it will add three to four hours to your trip but well worth it. If you were thinking about this year when the leaves change, they might not be too good this year due to all the rain we've had this spring, summer, and into the fall. Normally, about this time of year, we start to get some color. However, everything is still green and I'm afraid they're going to go from green to brown with not much color in between. It would be my pleasure to meet you.

    2018 Chaleston WV Rod Run and Doo Wop

    The Blue Ridge Parkway rocks...Know every nook and cranny from Roanoke VA...to Asheville NC... Definitely a nice drive... well worth doing..... (look at it as pretty much my private road course)
  27. Hawaii bob 67


  28. Hawaii bob 67


    Alooohaa wahines 👋😍😁great shot, nice 🐐2 hb🤙
  29. Hawaii bob 67


    Aloha 👋LUV the color ✊👌👍😍hb
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