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  3. Not a mechanic at all, just an enthusiastic car guy for many years. And I would certainly never tell anyone how to do something on their car. That's what wifes are for, isn't it?
  4. Wow, what a day in Nj & Pa.! Rolled the Firebird T/A convert out to stretch her legs. no disappointment on this spectacular early Fall day. Took a drive from the Jersey shore to the Poconos with top down. Perfect 70 degree temperature, plenty of sun, a bit of early color change! Drove thru the Deleware Water Gap, super views & River was Gorgeous! Definitely my favorite time of year, now till late Nov. Even if u need to put the heat on with the top down πŸ‘πŸ˜!
  5. i found this on YouTube, and ponchos rate highly in this top 10
  6. A mechanic? On this forum? We don't need no smartarse mechanic telling us how to do things properly. We are more than capable of blundering through without any qualified tradesmen offering helpful advice & tips. Forgive my caustic humour, Russell. Welcome aboard.
  7. At last: another 65 Grand Prix. Welcome aboard. If you have ANY 1965 Grand Prix questions, drop me a line. I think I've just about encountered every quirk that car can throw at someone. That's a really nice colour, too.
  8. I like that the block and cylinder head is still the original one. And the space below the hood looks pretty. Though: Things on my wishlist ... ... chassis and coil spring (especially front) have to be replaced ... exhaust and manifold Here we go. (Anyway my recommendation to all: As long as your classic car runs .... you should use it every sunny day! Life's to short to stay in a garage only)
  9. My 1960 Pontiac Bonneville. It has the original 303hp 4 barrel car with 65xxx original miles. It was redone previously in the 90s but was repainted 2006 gm color called Majestic Metallic Amethyst.
  10. Last week
  11. Very exciting mate πŸ‘πŸ‘ i would justA be little worried about those Florida afternoon yellow arrow looking lightening strikes!!!!! haahahaha
  12. Gees fitzy I think Russel is a mechanic ! he knows what he is doing ! Unlike this plumber guy ! 😜 Yip certainly agree with you on the wheels πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ rallye wheels win every time for classic look πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. Great shot!!!! The picture came through right side up 😁 Sometimes it seems to be a problem round here from down under.
  14. Another Kiwi with a great car? You guys earn too much over there!
  15. Thanks mate, yes it's always good to watch someone who actually knows what they're doing. His bright shiny engine is being assembled in a clean, well lit, virtually sterile environment whilst mine will be suspended on my Supercheap stand with me dressed in shorts & singlet bumbling through the assembly, with dust, insects & leaves blowing through the carport, pistons going in backwards, valves upside down, but it will LOOK shit hot. I ordered 2 more cans of Pontiac Blue engine enamel yesterday and am currently cleaning up all ancillary components in preparation for painting. I also jumped into the engine bay and degreased it once more in readiness for some paint and a clean up of wires and stuff. I'll post pics when I have something worthy enough to display.
  16. I decided a couple of years ago that the blingly chrome wheels it came with from the States didn't fit the look I wanted, which was a "Classic" theme. I replaced them with an 18" aluminium Rallye wheel clone with hubcaps, which to my eye suit the style of car better. 2 years ago I stripped the whole car down to have the few rust spots sorted, and got the car repainted. I also had the front bumper's 9 pieces rechromed (very expensive), replaced all the side glass, and took all the dents out/repolished the stainless trim myself. Happy with the car now, but always looking to upgrade stuff (as you do) to keep myself busy.
  17. Nice GP! Looks great. Anything else done to it outside the intake? Any plans to do more?
  18. hi Russel, i see you have changed your wheels ! since your 2016 post, nice shot of the 57 in the naki πŸ‘ You should share your story with the good folk here about your 57
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