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  2. should be held in place with a clip under/behind the lower dash panel.
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  4. No worries Pete. We've been friends too long to worry about sh*t like that. So long as I get the cold one and a chance to bang those gears in the wagin some day in the near future. Deal?
  5. Frosty, It is good to hear from you! I have ben wondering how you were doing. I would love to have you give your friend my information. I have read a few articles and some counter dick each other. Also, we made the move and are up on Rainbow Lake now. I have 2 3 car garages and the lower garage is like a bunker. The only thing not cement is the doors. It is taking some time to get it set up, but you should come up and see it. I hope to start working on the Catalina in late February of early March. I have had all the parts since last year, but with the move all I got done wa
  6. 64 kiwi boni Thank you! I will try and do that. I am still not great at getting around on this website, but learning. We just moved and I am setting up the lower garage, called the bunker, for working on the toys. It should be pretty cool and allow me to keep up. God bless! Ted
  7. Thanks guys. Going to look now.
  8. Look under the dash, above the emergency brake handle, it will be mostly be in a "wad" of electrical wire. The flasher should be there, it will be an two-wire L-shaped connector connected to the cylindrical flasher unit. That's where I find it for my '72.
  9. Ted, a member of my POCI chapter, Jim Larson, is a bit of an 8-lug expert. He has a '64 Grand Prix. He's written a few articles about it. He lives in Waterford, MI. I can give you his contact information if you are interested.
  10. In front of the fuse box, left side of steering column.
  11. Think my blue is a shade off from Pontiac blue but I like it.
  12. I’m looking for the flasher under the dash
  13. 64 kiwi boni Thank you! I will try and do that. I am still not great at getting around on this website, but learning. We just moved and I am setting up the lower garage, called the bunker, for working on the toys. It should be pretty cool and allow me to keep up. God bless! Ted
  14. hi Ted, keep an eye on my 64 rebuild thread, shortly i will be pulling my 8 luggers off for refurbishment and i will be taking lots of pictures of the set up... i personally think they are super neat and with their trim on look flash as !
  15. Welcome to FP, mean looking Goat mate👍
  16. Are you looking for the flasher button or the actual flasher unit under the dash?
  17. Thanks Wrong way, thats the path i was thinking they ran but justA wasn't 100% sure,👍 Will do Mate, both are justA sitting here, i will get some pictures of the inside of each and post them 👍
  18. I am just starting to think about this, but would like your input. I would like to learn the good, the bad and the ugly about changing over to 8 lug nut wheels on my 66 Catalina. It probably won't be this year, but I would like to do this unless you teach me better. I have seen the adapters and wheels converted to normal drums, but I am pretty green here. I am open to suggestions and learning.
  19. Oh, by the way bud, when you start putting your panels on or just have them out messing with them would you mind posting a picture of both fenders. In particular the front, lower portion between the wheel opening and the bumper section. No rush Justa whenever. Thanks bro
  20. E flashers? My 66 does not have em. Don't know a start year. Welcome to FP
  21. My brake cable runs under my cross member bro. But I'm honestly not sure if that's how the factory did it. So much was changed on this car by the time I got her. For example, when they put the 428/400 in. It looks like it had a slim Jim trans from the factory. The trans tunnel wasn't wide enough so the 400 turbo was actually touching the floor, like pushed up tight. The drive shaft was pushed all of the way up into the trans with no wiggle room, again pushed in tight like it was wedged in between the trans and rear end yoke. The trans had a 4x6 (guessing on the exact size) piece of thick steel
  22. I’ve got a 1971 Pontiac 350 with an Edelbrock performer intake (part number 2156) and a 650cfm Edelbrock AVS2 (part number 1906) and I’m in need of a cam swap. What cam/ cam specs should I get? If possible I’d like the install some roller lifters/rockers but I’m no expert on this sort of thing so I’m looking for any advice. Also while it’s a long way off what heads should I look at getting? I plan on having them ported for the 650. (I don’t know the head code on the 350 now off hand so I don’t if if I can use those or not) I also possibly have access to a pair of 1959 389 heads but I don’t kno
  23. Nice Goat! By flasher, are you looking for the blinker? Something particular about it? Sorry just not understanding
  24. Hey everyone, just found this and joined. I’m trying to locate my flasher on my 69 GTO. Does anybody know where it is?
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