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  2. Yeah bro it would be. I'll let you know when I'm coming up next. Been doing the video thing with the Dr. do to this corona thing. But i will definitely let you know.
  3. How cool. The building reminds me of the Ol Spaghetti factory. Would be cool to meet up some time.
  4. Today
  5. Born and raised in Berkley bro. It looks like Pains bar n grill, only way different now. Different paint and aged lol. But i could be misremembering. IF it is, I ran the kitchen there years ago. But again, that was probably back in 1997-98ish. Still have a lot of family up there and my heart doctor is in Novi. So I'm up there every 6-8mo.
  6. I'm good anytime, same for JustaG6, When works for you N Joe, Frosty? How do you know that? You from the river in the mitten?
  7. Welcome, look forward to seeing your progress!
  8. Hey Frosty! Great photos. We'll be parking at the Widetrackers area Saturday but I'm not sure what time yet. Hopefully we can all meet up. What time do you think you guys will be there?
  9. Welcome to FP. Share lots of pic's as the project comes together.
  10. Welcome to FP. Nice project. Post lots of pic's as it comes together.
  11. Care to, yes! Can I? Not sure. What time are you thinking? I have an appointment in Fenton mid-morning and then another appointment in Lapeer around mid-afternoon. 😒 I actually woke Ren up this afternoon... thinking of cruising Saginaw in the next day or two (not sure about time). After starting her, I scanned her for codes thinking I would see a history code for fuel pump under-current (forget the P-designation). When I checked, the history code wasn't there... kinda weird.
  12. Post lots of pic's. Lookin forward to seeing your build come together.
  13. Yesterday
  14. It’s literally all those reasons. I live in Colorado Springs at high elevation, I don’t wanna drive this car and have to worry about tuning the carb as I come down, just something I thought about. Then comes gas mileage for the long drive to a car show and use Sparks in the Ozarks in Noel, MO, that big block is gonna get pretty crappy mileage. The story on the motor I have, I work at a mom and pop dealership as their tech. We had a 09 Tahoe they were in cheap it had 2 collapsed lifter’s and told them let’s just toss a junkyard motor in it and call it a day. I asked my boss what the core charge on the motor, it was $300 bucks. So now I’m doing cam, springs, lifters, dod delete. Thank you Thank you
  15. Frosty, it was great meeting you Saturday. Hopefully our paths will cross this weekend
  16. There will be a Jet City Fieros club meeting at Beaver Lake Park, 25201 SE 24th St, Sammamish, WA 98075 at 11am this Saturday, August 15th. Bring lunch and a lawn chair. We'll be socially distanced, but together sitting in an open space between the lodge and pavilion. If you're into Fieros, come on by! Hope to see you there.
  17. Welcome! I love 3rd Gen Firebirds. Are you planning to keep the KITT nose on it? That's pretty cool. Maybe complete the Knight Rider look?
  18. Names AJ from south Texas, just picked up this 1989 formula for a Joe Dirt deal. Sat for 3 years after getting a new Crate 350 5.7 engine with a accel super ram intake, hooker exhaust headers with a Flowmaster exhaust.
  19. Beer consumption "UP" front thermometer facing west is at 108 F and back one at 96F in shade!!! Keeping MOLSON'S brewery in the black, just doing my part for the economy!! Will have to remember these days in January when I'm "oot" blowing 3' of snow!!!! Too "f" ing hot to even take a car for a run!!! A/C in house running constant, & may have to sell a car or re mortgage to pay bill!! Ontario has the highest rate for electricity in North America + Beer & gasoline!! $ 48 + for a 24 of beer & equivilant of $ 4.00 + a US gallon right now for regular, which none of my classics will run on!!!
  20. Welcome - looks you and dualquadoete need to get together.
  21. Hey Frosty, you called this place the "Blarney Stone". Do you know if this was "Pains bar and grill" years ago?
  22. Yeah, Ringo did a good thing here. The people on here are so helpful and respectful. This really is a great place to call home. Its the 1st forum I've EVER joined (and still the only). I did look at a few others a few years back while working on a friends K1500. They lack respect, and just talk s%^t to people for the simplest questions. Example, this guy was asking about the firing order of a 350. Pretty basic question unless your totally new to cars. One guy answered that it was written on the manifold and something to the affect of if you cant read numbers he shouldn't be working on cars (don't remember exact wording). Then they went on for the next 2 pages cracking jokes and talking trash. I seen that on multiple forums. I looked at this forum, read all kinds of things before I joined. Seriously spent a good month reading questions and reply's before joining. Y'all on here are a totally different breed. I'm proud to tell people I belong to Forever Pontiacs. Of course I'm the guy that HATES social media and has never had a Facebook or any of that so nobody believes me lol.
  23. Evolution? Even Neil agrees! Don't beleive me? Watch!
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