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  2. It's been sunny and warm, Honey Do all done, Grass cut and now... 😉
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  4. I am a fairly new DIYer attempting to upgrade my Aztek and have recently thought to replace the rear drum brake system with disc. Problem is, I haven’t found any conversion kits for the Aztek. This comes as no surprise because there is practically nothing for the Aztek when I’ve searched for other upgrades as well. I was wondering if anyone here knew of the best way to execute this conversion.
  5. Really JustA doing the usual! House upgrades, in & out, yard work, lots of yard work! To many dam plants & trees! Oh and the Indian Work. Waiting for better weather to paint & tinkering with some changes to the center of my steering wheel, haven’t made up my mind as to which why I’m going to go! current center more to be done to both of these before I decide!
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  7. Harry say's you have Justa nuff firewood. Awesome patio.......
  8. Looking good. Hagerty Barn Find Hunter brought an old ford back to life with similar paint issues. If you car had a vinyl roof and the trim is still in-place you could paint the roof in a stain to mimic vinyl look. I don't know about '64 but in '66 you could get a painted roof as opposed to vinyl but it would be in gloss. Just a thought. Cheers.
  9. I mowed and trimmed my yard for the first time this year....Depending on the weather...That will be a weekly chore from now until October..Doesn't look like there will be any racing at our local venue (Bowman Gray Stadium)anytime in the foreseeable future So the prepping the car has been put off indefinitely especially since the Modified race at Martinsville and probably Bristol have been canceled too..So instead I have been doing a weapons check and ammunition inventory...Found some firearms that I had almost forgotten about that I stashed away years ago...Including a pre WW2 Colt 1911 45 auto pistol and a mint condition Model 86 Winchester 45-70 lever action rifle with an Octagon barrel with a real low serial number manufactured in 1891 (Very valuable) among several others...Fortunately my job is considered essential and I will still be able to work..Although business has taken a major nose dive as of late....So will just have to wait and see what happens next...
  10. My GP came from the factory with a vinyl roof. By the time the car came to Australia, it had gone. As a result, my roof is a mixture of faded paint, old vinyl glue, rust and patches where the paint has disappeared and the metal has oxidised, turning black. So, being on my regular tight budget and armed only with sandpaper, several paint cleaning compounds and lots of elbow grease, I have begun the tedious time consuming process of bringing my roof paint back to life. If you have a similar circumstance and don't yet have the funds for fresh paint, you can try this: Because the paint was in such poor condition, I started with 80 grit wet, eventually working down to 400, then 1200. Cutting compound, then a good quality cut & polish (I use T Cut) then a final clean with regular cut & polish, and finally a coating of wax. Have a look...
  11. not sure what the boss is making mate... hopefully something with meat on it ! ,, she does the prep all i have to do is cook them, which takes just 1.30mins extra thin base too, which will crisp up really nice 👍
  12. What kind of pizza? Working is consuming my life at the moment but today was a decent break. Cleaned house, relaxed and played Xbox with my girlfriend. Was nice.
  13. Hi all, just thought i would ask whats everyone doing to stop the boredom. and thought i would start........ its Sunday here so the wife and i decided to have pizza night
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  15. Thanks Last Indian! I will now scowl at my distributor with nenewed vigour, as it sits at the back of the engine, defiant, grinning at me as I grunt & strain to see where I should put the points! I sorta figured that the Pontiac manifold distanced itself from engine heat, and we all know that a cooler inlet charge is good for power, so I'll now look at THAT with a different set of eyes too. Clearly, because I'm self isolating at the moment, I have too much time hence peering into my engine bay and asking questions! I hope we're all doing the right thing and staying at home. The best way to stop the virus is to prevent it finding new hosts. Keep pottering with your cars, guys. It may transpire that the ICE actually helped save the human race, rather than tried to kill it off!
  16. Peter, if I may? First off, nothing you’ve done should offend anyone! It’s your car you should do exactly what pleases you! Period! Besides, you’ve saved another poncho! You’re posing a question so I answered it, nothing more. With regard to the distributor question. No engine is perfect, some come closer than others and to some degree I think that is proven by a specific engines longevity. The Cleveland was a good motor, but as an overall motor, meaning beyond standard production cars, it fell short! It had several issues, that could be overcome with extensive work, but never really gave back in power for the effort when compared the Pontiac or Chevy. That said you can actually build a GM V8 with the distributor up front! The main reason to set a distributor in the rear of an engine of a rear wheel drive front mounted engine is protection of the electronic brain! Is it necessary? Probably not! In the end though, those engines dominate the car market, race market and more, for more than three decades virtually unchanged, that’s domination! And yes, I’m not a big guy, so I have actually sat inside an engine compartment at times or laid on a covered fender to work on a engine. With respect to the Pontiac manifold design! Just shear genius! There is a whole world of physics around that design principle. It all deals with principles of fuel delivery, vaporization of fuel, density of the charge, volumetric efficiency and separating that from the rest of the engines thermal impact. In essence these are two different worlds that should never meet, except in the combustion chamber, which to a greater extent is why direct fuel injection can actually deliver more power than port injection or carburation.
  17. Goodness me, I hope a Pontiac purist never inspects my car- they'll pick it to pieces, what with it's incorrect headlining, exhaust cutouts and flat brake pedal - it's my very own Pont-enstein. I am astounded by your answer, and am grateful that you took the time to respond and am equally astounded by the engineering behind a curved brake pedal. Simple, elegant innovation - once the driving force behind the auto industry, now robot assembled characterless bubbles with a life expectancy of 5 years or so. So, can you tell me why GM put the bloody distributor at the BACK of the engine, in a black painted engine bay, where anyone less than 7 feet tall will never see what's inside the dizzy without actually physically climbing on top of the engine? I remember tuning my old Cleveland V8s and how easy it was to adjust points with the dizzy front & centre of the engine. And the inlet manifold? Are there improvements in flow and breathing from that distinctive Pontiac design? I must admit, I enjoy peering into the inky blackness of my engine bay and marvelling at all the unique characteristics that my car displays.
  18. I’ve tried adding a photo but, unfortunately, I am on mobile and the photo wouldn’t load up. I’ll attempt to get one up here as soon as I am able.
  19. 2020 Honda HR-V vs. 2020 Subaru Crosstrek: Compare Crossovers Little ‘utes like the 2020 Honda HR-V and 2020 Subaru Crosstrek have low prices but big value. Both flex on versatile interiors and a tall ride height, with some change to spare in the cupholders. Car shoppers cash in on deals during coronavirus pandemic Automakers' incentives...View the full article
  20. The redesigned 2020 Toyota Highlander is a Top Safety Pick even with tougher criteria for the latest model year, the IIHS announced Thursday. The three-row crossover SUV aced all six crash tests, and its ability to avoid forward collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians was rated "Superior." The only thing keeping it from the highest TSP+...View the full article
  21. Yes the original pedal was curved! I believe most of the pre 1990 car pedals were curved, clutch & brake. Some more than others, but still curved not flat! The two reasons I believe are simple. One as you push down on the pedal it goes through an arch. The curved pedal allows your foot to stay in contact with the pedal as it goes through the arch better than a flat surface, this is a proven fact. Secondly an curved surface allows greater psi pressure on the pad surface, not pedal pressure, but pressure on the pedal surface. Which minimizes the tendency for your foot to slide of the pedal, aka a type of hydroplaning if you will and this does actually happen. As I’ve said before, the old timers were pretty dam smart, not so much today! Now most pedals are flat, which is why that’s what you are use to seeing!
  22. My wife and mother-in-law both had one. They both loved them. They did what they were made for. The media has vilified the cars as "angry dumpsters on wheels" (that's the worst review I read at least). Its unfair but that's now what people have been lead to believe. As you know, people who owned them, loved them. The aftermarket has not singled out the Aztek for lack of performance upgrades, but rather, most FWD platforms in general. With the possible exception of the supercharged 3800s, you find very little aftermarket parts for virtually any FWD GM, Ford, and Chrysler product. An occasional header or cold air kit is about it. Let's face it, FWD cars and SUVs are not considered muscle cars or trucks and thus (so says the aftermarket) not deserving of our love (e.g. abundance of products). So to trick out an Aztek, you have to be creative. Old hot rodding tricks come into play here. To lower it, you will have to get custom springs made - I am not a fan of cutting springs to shorten them. A new custom cam grind for your motor. A cold air kit - you may have to make from a universal kit. You may have to have someone make a custom set of headers and an exhaust. Find someone to re-flash your ECM. Upgrade your brakes to drilled and slotted rotors and upgraded pads. Go thru your vehicle's control arms and body bushing and replace any damaged or deflected bushings to reduce body roll or sway. Check / replace your sway bar end links if they are bad. Exterior wise how about either a traditional flame job, or a true flame paint scheme? How about paint with either pearl or metallic in it? Ghost flames? Skulls? All the art work from every one of Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell album covers? 😁
  23. The 2021 Honda Insight is smart money. The compact hybrid sedan returns this year with a few new safety features on some trims, although the good stuff doesn’t change. It still returns more than 50 mpg combined in most trims, according to the EPA, and it costs less than $30,000 in every configuration—LX, EX, and Touring. It’s a...View the full article
  24. Americans are taking advantage of historic new car deals thanks to automakers slashing interest rates and letting owners defer payments, among other incentives. “I got a deal with 0% interest, plus 120 days until my first payment, which is crazy,” said Scott Carpenter, 60, from Nashville, Tennessee. The contractor brought home a 2020...View the full article
  25. So, here's a curly one. There I am, idly surveying my stripped interior and I know I need to contort myself to get in there and continue wire brushing surface rust but am making excuses to postpone such pain. I examine my brake pedal - it has never looked right. The car is a factory auto, so it's the wide brake pedal, but it's not flat - it's slightly curved, so that the centre is higher than the sides. Is this how they came from the factory, or has the previous owner stomped on the brakes over the years, hitting the pedal off centre and thereby bending it's surface? I reinforced the centre of the pedal with my extended leg (foot on pedal) and bent the outside edges back up with a pair of multigrips in order to restore a nice, flat pedal surface. It now looks how I imagine it should look, but if it's meant to be curved (perhaps in order for a smooth transition from accelerator to brake) can someone let me know? At any rate, I'm leaving as it is, because it now looks like a brake pedal on a regular car, you know - with a flat surface!
  26. Honestly, I thought the Aztek was far ahead of its time. I liked them. And the rear tent attachment, that was freakin cool. I think its funny how people gave it crap, but if you look now, so many car companies took that idea and made it a little better. Like I said, ahead of its time. I would still buy one. And welcome bro!!!
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