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    Welcome to Forever Pontiac, full of great ideas for Pontiac performance, maintenance, or for peer-to-peer assistance from Professional and DIY mechanics. Also, compete in our Pontiac monthly competitions. Please register if you'd like to take part.



- Advertise your website on this forum unless stated, approved by an admin or related to a topic on Forever Pontiac. The staff also reserves the right to remove your ad without warning or reason.

- Make fun of other members or call out a member in a topic. If you have a problem with a member please contact a member of the staff

- Use short abbreviations like in AIM chat or anything. Please use full sentences like you are chatting in a formal email.

- Post out of topic, please keep all that to the off topic thread at all possible.

- For information on sig and avatar rules Click Here

- For information on how to post images Click Here

- Multiple users names. Forever Pontiac does not allow multiple user names for one user, you are allowed only ONE user name. If you encounter issues with logging in please contact an admin or moderator to help you!

- Post, encourage or tell members how to download illegal programs, files or any of the alike.

- Excessively curse.

- Please refrain from discussing Religion, everybody's views are respected but this is always a controversial issue and we would like to avoid the controversy.

- Never let others use your account because you will be banned if they cause issues.


Forever Pontiac does in NO WAY condone street racing or any illegal activities done in your car(s)


Forever Pontiac is a free use site, we do not make anything off of this website. As we think this is the way a forum should be free to the user, well unless you want to donate to us BUT we do demand that you leave our hard work here. Please do not steal our custom graphic work, ideas and other miscellaneous work we have throughout the website. By registering and using our website you agree that you will not steal any work on Forever Pontiac. If you see any of our work somewhere else, please let us know. Email report@foreverpontiac.com with the offending website, thanks!


This forum is no way related to Pontiac and GM. We are simply just some enthusiasts who love our cars and want a place to discuss them and upgrading them to our likings.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact an admin or moderator!


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