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    Here are some more pics from the convention.
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    I detailed my T/A this past weekend and I got new plates.
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    Okay I was not quite as snap happy as JUSTA, I only did around 300 photos. Here are some of mine. Signs from my buddy Joe's stand - he's an official Dream Cruise stand too. Sweet Indian head on a gorgeous '49 Pontiac. A Hellcrate engine in a '68 GTX - very cool. Loved the Hell crate in the cop car - the Dunkin' Donuts on the dash was a nice touch too. Great looking '70 GTO convertible Avanti C7 Limo Hot Pontiac! Lead Sled Donked '85 Buick LeSabre Limited. My parents had one - sans the donk. JUSTA's Tiger is getting fresh with my two tigers. WTF? The little guy is saying "I don't know you!" Lucy's identical stranger? Sometimes you just want to bring the whole family out to Woodward! I snitched one more cookie than JUSTA - even though he got his first! They let anything on Woodward! I do mean anything!
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    The greatest automotive car cruise week in Michigan has officially begun!
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    Once again we made it through the automotive WET DREAM known fondly as the Woodward Dream Cruise. Of the 25yrs, I have missed one, due to the Sunbird's mechanical issues. This years mind blowing array of vehicles and events lived up to the legend we are so fond of. The weather was threatening, but held off Friday night til we were safely home. Same for Saturday with alot of heavy rain both nights, but beautiful weather through the day. One of our family traditions when out cruisin, has been to spot as many plates from different states and country's as possible. We had 13 states, with California gettin the nod. Australia get's the nod for long distance, but many other countries are represented and have cars shipped here for the event as well. All bringing HOME their American muscle/iron for the celebration. While a few imports are always seen in the mix, it's usually the exotic's more than the tuners. The event started off last week, when Woodward was closed and Roadkill held their Street drag races at the M1 concourse and it ramped up bigger and better all week, day/night to the official kickoff Friday. Now every major magazine, your favorite TV shows and celeb's are also here. Once you have attended....your hooked for life. Drumroll.... We will start with edible Pontiac's????? Fiero's , kinda like Oreo's, wait...those are the tires. Thankz Mrs Notallthere . YUM Picture quality might be off a bit. We are at least an 1/8 mi from the downstream stoplight. Cars are going anywhere from the 45 mph speedlimit to actual warp speed.
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    I was googling Allison Pontiac and this thread came up. Maybe this will help.
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    Look close you can see the JURY logo on Lucy with the new rims/tires.
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    Caught a pic of the Monkee mobile, could not get shots of the Batmobile N other TV rides including the wagon from family vacation. Love the cow with the eat more chicken T shirt.
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    Lets do some cruisin shots. This guy is somehow related...... check his plate. I'm drivin Justa66. We had a good laugh N stayed next to each other for quite awhile. Local TV stations set up their stages for live broadcasting. Local ABC does a 2 hr show that is broadcast to 80% of the USA?? Watch for it. Gm has its performance display. Ford has sponsored the event for the last couple years. They have Mustang ally, taking over the downtown strip of one of the city's. They also had a Bronco reunion of over 150 0f the 60's N 70"S Broncos. Before the DC, they all met upstate (up North to us) at the Silver Lake sand dunes for fun and awesome photo shoots. Can't forget the HEMI boys N girls. They have quite a display as well.
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    You may notice even the public transportation buses are decked out in Dream Cruise advertizing. Yes you can hop the bus all the way down in AC comfort and cruise with stars...all the cars!
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    Amazing pics! Love antique cars and of course, "Pontiacs" One of my favorites:
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    Hello! Found this old shop coat at an estate sale and can’t find any info on this old dealership at all. Not sure if Allison is the town the dealer was in or if it was the name of the owner. It’s about knee length and says ALLISON PONTIAC on the back in big red letters and has an old Pontiac patch on the front. Curious to find out where this dealership was . Any info would help. I have searched the web till I’m blue in the face and found nothing , Sorry about the crumby photos. They got blurry when I had to resize them to fit this forums photo posting specs. Thanks in advance! Gregg
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    Why yes I did Smurf.....Did it work???
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    now taking any model of pontiacs and all years too! i need a bunch of pontiacs that are interested in meeting up and taking some photos! in GA please! you dont have to be from GA we have surrounding states as followed TN, SC, NC. go to our Georgia Pontiac Association page on facebook to join the event! i also will be making custom stickers and badges for everyone who attends (for free!)
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    Okay this Craiglist ad makes my blood boil! https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/pts/d/highland-pontiac-ohc-421-sd-motor-rare/6954038870.html "Ultra rare Pontiac OHC 421 SD OHC .. Over head Cam 421 Super Duty This is the only experimental ohc421sd motor in the world. 1 of 1 Designed at Pontiac by Malcolm (MAC) McKellar and John Delorean .. and obviously other engineers. $250,000. Attention - Pontiac collectors ***. Woodward dream cruise ** GTO ram air ii iii IV V 455 SD Ho Judge knafel Royal Bobcat super duty tempest wagon Swiss cheese Catalina 1969 Trans Am 1963 1962 1964 barn find" Okay so that is the detail in the Craigslist ad. Now let me give you some local history on this one-of-a-kind motor. This motor was a retirement gift from Pontiac Motor Division to Mac McKellar upon his retirement from GM. They installed it in his beloved '63 Pontiac Grand Prix, as shown in the pictures and the magazine article. Mac retired from GM in 1982. Now fast forward to around to the early 2000s. Those of us who were privileged to know Mac and see his wonderful car, we knew this particular engine was hard to start, especially as time went on. One day it would not start at all. Urban legend has it that he took it to a shop to get the car fixed and the shop owner offered to trade him a working Pontiac engine for his engine. Mac initially agreed but soon changed his mind. However once he returned to the shop, his retirement gift was already out of his car and gone! It has not been seen since. It has only re-surfaced once on Facebook that I know of. Now I see it on Craigslist for a whooping $250K! For me and the rest of the local SE Michigan Pontiac establishment, this engine belongs one place - back in Mac's '63 Grand Prix (which is still owned by Mac's daughter) and put in a museum period. It is clear to me that Mac was taken advantage of and the current possessor knows what he has. However, he seems reluctant to sell it thru the likes of Barrett-Jackson and Mecum because he can not prove his legitimate ownership of this motor. Now it's clear to me that whomever has this motor is not poor, since they seem to already own a '69 Trans Am/TA Tribute and perhaps a Judge? Thank you for listening to my rant!
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    Hey everyone! Here’s my pontiac g8. Yes it’s v6, yes she’s slow. But she’s still gorgeous as ever. 😍
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    This is a milestone DC. It is the 25th. T'shirts N dash plaques are a must!!!!!
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    Thankz buddy, this gettin old shit is not for sissies. That said it's time to fry in the 90+ temps, black interior, to be a small part of the Woodward Dream Cruise.
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    Every dog has its day....Sooner or later......Karma has a way of sneaking up....When you least expect it......
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    Thanks Sprint6! Nice to know others are as upset as I am. i will call Jim Larson and see what he knows on the circumstances. Jeff Denison would also know but I don’t have his contact info. I know that Jim and Jeff were close friends of Mac’s, At $250k, this guy isn’t serious about selling IMO. He’s teasing because it’s Woodward Dream Cruise week here in the Detroit area. This a “look at what I got” ad.
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    Not a cool deal at all, https://forums.maxperformanceinc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=833014
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    Well I’m JustA saying Happy Birthday to JustA6! Way to go, one more year and you can hit good old Uncle Sam up for your inheritance!😁 Happy Birthday buddy!!
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    Putting my 1970 LeMans up for 2020 calendar consideration.
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    1965 Pontiac Tempest Custom Safari Wagon
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    ...Mmm Mmm GOOD Stay Tuned...
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    Very nice 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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    Here is an interesting and rare piece of Pontiac hi-performance. A 6 x 2 intake manifold for the 1957 to 1964 389 motors. I post it in this thread mainly to point out that this uber-rare piece does exist and one occasionally comes up for sale, albeit not often and definitely not cheaply. Still this would make an outstanding look for a street rod or custom cruiser. https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/pts/d/indianapolis-edelbrock-pontiac-6x2-x1/6933438392.html
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    Frosty, Have at it👍
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    Time for the cone of silence?
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    Happy Friday Gang. How about a batch of Post War. Enjoy! https://flic.kr/s/aHsmFuqoV3
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    Speaking of Quad 4s. Perhaps this will inspire you. This is the last Quad 4 engine ever built at the Lansing Powertrain engine plant. It is signed by all the line workers.
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    Yes it was a good show and always good to meet fellow Pontiacer's!! I have not put the Lemans into points judged since '05 so the awards bestowed on it were truly unexpected. I was honored to see she still holding here own. Now to the good stuff... ...It's always great meet fellow Pontiacer's at events but for me it's even better to meet up with fellow Cammers, https://flic.kr/s/aHsmFrfUnX
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    ...and yes, the leather interior is being retained 😂
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    I know, it's been a while since I updated here. Wasn't gonna update this until everything was done, but this deserves an update... apparently I went and found another Bright Teal '93 High Output GT Sedan I go pick up next month 😂
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    Here! Here! I fully support Last Indian! This forum truly is a community and we do try our best to help each other.
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    Submission for August 2019 Pontiac of the month. 1972 Trans Am. Original 455 HO Engine and TH400 Trans. A/C, power windows, rear defroster, Blue Custom Interior. Thanks , John Passiglia (Shakercars)
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    I hope you guys have great weather and a even better time. I thought I might make it up there to see you all this year, but that just doesn’t look like it’s in the cards, sorry!
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