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gscherer78ta's 1978 Trans Am

2019 February
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  1. 3 points
    Just got her back , 4 years in the making!!!!
  2. 3 points
    This is the Dallas Area Pontiac Association display at Autorama.
  3. 3 points
    Here are some photos I took while I was at Chrome and Ice Smokie Yunick's Daytona Polesetting race car. About 7 years ago I did a thread here on FP called Automotive Archaeology. It featured my buddy's '68 Chevy Impala. We did a frame on restoration. I was surprised to see his car in a vendor's booth. He had recently switch the car to fuel injection and an electric fan controlled B-Cool radiator. He said the whole set-up ran him $1350.00 out the door. When was the last time you saw a Stutz Bearcat - with a big block Chevy? How about a 1930 Marquette - Buick's Companion make..... A buddy of mine had a friend with a gorgeous cinnamon Mercury custom. Dual quad 389! One of two 1959 Dodge Coronet Ambulance/Hearses made for the US Air Force This custom Hudson Hornet was a feature build on four episodes the old Powerblock TV show "Search and Restore". That is the owner behind the car in the first photo. The car has a 440 with Indy cylinder heads. https://www.powernationtv.com/shows/search-and-restore
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    Thanks so much; just wanted to say hello and introduce "Bonny." No, we didn't name her, she came to us that way. We will post mechanical details in the progression forum. Already a hit at the local cruise-ins and work. I took an entire day off to drive to work and give people rides for half the day. One co-worker even made a youtube vid: Disclaimer: Don't judge me for the music, he wanted 70's funk that was royalty free. I am neither a 70's cop action hero nor a porn star.
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  6. 2 points
    One owner, Original miles ... currently 90,345, repainted original color, and Love to take to shows! Fully Optioned with all the goodies except for the GTP package. Spoiler/Wing was added soon after I bought the car in 92. Louvers were added during the repaint.
  7. 2 points
    This is my 1965 Lemans, I took the original 326 engine and the super turbin 300 trans out of it, I had a 428 from a 1967 GP, had it bore .060 over and had all roller rockers rough idle Comp cam installed, edelbrock performer intake and edelbrock 750cfm carb, ram air exhaust and cherry bomb vortex mufflers 2.5 inch exhaust hei ignition all sitting in front of a 2004r Raptor trans, its quite the launch off the line, So fun to drive Tomy2tone
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  10. 2 points
    1966 Grand Prix...Best Pontiac rear ever!
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    * 1998 Pontiac firebird Trans Am WS6 * The engine is as stock as they come, my modification we’re done to the suspension, transmission & rear end. - eibach pro lowering kit lowered 1.5” in the front & .5” in the rear. Rear end is an Eaton Detroit tru-trac with 4:10-1 gears from motive gears went through 6 trannys learning to not drive on the freeway with 4:10’s, so now this transmission has a monster rebuild kit along side a B&M shift kit Tires are Nitto NT555r 305/45r18 in the rear to offset the 4:10 gears & Nitto NT555G2 245/40r18 in the front
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  13. 2 points
    my 1964 Catalina 2+2 389 4brl Auto
  14. 2 points
    360Rocket 1970 Pontiac GTO. Built 455 engine, 3 speed auto.
  15. 2 points
    This is 1 of 57 built in 1992 COPO (verified by PMD), with a 4 cam 3.4L Chevrolet/ M284 West German Getrag 5 speed floor shift transmission (same drivetrain as Lumina Z34 Coupe). The sheetmetal is 100% original and is completely straight, never been hit or repaired. Hood louvers from period-correct GTP Coupe, fully functional. Interior is all original except for a steering wheel wrap, shift knob, pedals and dash tach. The car has every possible option except the HUD. Front suspension and steering rack rebuilt, new struts in rear, urethane bushings on stabilizer bars, front lowering springs and Helwig rear stabilizer bar; third alternator and clutch, second power steering and water pump. No restoration has ever been performed except for paint, this a 27 year old original survivor, second owner, since 3 Dec 1997. Engine is chipped, K&N filter on hogged out intake box, and Flowmaster exhaust, 221WHP on WinJet dyno on Sunoco Racing gas.
  16. 2 points
    2002 Ws6 M6, Monster Stage 2 clutch, Eibach lowering springs, Fast intake, BMR torque bar, lower control arms,pan hard bar and subframe connectors, UMI strut tower brace, Hooker headers C6 ZO6 rims 18" front 19" rear, 53000 miles Interior:Katzkin leather seats with red stitching, Joying head unit, Rockford Fosgate amps an speakers
  17. 2 points
    I’m entering my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am Se for Pontiac of the month. Has original 2.4 L engine with 125K miles. Only mod to that is a K&N cold air intake. Has aftermarket rims and headlights.
  18. 2 points
    POTM Entry. Thought a pic next to the boat ramp would be fitting for a Yacht. 1964 Grand Prix. 90% original.
  19. 2 points
    I want to nominate my 1995 Pontiac Firebird Coupe. Please consider in the voting the over all state of the car and the milage which is only 70k. And that i dragged it out of a swamp and it still runs perfect has no rust and looks the part.
  20. 2 points
    Curtis, to expound on what Frosty said. For all the work it appears you will need to put in, I would suggest you replace everything you can with new good sheet metal. Whatever you can take apart at a seam, do so and spot weld. Any upset angle of new sheet metal you can include, do so. This would include the floor if need be. Your sheet metal rot is not from an antifreeze leak. Antifreeze corrosion when spilled or leaked, even when hot, corrodes very little. One of the highest corrosion rates of antifreeze on a metal is aluminum, but that is under a circulating coolant system. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/466284.pdf this attachment is a unclassified document from Wright-Patterson Airforce base that studied the effects of ethylene glycol corrosion on materials for use in space as a heat transfer medium. I don’t know where your bird spent it’s life, but that corrosion is clearly from road salt or if it came from the south, in a red clay area.
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    Here a few more photos from Chrome and Ice.... Long time cruiser.....notice the shaved door handles on the rear doors? A triple black '71 GTO from West Virginia - for sale - $30k. Hmmmm. Attention! 2019 Corvette Stingray Convertible
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  24. 2 points
    Can't go wrong with the ceramic coating they look good...Plus the added benefit of....Cooler under hood temperature....
  25. 2 points
    Are you sure it is a bearing..?? And not a bent or flat spotted wheel or something along those lines..Is there any unusual grinding or roaring noise when driving straight or rounding curves ETC....??
  26. 1 point
    Most likely you need to clean both the IAC & the MAF sensors, but in the case of the IAC you need to clean the bore that it goes into as well. Also you should, since you’re already there, clean the bore of the throttle body & throttle plate.
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    So we have the first half of the modern transportation equation - e for electric. Just a bike not a true 4-wheeled vehicle. It certainly isn't autonomous yet. GM sold Vauxhall and Opel to Peugot PSA, just to turn around and sell E-bicycles in Europe, eh?
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  30. 1 point
    Welcome bro. Awesome goat!
  31. 1 point
    Always love to see brother Pontiacs out and about. Thanks for sharing Rick!
  32. 1 point
    Chatbox? We have a chatbox? Really! 😁 what’s a chatbox?😳
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    For those keeping score at home, this was due to some security upgrades we needed to make and the chatbox app was not compatible with those upgrades. We'll get it back online once there is a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Great pic's buddy, thankz for sharing.
  35. 1 point
    Thanks guys. I finished my 47 Dodge 3 window last March. I'm pretty sure that the wife decided that she likes it when I'm in the garage and not the house so she went out and bought this. lol
  36. 1 point
    Agreed, so long as it is a Northstar from a FWD configuration vehicle and not from the XLR. I remember we had to change the bellhousing on the Northstar to match up with the 4L60/4L80-E transmission bolt pattern when I was still at Powertrain, in order for us to put the Northstar/SC Northstar in the XLR.
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    Well I agree with the original article commenter - it looks like an obnoxious pair of binoculars. Almost cartoon characterish. Hoonigans however is the group that makes the Gymkhana videos with Ken Bloch behind the wheel of most of the outrageous drifting videos on the planet. So I would expect them to know there way around hi-performance engines.
  38. 1 point
    PRESTON, Welcome aboard, If I'm understanding your question is referring to mount #4, but I'm not sure about the PLUG you mention? If it is #4 and you can't access it from under car you may need to carefully cut floor above the mount so it can be cut out/off. If you post a picture of the mount area we may be able to better assist you. Cheers
  39. 1 point
    By the way - your convertible is one of 4,519 Grand Ville convertible made in 1975. Total production of Grand Ville Brougham for 1975: 27,652 2-Door Hardtops: 7,447 Convertibles: 4,519 Hardtops: 15,686
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    Hooker Super Competition headers with a Ti Tech coating or ceramic coating. You can get a silver, close to chrome finish that will look good for quite some time before turning chalky or showing signs of rust and good for @1500 degrees or get a darker charcoal metallic content finish that withstands higher heat temps @2500 degrees and have them look good and last near about forever. https://axleaddict.com/auto-repair/5-Top-Reasons-to-Ceramic-Coat-your-Exhaust-Headers-and-Turbo-Parts https://www.jet-hot.com/articles/2018/6/29/5-important-reasons-you-should-ceramic-coat-your-exhaust-headers-and-turbo-parts
  42. 1 point
    So what do you think? Is this a big block or a small block? Of wood!?!?!?
  43. 1 point
  44. 1 point
    Awesome Idea dude! Now if you can find an old Marathon 'M" you can make "C MI GTO!" !!!!
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  46. 1 point
    Could very well be a wheel bearing...As far as low traction light I agree with Frosty and Last Indian..one of the wheel speed sensors..Unless there is something obvious you will have to hit it with a scanner to tell which wheel it is...
  47. 1 point
    Put the car up in the air and put her in drive lol. Funny thing is one tire spun and other didnt. It cool to see I differential in action. ( wish it was limited slip) . But to the point found the bearing. It wobbles. Not side to side but rather up and down. How you all figure that is?
  48. 1 point
    You aren't thinking about the Zinger mini cars are you? These were cool at indoor auto shows when I was a kid. They recently came back to the Detroit Autorama a few years ago.
  49. 1 point
    I will say that I am truly impressed at the wood work on this vehicle. A true woody through and through. It's got a flathead Ford V8, those are cool but can be a pain at times to maintain. I just not sure if I can tolerate all the Pledge fumes it would take to keep it clean. Also you can't leave this car outside, unattended for very long. Woodpeckers! https://thumb.craigslist.org/cto/d/oak-wood-car-and-enclosed/6756674623.html
  50. 1 point
    This one's for you Frosty. I can't get back there until Thursday to get the headliner and other stuff... (I apologize in advance if you saw these in my gallery). I am about to put her away into storage, but am totally frustrated with this dying issue after warm, along with the fuel in the oil... Gonna try and get those figured out before I pack her away.
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