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    Honoring Those Who Served! Lucy at the entrance to the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly Michigan
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    Rain Rain Rain.... Left the GTO home and hauled sponsor tent/supplies with my truck. Followed by JustaG6. Only 3 trucks in the outside swap meet, quite a few indoor swappers (the only place to get out of the rain) Had many peeps crowded under the CRO tent. Which inspired a number of contest. Notallthere winning many of them. Puddle diving, wet T-shirt, makeshift slip N slide...Gold Eagle wax products coating the pavement, much fun had by all. NOT REALLY. Even with the weather, had a lil over 50 cars. JustaG6 took an award in her class. keeping her win streak alive. Most undeserved award ever, there were only 2 cars entered in the modified class, as I was there and had pre registered the GTO. I was given the 3rd place award as the only other car in the class, and was home high N dry in the garage.
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    JUSTA installed a set of projector headlights into the boy's Hummer H3 last night.
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    Got Paint? Finally descent weather!
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    Hi Federated52, welcome to FP. For your turn signal problem, check all the bulbs, both front and back and left side side markers, you probably have a burnt out turn signal bulb somewhere in the left turn circuit. When the engine wants to keep running after you turn the ignition off, it's called "dieseling". A few things could effect it. Do you know what your engine RPM is when you turn it off? If the engine is running too fast, this can happen. You r idle RPM should be around 800. More than that and the vacuum or mechanic advance might be kicking in. Check your engine's initial timing, is it within spec? Too much advance can cause dieseling. Finally what shape is the carb in? Carb plates that don't close completely can contribute to this. That's why a lot of carbs have a fast engine stop solenoid mounted on the carb or intake to prevent this. Some follow-up questions for you on your convertible top. Do you hear the motor for the power top running both up and down, even if it is not moving? Or is there no sound at all? No sound may mean the electric switch or the pump motor has died. If there is sound you may have a hydraulic fluid leak. Pull your backseat and side quarter panels out and check your rear seat and trunk floors for hydraulic fluid. Your lines, the rams, or the motor maybe leaking. The motor for the top is mounted in the trunk behind the back seat - towards the back. There is a little rubber plug on the right hand side towards the top that you can remove to add more fluid. I find using a small clear plastic ketchup bottle with a pointed tip is the easiest way to add fluid without making too much of a mess. These bottles were $2 at my local supermarket.
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    I actually don't mind the Aztec. Very much would want one over these
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    Right shorts...wrong rabbit. THANKZ Ringo. Spent the entire day washin/waxin N detailing the dang G6. Guess I Justa have to polish the rims and DUSTOFF the GTO.
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    Nissan went from having decent/good looking cars to some of the absolute worst in my mind. This and the Juke are at the top of my list.
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    Dustoff or Rinse off? Which will it be? JUSTA - please take some great pictures for me tomorrow. Wish I was going to be there.
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    I will be at the Pypes show (have been to every one so far) on Saturday. And I am planning to get to the GTOAA Nats on Friday. I will try to get you that info.
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    DON'T SAY THAT!!!! Did Molly hook you up? Been wondering about that.
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    Not sure I like that color 😉
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    Looks great if I owned a discount Funeral Home in the 80s
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    Got the G6 out and getting ready for the Dustoff next weekend. It didn't like sitting out the winter. The wipers didn't work. Popped the hood and the motor is running, no wiper movement. It's in the transmission ( arms that attach the motor to the wipers) Was told you can't find bushings and have to buy the entire trans = 80.00. Oriellys came through with new bushings and lifetime warranty, = 8.00. 2 pins hold in the plastic cover. Check to see how rubber ends install before removing. Some padding is glued on so be careful when pulling out. 3 bolts hold the wiper motor and trans in place. After removing the only bushing that was bad. Was from motor to arms. remove /replace (hint...drop new bushing into a cup of boiling water for a couple minutes to soften) install/pack with grease and reconnect. Start all 3 bolts before tightening. They are on rubber bushings so don't overtighten...Justa snug em. Now turn the key on and let system cycle making sure the post are moving back N forth. Re install plastic cover and wiper arms. Congrat's you justa saved 72.00 plus the cost of labor somewhere. Took me about 20 min, but was cleaning everything before putting back together. 11 years of dirt under there.
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    JUSTA6, Went to OPG typed in rocker molding clips and THERE THEY ARE. Thanks so much
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    Many thankz to all that have served.
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    Have you looked at RockAuto.com? I see rotors from AC Delco and Raybestos listed. Are the front brakes of a Safari wagon that much different that a four door? I'd ask RockAuto. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/pontiac,1969,catalina,7.0l+428cid+v8,1247666,brake+&+wheel+hub,rotor,1896 https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/pontiac,1969,catalina,7.0l+428cid+v8,1247666,brake+&+wheel+hub,brake+pad,1684 If that doesn't work out...... Do you want the bad news or the somewhat good news first? The bad news is the '69-70 Pontiac B-cars are rather unique onto themselves and the after market doesn't really embrace them much anymore (a lack of demand means no one has very many parts). The somewhat good news is there is a kit that allows you to convert your front disc brakes over to a much more parts accessible stock '71-76 Bonneville front disc caliper, pads, and rotor. However, this conversion will require you to run a 15" wheel. The conversion kit comes from a company called Scarebird Classic Brakes. It's $235 by itself. You still have to supply the 71-76 caliper, rotors, pads, and flex line. It's more expensive than a simple set of rotors and pads. https://scarebird.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=63&product_id=164 So check out RockAuto first.... What specifically do you want to do the suspension? A stock rebuild? Lower it? Donk/lift it?
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    Hi from Mississippi and have a 1970 bonneville convertable. Still working on it, as I'm sure most continually do. Thanks for the add and a good Pontiac group.
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    Thanks for sharing. Lots of good shots. I loved the cat in the box and Mickeys gotta a gun in particular.
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    My 1964 Grand Prix arrived Friday. Couldn't be happier.
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