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    I've driven parts of Route 66. From Joliet IL to Springfield IL and from Williams AZ (just south of the Grand Canyon) to Needles CA. You will find interesting buildings along every part of Route 66 to stop at, so expect lots of stops everywhere you go. In Illinois: Odell IL - restored Standard Oil Gas Station from the 1930s. Pontiac IL - Pontiac-Oakland Museum, and Route 66 Shield Mural (take a picture of car in front of it) - in the alley behind Route 66 Association Hall of Fame Museum. Also check out the murals across the street / in the alley with the Route 66 Shield Mural. They're pretty cool too. You will also find small gas stations and restaurants, old buildings along the way. I recommend getting off I-55 and onto Historic Route 66 just south of Joilet and driving Historical Route 66 all the way to least Pontiac. In Arizona Seligman - Historic Route 66 General Store - basically a souvenir stand but its still cool. There are other gift shops in town worth checking out. Hackberry - Hackberry General Store. A red Corvette, old gas pumps, signs, etc. Lots of old cars to look at out back too. Nice souvenir shop. This is a must stop for any car guy. Kingman - mention in the song "Get Your Kicks on Route 66". - Locomotive Park - steam powered trains and train memorabilia - Route 66 Museum - across the street for Locomotive Park Cool Springs AZ - Cool Springs Station - looks like something out of the "Cars" movies Careful driving and some slow speeds from Cool Springs into Oatman - this is a mountain pass and the road is narrow in places. You might even see a wrecked and rotting car corpses in one of the ravines. Oatman AZ - Careful driving though Oatman - there are wild burros running around. These burros are descendants from the burros that gold miners set free after the mines closed. - Feed the burros - While the burros are wild, they have little fear of man since the townsfolk and tourists alike feed them. Several places sell burro feed and they should come up to you if they see you have it. - Check out the old western wear and memorabilia in the various tourist shops in town. Now I haven't been to Amarillo Texas yet but - Cadillac Ranch - Route 66-Sixth Street Historic District Oklahoma Route 66 - Lucille's Gas Station - Hydro, OK - POPS - Acadia, OK - Famous "Blue Whale" - Catoosa OK - Will Rogers Museum - Claremore OK - Optimus Prime (Transformers) statue - Stillwater OK - Oklahoma City - Check out the state capital complex - complete with working oil rigs on the property!
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    http://www.tachrev.com/GrandAm1973Nascar.htm The long forgotten Grand Am NASCAR race car. No one is sure where this car ended up. Some rumors have it that it was sold and race dirt track in either Oregon or Washington state. It's most likely long gone now.
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    You guys are hilarious! Detailing the feathers is very painstaking & tedious! This takes a strong grip and durable fingers. If you haven’t done this kind of work before, be aware there will be some discomfort during, but mostly after! Here you will see the center quill line (hollow shaft (calamus), be carved in using the three corner file I showed earlier. This file, if you noticed is ground into a three corner point. The cutting tool acts as a shaping tool, cutting metal like an shaping machine, only by hand. Then you will see the individual (barb) of the feather be carved in, as well as the detail to the Mohawk style headdress on top. notice the now rounded neck. Notice the upper feathers have been detailed with the quill line as well as the barb. The lower feathers have only been detailed with the quill so far.
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    Forgot the damn thang was in my coat pocket. Heard Frosty call this evening and found the coat in the closet, talked til the battery died. If your headin out to Inline tube, make sure you get one of their Pontiac catalogs. You would be shocked with all they have to offer. Also heard you got to see the lost treasure from the Last Indian, your a luck man!
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    Amazing work Last Indian. This little thing definitely requires patience and skill. It takes a lot of practice to properly develop both.
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    Ok, finished product. The first picture is that of the rear deck lid emblem! This second picture is of the flat non-3D Indian head. This is attached to the under hood fuse block panels cover.
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    If you look hard you can see my '66 😉
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  11. 2 points
    My dad has had this since 1962. When he passed away 2 years ago it was going up for sale but i couldnt let it go. I bought it from my siblings not knowing as a woman if I could finish it....mechanically, wiring, paint touch up, interrior and etc. Took me 1 year and 10 months!
  12. 2 points
    2009 G8. I just hit 100,000 miles and going strong!
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  14. 2 points
    I want to have my 73 GTO in the POTM, I hope I'm doing this correct.
  15. 2 points
    2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP just over 109,000 miles, Magnaflow catback. Daily driven.
  16. 2 points
    Stock 1970 Trans Am. RAIII with 4spd.
  17. 2 points
    After leaving the ad business and Pontiac, Jim owned his own Chevrolet dealership for a few years in Wisconsin. It's detailed in his book... Oh boy the way - there's the late Eric White's GTO on the cover. Damn I still miss Eric.
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    DSCN1339.JPG Taken down by the Rock River in Dixon, IL
  19. 2 points
    I'm not so sure this is a typo..... 1978 Pontiac grand lemons - $3500 https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/houston-1978-pontiac-grand-lemons/6852197579.html 1978 Pontiac very rare car.. I’ve had it for about 4 years and it’s just collecting dust.. and getting rusted I rated sell it then to see it go to waste. It has a 454 big block gm engine, with a 350 transmission. Transmission has been fixed and rebuilt for racing. This thing will leave skit mark all over the road. 3500 obo no trades clean and original title. What's a skit mark?
  20. 2 points
    2009 Pontiac G8 GT Taken same day it came out of the body shop.
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    I finally had a couple of minutes on Saturday, while the weather was nice, to go get my dad's Buick Roadmaster Limited washed and topped off with gas. I inherited this land yacht from my dad last year after he passed away. It has the LT-1 Corvette motor in it. So it gets up and moves. It had not been washed in a quite some time and it needed gas. I managed to get it to a car wash and top it off with gas before putting in back into storage and covering for awhile. It was nice to get out and float around in this baby. It was the last new car my parents ever bought. It has around 127,000 miles on it. The interior needs work. I need to find some interior trim for it. I need one new hub cap because the Buick emblem is missing. I need to clean and detail the interior and the engine bay. I have a new air filter, spark plug wires, and plugs for it. There is some surface rust in the rear wheel wells that needs to be addressed.
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    Now I’ll start to turn this emblem into more of a 3 dimensional one by machining the body headdress & feathers into separate layers. Adding this dimension should give a greater differentiation of look to the body versus the head. Again this work requires a mill. It would be very difficult to accomplish this look any other way. Still the previous page of a non inset head use a flat body! Next up, detailing the feathers & the rest of the body!
  24. 2 points
    Things you hear at a car club meeting. "Damn I like Joe's rear end"
  25. 2 points
    Once the body is machined for the inset of the head I need to finish it by refining the fit by picking & smoothing the inner lip of the body & refining the profile of the head. This is to make as homogeneous, seemingly one piece emblem as I can. These two three sided files do a large amount of my detail work. These are what I used to pick and smooth the inner lip of the body. I also use them to carve, cut & a multitude of other detail, like cutting in the feathers on the body, which you will see a little later.
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    Hey buddy, you are to kind, no secret, JustA old school! Here is an example of the emblem without insetting the head. You’ll need to drill clearance holes in the body while drill & tapping the head. Countersink the clearance holes & use countersink screws. This will attach the head to the body, securing it in place. This same method is use for the inset head as well.
  27. 2 points
    Now I need to cut out these pieces. For that you’ll need preferably a band saw, but you could use a hacksaw. If you like you can even build your own bandsaw as I did. It’s relatively cheap and quite easy. In either case you will need to cut larger than the line so they can be shaped and sized. This will be done with good old fashion files. A good assortment of files from large bastard files to tiny jewel maker files should always be part of your tool catalog. This is just a sample of my files, I have over 200 files for every size shape and configuration. You will also need a card file for cleaning your files. Once your parts are cut out it’s time to start shaping and detailing them. Once I have the basic shape filed into the body I need to machine the area where the head will be inserted. The purpose of this work is to start giving this emblem more of a 3D look when finished as well as more of an old style emblem. This work needs a mill and there’s really no other way to do it, but You don’t have to inset the head you can simply set it on top of the body and attach it, as I will show in the next segment.
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    Well I thought I would be able to get into All Data at work today, but there’s a problem with the server. So as soon as I can I’ll get the specs and relay them to you. When you are done downloading this I will delete it. 1997_pontiac_firebird_owners.pdf
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    I think you can get trojans from the pharmacy counter.
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    More information / background on the Pontiac Tojan. Since this thread first started, I have seen one Tojan, in the Ken Lingenfelter collection. I find it interesting that this exact car hit 206 MPH back in the 1980s, when the mighty Corvette was hamstrung to less than that, and 85 MPH speedometers were the law of the land. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/03/the-pontiac-tojan-put-ferraris-directly-in-its-crosshairs-video/
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    All that’s shiny is not gold!🤭
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    I paid Indyman Joe a visit yesterday. I dropped off a set of 15 inch rims too. I bought them from him a couple of years ago, I had them powder coated silver and then I had used the Eastwood Charcoal gray on the rims. I had not finished the touch up or clear coat work. I gave that all to Joe since I know he needs another set of rims to use to mount street slicks on for applying more undercoating to his rear wheel wells. I will be buying a new set of 15" chrome wheels here real soon for Lucy. So while I was there I took so shots of what the car looks like at the moment, especially since I know how technically challenged Joe seems to be in uploading pictures to FP!!!! Old rear diff New diff case in place along with the sway bar and parking brake assemblies 3.50 gear center section sits on the work bench, along with the 35-spline axles. Remi wants to play! Good dog! Good girl. Sit!
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    I just dont know what i need lol. I am getting closer though. i want to be able to use the original E-brake cable. Sway bar is in!! had to cut a small piece off the jack pad but it fits now and doesnt hit anything!
  34. 2 points
    Joe when I switched from the TH350 to the TH400 on Lucy, I had to get new rear e-brake cables made. I went to Inline Tube and had them made to length. They did it while I waited. Call them. It’s worth a trip to Shelby Township.
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    This means what to the Germans and the Autobahn? Answer: Nein!
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    Ok! Ok! Wait a cotton pickin minute! You’re “FROSTY” cold weather should be your time of the year to be outside under the car working away, in all your glory! What do ya mean it’s to cold! How!!
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    Piston rings filed to correct gap... Installing pistons... All pistons installed. Rods checked for bearing clearance and side clearance... Head gaskets sprayed with copper... Beautiful combustion chamber and port work... Heads torqued down. Starting to look like a motor. Measuring for push rods next...
  38. 1 point
    Joe - I love you sediments. One question though - is getting hurt watching skydiving really that risky?
  39. 1 point
    Well its all in.Painted, 3rd member installed sway bar hooked up brake lines yada yada yada..too tired to bug frosty for pics.should be done tomorrow. Key word should. 1 man shop this thing kicked my but today. Tomorrow axles installed i hope. we will see.G-night all. Indy Out!
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    Submitting because All those other Pontiacs just look too darn clean and new. Here is our 1931 Pontiac Sport Sedan or Custom Size depending on which dealer flyer you read. This was the first year for metal spoke rims. Because of how far gone this car is from original we are doing a restomod on it. Updating drive line so I can reliably be driven. We currently have a 350 crate engine in it with turbo 350 trans and S10 limited slip disc brake rearend. Working on new leaf springs, new gas tank, radiator and drive shaft right now. It has a carb for now but will likely get an EFI. Can't wait to get it going.
  41. 1 point
    Dixon Illinois - childhood home of Ronald Reagan Dixon Illinois? Does it still have the 4-way stop in the middle of town? I was best man in a buddy's wedding in Dixon Illinois.
  42. 1 point
    Frosty, It was indeed a fantasy build. The Aussie driving it was a funny old Bloke and did a real nice job on it. Cheers.
  43. 1 point
    Welcome aboard! Nice Project Base. You might consider joining POCI, http://www.poci.org/ that will put you in contact with all the right leads for vintage iron parts. Cheers.
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    Definitely worthy of an update, Heater core removed and installed without removing the entire dashboard. Ha, take that pops. my father did it by the book when he was my age and building his '78 Camaro which called for him to remove the entire dashboard. took him a whole day where me, and my trusty brain, managed in only an hour.
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    Interesting article from Automotive Magazine about the Ride Pontiac Ride ad/commercial of the late 80s. It is more of a music video with Pontiacs. What I found more interesting was the second Pontiac ad from 1990, "As Long as THere are Individuals There Will Be Pontiac" - if only that were true. This ad features a sci-fish theme and a voice over by Jean-Luc himself, Patrick Stewart. I must admit I honestly don't remember this ad at all. https://www.automobilemag.com/news/watch-ride-pontiac-ride-ad-commercial-80s/
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    Thanks Frosty! I cant upload pics and justa cant answer his phone lol we are old..
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    Well engine support is cut and welded to mounting plates, just not bolted to frame yet. Next step is I'm ordering new leaf springs so we set this thing on all fours before we lock anything in place.
  48. 1 point
    Well it's not leveled yet because I'm waiting for tires to put on the rims. But the new rearend is under the car. The spring perches on the S10 rearend are 1/2" inbound of the stock rearend. 41" out to out vs 42" on the Pontiac. I also got the old gas tank out, the luggage rack off and the back shield between the rear fenders off. Tomorrow we will be looking at the engine placement and level.
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    Copy that! Looks good! You too Hemingway!
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