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    Over the past few weeks I have been replacing the chrome (really anodized aluminum) on the top edge of the door and rear quarters. At least that was the plan, but it led to the following as well. Removed both vent windows and refurbished with new rubber and sash channels. Polished all of the stainless steel parts of the vent windows. Replaced all of the seals/felts around the front door and rear windows. Replaced the gaskets around the door handles/locks. Replaced the door locks with a matching ignition switch cylinder. Repainted the top of the doors and rear quarters (interior). Had the pulldown cloth on rear seat cushion repaired due to rotten cloth. The upholstery guy assured me the seat covers are original as I was told. Lubricated all of the window regulator/channels. Adjusted all of the windows for better seal. Resealed the door/quarter panel water shields with 3M caulk strips. Replaced the rear quarter trim panels that were warped due to moisture sometime in the car's history. So my weekend project turned into a month long project and the budget exceeded by about three times, but very pleased with the results, and all things that needed to be done.
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    Is this terribly shocking news? Automakers look for any excuse to raise prices. Consumers are always expected to pay in the end. I have not yet seen any manufacturer price war themselves to lower prices, it's always up! Just a matter of time before they price themselves out of business.
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    Lawdy - two Ringos ?!?!?! So does that mean technically we now have Dingos????? LOL! RingoRoseman - mind if we call you Ringo to keep it clear? I am glad to see someone kept their family heirloom, in spite of the shape it is in. I admire the fact that you plan to bring her back. It won't be cheap and it will take time as notallthere suggests. However, I think you will also enjoy the journey. Please share it with us in the project section as time and money permits.
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    Hi, Mine has a sunroof too. What i like about this car is that it turns heads on the road. Not many of those still around on the road.
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    That was my favourite scene from the original Death Race
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    Pass on the trans fluid dippin sauce...it sucks.
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    We got your low carb classic green aunty freeze called Prestone. We also got the high carb orange Dexcool.
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    I say... Let it run slow, the cars NOT aging as fast then, right? I've been waiting to tear down my GTO for paint. $$$ issues. Will be doing the same when putting it back together. Alot of work, but so worth it.
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    Looks good Joe. Found LED replacement bulbs for the GTO dash...ordering tomorrow when I figure out how many. Requires layin on my back N TWERKIN my way up under the dash. No camera's! Took my GTO seatbelts out to the car, but didn't get to pull the backseat to install. Busy cleanin on the daily drivers. Whatta beautiful day and tomorrow will be the same.
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    A bow tie on a Firebird? Oh the shame, the shame, the shame
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    Home sweet home lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I visited my daughter, son in law, and grandsons in Chandler AZ last week. On Friday the 20th, we drove out to Scottsdale to the Barrett-Jackson auto auction. It was great, of course,but I only got to see probably half the cars there. If I go again, it will be for two days... it's that big! Anyway... I was merrily taking a bazillion pictures and then my camera wouldn't focus and then it quit altogether! Grrrr. I then used my iPhone till the battery ran out. Long story short, I only got photos of a small percentage of the cars, and a LOT of those pictures were out of focus, dang it! Lesson learned... I am through with my point-and-shoot camera and am looking at a mid price range DSLR probably Canon or Nikon (haven't pulled the trigger yet). Here are all the good (i.e. in focus, lol) photos of Pontiacs. There were WAY more Pontiacs than are represented here. http://s931.photobucket.com/user/us_strat/slideshow/Barrett-Jackson 2017
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    Thanks for sharing your work careeer Last Indian. I don't consider it boasting. Life can be amazing who you come in contact with. If you are working in a career that is more hobby than work, how can you go wrong? I am thankful for the talented engineers and tradesmen I've ever worked with. I consider myself lucky to meet some of my own racing legends during my career. Don Prudhomme came to the Warren Tech Center. Tony Stewart came to Powertrain after he won the Winston Cup in his Pontiac and I have his autograph on a 1:24 model of his car, Richard and Kyle Petty, Connie Kalitia, and Shirley Mulroney. I got to work with many of the many amazing Buick V6 engineers including Denny Manner.
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    So I was lucky enough to gather with some Poncho fans and friends this weekend at a local car show and it was really all I wanted for my 52nd birthday. One of my good friends Kevin dropped in with his 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge. Yes its real, numbers matching, 4 speed Ram Air 3. Restored with nothing but original or NOS parts, its a thing of beauty. The weather was perfect, my GTO is running like a champ, and the time away from "the grind" was much needed. Make sure you make the most of your time with your friends and family.
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    Happy birthday 360! BTW - Don autographed my two books and he's already sent them back.
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    I had breakfast this morning with a fellow Widetracker. I had contacted him about the rare "Widetrackin'" 45-rpm record I found by the Fabulous Pak (a group that had members that would later form Grand Funk Railroad). I had recently moved and I had gone through my records to find it. So I gave him that 45 plus a 45-rpm copy of Ronny and the Daytona's Little GTO, and the Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe 33 1/3 long play (LP) record album. So we arranged to meet at his place and then go to a local restaurant to eat. After we returned to his house, I got a chance to look at his stable of project cars and finished cars. He has: '72 Chevy 3/4 ton pick up with a 402/396 Big Block - its for sale '67 GTO 400 4-speed car '64 Chevy 409 4-speed Impala SS convertible - its for sale '62 Grand Prix with a 389 and 4-speed '66 Catalina Station Wagon At the center of our discussion was his '60 Bonneville convertible. Now off the cuff I'd say there is nothing particularly rare about a '60 Bonnie convertible. However, once you start to take a look at it closely, there is a lot to appreciate. To start with, my buddy is the second owner of the car. It has only 54K original miles on it. It is a 389 with an automatic. The car was purchased off the turn table in dealership's show room 3 weeks into the start of the 1960 model year. The car was driven by the original owner's wife and she was a secretary, so her high heels wore a small hole in the carpet in front of the accelerator, other than that, the interior is pristine. Today there is rust on the outside of the body, most of which was due to sanding that the original owner did back in the mid-to-late 60s and he never primed or painted it to protect it. However, much of the metal has not decayed very badly. However, the lower right front fender and hood will have to patched or replaced. Finally, in the five dago trunk is the full size spare tire. It is the original spare tire, and it is still filled with air from 1959 ! Now here is where this car gets interesting. The car is officially called Black Pearl. In the light, it looks like a combination charcoal gray with purple or amethyst. Only two Bonnevilles were known to have been painted with this color, at the very beginning of the '60 model year. This would appear to be a third one. The other two had black/charcoal/gray triple color interior, this one is a triple red color interior and none were known to exist with this color interior. This car has power windows front and rear, while most Bonnevilles only had front power windows. The chrome trim across the 8’ 6” rear quarter panels has three spears within it, while a standard Bonneville has four. So this appears to be a very rare or unusual ’60 Bonneville. The car while be restored and re-painted on the outside, but the interior and trunk will remain untouched, preserving much of it’s patina. The engine compartment will be cleaned up and detailed. Outside of the car Here is the interior and trunk Here is the engine bay
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    Not that time, just a loose nut behind the steering wheel. Let's just say they took the long way, not the wrong way.
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    No bragging needed sir. Your list of items doesn't happen that often I've yet to see a tornado and in 50 years I think I've experienced 5 hurricanes and 4 were in one year. No flooding yet. bugs are everywhere. And you aren't allowed to use the word "devil" apparently its anti christian. They are just the Rays now. Now Dennis? How many years in your lifetime has it NOT snowed? and/or dropped below freezing? How many months do you NOT get to drive your baby? Case Closed
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    Here are some non-Pontiacs from Barrett-Jackson. This is a tiny fraction of the cars that were there because first my camera went wonky and then my iPhone ran out of power... very frustrating! I did get most of the "star" cars, however. If you see differences in the pictures, it's because this is a mixture of digital camera and iPhone. I have edited all the photos in Adobe Lightroom to minimize the differences. That being said... I had a blast! Also, if I'm able to go again, I will go two days and be more camera ready. http://s931.photobucket.com/user/us_strat/slideshow/B-J Not Pontiac
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    That's same thing happens in both NASCAR and at the pharmacy counter when only one of the siamese twins is going to get lucky! Stopping for left side rubber only!
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    Someone on our Facebook posted this
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    Bob Seger's Night Moves video from 1994.....love the old cars and drive-in http://www.bobseger.com/media/night_moves.mp4
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    Ok stratman - some more B-J results. Picture #5, the Fat GTO with the blower through the hood - Lot 1053 - sold for only $33,000. Now what makes this car unique is this is a 2003 GTO! Remember Pontiac didn't start selling the new GTOs until the 2004 model year. The VIN says "experimental" meaning this car is not at all street legal. and it can not be titled It is technically a prototype Here is the B-J write-up. "Lot #1053 - Mark Jones, Owner of Fat57 Customs of Sydney Australia is one of the most important figures in the Australian Custom Car Scene. Mark and his two sons Beauman and Harley have built an amazing and truly diverse range of custom cars. This 2003 GTO is just a sample of such. In a joint partnership with AC Delco, Pioneer and Pontiac, Mark was chosen to receive a Proto-Type pre-production Experimental GTO before ever released to the public, to see what Australia's #1 Custom Car Builder could do with it. The result is FAT GTO. A Modern Muscle car to the Extreme. Just a few features are Electronic Fuel Injected Blown 427 Big Block, Custom Reverse Exhaust System, Shock Wave Air Ride System, Custom Leather Interior, Outrageous Audio and Video System by Pioneer, One off Custom Tires and Wheel by Intro, 4 wheel disc brakes. **NOT STREET LEGAL. SOLD ON BILL OF SALE**" Pictures #15-17, Chris Jacobs did a little walk through of this custom '58 Star Chief with the LS motor during the B-J telecast. Your lime green '69 Judge convertible did very well. It sold for $170,500.00. Here is the B-J write up. It's a one-of-one car. Here is the B-J write-up: "Lot #1439 - Originally built at the Baltimore Plant, this 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge convertible was shipped to Bowan McLean Motorcar Company in Vancouver, BC, on April 22, 1969. It's equipped with 17 factory-installed options and is powered by its confirmed original born-with 400/366hp Ram Air III matching-numbers engine. This 1969 GTO Judge #0503 was owned first in British Columbia, Canada (by its original purchaser new) where it remained until 2004 (35 years of ownership). In 2004 GTO #0503 would be auctioned off to its third owner in Atlanta, GA. This GTO has been the recipient of a full body-off restoration. It qualified, was accepted and entered into Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2016. First Place ribbon and trophy from concours (both will be included with vehicle sale). This 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge #0503 includes PHS paperwork, copy of GM Build Sheet and GM Vintage Vehicle Historical Society Paperwork. It is one of 108 1969 GTO Judge convertibles built for worldwide production in '69 and one of 29 with automatic transmission. This is also the only triple-green GTO Judge convertible ever built." The 1976 Trans Am sold for $72,600 - its from the Charlie Thomas collection. It's an original true survivor car too. No restoration on this car. Now here is a car that I am surprised you didn't see or photograph, it is a true genuine GM prototype car. I am a little surprised to see it up for sale since I've seen it on the showfield of the Widetrackers Dustoff before John Sawruck passed away. So I've seen this car up close. Its the 1985 Pontiac Trans Am Kammback! These pictures are from B-J website. it sold for $44,000. Lot #1245 - This is a genuine former General Motors test-platform mule, VIN 0000EX4796, equipped with G-code HO V8 with 5-speed manual transmission, factory air, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power door locks, cruise, tilt, AM/FM stereo cassette, glass T-tops and Pontiac T/A mag wheels. It has been extensively shown and promoted at auto shows as well as in magazines. EX4796 was put into service as a Pace Car for the PPG and IMSA Race Series for 1985 with a roof-mount light bar and two-way communications equipment. The Kammback Concept failed to advance after 1985; however, this car was stored at GM for 13 years in the Pontiac Engineering Car Collection until a local Detroit-area Pontiac dealer and collector, John McMullen, was able to acquire it. Experimental cars normally go to the crusher, but this one, by the good graces of Pontiac, escaped and has survived. While in the McMullen Collection, this car was professionally restored in meticulous detail, right down to the undercarriage white floor pans, after which it was sold to the John O'Quinn Collection in 2007. The white exterior is graced by Dove Gray leather interior trim and is in outstanding condition, as is the engine compartment and undercarriage. The Kammback Concept has been editorialized by Motor Trend magazine with a cover and multi-page spread in June 1977 and August 1985. A 3-ring binder documents this car's history in the McMullen Collection, the John O'Quinn Collection and Scott Tiemann's Supercar Specialties. Also included is a letter from Pontiac Historical Services (PHS) that further documents this car, its story and history. Recent credits include 2015 Concours d'Elegance of America and the November 2015 Muscle Car and Corvette National Show in Chicago. **SOLD ON BILL OF SALE** As a side note, John McMullen is another honorary Widetracker. He was a Pontiac dealer in Troy Michigan for many years and he had quite an extensive car collection at one time. He has sold a lot of it, but he still has several car, especially electric vehicles! John lives about 10 miles from me in Lapeer Michigan. Last Indian, I worked for GM IS&S in Global Operations for about 10.5 months. I worked in the basement of the Systems Engineering Building, next the data center that was there, before they built the new behind the old Cadillac building. I was there from September 2011 to July 2012. I had been to the Tech Center prior to that - on and off - for occasional meetings, but that was the only time I worked there full time.
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    With another successful year in the books, we're back again thanking you all for being around and making this a great community! With that we're bringing back our FREE giveaway of one of our wondrous calendars. In order to enter, all you have to do is reply to this topic! No restrictions, just reply! In order to receive more entries though, please get active! Active members get 1 entry per day that they are active! Those of you who have donated to Forever Pontiac will get 5+ entries. You too can donate to Forever Pontiac and support our running costs by going to: https://foreverpontiac.com/store/category/1-fp-donations/ If you have any questions, please let us know!
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    Better than a kick in the teeth.
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    Good stuff, Frosty! Thanks! I forgot to put this Judge and a Trans Am in my slideshow, they are in there now. The sign said this is a 1 of 1 '69 Judge convertible- the only one built that is triple green. What does your information say about it?
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    Nice looking Ventura. As long as the front frame assembly is straight the rest is just bolt on. I get the time thing. There is never enough no matter what. Welcome
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    Yeah, that's my humor, love it!
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    In case you've missed the commercial on TV. I find it hilarious that they use the voice of the same guy from the real Chevy commercials for the 'focus group ! ...and here the cheesy movie trailers to go with it.
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    Here's some more.... Ford Raptor Chevy's Motor Trend Awards of late... I'm Lego Batmobile ! Nissan NSX
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    2003 Grand am SE 5speed 2.2 ECOTech
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    -Divorce can be messy, and that’s just as true in the auto business as it was in Kramer vs. Kramer. Getting untangled from a longtime partner can take a while. In the case of the split between Mazda and Ford, that separating is still going on. One of the collaborations between the two comapanies was in the arena of pickup trucks—both in the U.S. and abroad—but Mazda just announced a new pickup partner: Isuzu. -Isuzu—yes, it’s still in business, although it left the U.S. consumer market in early 2009—will build a pickup truck for Mazda. The new pickup presumably will replace the Mazda BT-50 (pictured). The BT-50 was co-developed with Ford of Australia and is a mechanical twin to the Ford Ranger. The current generation of this truck, which is built in Thailand and in South Africa, was introduced in late 2010 and updated last year. Since Ford and Mazda won’t be working together on a new one (the divorce took years and was finalized in 2013), Mazda wisely has been casting around for a replacement. -Americans first came to know Isuzu pickups as the Chevy LUV, which faced off against Datsuns and Toyotas here starting in 1972. After Chevrolet dropped the second-generation version (in favor of its homegrown S-10), Isuzu began selling it as the P-up in the early ’80s. That truck’s replacement, built in Indiana, was the humbly named Isuzu Pickup. When the Pickup reached the end of the road, Isuzu was given a version of the new Chevy S-10, the Hombre—a friend you may have forgotten. General Motors sold off its Isuzu shares in 2006, but their collaboration continues in the commercial truck market and in co-development of diesel engines, including the one offered in the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon. -For its part, Mazda hasn’t sold a pickup in the United States since the days of the B2000, which was a rebadged Ford Ranger (the American one). Prior to that, Mazda had supplied Ford with its first compact pickup, which Dearborn badged as the Courier, and also sold a similar small pickup under its own brand. --- Instrumented Test: Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab 4×4 Diesel- 2019 Ford Ranger, Yes, It’s Returning!- Mazda Vehicles Tests, Reviews, Specs, Pricing, and More- --Does this new collaboration mean that we’ll once again see Mazda (or Isuzu) pickups on American soil? Sadly, no. In a statement announcing the partnership, Mazda said that the vehicle, like the current BT-50, will be sold “worldwide, except [in] North America.” For its part, Ford plans to bring its Ranger successor here in 2019 to compete in the mid-size segment. -Read Full Article
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    For the love of god avoid school zones and old folks homes.
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    Agreed - it needs to be simmered with fresh buck ala asphalt.
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    You forgot about the dippin' sauces GE! Hot road tar and battery acid!
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    Works for me. More importantly, works for my wife.
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    I don't have the depth you have to work with. It already has plenty to bite on, so I'm thinkin Justa brush BLACK in and go. No real room for primer.
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    Oh, I would not compete. I would just mark off my plot on my bingo card. That's one weird smile if it's teeth
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    He's helping my diet. I found a bug walking about inside the bag my cookies were in while eating lunch yesterday and didn't even blink. (No, I didn't eat it ... I'm keeping it at my desk as a pet). Coming here tho ...
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    Very cool, nice to hear about these stories. That's an intereseting Bonnie indeed! Nice color too. Needs some TLC but it's in great shape for being over 50 years old. Any pics of the other cars that he had?
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