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    Took a few pics of the Pontiacs at a car show in McKinney, Texas today. Interesting story behind the 69 Limelight Green Firebird. The owner of the car bought it from the original owner, who won the car in late 1968 on "The Price is Right" tv game show.
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    A few pics from the Wheels of Time Street Rod Assn. cruise tonight in Macungie , PA .
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    I agree Frosty but the nice thing about mixing the cars in one calendar shows Pontiac unity, no matter the year, model, etc. We are all Pontiac.
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    Your all overthinkin this..... He HAS to sit in the back seat to stretch his legs. Really doesn't give a damn who's drivin. Also gets a boost from Nike if the shoes show in the windshield.
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    My 1971 LeMans Sport Convertible. Purchased this car in 1991 as a gift to myself when I returned from Desert Storm.
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    Justa6 1980 Sunbird, 4:71 Blown V6
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    hello, i'm french and this is my firebird 1973
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    This is Pro. Grace is back again this year.....and parked across the street from me too.....sigh!
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    Open day of the Rod Run and Doo Wop didn't disappoints. Lots of neat cars and trucks on the Boulevard to see.
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    It's been no secret to notallthere, Indymanjoe, and JUSTA, that Lucy has been giving me more than my fair share of fits this car season. Last night before leaving for Charleston was another dandy. My wife invited her girlfriend and her daughter over to see Lucy (since I had it home to pack it up to come to Charleston). It seems the daugher has been elected to her homecoming court and each "princess" must find their own convertible to showcase them in the homecoming parade. So they came over to check out Lucy if she will do for the parade. So I put the top down and the windows down for the daughter to check out. Turns out Lucy will do just nicely. Great. I go to put the top up and it won't go (which I figured would happen based on what occurred at the Sellers show). I had the new top switch so I proceeded to remove it (not so gently I might add). I connected up the new switch before installing it in the car and it works fine but I had a real hard time with the connection plug that goes to the pump motor. I put the new switch in the dash and the damn motor connection fought me all the way. I suspect the new blades could be the wrong size, not sure totally. That is something I will have to look into when I get home. Next thing I hear what sounds like fluid leaking (again) from the rams! Aggg! I have no time to fix the hydraulics, so I mange to get the top up with a combination firm yet gentle manual effort and the use of a lacrosse stick to push the power top button. Now the top is up, I go to roll up the windows and she's a no go. No sound of any of the window motors, nothing - dead quiet. I think I have a blown fuse but I can't find one. Finally at 1 am, I had to put the car away and get some sleep so I can drive 7-8 hours to Charleston. Now let me give you some history about Lucy. I've owned her 22 years now (since 1995). In most of that time, its had the unique ability to power cycle the power top and power windows with the ignition off and keys out of the ignition. I just figured the previous owner jumpered something to do that. I know this is not the norm but hey it was very convienent. Well I ended up having to drive Lucy with the top up and windows down all the way to Charleston today. I didn't escape having to drive thru some rain along the way. Fortunately for me it was not gushing! Once I got to the cruise-in event tonight here in South Charleston, I asked one of my buddies if he had an 12V electrical guru that I could get in touch with to look at Lucy while I am here. Turns out he did and the guru was standing 10 feet away from us. His name is Kevin. Kevin teaches auto mechanics and works on British cars mostly. Kevin was kind enough to look at my car. He and I both learned something. He learned that GM A-body cars have power relays between the fuse block and the master window switch (I learned this last night surfing online before going to bed). The power relay (for cars built with power windows) is located behind the driver's side kick panel. He quickly determined with his voltmeter that the power relay was the problem. I was lucky enough to stop at National Parts Depot in Canton MI on my way down to Charleston and I had enough forethought to purchase a new master switch and power relay. So once he plugged the new relay in and he hit the master switch, nothing happened. Then he turned the key into the "on" position, and viola, the windows worked again. Kevin said that the power relay actually failed all those years ago and allowed direct battery current to let the top work and the windows roll up and down bypassing the ignition. It just took all these years for the relay to completely fail. Failed Power Relay
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    USPS communication and services are absolutely ridiculous. Sent them a ticket and called on my mail after Hurricane Irma as I didn't receive any for over a week since the hold had been cancelled and expired but my parents and everyone else I talked to in Naples were. (I even saw the USPS truck driving around my neighborhood daily) No one ever responded but at least I got my mail last week. Got emailed a survey about my "experience" with their support and one of the questions was "How promptly was I contacted after submitting the request?" and an option was "Never" (which I selected). A. You know you have beyond poor customer service if you have to put "Never" as an option for a response in your survey. B. After submitting that how was I not immediately contacted? Any business worth a damn and respects it's customers would do that.
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    I can throw in some past rides of mine.......just for fun.
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    As much as I agree whole heartedly with both Ringo and Last Indian on their principles and such, from a pure advertising perspective, this almost a sure thing. Lebron represents a leader, an athlete, a man who can literally afford what his heart desires and people know that. So making him a front man "must say something about this product or technology". Now that I've taken my marketing hat off, the technology (as Last Indian points out) could be total B.S., but someone might buy it anyway (hey some people bought Yugos didn't they?).
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    Put this document together about 15 years for a class I was teaching at the time to introduce individuals to the cars at my company. Covers basic knowledge, safety and various other aspects. Any questions or comments would love to hear! Auto Maintenance Safety & Driving Tips rev1.docx
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    Okay so I took the car for a cruise around the block. She burped and farted all the way there. Turns out I must have hit the distributor and knocked the timing out. I had to move the stop out for the shifter as it was not quite engaging the gear. The front of the car has always sat high for some reason. Today I found out that i did not seat the springs in the upper pocket properly. Tonight I took the front end apart and installed the springs properly. Needless to say she sits low.
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    Claims it's not seen the winter since '93. I believe it ... roadsalt claimed my Colts ... all 4 of them. What I can't fathom is who would think to garage a Colt for nearly 25 winters.
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    360, it would appear you’re headed in the right direction. it’s been awhile, so this is food for thought. Not knowing what you’ve tried and not tried I will say this. I’ll do this backwards, as usually it’s total advance minus initial, but in this case the total seams too much. So total advance should be between 36 and 40 degrees btdc. Meaning if you start with 15 or 12 degrees initial, which is reasonable, mechanical & vac should add know more than 25 to 23 degrees, as you implied. Carb tuning is a little more precarious because it will change timing some and vice versa because of idle speed. I would usually set the idle down until, hearing wise, the engine was struggling a bit. Then about half to three quarters turn up on the throttle screw. Then each idle screw went the same way, down till a blurb in the idle then up a half turn. I never found vac gages to be very helpful. Also with the HEI, have you checked the spark plugs, gap erosion, etc? What about the coil, they can make a big difference, as can spark plug wires. A little story! I always ran a duel point distributer with full mechanical advance in my Z. One nice Sunday afternoon I tuned up the Z, drove it Monday to work. That morning on the freeway I encountered an idiot in a CRX Honda that thought he was going to give 600 hp a run in a somewhat light morning traffic, as well as jeopardizing others in the process. So to end it before it started I downshifted and punched it. This car being what it was, squawk tires at 50 & was gone! For about 300ft! This is where it gets embarrassing! Suddenly the car backfired violently about 5 or six times. So much so the the car shook and when I looked in my rear view mirror cars behind me were get out of the way of the big ball of smoke! In that 300 ft the car had gone from 50 to 85 or so. So at that point the car was dead and coasting up about a 75’ rise overpass, it coasted about a mile and stoped. Like any other idiot I got out opened the hood and looked at a motor that looked perfectly fine! It obviously would not start so I looked some more. Finally I saw it the spark plug wire were all as taunt as a guitar string. The distributor had spun, must have forgotten to tighten it! So I grabbed it rotated it back, hit the key and it started first crank, but didn’t run good at all. I nursed it about an other mile to work and parked it by our fleet garage. Later I came out with a timing light to check timing among other things. Popped the distributor cap, say what, the side of the rotor was blown out, it was just flopping around. Put a new rotor on, timed it, seemed ok! Till I drove home, anything over 35 mph and the motor ran like crap! For the next three weeks I went through the motor, compression, points, condenser, etc nothing, but at about 50 under load there was a miss, a shutter. On week four I found it at night! I opened the hood in my drive, being dark out the engine was a light show, rev it up it was a bigger light show. Every single spark plug wire was fractured internally and when loaded everything would bleed to ground. The worst part of this was two years later the real damage reared its head. Two years later the motor started huffing oil out the breathers and exhaust big time! A compression test showed 5 & 7 at only 85 lbs. pulled the motor both 1st & 2nd compression rings on 5 & 7 were broken in no less than at least 5 places on every ring. So check it all!
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    And Frosty, I too right these days am in the mindset of pay it forward more so than in years gone by. I was in my work vehicle the other day and passed an elderly lady who was broke down in the middle of a busy intersection and mulled over the situation because I was in a work vehicle and if they knew I did what I was about to do I would most likely be out of a job. Well me being me, I turned around and got that lady back up and running and on her way. Her truck had no water, no oil, and a loose battery terminal but we were able to resource the things we needed. think its time for the world to change its thought process from the self centered selfish reality TV lifestyle and star lending a helping hand to those around them. My goals at life at this moment have shifted from wealth and gathering more toys to simplifying my life and helping those around me more.
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    Also a few non - Pontiacs (if anyone is interested).
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    So this is for Last Indian, thought I would make a quick video showing your timing gun back in service once again in order to make a happy Pontiac owners car just that much faster. Thank you again.
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    Yesterday was the AACA annual WINGS & WHEEL'S and the weather was fantastic. I persuaded my friend to dust off. Top off and fire up 3 of his 8 and get them out to the show. Here's a link to some of the other machines in attendance; https://flic.kr/s/aHsm4v2ZbK Cheers
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    Good time yesterday at the PSN Car Show on the grounds of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Tx.
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    Some photos from our chapters Pontiac show today at Ebersole Auto Group in Lebanon, PA.
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    I so glad you're pleased, I hope they work and serve you well as they did me. I cherish the memories that I made with them. All the years of racing, all the years of tuning some incredible machines. These are forever a part of me and I hope you make some great ones for you with them!
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    JustaG6 and I met up with Frosty for the cruise to Sellers, meeting up with Mike and his Rivera. Waited all day for IndyJoe but again a no show. 90+ outside in the end of Sept???? Really? Cars were just as hot and made for a perfect, but draining day. Frosty and I both took awards. All 4 of us won doorprizes.....whole nother story. Still LMAO With a 100 cars. Attendance was down this year. But many made the cruise to Bakers to finish with yet another show. Sadly it was the last show of the year for the Justa tribe. Might slip in a cruise night of the few remaining. I'll post a few to get er started and Frosty will hopefully chip in this time with more pic's.
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    You are the man Justa, thanks! Sorry for the delay 360, but as a bonus, well maybe it's not, I'm also sending an old TRW tach/dwell meter. Should get to Fedx tomorrow! Hoka Hey! Ringo thanks for your help as well! Hope things are getting back to normal!
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    I would suggest using the Personal Message feature for this kind of information so that it is only used by yourself . We will normally delete any personal information like this that is not secure to protect users.
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    My plans to give Lucy a tune-up this weekend went up in flames. My wife was suppose to be out of town until Saturday night. I ended up getting a text message from my boy late Saturday morning saying that they (the wife, the kid and mom-in-law) were on their way back home because my wife had been up all night on a work related called and she was still on it at 11:00 a.m. She needed her work PC, which she hadn't expected to take with her on Friday night when she left the house. So now I was going to have a house full of people. So much for peace and quiet to work on the car. Oh and to add insult to injury, while at the Sellers show on Sunday with JUSTA, we determined that my power switch on my convertible top has also failed. It would go down but not up. JUSTA rigged a quick jumper wire to the back of the switch and we got the top up. Lucky I had already ordered a new switch and I have it to install. This weekend I expect to install the new switch as my first priority and then do the tune up.
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    360, I learned a long time ago when folks helped me and my family out in a time of need, I was humbled and grateful. It made me want to pay if forward. So if you see someone whom you can help....do it ! That will be reward enough for me at least.
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    It was a great show this year and always fun to combine a Pontiac event with Cavanaugh Flight Museum. IMG_8774.MOV IMG_8775.MOV
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    Takes a tribe to survive! Pontiac will never die....We become legends.
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    You guys are to kind, but thanks! Justa being a good brave, that's what the chief (Pontiac) would want!
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    Glad to help, really what good is a timing light setting on a shelf doing nothing? 360 I just need to know where you want it sent, shippings no big deal. Besides after seeing what bitch Irma did to you, that's enough to take care of. it might be old, but it is a good one.
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    Another one, just for sharing... not my car.
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    Last Indian I give you kudos for your guess. You are correct that this is indeed a 1932 model. It is not an experimental or prototype. This is a production vehicle. These pictures were emailed to me from the POCI office yesterday in order that I could reach out to Don Meyer, the GMC Historian and get more detail. Sadly Don didn't have anymore detail to add. Remember in another thread I told you that Pontiac built bodies for GMC back in the 30s? Well this appears to a case where Pontiac built the entire vehicle for GMC. Let me explain. We believe this to be the only known remaining (1 of 394 built) 1932 taxi cabs built exclusively for the Yellow (Taxi) Cab Co. It was advertised and sold under General Motors Truck (GMC), not as a Pontiac. So that is why you see the "G" on the radiator and Body by GMC tag. You can see thru some of the oxidation that the doors were in fact painted yellow from the factory. This would be consistent with the taxi cab build. So while this is essentially a Pontiac automobile, it is technically a GMC vehicle! Photograph of one of the 394 Yellow Taxi Cabs builti in 1932 1932 General Motors Truck (e.g. GMC) brochure advertising all of it trucks - including the taxi cab.
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    Nice pictures, Rick... great Pontiacs and great airplanes!
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    To me, it’s an abortion. Cadillac front end, Buick LaCrosse upper body line from the doors back, Vette mirrors. The lower section between the wheels looks like the new Camaro and the grille might resemble the old goat grille, but it sure doesn’t fit that cars styling!😬 Really bad!! Dare I say the G8 looked better!
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