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    This is a shot of Lucky at a local Car show for Veterans at Konkel Park in Greenfield Wisconsin. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    If you've been on this website for any length of time, you know I never miss the Charleston WV Rod Run and Doo Wop. It is in it's 14th year, and I have been to 12 now. I missed the first two. Its the car show I close my season on. What a show it is. This year started out badly. As most of you know, Lucy did not make the trip successfully. She suffere dcatastrophic failure less than 10 miles from home (hey it beats being in the middle of nowhere Ohio). A belt shredded, knocking the other belt off with it. This stopped the water pump. The engine overheated and I had anitfreeze steam come into the cabin and under the hood. Someone called the Fire Department thinking we were on fire. We got a tow truck to take Lucy to a local shop. My wife had her parents pick her up and she went home and got her Traverse. We met up again at the local car repair show were Lucy was towed. We unloaded Lucy and headed for Charleston.....albeit 2 or 3 hours behind schedule. We got to Charleston without any other problems. We checked into the hotel, dropped off our bags and got out to Home Depot for chances in winning one of the $500 cash awards (after all I now I have a car to pay for when I get back!). The last ticket pulled was #403, I had ticket #404. so close!!! It was weird not having to get up early Thursday morning to find my parking spot. I had called the show's parking "general" Kenny Wedensday and told him Lucy wasn't coming. No point in saving a spot for a car that is not going to be there. So I got a little extra sleep. I am not use to that.... Friday was time for the poker run. We meet up at the local Moose Lodge and then head out from there. This poker run is not well advertised or known about anymore. It was an all Chevy poker run, six Corvettes and a Traverse. Wanna' guess the guy without the Corvette? With so few participants the odds of winning go up. I managed to take 3rd place and win $100 with a pair of 4s, ace high. So now I have a little cash in my pocket to help fix Lucy with. I ran across this gorgeous '81 Trans Am parked near the DJ stand. It looked kinda familiar although the hideous scratch along the right front fender and door were nothing to write home about. This would be stratman's '81 Trans Am. He and I did indeed hook up here in Charleston. It was trully a pleasure to met the myth, the man, the car, the urban legend. I will let him give his impressions of the car show. I know he was disappointed that he could not check out Lucy (as was I) for that I am sorry. I guess I will have to get her fixed and bring her back nexy year. This Impala 409 belongs to my buddy Pete Barber (aka Dual Quad Pete). Pete owns a '64 Parisenne wagon with a factory stick shift! Pete lives north of Toronto eh. On Thuesday night, the Doo Wop committee honored Pete for his continued dedication to the show. His participation officially makes the Doo Wop an international show. Pete was given a special award for it. It was well earned - oh and his car won a sponsor award too. Note the missing man formation here!!! Thanks for saving me a spot at Home Depot Pete! Great looking '70 GTO convertible. This one is for notallthere!!!! Great idea for a hood scoop, don't you think? Love the license plate. We have Starsky and Hutch, where's Huggy Bear? 1975 V8 Vega - this is the owner's second V8 Vega. Seems he owned one just out of high school. The Cemetary Knight's latest creation - this thing has 4 turbochargers!!!! Great looking '71 Monte Carlo convertible - it was built using a Lemans Sport Convertible since Chevy never made a Monte Carlo convertible.
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    Well I thought I would share this, some may think otherwise, but this is fact as I have said in the past, this was one of my development projects for about 10 years. The Indian has 39,000 miles on it. Saturday I decided to change my cabin air filter in the Indian as well as the engine air filter among other things it’s been probably about 5 years since the last change, but I only average about 1000 miles a year on it since I retired, which will soon be 4 years. You’re going to see a picture of the throttle body. The TB has not been touched, cleaned or anything else since at least 2008 when I did the upper cylinder head work & plenum work! This thing is as clean & dry as can be, as if it were brand new & just installed! This is because I use only a high end premium gas, a PEA fuel cleaner and change my oil & filter at least every 3000 miles, but it’s actually more like every 2000 - 2500 miles.
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    Well, now have both the new front cover and the Kaminari front lower air dam. I’ll be starting the mock-up of the new design soon, as the end of the season is upon us on the North coast!
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    FINALLY finished my livery scheme... here is the end result.
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    Here's more from Charleston. '61 Tempest wagon Guess the engine in this '71 GTO!
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    69 Leman Factory 4 Speed
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    Here are some of my photos from the Seller's show as well. Thanks for the congrats JUSTA. JUSTA and Mike won awards and door prizes as well. Here is JUSTAG6's new/old ride. I snuck a photo of it while I was walking around. \ This is Ember Red by PPG - A Harley-Davidson color Gotta' love it - a '81 Phoenix. Complete with the Iron Puke 4-banger. Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor is alive and well and living in Allen Park ! I love seeing this Buick Pace car! Dan Sullivan's Bonneville - it won Best of Show too. '53 GMC 5-window pick-up - Sinclair gas themed I have always loved the styling of the Old Holidays. This is no exception. Ever see a supercharged Tuned Port? I never get tired of seeing a first-gen Grand Am. My "Missing Man" formation shot....where did you go Joe? Lucy
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    Here's some shots from the awesome day that led to all 3 of us winning a plaque. Doorprizes and Frosty won the trifecta!!!! If you attend all 3 of the All Pontiac or new this year BOP shows. Buick Old's Pontiac show series you had your card punched and tossed in the drawing for a $150.00 gas card. Congrat's Frosty
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    Okay! First you have a sugar soaked tiger in the front seat & now a lion that yawns all the time, aka sleepy, behind the wheel! What’s in the trunk? The Detroit Zoo? looks like you all had a good time, that’s great or shall I say ggggrrrreeeeaaaat!
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    Welcome to the site great looking old wagon... Noticed you said that the straight 8 engine was seized up.....Was it seized due to a mechanical failure or just rusted (rings to the bores..possibly from moisture over the years...??) The reason I ask is....Years ago my dad came up with an old Cadillac (1949) that had been sitting in an old shed for years and the engine was locked up...So what we did was use a process called electrolysis...Basically what we did was reverse the oxidation process using a car battery and charger and an electrolyte made out of water and washing soda (sodium bicarbonate) If I remember correctly he used right at one tablespoon of washing soda to one gallon of water...So we pulled the engine out of the car and removed the intake manifold..valve covers...water pump...oil pan.... timing cover ... freeze plugs ETC...Then submerged the engine in a plastic kids wading pool large enough to completely get the whole engine underwater then added the washing soda to the water and mixed it up really good so as to be sure it did not clump up....Then from the 12 volt car battery using jumper cables hooked the ground to the engine block which turned it into a cathode....Then we used a piece of steel rebar as an anode which we hooked the positive cable to the hot side of the battery then submerged the rebar in the solution placing it real close to but not touching the engine block with about 6 inches or so sticking up above the water level where the positive lead was hooked to....The rebar will be consumed during the process so you would need to keep an eye on it and replace as necessary...so that the positive cable does not become submerged into the electrolyte solution...It is a slow process took about three weeks to clean and derust the Caddy engine...It worked really well and when it was done...We rolled it over by hand with very little effort...The black powder residue that was left on the engine came right off with stiff brush...Then the engine was quite easily disassembled any wearable parts replaced reinstalled in the car and was driven across country to Seattle from North Carolina and back with no issues.....I am sure that I have missed a few details as this was 30 some years ago..... Electrolysis Might be something worthwhile to check into if you want to reuse the original engine......Good luck with your project and keep us posted..... TLBT
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    Thanks. I've seen commercially available flag poles that attach to a regular trailer receiver hitch. I just don't have a receiver hitch on the Lemans and I really don't want to mount one just for this. I figured that I would have to someday fab up my own set.
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    The mounts were made in a custom weld shop. Idk that there is anything available commercially?
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    Welcome the site. Wagons are waaay cool. You have a bunch of great Pontiac's. Lookin forward to chattin it up in the forum.
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    I did some wheel swapping to get a feel for what it would look like! The GTO is currently under construction!
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    Stratman and I definitely have similar taste in cars based on the photos we took. We took photos of a lot of the same cars. I suspect for a lot of the same reasons too. Again it was great to meet up with him.
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    So glad to finally meet you Frosty! I had been threatening to go to this show for many years now and I am so glad I went. If at all possible I WILL be back next year. I am still working on my pictures and will post them when I am done. Hell of a show, so much fun!
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    Last shots of Charleston..... I was able to catch up with someone I think a lot of you know. I had the pleasure to first meet Lou 2 years ago. I was able to spend a lot of time talking to him. I bumped into Lou on Saturday afternoon after I returned from Kanawha City helping a buddy who had just had cancer surgery (lump nodes removed) move heavy fence posts. Lou was on a golf cart riding up and down the show field talking to people. He and I rode the cart from one end to the other, while stopping to talk to people who wanted to talk to him or get a photo. It was great talking with Lou again. NEWS FLASH: Lou is leaving Car Fix. He told me that he shot his last episodes just recently. He is filming his own show, no title yet. I don't beleive it's been sold to any network yet. It may remain Internet based. Lots to be determined. The first episode of the new show is already being filmed. Lou is going to build cars - his way! Music was by the Original Drifters on Thursday night. Country Western group Richochet was on Friday night, and the Legendary Motown Review opened up for the Vogues. However some people have to bring their service lizard to the concert! The evening concluded with the usual great fireworks show!
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    New set of shoes for JustaT. Coop's of course.
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    Straight 8 is pretty rare as well, would love to see some shots. Is that a 12 or 6 volt system?
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    Hey Joel, how about some interior pictures? We’d love to see how it’s laid out!
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    You have a '68 and a '69 Firebird convertibles by the looks of things. Both are desirable since they are convertibles and the '69 looks to have been built with the 400 cubic inch engine based on the truck badge. I can't tell really anything else A company called Pontiac Historical Services (PHS) will fully document the car as it was built from the factory for about $75 a vehicle. You have to provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) along with your credit card. They will send you a complete document package of how the car left the factory, what options or packages it had, what color it was, what dealer it was originally shipped to, etc. A copy of the original window sticker is also included. It is well worth the money. http://www.phs-online.com/
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    Please take a breath and read the topic information. They are not missing as detailed many times now, they are in round 2. EDIT: I am going to lock replies here and hide previous responses as people appear to only be reading the panicky, incorrect responses of non-staff rather than the first post which explains the voting rounds. If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page to get in touch with us.
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    Welcome! That’s a pretty nice find! Was it a Florida car? I don’t think I would change a thing! Like Frosty, said it is really kind of period correct, Old Skool! Good luck with it!
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    Do we see the results at all before the voting ends?
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    and the craziness that is Pontiac! Are those photos taken at Universal? Where in Florida are you located? I'm in Naples. The paint job is not what I would own as I like a more subtle paint. However, it does indeed grow on you the more I look at it. Look forward to hearing more from your build!
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    Met up with Frosty for another perfect weather day, a great turnout for the show AND a surprise visit from MR and MRS Notallthere. The Detroit Tiger mascot PAWS took a shine to Frosty's Tigers and wanted to drive off with Lucy. Even the Detroit Lions Mascot Roary.......(ya can't make this up!) was drawn to Lucy as well. Della Woods was there with her funnycar signing autographs. We also got a phone in report from IndyJoe and we made plans for the Sellers show (last of the year for me). GM was there with the rolling sideshow and this year had the Vette on display with Free RC Racing. We are loosing a local carshow legend to retirement. Rockin Ronnie is headin your way Ringo. Where ever in FLA that he settles down...you will meet him at the carshows. Here's a couple teaser pic's.
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    NICE ARRAY OF CARS! I've seen the Burgundy Sport Coupe before but the Gold '67 LeMANS is a new one for me. Looks good. Back in the mid eighties Uncle Milty was doing the show/Race circuit with the Ringer GTO and I was just getting into OHC powered Pontiac's. When I saw the chance I approached Milt to speak with him about the Royal Treatment for the OHC SPRINTs and he was genuinely interested in talking about the program and could recall all the details but thought he had some pertinent information in his collection. I was very interested in knowing the exact details/specs on the parts and/or modifications made with the OHC 6 package. Sadly he was never able to locate that information 😞 Anyhow great looking LeMANS! Any under hood shots? CHEERS.
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    Having another beautiful N.C weekend .....Just put an engine (4.155 bore....3.48 stroke with 5.7 rods = 377 CID) together for one of my friend's truck .....Built the 377 instead of a 383 just to be different......Also first one that I have built with this combination .....First startup after installation....Hope to surprise a few unsuspecting individuals once we get it quieted down and play with the tuning a little bit.....Now it's Miller time... 20190922_145657.mp4
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    99 Firebird Triple White W/ Leather and Chrome Wheels. Loaded and mostly original!
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    According to Haggerty Collector Car Insurance, in top condition (#1), this car should be worth $56.000. So the price should only go down from there. So things to consider. 1. Is it a true GTO (VIN begins with 242, anything else it is really a Tempest or a Lemans in GTO clothing - aka a clone)? Clones are worth a lot less than an original GTO. 2. Is it a real Judge? Only PHS (Pontiac Historical Services) documentation will verify that since the Judge was an option off the GTO only. Tempest, Lemans, and GTOs can all be cloned into Judges. So if the owner has the PHS documentation for the car, have him/her show it to you. 3. Is this a numbers matching GTO (does the engine and transmission match the VIN # of the car)? Non-numbers matching powertrains often devalue a cars worth if it is a desirable collector car. 4. What condition are the mechanical systems? Does the engine run? Does the car drive? Etc. 5. How rough is the sheet metal, paint, and chrome? Are pieces missing? 6. How rough is the interior? Will it need new carpet, seats, etc? The bottom line is the car is worth what the seller is willing to sell it for and what someone is willing to pay for it. Without pictures or seeing the car, I am not sure what I think this car is worth. If there is a lot of rust repair, I don't think I'd go over $15k - even if it is an original, numbers matching Judge because of the amount of money it will take to bring it back. You just have to use some common sense and your instinct and the art of negotiation.
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    Yeah, unfortantely the forecast right now is cloudy with a 55% chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. Not good convertible weather in my book. Still it beats staying home and watching the Lions (anything beats watching the Lions).
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    Agreed! I have all the service manuals for all my cars, even the old ones I don’t have any more! To me there’s nothing like a book to reference! They’re right in my shop, 30 seconds it’s open and I’m in business.
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    First that's a sugar soaked bear! Dude you need to learn your cereal mascot!!! A trip to Battle Creek would do you good. A sleepy lion no. A win less bunch of Lions....most definitely. I had a GGGGGRRREEEEAAAAATTTT time. Even a bad day at a car show beats working....
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    This is Ivy. My 1966 Tempest Custom. She started life as a 6 cylinder but had a 326 in her when I got her. Currently she has a 400 (bored .60 0ver) under the hood, Kauffman heads, old faithful cam and a Rpm Performer manifold, Posi rear end, 2004r tranny, 2.5 X Pypes, she was built in Speedsville with the Mike Buzard behind the wrench. Photo taken in Anacortes WA by the other woman in my life Mishu.
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    More pics from the show.... Love the AMX. A GNX in GS clothing! Now this guy did something subtle on his grille of his Buick T-type Regal. How about his and hers '28 Pontiacs? Seriously, this was brought in by a husband and wife team (they are Widetrackers too and friends of JUSTA's). This 4-door Tempest caught my eye. Talk about no frills - check out the dog dish hubcaps on this Lemans. Curse you Red Baron!! Scooby Snack???? Rut Ro! Paws is ready to go for a ride in Lucy. So is Roary, the Detroit Lions mascot.
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    Hey I didn’t know Frosty stood for frosted flake !
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    You don’t need to go expensive with the wire looms. Just something that allows you to keep the wires where you what them, but I would suggest plastic ones. Using metal ones can cause a shorting between wires when interconnected. Especially when rpms increase! When rpms increases resistance for the spark can increase. This resistance can sometimes jump through the insulation of the wire taking the path of least resistance, the metal wire loom, causing a basic short to the other wires! While this is a completely different setup than your here’s what mine looks like.
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    Hey guys, new member here. Just purchased a 1969 Catalina and little did i know how hard it would be to get restoration parts. Car is very nice but needs a few things to be what I would want it to look like. Looking for a passenger side tail light that is in nice shape, (no rust or pitting). Also need both sides front fender support brackets that are on the bottom in front of the wheel well. Any help would be great.Thanks and looking forward to learning from this great forum and also helping out when I can...................Roger Bentley
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    I brought Lucy home last night. She drove well. I thought I was out of the woods. When I put her away, I looked at the passenger side floor board, it looked a tad wet. I can't be sure right now since it was so dark but I suspect I may have heater core damage. I will try to confirm that this weekend when I have time and daylight. If that's true, replacing it that will really suck. It also will mean I have to trash the carpet. Uggh. Sounds like a near interior and dash tear down. Also, I will have to (at a minimum) remove the inner passenger fender to access a pair of bolts to get the heater core out. Some say it is easier to remove the whole fender. Uggh again. I will keep you posted on what I find out this weekend. The good news is I am going to look a possible garage/work shop space tonight after work. It's a 30x50, so I could store a few cars in that sucker! I am excited this could be what I've been looking for.
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