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    Our season has officially begun with the SPRING DUST OFF, April 1st 2017. Even with Friday nights torrential rains,hail and tornadoes the show must go on as they say, Saturday we had great 60 degree weather and a turnout of over 100 cars ( I was 116) This weather has been a true test and I,m happy to share just a few of my personal favorites from the show. ENJOY!... http://s412.photobucket.com/user/SPRINT-6/slideshow/2017 SPRING DUST OFF SEASON OPENER
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    Beautiful day for a carshow. Setup CRO North, with the help of Notallthere, Registered with he help of Mrs Notallthere. Hung out with JustaG6 and Joe, saw so many old friends. Picked up a few small things from the swap meet, (no matching speedo gauges.....) thats another thread. Joe gave me the biggest smile of the day with a 1980 Mich L plate with Steve 1 on it!!! Said he saw it on Ebay and could not let it pass. Thank you buddy! Joe is thinkin about hittin a couple legs of the Power tour. Lotta driving. Glad to hear he finally got a spare for the Lemans. JustaG6 took a 3rd place award and the rest of us sadly did not. Was moving the GTO over by everyone else for a group shot after the show, and it wouldn't start. Found a bad wire off the back of my ignition switch, got it started and headed home, so there is no group shot of cars or GUESS WHO? Missed Frosty, guess Notallthere only acts like that when your around. We did take our eyes off him for a minute and he got Gnomed... OH MAN. Quick turnaround and directly off to an open house, it's late so I'll hitcha with a couple teaser pic's.
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    Cleaning the GTO for this weekend. Installed the last interior missing piece. Windshield trim for the headliner. Forgot I found this piece last fall until cleaning the trunk. Sealed the breather leak in the valve cover, so I can sand/repaint exhaust manifold today.
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    Change America to Driving and you'd have something.
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    This is more of a joke than seriousness but the more I look at it, the more I like it for the back of a shirt...
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    Here's another version thanks to some ideas from @Frosty
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    Reminds me of the time my (now ex) neighbor yelled at me from his front porch about my loud car (Phoenix) I had arrived home, parked at the entrance to my metal garage, got out and took a couple pictures of Phoenix. About that time my neighbor, whose porch faces the entrance to my garage, stepped out and yelled..."YOU THINK THAT THING COULD BE ANY LOUDER??????". Big mistake, challenge accept. Without saying a word I got back in Phoenix, drove into the garage...now mind you this is a metal garage with no insulation or sound dampeners and the opening faced his porch...revved Phoenix really loud about three or four times, turned him off and then calmly got out and walked to towards my house. LOL! Photo: Garages. Phoenix's on the right. KITT's on the left. Photo taken on by me on his porch while he was away. LOL
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    The day my kids can pry my car keys out of my fist is the day they can wear my Forever Pontiac shirts. Anyone who can't deal with a pinup girl on a shirt will already be having a melt down over my V8 being parked beside his Prius.
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    Good afternoon- I just purchased my first Pontiac, a 1960 Catalina wagon. This happened after a long search for a 1959 or a 1960 Chevrolet wagon and finding out that the Chevrolets have gotten really ridiculous with their values. Don't get me wrong - I've owned a 1959 Chevrolet for the last 25 years (Nomads, El Caminos, Impala convertible, Impala coupe, and so on) and since I sold my coupe a few months ago, I felt really naked! Then the sticker shock of trying to find a 1959 or 1960 made me look at the GM sisters. Lo and behold, I found this Pontiac and I think I'm in love... ! I have noticed the similarities to the Chevrolet and the Pontiac are very close, the biggest difference being the drive train. Fortunately for me, this Catalina is mostly finished and I plan to drive the snot out of it. I know I will want to make a few changes (minor), and instead of running around and trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work, I will be coming here!! That being said, I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding of all the questions I will be throwing your way!!! Travis
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    Pontiac's NEVER die....they become LEGENDS!!!!!
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    Examples I got running so far... Each have this on the back of it, for some reason the store doesn't provide screenshot of that:
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    Either that or a race across the property between the toasted rodent against the wannabe Dukemobile. Besides the army vet has already broken once that we know of. I kinda doubt that GE would make that boyish mistake. Or if GE gets the Chevy hot rod back together - a little hot rod on hot rod action could be fun. Of course that all could end up like this too....
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    You gonna get Richard or Kyle Petty to officiate the wedding? Or perhaps Ray Everham or Dale Jr? You know with 10 acres, perhaps could there be a little grudge race action between you and Nashvegas at the reception. Just saying!!!! So where is the new house - NC or SC? Is this going to be an old moderators reunion like I predicted? I am with Pro on the fire stick. I'll need a loaner but I can bring my own ammo if you tell me what I need to bring. Pro - I hear you on the Magnum and I love the car. I just prefer the Chrysler 300 front end on it rather than the stock Magnum. I know you can swap them, I've seen it done on Overhaulin'. I just felt that Chrysler could have cleaned up the front end of the Magnum a touch more.
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    I love that color, man. I wouldn't mind being an old fart in that Vette
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    Minnesota C&C just changed locations and today was the first day of it. Saw some pretty sweet Pontiacs today! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kay, sorry for your dilemma! Unfortunately as far as getting the part from a dealership is concerned there aren’t any. A good friend is the parts manager for the largest GM dealership in the Tri-state area, I had him check and no dealer is showing stock. First go to a NAPA store and see if they can cross reference the part to a Balkamp or Ecklin part. That said I’m attaching a PDF and a print of the junction block this shows a wiring diagram for jumpering around the sensor. Depending on what you want to do, you could setup a momentary relay as a permanent fix if you plan to keep the car. Hope this can help. 2011-10-04_031628_7.pdf
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    Skip this step and go to flying Jetson cars like we were suppose to have already.
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    I was sitting here wondering just how tough that bolt was to get at that helping with it warranted a marriage proposal .. then I reread the statement. Then I realized GE didn't put his emphasis on the right words. Allow me That makes a little more sense. I guess if a certain lady was to get all greasy and dirty tweaking my bolt, I might blurt out something in the heat of the moment too.
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    I agree with you on a lot levels. I will never buy another new GM product save perhaps a new Corvette or a GMC pickup. I haven't won the lottery yet to purchase either. So I doubt either will happen anytime soon. I have become a Dodge / Chrysler fan since the demise of Pontiac. I can purchase a well equipped Challenger or Charger R/T or 300S with a Hemi for less money than a Camaro with a. V8. Right now I would consider a BMW over a GM product. GM stupidly assumes that most Pontiac customers will turn to one of its other brands once their Pontiac gets long in the tooth. They expect us to be brand/manufacturer loyal. That seems presumptuous and arrogant to me. I've worked in business long enough to know that you have to work hard every day to gain, maintain and keep your customers' trust. That trust is a delicate thing and it can be easily broken and you may never get it back. That is something GM's marketing people and executive staff over look or take for granted. Bottom line is this: it's your money.....buy what makes you happy.
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    Yup, that's right. Ya'll read it correctly. I got rear ended by a truck in the beast. It's just mostly paint with a few small dings. The bumper took all the damage. I'm just glad that it was more of a glance impact rather than a hard impact. And am I ever so, dang glad that I hadn't installed the new rear end that I made out of aluminum and painted as of yet. Wew, that wouldn't have been purty. If all goes well, I should have it back before the weekend woo hoo!! Hopefully!! Ringo - Yes I do have the worst luck !! Pro - Yep LOL Frosty - That ned beaty thingie was just so wrong LMAO. But, the coyote should be finished this week. Notallthere - not this time LOL Now, I did get a ticket in the truck this past weekend while in the mountians DOH!! Now, on another note. Actually, some good news this time can you actually believe it "good news" !!! imagine if you will. On a nice cool sunny day. While working on a certain orange car in the garage tweaking away. When asking a certain lady "the garage assistant" to pass over a wrench and help me tweak a bolt. I slide out from under the car all greasy and dirty. And asked her to marry me and she said yep!! Without any hesitation. So, I guess that I is engaged now!! Couldn't be any happier!!
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    I fear you are both right doubting that GM will bring Pontiac back, but I also think that GM has no clue how many buyers have defected to other non-GM brands since new Pontiacs are not available. I myself will never buy a new Chevy, Buick, or Cadillac no matter how much they try to make them a Pontiac substitute.
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    The vette yes, the garage no (in my dreams, lol!). This is what my garage looks like...
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    At least you're not destroying transmission cases like someone else I recall from the Gearz site.
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    She's already met Coy. She had a chance to meet me (and wisely skipped it) in February. She's MARRYING GE for crying out loud! I don't think meeting weirdos is an issue at this point Pro! It's way too late for normalcy for this gal now. I am more afraid if they start having kids !!!!!! The truck bed regatta frightens me a little, only because I KNOW alcohol is involved. That and rust holes.
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    Today, the Corvette got a name ("Blue Thunder") and a new home. Does this count as a barn find?
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    Now I really want a Challenger. A club member came to the Widetracker's meeting tonight. She traded in her Roush V6 Mustang for a slightly used (e.g 12k miles) white 2014 Challenger Redline Edition with the 5.7 Hemi. It's still an R/T. Sweet car. May not be as stupid fast as GE's, but I still like it....a lot! She's promised me a ride in it too since her husband is constantly yaking. YEESSSSSSSS!
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    How can they tell the difference down there - clinically? The gene pool ain't got much of a deep end.
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    Schrams buys GM wrecks from Ins companys, other junkyards ect. They also have 2 locations and U pull N save boasting over 4000 cars on a paved lot. (the old GM plant 51on Walton) So nice after years of wallowing in the mudd to get whacha need. The Pontiac warehouse on Dixie Hwy is huge with most parts in bins or on racks. FYI many used parts such as alternators, come with a lifetime warranty. I use them quite a bit and they do have access to many new parts as well. Picked up the new fascia and grill parts for JustaG6 last fall before repainting the car. They even threw in the new Pontiac emblem for the fascia. And they were the cheapest to be found to boot. They get in new cars everyday and even sell complete front clips, or any parts you need. Yes you would think they would use the same parts as the Caddy. After working out all the build kinks for the G6 vert. Caddy pulled all our key ORION players to make the Caddy work.
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    The IQs match the number of rounds in their clips. You are expecting way too much from a gene pool that needed chlorine a long, long time ago. I suspect GE's side of the aisle will be no different.
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    JUSTA - I think the real issue is that this part has been discontinued (from what I've read online) by GM. I have not found a superseded part number either. So whatever new old stock (NOS) is out there is what's essentially left, leaving us to find junk yard parts or pay a kings ransom for the NOS stuff - like the eBay price. You and I are seeing what Kay has been experiencing. What's disappointing is the a Cadillac XLR (Caddy Corvette) has two convertible top position sensors and both are available. Both the G6 and XLR are hard top convertibles built at the same time. You'd think GM would use the same position sensor.
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    Alright ... so we've established that you're both certifiable ... but not in any form that we can use to have you committed. When do I need to plan a road trip?
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    We have a GM only parts warehouse called Schrams, I will check for your part tomorrow! If they have it, I'll forward contact info.
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    Kay, I am not sure of where you live but here is a local (to me) example of a pick-your-own junk yard in Pontiac Michigan. In this case, it costs $2.00 just to enter the yard. https://www.u-pullandsave.com/inventory 2007 Pontiac G6 White Stock# P04373 Vin# 1G2ZH35N77410159632 When you click the details button it shows that it is a convertible.
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    Nine days to go to the annual Dustoff. I've arranged for GMC Historian, Don Meyer, to be there to give a lecture at 1 pm. I am sorry I am going to miss his talk. He is going to talk about GMC's and Pontiac's interactions over the years. At the last Widetracker's meeting, I invited him to attend to meet everyone and he gladly came (our meetings are in Lake Orion MI and he lives on Lake Orion). He said that Pontiac actually built the first panel trucks for GMC back in the early 1930s. I definitely want to learn more about that. I think we all know that Pontiac engines were used in GMC pickups in the late 1950s.
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    This sounds like a really, really, really bad Dukes of Hazzard episode. Heck we already got the orange Dodge!
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    She was probably still taken aback by his giant .... spoiler.
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    You dumb FORD. Run. RUN!!!!!! Boy .. Ah Say, Boy, you been drinkin' too much of that rock gut. Rotting yer brain. Get married ... what the hell are ya thinking.
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    Somebody give him a nickel so he can pay attention.
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    1970 1/2 Firebird Formula 400 4-speed 1964 GTO hardtop 4-speed
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    Got my "trackday, bro!" wheels/tires mounted. Here's hoping I can cut loose for the CAM invitational at Mineral Wells towards the end of June.
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    1 of a couple vettes i like. Sweet pipes man!
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    At least when he ain't running over stags.
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