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    *Thank you to all who participated in our 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar! It was a great year and we saw some great Pontiacs, new and old alike. It brought about some interesting voting as it seems there were some groupings that were very close and some that absolutely took the lead. Sorry to all our users who did not make the calendar but there is always next year! Without any further adieu, we will announce the winners and our 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar! Drum roll please!! The following users will be in our calendar, order of months is yet to be decided. All individuals mentioned below, please message me the original, high res photo you entered by 11:59 ET on November 28th, 2018 or the next person in line will get your place. @Pontiac60 * @31pontiac * @Gregg Rossman * @Topless * @65GrandPrixNorCal408 * @Phil Beerhold @BearGFR * @Franky 455 * @HANKGTO * @KiwiStarChief * @Keith Allen * @DrDave * * = received photo Once we get all the users mentioned above photos we will start the calendar build process and hope to have something to you before December. The faster we receive the photos, the faster we can get the calendar out to you . Thanks!
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    So I have suddenly gained an affinity for all things old and nostalgic. I've tracked down a 1970 Chilton Auto Repair manual. I had one of these as a teenager and never forgot its usefullness back in the day. I have also tracked down a Chilton manual specific to the 1968-1973 GTO, LeMans, and Tempest thats on its way in the mail. I'm starting to collect old Pontiac advertising and will probably display this cool old stuff in the car at car shows. Its better than the stuffed kid on "time out" learning against the bumper. lol.
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    Personally I like the pontiac Rally wheels the best... I've always liked the Cragar wheels too.....That being said..Also always thought that the ET mags...Don't remember what they were called...(diamond spoke maybe..??or possibly Torque Thrust..??) The 5 spoke ones with the semi polished rim part and the darker rough cast looking spokes in the center...Looked sort of the same style as the cragars but different... One of my friends back in the late 70s had a turquoise colored 68 Tempest with them on it...With Uniroyal Tiger Paw White letter tires....Looked like it meant business even though it had a six cylinder engine....He Also had a Kraco 8 track tape player with Mind Blower speakers..(Anyone remember those)??....Still have my Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo..8 track tape we played all the time.... Bottom line is...Whatever wheels you like go for it...
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    Pulled the motor in feb. had it fully gone over and got the compression down to 8.5-1. That’s so the 8-71 can run on pump gas. Topped it off with 2 Holley terminator stealth efi carbs. These have been the biggest problem all year. Trying to get the time right and evidently there isn’t many people running these on a blower setup and Holley’s tech have tried but have given up. We have it drivable but needs some tweaking. Efiexpert did a remote tune session a couple weeks ago and we are going to change distributors and do another remote tune. He has been a wealth of info.
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    I can't help you there pal.
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    Cool thanks people. Frosty that confirms the thought this car sat for awile. Center part is in-between the two breaking contact point. They didn't look that bad when I had taken them off the car btw. The contact point was clean but pitted and grooved
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    This may sound like a stupid question... Am not trying to be condescending... Are you 100% sure that the system is full including the heater core..?? Something that might be worth looking at... Check the hot water valve that regulates the water flow into the heater core (controlled by the temp switch on the HVAC panel on the dash) for proper operation or for some sort of blockage or maybe sticking or something.....Are the heater hoses routed correctly (inlet usually the top hose ) going into the heater core from the engine and or radiator..and not squeezed off or kinked somewhere...Or possibly installed backwards...
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    I am definitely talking about the center / brake pad contact point of the rotor. No way in blazes that thing should be that badly rusted and pitted with daily use. It had to have sat for a while.
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    And that doesn’t mean color pictures Ringo that means a red background to highlight a subject on the page. Ha ha.
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    Thanks! Completely stock. 29,000 miles on it. I purchased from a woman I know who was the original owner. It still had the original tires when I bought it last year. I kept them when I put new ones on it this year. Excellent shape. Fun to drive.
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    There use to be claims of Elvis sightings in Kalamazoo Michigan for years after his death. Funny how a company called King Construction started up with a guy named L-Vice on the payroll! At least Hoffa was a Pontiac man!
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    I would change the look by going 17” Cragar or Rally 2's. Fill up that wheel well gap!
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    I like option #1 overall. Always like some Cragers when done up correctly. The particular Foose wheels for #3 are not my taste but hey, if that floats you boat (and you want to spend the cash ) go for it!
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    Tree huggers and legislatures from all over the country have been demanding electric vehicles for decades, touting its zero emissions qualities - so called zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs). However, no one seemed to ask the public if they truly wanted them or were willing to pay the high cost of obtaining one. It proves once again that you cannot legislate public demand. What's more ironic is the public is staying away from large and small cars in droves too, opting for larger / more versatile (and profitable) SUVs and trucks. So when the next large up turn in gas prices comes around and people start screaming where are the econo-boxes, the Big Three are collectively going to tell people to go screw themselves since if they won't buy them now, why should they sell them then, especially if they can't make money on them.
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    I will post them later. I recently got a different phone temporarily and I don't have photos of the car on the new 1 Found 1 photo after the windows were tinted
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    They do look pretty well used up....... Next time you change the oil... Use a tubing cutter or some snips and cut open the old oil filter.... Then you will be able to get a better idea of what's in the oil....Don't use a hacksaw or anything like that to cut it open with.... It will leave metal chips or shavings in the filter...And you won't know what was already there and what was put there during the cutting process.......
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    Yep like u so said. Tie rods where shot and bushing .... Car now turns scary sharp. This whole time I thought the car had great handling well come to find out it didn't. Next up ball joints and a wheel bearing or two. Question the oil when I drained it had like a glitter look. Not bad just like I could tell there was metal wear ... No flakes no large pieces oil was still amber on the stick. I had to look closely with a bright flashlight to see what was in there anyway. What do u all think? 20181121_203105.mp4
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    Good point, all I have to do is learn to keep my mouth shut. It hasn't happened in 50 years so I'm not hopeful!
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    Look at it this way. When the car is done, only you and your closest friends will know where any of the sins of the past existed or still exist. For everyone one else, they will be in awe of your work.
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    FYI... Unless you're doing it to save weight, that Performer is not going to "out perform" the factory cast iron manifold, especially on a 455 that normally won't see the north side of 5000 rpm often. You might spend some time looking at Cliff Ruggle's (QJet master) and the real world testing he has done. Here's a link to a post he wrote on his web site: https://cliffshighperformance.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php/topic,511.msg2231.html#msg2231 Bear
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