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    Well, I know here I go again, but it seemed only fitting that a new arrowhead be created for the new front cover/splitter setup. Part of the reasoning is that this cover will have larger more aggressive NACA duct bezels, as I have increased their size over the stock configuration. I would then just leave the last arrowhead with the last cover. I will attempt to get a bit more bold, a bit more menacing, a bit more; well Indian, with this arrowhead! It may not appear that way in the pictures, but the larger inlay of copper, plus being inset as opposed to protruding and larger flutes, but less in number, makes the arrowhead appear larger. It should also look a bit larger once it is finished being polished. This was the first arrowhead for the original OEM front cover. This was the current arrowhead from the modified front cover/splitter. These two pictures are the new arrowhead (unpolished) on the new front cover.
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    I’m a lucky man and after Frosty and Stratman’s communication, most else would pale by comparison! My heart goes out too both as it has in the past. No one knows why bad things happen to good people! We can only hold true that there is a higher purpose! Still for me this past decade brought the reduction of my Pontiac fleet from 4 to 1, but that one garnered a lot of attention, if not from me through refinement, then out on the road or when I stop somewhere. I have said before that I don’t do car shows, in part because I tend to be a loner, not standoffish, just not big on all the fake personas that emanate from egos. So I really have had a quiet 10 years in the world of Pontiac. I would like to echo JustA6 that FP and the folks here have been great and those friends are treasured comrades, JustA6, Frosty, Ringo, Stratman, Joe, and many others. I guess the biggest event would have been retiring from my career of 40 years doing something I truly loved! That kept me in the mainstream of the motion industry, whether it was auto, railroads, mining equipment, energy or shipping! It was a ball!
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    The 2010s have been a whirlwind of ups and downs for me, and my two Pontiacs, Lucy (my ’72 Lemans Sport convertible), and Black Beauty (my ’86 Trans Am). One of the bigger downers has been Black Beauty. She has not gotten the love or attention she truly deserves ever since my wife and I moved into our current house seven years ago. She has been in cold storage at a friends house ever since, as my house lacks any space to house any of my classic cars and my wife doesn’t want to see a pole barn on our property even though we have room for one. I do intend to bring Black Beauty back to life in the near future, however, life happens and it’s matter of making the time for her vs. repairs to Lucy and the Buick Roadmonster right now. Lucy, by far and away has had the lion’s share of love and attention for the past 25 years. That said, the past 10 years, I have been to Woodward Dream Cruise 10 times, Back to the Bricks 10 times, and to and from Charleston WV Rod Run and Doo Wop 9 times (this year Lucy had a catastrophic failure 10 miles from the house). I was able to get the late Paul Deesen, a retired GM and Pontiac designer, to design a custom, one-of-a-kind “Jury” logo for Lucy for me in 2013. I intended to complete Lucy’s “Jury” transformation in the coming years. Paul had some other recommendations for Lucy which I intend to incorporate in the future. The past ten 4th of Julys have been spent in the small farming community of Hadley Michigan. The Widetrackers participate in this annual 4th of July parade. We pass out candy along the parade route to the young children like it is the first coming of Halloween. I got to enjoy the parade with my father for many years before he passed away in 2018, along with my wife and son. In recent years, we get seven people in Lucy for the parade. Me, my wife, mother-in-law, brother-in-law & sister-in-law, and their two young sons. My son and father-in-law ride behind us in my in-laws 2006 red Solstice. We must chuck around 5 lbs. of Tootsie Rolls each by the end of the parade. I’ve been able to enjoy local car shows and Woodward with folks from the Michigan Widetrackers, JUSTA6, JUSTAG6, Indyman Joe, and the Notalltheres. I’ve enjoyed their comradery and hold their friendship even closer. I’ve gotten to know Guitars Extreme (GE) and Professor for the last 20 years and got to know them even more. It was a pleasure to spend an evening with GE and his little lady this summer in Brighton with Indyman Joe and the Challenger. It’s been fun having Professor in town for the Woodward Dream Cruise on two different occasions. That Challenger is still stupid fast. Through FP, I’ve gotten to more closely know Ringo, Sprint6, Last Indian, Stratman, and killerspeed101. I hope to get to know more FP folks - either those local to Michigan or as I get the opportunity to travel around the country, I’d like the chance to meet up with any of you for a car show, coffee or beer. The biggest downer occurred in 2010. That was the year I was president of the Michigan Widetrackers. My wife, son, and I took Lucy and made a family vacation to West Virginia. We signed up for the POCI annual convention in Charleston that year. We took a few days before the convention to see the local sites like the New River Gorge Bridge, Cathedral Falls, Hawk’s Next, Thurmond, etc. It was the 4th of July, and while we were at the Babcock State Park, my colon burst (I didn’t realize it at the time). I walked around for 3 more days before going to emergency at St. Francis hospital in Charleston. I had emergency surgery that night to save my life. I was in ICU for 21 more days in a medically induced coma and nearly died of kidney failure due to sepsis in the process. I ended up with a temporary colostomy (which was later reversed several month later). Widetrackers, fellow POCI members, and a lot of WV car folks looked in on me and my family (who stay in WV with me) until I recovered. I left the hospital on August 1st, a very weak, humble, thankful, and grateful man. Through this near-death experience, I learned several things. First, I learned the generosity of car people both at home and in WV. Many of these people are now lifelong friends or more like extended family. The Charleston car show, for me, is about seeing my friends / my extended car family, not about winning a trophy or a long-distance award. Second, I learned to give back to everyone who helped me by paying it forward. I knew I could not simply pay everyone back because I knew they would not take it. I had to look for creative ways and opportunities that they would appreciate. Helping Make a Wish Foundation of Charleston and Pittsburg, Coats for Kids, Toys for Tots, WV Drag Racers Hall of Fame historical marker, etc. are just a few ways we have given back over the years. Third, a skiing friend of mine said after I returned from the hospital in WV, “I’d rather see you than view you!”. It smacked me square between the eyes, but he was right. It is so much more important to take care of yourself and your loved ones. You don’t realize how many people you affect until something like this happens. You truly begin to understand all the people who care for you. Lucy suffered a catastrophic overheating failure on the way to Charleston in 2019. I have a lot of work ahead of me. She may or may not see the road at all this year, depending how much time I have to work on her and what I find in the process. However, I know that I will still find time to enjoy with family and friends, enjoy cars, and enjoy helping folks on FP and beyond. Happy New Year and Happy New Decade Everyone!
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    Hello, all. I've lurked here for a while now and I finally made a purchase in early November. I'd been looking for a '63 Pontiac full-size for about 5-ish years by that point. I wanted a nicely presentable driver that I could learn by replacing/upgrading things as I went, plus it'd be a great bonding opportunity for my boys and I as well. My grandfather was a mechanic at the local Pontiac-Cadillac dealer, but the Pall Malls got him long before I hand the chance to learn much from him. I'm working on power steering at the moment, coming up north I think has shrunken the torque converter seal, so that's next and a few odds/ends this winter need done. I also bought a reproduction '58 plate with the name of the little baby we lost inbetween the two we have and got a '63 sticker for it. I also plan on some sort of small dashboard container for some of his ashes at some point. Meet "Jonah". Car has PS, PB, A/C and power bench seat with 74k miles. Thanks for reading!
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    Thanks guys. I am so blessed to have such good friends, even ones I have never met like you all.
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    Things like this always stay with me when they come across this forum. You are a great husband to be by her side and all you did. Can’t imagine going through that and I’m not married yet. Condolences once again. Very happy that you got Raven and back in the Pontiac game
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    How she looks as of today... yay winter 😑 - although, worth it to protect her from the salt.
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    Busted. LOL IMG_7412[1].mp4 For the record thats my annoying neighbors poop eater dog. Actually its 10lbs not even a dog.More like a rat dog. Remi is the Dog running next to us. Video's? I'm winning the innanet!
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    What kind of neighborhood do you live in? I dont see any tire smokin burnout marks in the road...i have a house for sale down the street from me!
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    My wife and I bought each other a very nice Christmas present this year. The goat's engine is getting rebuilt.
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    Great looking Bonnie you’ve picked up! Look forward to seeing more of it and you around here
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    NOT the latex again.......
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    It was a privledge and an honor to get to meet you face-to-face stratman. Raven is an awesome car, I know she will take good care of you. I look forward seeing you again at this year's Doo Wop. Mark the dates, it will be September 30 - October 4th, 2020. I agree with Stewy, all are welcome to join us for the Woodward Dream Cruise and Back to the Bricks. These are rolling and static car cruises like you've never seen before. I am happy and grateful that God has given me this additional time and allowed me to get to know folks like you Last Indian. Your knowledge, spirit, and skills are contagious. I hope everyone gets to listen and share your wealth of knowledge. Thank you for joining the FP family and being a large contributor.
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    Hookers and Blow. SWEEEEEEEEEEET
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    Wow! I could be out of tech job soon. I'm not gonna hold my breath though.
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    Here is a picture of Paul standing next to Lucy. This was the first time he ever saw the Jury logo on the car. I had had both headrests embroidered. This was March 26, 2016. It was a sad day that day too. It was the day of Eric White's funeral. This picture was taken right after the funeral service for Eric. Eric's gold '67 GTO is in the background.
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    Well I would like to say I got a lot for the Indian, or my other cars, but there’s not much I need and the wife already says if I die I win! You know the guy with the most tools, yadda yadda! So we usually just get each other a couple things and then do multiple charities! We are blessed, so I’m grateful! That said I did buy myself a trans cooler for the Indian to install while the front end is off! Glade to see you all got good things for Christmas! 😊
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    Misery loves company. We all like watching Die Hard too.
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    Ok! Yes dear that makes sense now! I thought it was, it’s the beer, that made me say it! 😁
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    I thought die hard was a battery? yes you are wrong if ya know whats good for you LOL
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    I will preface this with why I did this to begin with. The average battery weighs around 50 pounds. In nearly all cases the battery sits ahead of the front suspension, as well as above the center of gravity, which gives the weight of the battery a positive percentage advantage of weight over the suspension. This varies from car to car, but in all cases it’s a disadvantage for handling and braking, in FWD cars it is really very detrimental. So, first of all this requires, at least if you do it the way I will explain, a couple days down time. If you want to make this easy for working. This requires the removal of both front seats and the rear seat, as well as the carpet and the back trunk barrier. Additionally the trunk carpet, the back covering were the tail lights are, the spare tire, jack and so on. You’ll need about 30 feet of 1/0 welding cable, lug ends, a 300 amp fuse block with fuse that will get mounted in the trunk, for safety. Some good aluminum tape to hold the cable in place under the carpet and also too act as noise shielding for the cable. You will need to fabricate a mounting arrangement for the battery in the trunk as well as an arrangement up front to connect the the hot cable to the system that can be isolated and safe! I will show all of how I did this, but you can obviously do what you feel works for you. In the end remember this, there will be a voltage drop over that distance due to resistance, it’s just physics! So the 1/0 cable helps that, bigger cables, such as 2/0, 2/0 and 4/0 will carry higher voltages and amps, but also more weight and less flex. Plus this is 12 volts not 110 or 220 and the highest amp requirements are very short duration. 1/0 carries more than enough power to start the car and fry the entire system without much impact to the cables! An 1/0 cable for ground in multiple places helps minimize the voltage drop as well, so I will show where and how I make all of these connections. You can use whatever battery you choose, but if you wish to keep your spare tire, this applies to 1997-2009 GP’s only, as I don’t know the configuration of other car trunk area, the only one that will allow that is the Odyssey battery, model pc925 series. They make it in both left and right hand + terminals, this is not a wet cell battery! When I did this conversion I never planned on doing a how to so I don’t have detailed photos of everything I did. So in those instances I will just have to explain what I did as best I can. Starting at the trunk, in the spare tire well there is a bracket that houses the threaded rod to hold the spare in place. Remove that rod. Drill three holes for #10 sheet metal screws. Using three pieces of nylon you will now make the base plate for the battery. The bottom piece will be two pieces 3/8 thick. They will go on each side of the bracket and form the bottom base perimeter of the upper nylon piece that piece will be ¼” thick and three corresponding holes to match the three hole drilled in the bracket. The assembly of nylon pieces maybe glued together with a good adhesive. In this nylon assembly you will need to configure threaded rod with backing nuts positioned properly for a clamping bracket for the battery as well as taking the spare tire hold down rod marking on the nylon where it will come through and drilling a clearance hole through the nylon plate as I show in the finished assembly. Taking the styrofoam piece that the spare sits on and cut the bottom out to go over the new nylon plate assembly. Other areas of the styrofoam will need cut as well for clearance of the battery and cable exits. I will write more as soon as I can.
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    Additionally, I forgot too mention that the Odyssey battery weighs about 26 pounds, sits behind the rear suspension and below CG. So this has a positive effect on handling and braking as well as weight distribution. The movement of the standard wet cell battery @ 52lbs from it’s front location to a 26lb battery to this rear location is the approximate equivalent of taking 200lbs out of the front end. This may not make sense to some, but if you just think of a teeter totter and how moving it on one of the three fulcrum points it has and changing the weight at each end effects it mechanical advantage, then maybe it will make some sense. Both positive and negative 1/0 cables exit the styrofoam spare tire holder at the back end of the inside trunk, at centerline of the trunk and enter the double panel area, (rear of car). At this point the positive cable goes right, (passengers side), and goes to the 300 amp fuse block. The negative cable goes left and gets bolted/grounded at the back panel. So at this point both the positive and negative cables are somewhat short. Now you need two cables that will run from the trunk area to the front of the car. The positive cable will connect to the other side of the 300 amp fuse block. This cable now exists the double panel at the back of the trunk, runs under the passenger taillight and continues to run next to the inner fender/trunk floor and is held in place, at least intermittently, by the aluminum tape, it continues into the backseat area. Then running next to the inside rocker panel/floor area to the front firewall. Here you need to at least intermittently use the aluminum tape to keep the cable in place. In the process of running both cables keep in mind the need to avoid pinch points and sharpe edges. At this point you will need to, for ease of access, remove the passenger side tire. Once done look at the firewall, just inside and above the frame there is a square plastic body plug. You need to remove this plug. This exposes the inner floor board that slants upwards to attach at the firewall. Here you need to hole saw the appropriate size hole that will allow you to install a rubber grommet that when finished will fit the 1/0 cable somewhat close and this needs to be times two, one positive, one negative. Or one larger hole with a rubber grommet that will allow both cable to pass through. Now continue and run the cable through and into the engine compartment. You will also need to cut two holes in the plastic body plug so you can reinstall that plug, the holes in the plastic plug should be tight to keep any water out. When finished I filled this area with great stuff to ensure water tightness, then trimmed any excess foam, then installed the plastic plug. The long run negative cable will connect at the battery just like the short negative cable does, but when this negative cable from the battery enters the double panel it goes to the passenger side. This cable will then run inside the double panel and exit at the same point the positive cable exists and will run next to the positive cable all the way to the front. It will need to be taped in position like the positive cable and exit through the grommet hole that you previously drilled. Now we’re in the engine compartment. I will post more soon. If you’re wondering about the rags around the battery? This is a current picture, and while I’m working on the car I disconnect the battery. So those rags help to keep the cables isolated from the terminals.
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    welcome to the club! i would love to the hear the story on winning an award on accident.
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    Thanks Captain Obvious ! In my neck of the woods, we call those "sail kitties" or "flat cat". Once the arms and legs fall off, they fly farther !
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    Hello everyone, It’s me! I have a 79 trans am poncho powered with a 455 that I’m restoring slowly but surely. It’s nice to be a member and look forward to the experience.
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    These are halcyon days for horsepower. The Chevrolet Camaro SS roars into our good graces with high horsepower, a throaty V-8, and low price tag. It's our Best Performance Car To Buy 2020 because nearly nothing else provides that intoxicating mix for less than $38,000. It stretches a canvas for even more performance potential, too. The Camaro SS...View the full article
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    What a schmuck! Funny though. Honestly Ringo, did you expect any less of a response from notallthere? Or perhaps a classier response? To paraphrase C-3PO, he is after all, a Canuckistani. I'd like to re-iterate what stratman said instead. Here's to the next 10 years of FP!
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    Just cultivating them for further use....Is illegal to use a crossbow here in NC.....Did get one with my .480 Super Redhawk pistol a few weeks ago..Was too easy almost felt bad about it...
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    62 pontiac tempest Lamans Convertible.
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    Huh. Didn't realize someone of his magnitude lived in, of all places, Lapeer (I lived there for over 27 yrs.). Interesting timing because I'm going to be to Muir Brother's (Lapeer) Thursday for a funeral myself. Also, the above link didn't didn't work for me - this one, however, did https://www.lynchandsonslapeer.com/obituaries/Paul-Deesen-Sr?obId=10254592#/obituaryInfo Hrm. The plot thickens. Reading more, turns out he was stationed at the same fort (Knox) as my dad. The small world keeps getting smaller...
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    Now where did I put the car keys? My sometimers is acting up again.
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    I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Jim recommended them so I'm confident we're going to be very happy with the results. We brought the car to Rich because it was running really rough. They got into the engine and found a lot of issues. A combination of shoddy repairs by previous mechanic(s) and the engine's overall condition didn't give us a choice but to rebuild it.
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    MGM Service in Pontiac. Jim Larson gave me his contact info. They've worked on Jim's Grand Prix
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    Replaced the cabin air filter on the Camaro. Put to good use the trim removal tool set I got for Xmas. Kind of an interesting spot to get to as had to remove some pieces under the hood just above the firewall and below windshield. Liked it better than having to lay on my back on the passenger floor like in my parent's Terrain.
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    Its’ setting is Christmas, so maybe yes, but you’re still wrong! What JustA said! When you say “I do” you are really saying is - - - - I do admit I’m wrong! Otherwise it’s just going to get worse and worse 😁! Sorry! Read the lyrics to Mike & the Mechanics, All I need is a miracle? Than it all comes into focus. After 47 years, I know!
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    What is your opinion? As with ALL married guys.......Your wrong, get over it. Save the drama for something your really bummed about being wrong about. Merry Christmas to the Notallthere's.
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    The day I picked it up after fresh paint and new decals.
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    So; as I think about this a little more, why does Notallthere want our opinion?
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    I prefer the print but I have been looking for a tablet as of late just because I hate saving magazines.
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