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    As far as towers go. A 300 ft. Tower is really not that tall..most cell towers that you see everywhere are generally between 200 and 300 feet of course they're always exceptions..to get an idea of the scale..the rectangular panel antennas (cell phones) you see on most towers are 10 ft tall by 2 ft wide..each individual antenna will handle 10,000 calls at one time transmitting and receiving usually 3 antennas per sector (alpha..beta..gamma) alpha sector always 0 degree azmith (north) most towers have more than one cellphone carrier on them Verizon..T Moble..AT&T etc..also local 911 services ..secret gov't stuff etc..Have been up as high as 2000 ft. To change out the strobes on local TV station here..Usually do that in the middle of the night..When there isn't as many people watching TV So the engineer's can dial back the output wattage of the antenna so the RF doesn't cook you from the inside out like a microwave oven..When you close to the antenna..Generally a TV antenna is a solid copper rod 4 ft. In diameter between 60 ft. and 100 ft.Tall.. Encased in fiberglass.. FM Antennas will cook you too .....The Empire state building..World trade center are only about 1100 feet tall..
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    Glad I'm retired.....NOT good with those heights. How'd ya take that selfie when both hands are in the pic??
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    Out with the old. In with the new
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    Howdy guys!! The trip was a blast and a whole lot of fun. I definitely need Coy(redchevy) as my crew chief. Oh and main fuel guy LOL. Yup, I over powered the track from all get out. And yes, I started in 3rd gear and still smoked the dang tires. Now the tires were Pirelli's and yes a new tire is needed. So, finally continental has my tires that I need. So, maybe just maybe I want have to change setup in the rear. Waiting on those tires to test. Stand by for results lol. Yes, the girl friend did bash her head on the rollcage a few times and I laughed my butt off. She didn't get hurt at all. She actually had a blast riding in the car with me which was really cool. Now, about that mustang. Well, be it as you may. I was riding down the road with already 8 hours on the car since I left Jasper, IN. Well, this goofball comes off the ramp and powers it by me and cuts me off. So, just to screw with him I got on his butt really quick. I wasn't pissed just having some fun. Well, I would let him get out front a bit then reel him in fast. Well, he decides to romp on it and pass this vehicle on the left. I let him get even with the car he was passing then hammered it and went right and blew by him like a rocket on a string. Well, lets just say this. He was just a spot in my mirror. Well, he comes up really slow on my left and I lowered the window and looked at him and both of us laughed and pointed at him. Now, that weak hellkitty as I call them. Pulls up to me at a light and wants to play. We both had the windows down and I just told him step down. Well, I blew his doors off and sent him home packing his 90k car back home. Just to let ya'll know I do not do anything that would hurt anyone on the road. I rarely do this at all unless it's on a track in controlled situations. So, Don't Do This On the Road Please!! With all that said. Yup still uploading video and editing them. I will put some on here soon. Modern Mopar, Bangshift, and Protouring did articles on the car. And I believe a few more not sure of the names but, I'll find out. But, I had a blast with all the friends and messing around with a good friend in Nashvegas Coy. It's always a blast being around him!! Just like being around Notallthere, Frosty, and Pro. Great guys In most of the pics below I have my co-pilot in the car with me
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    Mickey Thompson's on Crager wheels..Great looking combo..
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    Coopers on da Bird, Sticky Mickey Thompson's on da GTO.
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    Must be nice to have both a GTO and a C6 period.
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    Better believe it! After my cam swap and DOD delete last year, I've been running pretty rich. I had the car running in the garage with the cutouts open for a minute or two and my eyes started burning. #Merica
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    Two lane with Jezebel today...
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    Mrs. Two lane and I..with Jezebel....2001....Just clicked off some 90 MPH Laps..Got in the loose stuff up high between turns one and two...To Avoid another car (Someone who was trying to drive way above their skill level) Almost hit the wall hard.. managed to save her..Everyone there that saw it couldn't believe that I saved her. and didn't go home with her on a rollback....
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    C'mon brother, I would have never expected you to catch that one. I bet it happened when I put on new belts and tightened up the squeaky power steering pump. belt. Hell I didn't even notice that the pulley required or was missing a reinforcement plate. No worries my brother. Now Frosty, to answer the volleyball question with a theory? Have you ever noticed in every picture with the volleyball team that Justa is always surrounded with hot volleyball women? Just sayin'. He works smarter, not harder.
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    I was going to joke about it's NOT a carshow/cruise night til the Pontiac's show up. Then noticed in the background..... Ahh the great debate, on one hand I'm glad to see the old car still on the road and most important, the owner having fun with it. Then there are the guys that try and screw people into BUYING their assortment of junk as original. The purest are a dwindling group. Trailered the car and will spend the next week cleaning the dust off for the next show. These guys are very important to our hobby, without them, most of us wouldn't know what real factory is all about. The research alone is more than most of us would even consider taking on. Most everything you see nowdays will have some cheap repop items, modern upgrades (even if its safety items such as disk brakes) or cosmetic modifications such as rims/tires, performance upgrades, even if they go back to period correct cool. I'm as guilty as anyone with my GTO build. Just added the console and his/hers shifter that was never an option for a 66. So where do we really draw the line in the sand? Is this a guy that admits it's a clone right off? or the guy that's gonna stand there and tell you that you don't know what your talkin about. When he should clearly shut his mouth before you start pickin the whole thing apart in front of him. Then there's the guy that drove his car to the show claiming to be the purest, but he's missing the factory info stickers, the factory grease pencil check marks, runs a DIE HARD battery, rain X wipers, ect ect. We have all added our own touches to make these rides OURS. Could be factory items that were not on our build sheet or the great debate on using factory trim rings/or not for our rally rims. To me it's about the owner's pride in what he has opened his wallet on and busted his knuckles to accomplish, then takes it out and pulls down miles of smiles at every stoplight and has a complete blast every minute of driving his/her beast. Even if it's listening to period correct music from a CD. I totally agree stratman that owners should be proud to to show their Leman/Tempest as what it is, instead of rebadging to something it's not. But most owners are buying someone elses OLD projects, VERY few of us own our original cars from the period.
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    You saw a '65 Lemans convertible with GTO badges. It is one of my pet peeves when folks do this. Be proud of your Lemans and show it as a beautiful 1965 Lemans convertible. I no longer take pictures these cars and it was the only Pontiac at the cruise-in.
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    Dang, 2,000 ft... getting up on a 12ft ladder is enough for me.
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    Can change your profile photo by going to your profile (click the picture in the top right by your name) and then click the mountain looking icon by your profile photo to upload your photo (or other options).
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    http://thepartguy.com/diagrams/gto-lemans/W - GTO LeMans 67 - Chassis Wiring Diagram (FRONT HALF).pdf Hard to read, I bought mine through OPG (original parts group) https://www.opgi.com/lemans/1966 Tried a picture of my page and it's Justas hard to read.
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    Looking to gauge interest in another Forever Pontiac T-Shirt design. Do we have any graphic artists here that would like to contribute? Any comments or slogans from you guys too would be helpful
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    I just sent you three more ideas offline.
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    A little more exciting then my commute . Dang man, you have my respect for doing that.
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    sorry, i did not specify the car. yes, it is for my firebird and i thank you for your answer. It was that i thought but i wanted to be sure because the precedent mechanic would not have the good wrench in inches and have damaging seriously the nuts...... here in France we have metrics........ Thank you again. Have a good day.
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    Beautiful GTO!... love the old school Cragar SS wheels, too. Great shot, I brightened it up a little bit...
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    I think we lose something with two different actors playing Flash between the TV shows and the movies. Mind you, I don't expect Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, or Ben Affleck to show up on Supergirl or Flash anytime soon either.
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    Excellent point Rick!
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    Pin up girls wearing skimpy Pontiac Forever T-shirts....or is that just being sexist again? I failed diversity training....a lot.
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    Pin up girls draped over the hood of a '59 Catalina...
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    Getting good use out of them then Surprised mine look as clean as they do with what they've been through the past few months.
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    Two lane with Briella and Jezebel..
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    My beautiful white woman 😅😅😅😅
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    Sorry to hear your trip will be Lucyless, but hope you have a good time with the gang. Tell Marcel I said Hi and grab my shirt if they haven't sent it already. Thankz buddy. Don't install it upside down....
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    Lovely day for a photo shoot. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
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    Turns out there are only so many brain cells you can kill off before they learn to defend themselves.
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    So it is my duty to terrorize little Justa6 for the day.
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    The brass knuckle one would be great. Let's give her a weapon to keep me in line when we are driving.
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    Calm down here, bud. We're all a friendly bunch and not insulting anyone. Have to start somewhere to know what's been done and where to go next. Frosty is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to cars and troubleshooting. Feel free to mention what you tried in the future
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    http://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2017/05/01/gm-opens-renovated-factory-one-flint/101161456/ I have never been in Factory One before in my life. I have driven pass it many a time though. Someday I hope to be able to check it out.
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    Damn I may need to mortgage my house
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    So I have been cleaning up in the garage. I put the Fiero on the road for the year and threw out a bunch of stuff that I do not need any more or have no intention in using. One thing I have wanted to do is to make a stand for my bench grinder. Cut the top out with the plasma cutter. This was 3/8 plate and pretty much maxed out my plasma cutter. Tacked it to the 3x3 plate Gussets for strength. Probably not necessary but good practice. Welded everything up. Tacked it to an old donated Pontiac rim. Frequently checked it for level Finished welding it to the rim. Gussets for strength as the square tube did not have much contact with the rim. Done
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    Very cool stratman. Thank you! I do indeed still own it. I am the sole owner of this 42k mile car. I purchased it new in November 1985 after ordering it in July. It has been in cold storage at a buddy's place for the last 5 years after we sold our old house with the 4-car garage and work shop. The new house has more bedrooms but crap for a garage and the wife isn't seeing my vision for building a pole barn yet either with the kid graduating from high school in three weeks and going off to college in the fall. It pains me not to drive it. It's all I can do to drive and maintain Lucy these days. With any luck, perhaps later this summer, my buddy and I can change the oil and start it up - once travel baseball season ends at the end of July of course.
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    My mistake Frosty! I should pay better attention to what I read. I saw packed wheel bearings and spindle nut and I guess I saw in my minds eye Timken tapered rollers on front spindles of a rear wheel drive. Duh! 😔
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    Two lane, IT'S ALIVE! The car is running, I have been driving it for a couple of days and the camshaft seems to be exactly what I was looking for. The low end throttle response is so good that I had to jack up the trans throttle pressure linkage because the trans was shifting way too soon. This should result in improved fuel economy and it appears that it might have but the carb still seems to have problems. What slight amount of driving I did before I took it apart it was sucking fuel faster than I drank beer in my teen years. It is still sucking fuel but not nearly as bad. It has that nasty rich odor when running but not bad enough to be blowing black. I pulled the plugs for a read but I have not had to read a plug since the switch over to unleaded fuel and am not sure what to look for. With about 70 miles on the plugs they look like they just came out of the box. In all my years I have never tweaked any Rochester carb, my carb of choice was AFB for street and end bowl Holley for performance. I know that the end bowl Holleys were notorius for feeding too much fuel when they were in the transition stage coming off of idle before the throttle was open enough to be feeding off of the venturi cluster. Is it possible that the 2GC Rochester suffers the same problem because on the surface streets the throttle is never open enough to reach the venturi cluster. Back in the dark ages we used to plug and meter the transition passage on the Holleys to lean them out while in the transition stage and I would guess that it should be possible on the Rochester if I need to figure that out, or possibly there is another answer. I went through the carb and found no cracks or warpage anywhere everything looked good with a straight edge and the gaskets that came out all had good sealing marks. I plan to take it off and take it apart again this morning to see if I might have missed anything but I don't think so. I am not too familiar with anything east of the Rockies but do not think of Indiana as having extreme elevations so I would not think that the original jetting is incompatible with the 1100 ft elevation of Oak Park. Have you ever heard of anyone converting one of the late 80's early 90's GM throttle body injectors as they were two barrel and would fit on my two barrel manifold. The two problems that immediately come to mind would be a distributor that would fit in the Pontiac that has the internals to trigger the injector and a crank position sensor. Those post date my years of crawling around under hoods professionally so do not know if they ever used that system on a Pontiac. How is the race car. Did you get it on the track for the race or chuck it and go home. Bad omen for opening day, hope the rest of the season improves.
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    I give you credit on that one 360. That is an excellent observation. My counter question to your theory then is why is JUSTA his shoulder hurting? Yeah no cups or cleats. No chew or pine tar either.
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    Justa keep swingin til ya can't swing no more. Even as messed up as I am, refuse to quit until I'm no longer feared or respected. Have no idea how I missed the cracked pulley. Must be slippin in my old age.
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