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    When you guys peel off the stickers... place them on clear Saran wrap from the kitchen. Good to go. I have the 1st 10 years worth of the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals among many other car related stuff in many photo albums.
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    Gotta start them young!
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    Picked up Winnie's seats from the upholsterer today for the 55 Pontiac. WOW
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    For those who may not have seen this.
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    Thank you all for this honor and thank you Ringo for this site we Pontiac true-believers get to hang out on.
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    True that Last Indian. I am content to concentrate on dessert and not fill up on turkey and it's horrible sleep agent, Tryptophan! As for the Lyons....I think I will be lying down (they certainly will) when they play since they couldn't even beat the hapless Washington Redskins on Sunday. The Bears should maul them (or because of Black Friday specials and such - it should be "mall"?).
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    Thought I would throw up these pics I took of the Pontiac club that meets by my place. Two of these are still with the first owner.
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    It was sunny and in the 50s today, so I unwrapped Raven and went for a drive after she sat in the barn for a month. In the video you will see I have lost a wing off the bird on the driver's side sail panel. Worst of all, you will see a bad scratch on the passenger's side door. I have only my idiot self to blame for that.
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    This is our 1959 Pontiac Bonneville Sport Coupe. It has power steering, power brakes, power windows, power bench seat, power antenna, Wonderbar radio, Tri-Power, and Foxcraft fenderskirts. The color is Castle Blue with a tri-color blue interior. We bought the car in 1977 and have had it 42 years this month.
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    Not the best photo of my GTO, but considering the road sign and direction I saw when out cruising, I couldn't resist. 69 GTO, 100% built by yours truly. Original engine, now stroked to 461 inches with lots of "good stuff" inside. Moser 9-inch, 4-wheel Wilwood disc brakes, Spohn Engineering suspension. It's an 11-second car at the track.
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    Body of the bird looks great! If it’s in decent shape outside of what you mentioned, I’d fix her up. You likely could find one for cheaper but may not be in same or better shape. I am sentimental though when it comes to cars too and can’t get rid of them
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    big_block_bird 1971 Pontiac Firebird
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    Glad to know there is somebody in line BEHIND me!!!
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    I’m still quite the dinosaur, I still like a good. book or magazine in my hands rather than a pc or a tablet. However I am increasingly in the minority it seems.
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    67 LeMans Sun just hit it right
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    Welcome to FP. Nice GTO.
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    Thank you! It's a constant work in progress. It had rough interior so I've replaced most of it as well as fixed alot of wrong trim on exterior. I just finished up lowering it with 1" lowering springs. Eventually I'll go full tubular. Engine is a 462 w/Edelbrock heads, 3" exhaust with headers and Black widow mufflers. 3.36 gears. Future plans are Tremec 6 speed and Sniper EFI.
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    Nice looking Goat! What else has been done to it?
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    Question: when you say "flow velocity" do you mean actual velocity as in the speed of the moving air column or are you referring to CFM numbers on a flow bench? If it's pure velocity and not CFM, then 46's probably have a higher flow velocity because of smaller port VOLUME, probably due to those flow velocities being measured with the smaller valves. For making torque/power, you care about getting the cylinders as full as possible in the shortest possible time - i.e. maximum volume - CFM. Given a constant pressure (vacuum depression on a flow bench) a smaller port is naturally going to have a higher flow velocity (speed of the moving air), but that doesn't mean it's going to pass more volume per unit time (CFM). Do a side by side comparison yourself - put a balloon over the end of a drinking straw and blow it up. Now do the same thing using a length of 1-inch pipe. Which one had the highest "flow velocity" and which one filled the balloon up first? Another thing with those 46's: the 350 bore size is smaller than 400 (and up) which is why it's really difficult to "go the other way" - put 400-455 heads on a 350 because the tops of the cylinder bores have to be clearanced to clear the valves and keep from killing all the flow due to shrouding. Going with larger valves in 46's is going to probably have a similar effect due to the outside edges of the valves being extremely close to the edges of those smaller diameter chambers, that is if the larger valves will fit at all. You might be able to work the outsides of chambers to provide some valve relief and unshroud the valves but that's going to also increase chamber volume and lower compression. Lastly, if this combination was a good idea then there'd be other people doing it, considering that 350 heads are easier to find now than 400-455 heads. There's probably a reason that no one has heard of this combination. Cheers, Bear
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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope everyone has a safe and pleasant holiday.
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    100% agree with you there. If it was RWD, I would have jumped on it already. Also if it had a V6 available outside of the GS trim level and not AWD.
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    I work for the State of Michigan as an IT project manager. I am just a Pontiac enthusiast, like you, who happens to know a lot about Pontiacs. There are parts for the 8-lug wheels out there now. Again not the cheapest things in the world but they are available to help at least refresh the brakes if you need them. One of my car club buddies owns a '63 Grand Prix with the 8-lug system. So you have a tired, probably well used, 389. So you have the choice of a complete rebuild or crate motor. Have you considered calling Jasper for a quote on a reman replacement motor? They are not known for hi-performance motors but they are known for quality reman rebuilds, which sounds like what you want given your funding limitation. So if you get long block, transfer both manifolds, put on a new water pump, transfer your brackets, you might be motoring down the road next spring. Food for thought.
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    Looks like Frosty pretty much has it covered... Are you going with a Big block...Turbo 400 combo...Or a small block Turbo 350 and/or R 700 combo...?? As those different combos can present their own individual problems...As far as positioning everything in the proper place (crossmember location, drive shaft length...Which trans yoke to use...weather or not the trans is a manual kickdown or an electric lockdown switch....What color gears to use in the trans to calibrate the speedometer...Power steering hoses...ETC..) Unless you have a donor car.....By the time that you locate and aquire all the correct parts.....Plus the details We haven't thought of yet...To do a properly engineered swap.... It might be just as economically viable if not more so...To redo the original Pontiac engine....Then just bolt it right back in.....
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    Here are the 12 Days of a Notallthere Christmas! 12 different donor cars 11 calf stitches 10 Home Depot gift cards 9 grinding discs 8 fuel injectors 7 quarts of oil A 6 cylinder in waiting 5 cups from Tim’s 4 Hankook tires 3 dropped screws 2 lug wrenches And some parts for the missus Fiero GT
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    Headliner install. More fun than getting your toenails removed.
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    It's hard to not love an Orbot Orange '70 goat. All of them are great. Interesting paint scheme on the '68 GTO. I like the arrow head. Is the paint job on this car inspired by the Royal Pontiac Royal Bobcat Ram Air V Crystal Turquoise car? We have a '69 GTO running around here in the Detroit area that re-did this paint scheme in black and white. That car looks killer. I love all the cars. Thanks for sharing. I hope you share more photos in the future too.
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    Is it older than JUSTAG6?
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    Nice rides. Invite em to join here.
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    Don't see too many Hardtop 4th gens around...231 engines can make some good power with the right combination of parts... Completely understand the sentimental value....Have had my birds for over 20 years......
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    Those are some mighty fine Goats!
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    I’ve also had it since before my 16 year old son was born so it’s got a lot of memories. Actully rare to find a v6 hardtop with the ground effects. Only 155k on the clock.
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    I buy #8 SS Phillips modified truss head lathe screws! These screws work well in plastic and have a large flat head to give good support for clamping. Lay on your back, if you don’t have a lift, and look at the bottom side of the front cover where it interfaces with the lower air dam. This is where you will drill 6 holes 1/8” in diameter through the cover and lower air dam to attach them to each other with the #8 SS Phillips modified truss head lathe screws. Once this is done and the cover is attached to the inner fender the front cover will be quite ridged. Additionally in the front an other part that is prone too vibration are the headlights! This issue I handled by adding stabilizing spacer/shelf below the headlight and attached it to the impact bumper. This, like the front cover, makes the headlights ridged like cars of the past. One additional thing you can do to stiffen things just a little further is a single #6 SS sheet metal screw mid way up and mid way inboard at the front of the front inside fender. Drill a appropriate hole through the plastic inside fender and through the steel inside fender and install the SS screw. This single attachment stiffens the inside fender substantially. All of this will really change the entire quality of the car! How it feels, how it reacts, how it sounds over the road! The picture below Depicts the attachment of the cover to the lower air damm below is showing the stabilizing block arrangement for the headlight assembly. This consists of a shock absorbing lower block, ( like you use to isolate equipment vibration )with an upper soft dense foam pad, ( like you kneel on ). The lower block is bonded to the impact bar and the pad is bonded to the block.
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    Confession is good for the soul buddy!!!! I keep the window stickers of car shows that are significant to me. I have a Woodward Dream Cruise sticker (the only one I've ever had in over 25 years), my first Frankenmuth Autofest sticker, Crusin' the Coast (Mississippi Gulf Coast), and the Charleston Rod Run and Doo Wop. I'll let you know when online registration opens up. You should probably plan to book your hotel by March.
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    I recognize one of them there windshield stickers for some strange reason! LOL! I kept your secret about the fender scratch, you ratted yourself out !!!! I'm glad you had great weather to go play. It got to almost 50 degrees this weekend. Time to put up Christmas decorations but not to go cruising in Michigan sadly. Lucy is still down for the count. I'm hoping to find some time this coming weekend to wrench on her a little, if the weather isn't too miserable. Right now, it ain't looking too good weather-wise.
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    Happy to help. Let us know if you are successful with this or not.
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    Yep the first Bandit Run started out by re-creating the movies run from Texarkana TX to Atlanta. One year they did Atlanta to Boston (for the clam chowder of course). They have gone all over since. http://thebanditrun.com/
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    Try something like the Moroso Mag-Tune spark plug wire set from Summit Racing. It will fit SBC, Olds and Pontiac V8s for HEI. Now I am assuming that MSD and GM HEI male terminals are the same. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mor-9075m/overview/make/pontiac
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    Hello everyone, I am new, and tend to have a hard time navigating through the internet. So please bare with me. Like a lot of people my age, I fell in love with the Trans Am, on the movies, Smoky and the Bandit. I am the second owner of a 2001 Trans Am. it was a daily driver from 2004 till 2011. It was freed up beat up pretty bad, but it was a project car for me and my 2 sons. We mainly worked on the motor, air intake, exhaust, fuel delivery, and professional running. In 2016 The project car got put on hold, along with my marriage. Here is to new beginnings for hotrods and relationships. I have a new relationship with a girl that loves hot rods!
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    The 72 Ventura is essentially a Chevy Nova (a.k.a a GM X-body) in Pontiac clothing. The Chevy Nova and Camaro/Firebird are sub-frame cars like your Ventura. There should be a plethora of parts for those 2 cars. I would start by looking at what Classic Industries has to over in their Nova line of parts. Don't forget that NOVA (in those days) use to stand for Nova (Chevrolet), Omega (Olds), Ventura (Pontiac), and Apollo (Buick). https://www.classicindustries.com/shop/1972/chevrolet/nova/parts/suspension/front-suspension/
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    Really glad to see you win Stratman! Well deserved, beautiful car! Congratulations to all who won!
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    Wow, and Congrats to everyone who entered, and to those who won. I am humbled. Thanks!
  46. 1 point
    And that is all she wrote! Congrats to our 2020 Forever Pontiac Calendar winners and thank you to all who entered! This year was a great year and tons of wonderful Pontiacs. The following users are in the calendar (no specific order), I will be reach out to some of you for better quality pictures. If you do not respond by the deadline, we will move on to the 2nd place individual in your grouping: @Lucky @brandyv73 @58Bonne @LN7_NUT @GreenMartian @LawMan62 @Bush71grandprix @4 bucket 67 @FlyGTO @Pontiacs For Life @48Streamliner @stratman
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    You should see the look I got when I confessed to putting the tools away before going the emergency room.
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    Having another beautiful N.C weekend .....Just put an engine (4.155 bore....3.48 stroke with 5.7 rods = 377 CID) together for one of my friend's truck .....Built the 377 instead of a 383 just to be different......Also first one that I have built with this combination .....First startup after installation....Hope to surprise a few unsuspecting individuals once we get it quieted down and play with the tuning a little bit.....Now it's Miller time... 20190922_145657.mp4
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    https://southbend.craigslist.org/cto/d/south-bend-2014-nissan-cube-pure-sport/7030601521.html - $12k I've got nothing.
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    Pontiac - The city of Pontiac started their weekend off with a bang, blowing up the old Pontiac Fiero Powerhouse Saturday morning. Part of the Fisher Body Plant that helped build the Pontiac Fiero GT, the powerhouse was closed in the 1980's. Located on the southeast corner of Baldwin Avenue and East Kennett, the building went down around 8:30 a.m.. Unlike past demolitions that left something to be desired (looking at you Silverdome), this implosion went off without a hitch. https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/old-fiero-powerhouse-in-pontiac-demolished Another piece of the "old" Pontiac complex is now lost to the wrecking ball. As JUSTA6 and I know from personal experience, much of the 'old Pontiac' complex' has been torn down. In some cases, it has made way for new things - like a new Post Office and sorting center. However, it most cases, it has been torn down to reduce the property tax burden. In fact, it's ironic that on the corner of Baldwin Road and Columbia Ave a U Pull and Save Auto Parts wrecking yard now resides - where a new car factory once stood.
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