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    Sorry. With everything going on, a bit behind with this... The winner is... @Michael Dalke's 1967 Convertible Firebird 400! Congratulations!
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    My dad bought bought my 1967 Pontiac Le Mans convertible for me to use at college. Tyrol blue with a white top and dark blue interior. Two speed automatic on the floor. It was ten years old and really needed work then, but it didn’t get it. I drove it through college and early married life and couldn’t part with. I’ve retired from education and have some time and and a little money. So now it is getting some special attention. I’m anxious to get the project finished and on the road again. I’ll post completed pictures when it’s done.
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    Thanks Ringo! It beats an apartment if you don’t like that kind of environment, and I don’t! two different views on the patio.
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    Molly, my Golden Retriever, is a bed pig (on my bed of course). She's suppose to be my kid's dog, but you know how children's promises go. She's 9, he's 20.
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    What are the chances of two 1951 Pontiac Super Deluxes showing up at thr Rock and Roll Capital Street Machines weekly show on 9-3-2019 in Solon, OH? One’s a convertible, the other’s a hardtop.
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    at this time i was an executive for the new zealand hot rod association and would do all the nation wide events, judging etc and i met a guy who would become a life long mate. he had a model A coupe he built for his partner and built a race engine for it and it was simply too hot for street use. one night we where bench racing at a bar in Aucland and he said he was pulling the motor to fit a better street version, and i asked what he would do with the big dollar motor. He offered it to me at a really silly number and i said "mate you must be joking" And left it at that.... a year later i get a call, : mate you want that motor???, i said yeah but not in the gold plated version!! He then offered to de tune it.... street manifold, cam and heads... and a much better number, so i said yes. What i got was a small block 400, with less than 200 miles on it, steel crank, forged pistons with all internals fully balance (Trust me it makes a huge difference to the way it revs) fully blue printed and he fitted double hump fuelies with a dual plain manifold.( port matched) i went up to his place to get it and once i fitted it into the ute, he came down and tuned it.. i am not sure if i can put up a video here but to hear this thing, is bloody awsume !!! i live in the country and when i start it i get calls from my neighbors about how hot the ute sounds from a distance ( got petrolhead neighbors)👍😋
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    I mowed and trimmed my yard for the first time this year....Depending on the weather...That will be a weekly chore from now until October..Doesn't look like there will be any racing at our local venue (Bowman Gray Stadium)anytime in the foreseeable future So the prepping the car has been put off indefinitely especially since the Modified race at Martinsville and probably Bristol have been canceled too..So instead I have been doing a weapons check and ammunition inventory...Found some firearms that I had almost forgotten about that I stashed away years ago...Including a pre WW2 Colt 1911 45 auto pistol and a mint condition Model 86 Winchester 45-70 lever action rifle with an Octagon barrel with a real low serial number manufactured in 1891 (Very valuable) among several others...Fortunately my job is considered essential and I will still be able to work..Although business has taken a major nose dive as of late....So will just have to wait and see what happens next...
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    Back in October. Last show she was in.
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    Hello Pontiac lovers, New to the Forum but have loved Pontiacs since the 1966 GTO was introduced late in 1965. It took me until 1986 to afford one and I found my dream , a “66” ragtop with a 4 speed. It has been completely restored and was the first car in my small “Tribe”. The second addition was a 1950 Pontiac Streamliner Coupe, the third is an unrestored ( except 1 repaint to original color) 1964 GP with most factory options including A/C, the fourth a 1972 Catalina Convertible with air. A Survivor with 28,000 original miles. Great to be a part of the Pontiac family and proud to save a few of these cars from disappearing.
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    Since we are in lock down, i am working on what cars i can with what i have and this is the one car i have been avoiding for some time now. but what happened was the 64 Pontiac got offered to me and i just could not let it get scraped !! so the ute got put back on the back burner again.😞 the story behind it is, that i started this with my step son when he was 12. it was going to be something we could do together and for years it was just that. Then after 16 years of marriage to his mum, it was all over and the car became matrimonial property!!🤮🤮🤮 i payed her out and parked it up... and as you do. i moved on
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    Haha, i clicked !!! very cool Justa, Last Indian, i always wanted a gen 1 camaro.!! have had 2 gen 2s and they are pretty cool too, my orange girl is a 72 model and here is the ram, i bought off a importer mate of mine who scored it out of Ca, he paid next to nothing for it, its a 96 four wheel drive model with the 360, and i love it, its big its tuff and man... i have towed some stuff with it and sooo easy!😋 shes done 380k miles before i got her, has had a new motor, gear box and god knows what else before i got her. original paint, which i will not touch.. it so cool to have the patina. the boss keeps going on at me to repaint it but i dont want to, once you paint it its not original. it has no rust except what you can see on the rear. Up till 2 years ago we used her to tow our retro caravan, and spent many weekends at the beach with our mate on the turps! and my vinson 500 fits nicely on the back with the tail gate closed, fishing gear loaded up, konkiki etc you will note Harry is in and ready to head to the beach !!!
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    He copied me!!!!!! Oh wait a min, this IS some of his ORIGINAL work. How lucky am I??
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    I have no experience with either a wrap or this spray but when I came across this spray I thought it was a great option for anyone not wanting to spend 1000's on Re-Chroming. Check it out...
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    From there, it was a custom built turbo 350 trans, custom driveshaft and i had my good mate build a 9 inch with disc for the rear, chassis got full rebuild with all new parts front and rear, set of boyd coddington junk yard dogs 17inch ( got to remember this work was done over ten years ago) and at the time some rear dumb race seat!! ( watch this space)😜 i rewired the whole thing, which was easy, b and m shifter and some stock pacemaker header ( watch this space)😜 next week i am going pull it out of storage and show you what it looks like and i plan to get some work done, or what i can do with what i have on hand. i might even try to fit some glass myself 😦
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    it is a 1972 Holden belmont with factory 173 cube inch straight 6, very simliar to the 60"s chevy motor, but Holdens version, with a 3 on the tree box and bango ltd slif diff. Rust wise, it wasnt too bad (for a Holden) !!! These things where work horses and very basic. 14 inch wheels, A arm front end pretty much like a gen 2 Camaro, manual steering. Oh but full chassis and the tray is fully galvanized so together we striped all the paint off and cut out all the rust and got it to primer stage. Sent it off to my mates paint shop where it sat for nearly 2 years, but it was worth it. when we got it back it was show level workmanship, the colour is custom with a fine flake in the green
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    Trying to easy the lockdown boredom. Moving along with the steering wheel center & sport foot rest.
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    Well, I don’t have pond/lake on the property, but if I walk about 3/4 of a mile I can dip my toes in Lake Erie. Yet this time of year you might have to amputate them when I pull them out! 😳
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    Both of y'all have nice decks/backyards. I do not really have a backyard at my house.
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    It's been sunny and warm, Honey Do all done, Grass cut and now... 😉
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    Really JustA doing the usual! House upgrades, in & out, yard work, lots of yard work! To many dam plants & trees! Oh and the Indian Work. Waiting for better weather to paint & tinkering with some changes to the center of my steering wheel, haven’t made up my mind as to which why I’m going to go! current center more to be done to both of these before I decide!
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    My GP came from the factory with a vinyl roof. By the time the car came to Australia, it had gone. As a result, my roof is a mixture of faded paint, old vinyl glue, rust and patches where the paint has disappeared and the metal has oxidised, turning black. So, being on my regular tight budget and armed only with sandpaper, several paint cleaning compounds and lots of elbow grease, I have begun the tedious time consuming process of bringing my roof paint back to life. If you have a similar circumstance and don't yet have the funds for fresh paint, you can try this: Because the paint was in such poor condition, I started with 80 grit wet, eventually working down to 400, then 1200. Cutting compound, then a good quality cut & polish (I use T Cut) then a final clean with regular cut & polish, and finally a coating of wax. Have a look...
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    Thanks buddy! You be good now! No playing with the COV 19 🤒 😷! You know they said it came from animals; wait for it, like goats!😳 Finished the new emblem for the front cover. Now if I can just get some good weather to paint!
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    Fitzy all's good buddy. We are JUSTA joking ...to a point. As you have needs that require fuel efficient vehicles, far more than we do. Pontiac is more than Justa vehicle manufacturer to us. It represents a way of life. My Dad worked for Pontiac Motors and I was lucky enough to be hired into Pontiac Motors here in Pontiac Mich, The roots of everything Pontiac. After a career of watching the Asian car companys abuse our economy with unfair trade practices and dumping basically disposable cars (4-5 years and most were in junkyards) there is still a terrible taste left in my mouth towards imports. To make matters worse, Pontiac is now a memory and imports (no matter how much they have improved quality) are a large portion of the vehicles on the road today. Most claiming to be built in the USA, but they are simply assembled here. There are thousands of small shops required to build cars, from nuts N bolts to plastics, electronics ect. THAT is American made. Sadly even our companys now put cheep trash parts into our cars. Air Bags.....Nuff said. The disrespect came from the generation behind me, somehow overlooking the companys that put the roof over their head, food in the mouth, paid for their educations and the list goes on N on. There are 4 Pontiac's in my family tribe and 2 Ford daily drivers. SUV and Ranger truck. All 3 of my adult kids always have and always will respect American automotive community even though they are making it harder all the time. Nothin better than spending an afternoon at a carshow with my family and the Pontiac's.
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    Allstate plans to return $600 million to auto insurance policyholders over the next two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. "This crisis is pervasive," Tom Wilson, President and CEO of Allstate, said in a statement on Monday. "Given an unprecedented decline in driving, customers will receive a Shelter-in-Place Payback of more than $600 million...View the full article
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    I got an email this morning. It's time for me to vote once again for the Pontiac Preservation Association's Hall of Fame. This year's nominees are: Ben Harrison Bill Knafel Bill Porter Dennis Kirban Eric White Fireball Roberts George Hurst Jack Humbert Jess Tyree Jim Butler Jim Hand Nunzi Romano Scott Tiemann Tim Dye This is a tough list. I've met Tim Dye and Scott TIemann. Tim is the current editor of Smoke Signals magazine for the POCI and owner of the Pontiac-Oakland Museum in Pontiac, Ill. Scott TImenann is owner of Supercar Specialties in Portland Michigan - which is one of the premiere restorer of rare Pontiacs and muscle cars as a whole. Nunzi Romano, Jim Hand, and Jim Butler are legends in the Pontiac performance/racing community. Jess Tyree and Fireball Roberts were great Poniac race car drivers. Ben Harrison, Jack Humbert, and Bill Porter were Pontiac Designers. Bill Knafel, owner of Knafel Pontiac in Akron, Ohio which sponsored the world famous “Tin Indian” Pontiac race team. George Hurst, of Hurst Shifter fame. Dennis Kirban developed the Kirban Parts Listing may have been the single most influential publication in the GTO hobby. Eric White was a past president of the GTOAA, founder of the Land of Lakes chapter of the GTOAA (MN), and he researched, authored and illustrated “The GTO Association of America’s Pontiac GTO/GT-37, Illustrated Identification Guide 1964-1974, 2004 GTO; 1970½ -1971 GT-37", it is the definitive judging standard for all GTOs for both POCI and GTOAA. He was also my friend and fellow Michigan Widetracker once he moved back to Michigan from Minnesota. Suggestions? I get to vote for three.
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    Right from the start of this build i have been customizing the ute and here in NZ if you modify a car it will need to go through a certification system to legally register it to go back on the road And we are very lucky to have the hobby car Technical manual... its the street rodder/ custom car builder bible. it tells you what you can and cant weld, how to do everything correct including materials to use. And a shit load more. makes life way easier, so you dont have to do things twice !! once you have it all done, a certifier will do an inspection and you get a certification plate attached to the vehicle. job done !👍
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    I really enjoyed tig welding in this patch, i had bugger all heat distortion and i could move the panel unlike when i used to mig my patches, which meant i can get it so flat that i am using less than a mil of filler.... and this patch is going to be under a big Chrome trim panel.... thing is... i know its there!!, so i am a little fussy just for my own thing.😋 i enjoy building them just as much as driving them Tomorrow i am going to level out the imperfections with filler and i found 3 rattle cans of primer, so i will sand the whole fender and prime it.
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    Yup! Foot peddle would make a big difference in control. I’m not a fan of mig, I’ve used it often, but I just prefer tig. Better control for heat and bead control! That said when I weld thin sheet metal I usually like acetylene and aircraft welding tips. You can actually control this type of welding best of all. While it’s not good for production work, takes longer, but from a welding standpoint, it’s stronger and less grinding. I’ll take a Willoughby Brewing Company Wheat, thank you!
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    I thought I'd share with you guys what my Pontiac related presents were for my 60th birthday: First, up - Uncle Milty's book. I first met Milt about 8 years ago at the Widetracker's Dustoff. He was the special guest and he was pushing his Ultimate Bobcat at the time. A lot of you guys know that I began my working career at AC Spark Plug Division in Flint Michigan, so when I found these re-pop signs on Amazon, I knew I had to have them. Last was this sign. Perfect to go with Lucy, my '72 Lemans Sport Convertible.
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    Last time i could look my hand was hairy, now i'm blind..should've stopped at needing glass's..and in keeping with that thought all the trim is done finally! seriously when michelle paints she finds it a must to remove all the trim with a sledgehammer..then complains how long it takes me to something i despise so much.detailed carpentry. Caulk and paint make me the carpenter i aint.
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    That’s a 10-4 good buddy. Those are interchangeable, but you have to get all the hardware! Brackets, dust plates & the master cylinder will be different so will the in-line restrictors. Then there is the obvious.
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    Harry say's you have Justa nuff firewood. Awesome patio.......
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    Sure looks like Harry jumps in N takes charge of any situation. My LIL Cocker Spaniel rules the roost around here too. 12yrs and many ailments, but couldn't imagine it around here without him. They are worse than kids, they actually mind once in awhile and know exactly what your sayin.
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    My 80 Sunbird (JUSTA6) and matching trailer. Justa 6 N Justa66 hangin out
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    The muck metal trim along the bottom had a small dent and i managed to press it out with a bit of timber and the vise
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    After a shower 😁 it was parked for a weeks
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    Thank you all and here in Kuwait yes we have alot of pontiacs , about our cars ...that judge was restored year ago , also the 77 and 71 trans ams they had older restoration in the 2000s and they will be fully restored soon every winter season we work on a car 😁 and all matching numbers
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    My grand father in 1971 bought a 71 t-37 off the showroom floor for two cattle and two hundred dollars. We still have the receipts that state that and we still own that car. Unfortunately my oldest brother drug the car out of the barn and fixed it up before I could. He drove that car to high school and I remember him picking me up from school in the car and riding around the rod runs in it. Ever since then I have always wanted a 70-72 lemans. I have always been on the lookout for one and at the end of the summer of 2019 one fell into my lap. My buddy’s and I were out driving around looking for classic muscle cars and stuff like that in people’s yards and we found a 68 c10 sitting in a yard and there was a man working on a 68 firebird convertible in the garage! I turned the car around immediately and pulled in. We started talking about old Pontiacs and and how I’ve grown up around them and how I’ve always loved them and somehow it came up that at this guys dads house under the car port was an old lemans. I got excited then because no matter what year it was I wanted to buy it. So he walked us over to his dads house next door and sitting there under the car port was The 70 lemans sport convertible. I drooled all over the car he could tell I wanted it baaad. So we went inside and talked to his dad for about 45 minutes about the car and the whole back story. The man has always loved Pontiac's and in 1959 and 1960 he was on fireball Roberts pit crew and even test drove some of fireball’s cars. He worked as a firefighter in Knoxville for years and always admired his co workers car (the lemans) and he always wanted to buy it but unfortunately in 1977 the car got rear ended but this was his chance to buy it so he did. After he bought it he parked it under the car port and started rounding up parts to fix it. He bought all oem parts and set them aside in his garage. Life got in he way and unfortunately he never got the chance to build the car. So there it sat for 42 years until I came along and bought it. I had worked aaaall summer and saved up to buy a lemans and this one found me.the car came with a full oem quarter, tail lights, deck lid, and a rechromed bumper all still in the gm boxes! The interior is solid too, it’s dark blue and bucket seats but column shift Kinda weird but for the past 10 months I’ve been working on the car almost every weekend getting the engine in stuck, replacing a cam because of wiped cam lobes and redoing all the brakes fortunately it had front disk. With the help of my dad and brothers I hope to be able to drive it to school my the end of this month. Sorry this is kinda long I just felt like it’s a cool story
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    I have a bit of a theory on some of the inconsistencies that have appeared between population, especially countries. Having been a researcher in another life, a few things struck me. This virus like stainless steel and plastic among other hard non porous surfaces, but to me it appears that the less oxidative the surface the longer it stays! So likewise folks who have a higher antioxidant level I their system may stand a better chance to minimize the virus. Plus the virus is a fat cell type virus! Certain acids breakdown fat cells better and faster than other. There are also some fatty acid chemistries, like Lauric acid that actually disintegrate other fat molecules. just a thought and observation!
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    Real footage from Frosty's party
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    Could stare at that all day....beautiful. They canceled my Winter Senior Olympics Volleyball match Sunday. Been practicing with this team for 6 months. This is a qualifier for summer games. Gold metal at both and we represent Michigan in FLA this fall. You N yours stay safe N healthy buddy.
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    Cover & splitter complete fit tested! Now ready for primer.
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    Cooler brackets, cooler, NACA duct air intake done. cover on with inlet hose attached
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    Fitzy, I think JustA & Frosty’s answer was dead on! I love cars, I have always appreciated an original car whether it was concourse, survivor or just original, but used. But for me I have never been able to leave a car alone, because the OEM’s builds a car for the masses, to appeal to the basic public Who will like the cars design, buy the car and then buy an other one 3 to 5 years later! These same folks also have no interest in the car beyond initial looks! Just drive it and than after 6 months the car will be lucky to get washed once a month. A concourse car is hard to enjoy for a true driving enthusiast, to much invested to risk. Most just use them as an investment. I point to Carrol Shelby! He took great British steel and some American ingenuity & muscle (427cid) and history speaks for itself. So I too say do whatever pleases you! If you do it one way and don’t like it, change it, try it again till you get it JustA the way you like it!
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    ...and your point is? I'm not nuts, I like being evil and totally irresponsible. I smoke, drink, and fart in public too. I like being politically incorrect because being "correct" just side steps the real issue in the first place. Make an EV cheaper than an internal combustion engine vehicle (ICEV), make is it's range as good or better than an ICEV, make it's recharge time as good or better as a filling station (and as convenient to find too) as an ICEV, then maybe -just maybe I'll consider one. Until then petrol vehicles forever buster! V8s, V10s, or V12s with maybe a V6 or I6 are the way to go. 4-cylinders are for environmental tree huggers who are never in a hurry and clog up the center lane of the expressway by doing 45 mph in a 70. To them I say, go buy yourself a Yugo! We agree on the V8 - no replacement for displacement. This senseless rant was brought to you by "Pontiac Convertibles - Drop Your Top Baby!"
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