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    Here are a few pictures of the finished project. Sorry can't seem to get them rotated correctly.
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    A Riddler Great 8 finalist - '50 Chevy pickup called Heirloom A Pro street LS-powered '69 GTO Judge A cool old school altered dragster....looks like a model a might have built as a kid. An original old school gasser '54 Corvette - #636 built. A freshly restored '69 GTO Judge with a white top and interior
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    Started when I was 6 or 7 yrs old rode in my cousin's 65 Lemans that was only 3 yrs old at the time. My first car was 69 Buick Skylark In 1977. Got my first pontiac a black 79 Trans Am. 400 4 speed. Was not black and gold. had Charcoal and red trim bird on the hood with the silver colored snow flake wheels . When was in the Navy in 1981. Had less than 10,000 miles on it. When I got it. Sold it 2 years ago it was completely Oringinal unmolested all the way down to the last vacume line under the hood had 70K miles. Kicked myself in Ass ever since......have owned a couple of 70s Grand Prixes one them a 70 model LJ with a 455. Wish would have kept that one too. The other was a 76 model. Have also had 4 or 5 other Late 70s TAs. And 3 or 4 third gens . Including an 85 TA that was destroyed in a head on collision with a Ironically a Sunbird. Was extremely LUCKY everyone was able to walk away. Have always at least 2 or 3 Pontiacs at the same time. Special ordered 97 Formula 1LE. Took delivery of it in June 1997.Still have it also have 96 firebird that I got in 1998 it will probably turn over 40,000 K in the next couple monthes. Also have a Pontiac Transport van.Am looking to buy another Firebird. Want a 67 thru 69 base Firebird with OHC 6 with column shift 3 speed manual trans. Got a feeling might be hard to find? Been driving Pontiacs almost exclusively since 1981.Still having depression issues. LOL Since GM Killed Pontiac....
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    Couldn't find the single picture of the black 2002 the first time! Forgot to mention I also owned a "88" GTA for 6 months in 2012.
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    My first car was a Pontiac, a "64" GTO in early "68" than the "69" Z/28 came out and bye bye GTO hello Z. Than in 2000 the Grand Prix followed by 2002 Black GP, a 2002 white GP & a red 2003 GP.
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    I purchased my Pontiac Firebird Esprit in October 1974 as a leftover from Kemper Pontiac Cadillac in Bridgewater, New Jersey. This was my first car purchase as I needed a car to drive to St. Joseph's HS in Metuchen, NJ from our home in Bound Brook, NJ. I was looking at Plymouth Dusters, Dodge Dart Swingers and a used 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix (silver with black interior). Glad I purchased the Firebird and glad I still have it! 28,900 miles on the Honduras Maroon with white interior. It has a 350 Automatic and I got it back on the road in April 2014 after nearly 30 years of inactivity in my Dad's garage. Gene Kirschenr at Auto Haus in Peapack, NJ resurrected the Bird and it's great to drive it once again.
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    Last I heard the GTO has been sold a couple of times over already. It was in the hands of an east coast consignor the last time I heard it was for sale.
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    Here are my photos from this year's Detroit Autorama. Enjoy! First up.....this is dedicated to stratman and his wife Nancy. I believe this to be Black Beauty II. A black on black '68 GTO! Tom Wopat and Catherine Bach from the original Dukes of Hazzard TV show were guests at the show. So replicas of the Duke vehicles were on display as well. An actual jumped General Lee Na na na na na na na na na Batmobile
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    Thank you for thinking of Nancy, Frosty... cruising with Nancy in that GTO made us feel like rock stars, I will never forget those good times. Great pictures!
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    Here is some pics.... A perfectly restored triple black '70 GTO How about Pallidium silver Ram Air V GTO Judge? Fiero Pace Car This an awesome highly customized '54 Kaiser Manhattan 4-door called the Voodoo Sahara. It's hard to find much of the original Kaiser. I think this is one of my favorite cars at the show give all the modifications. The little 'Robby the Robots' didn't hurt either. I found this downstairs...a highly modified Korean War era Dodge ambulance. What makes this more interesting is this vehicle was literally pulled out of a snow field in January. So it was built in the last 6 weeks.
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    More pics.... "Big Daddy" Ed Roth's original pickup truck, freshly restored. It has a Packard V8 in it. It was documented in a recent issue of Hot Rod. The front bumper is the original pinstriping done by Big Daddy. The Fire Truck....I remember building the model kit from Monogram as a kid. The Baja Bandetto - a Roth-like custom car - very similar to the original Beatnik Bandit Huh....I didn't realize GE had been through here..... The Imperial that Chrysler never, but should have built. The diagram next to the car that shows what sections of the original car were used was fascinating. One bad C-10...got air? Legendary car customizer Gene Winfield working with a local community college to chop the top of a '50 Lincoln 4 inches.
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    She's back together. Went for a cruise on Saturday. Ran great and really happy with the chrome. Thank you guys for the kind words and following along.
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    Good luck with the new water pump and thermostat Dr Jones. We are all interested to find out what happens next. Dr Jones, I think I had a small epiphany. It just dawned on me that your overheating issues is with a Pontiac engine in a 3rd gen body. Bear with me. When Pontiac built the third gens, other than the first couple of years, there are no open access to the radiator through the front grille. All the grilles are closed. So Pontiac installed a small plastic air dam under the car, in front of the front wheels/radiator that directs air up into the radiator from near road level. It's about 1.5-2.5 wide and spans the width of the car. It's not clear to me in your photographs if that air dam is there. Is that air dam still there? Is it removed or dangling? If it is missing or partially attached, then this may be contributing to you overheating since cool air is not being forced up into the radiator.
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    1933 for sure but may have been an accessory used other years. Not a lot of info out there on them that we could find. May reach out to Tim Dye with the Pontiac Museum he may have more info on this. This three window coupe belongs to a local friend who has done several pre 40 Pontiac's, these images are the as bought (Before Resto) Looks to be an real bad 1970's attempt at a refresh, but she ran good.
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    Well funds are being set aside and next year my car and the camper will be paid off so that should free up a lot more money. The goal this year is to get the radiator from ordered from brassworks, plan is to bolt the original Indian Head radiator cap in place and have a functional one under hood. Also as we are planning on reusing the front axel, I'm taking drums off the front hubs, relocating lugs to a standard GM bolt pattern. And ordering some Wilwood rotors and calipers. Then I will know what my front wheel span will be and I can have new rearend cut down to match. Since engine and trans are done they will be next. I'm going to get them bolted up and in the engine bay so my buddy can help us align them, build mounting brackets and, reinforce the frame. We are planning on doing the floor with reclaimed maple flooring. And my other friend will be rebuilding the seats for us. Then comes the hard part replacing the broken wood filler pieces. Good thing I'm a woodworker and have stacks of white oak laying around. Once wood is fixed I need to have third friend come over and weld up some cracks. The roof will be a folding ragtop out of CA. About $700. And paint will be done by forth friend. He's amazing painter and wants his name on this car. So I'm sure it will be a few years but my dad's helping and he's a retired mechanic. So he claims this is his retirement project.
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    Among lots other things is when not parked on level ground. Passenger opening door and letting it go so it bounces full force against the hinges...Irks me just thinking about it.
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    Sounds like a great project, cowboydanny! That is a PONTIAC 350 you're putting in there, right?
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    A friend of mine bought this car in 2001. He did nothing with it so I bought it off him in 2010. As you can see it was in rough shape. I rebuilt the drivetrain front to back then drove it a few years. Just completed a 20 month frame off restoration of it in June 2016. Judged Concours Gold at the GTOAA nats in 2016. It's a numbers matching car and very fun to drive. If it's on a trailer, it's either broke or stolen.
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    Yea the story is she eats Chevys and craps fords! Welcome aboard!
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    I think I'll take my chances with the stump water. Montezumas Revenge is not my idea of fun. Dry heaves I understand.
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    I'd drink the stump water before Mexico's water
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    I think I may have to try this stuff, Kinda like the water in Mexico it cannot be that bad.
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    GE says it's a little on the dry side!
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    "Agonizing Death" hmmmmmmm....
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    I would think that the 1LE firebirds from late 80s to the late 90s qualify for future classics mainly due to the fact that they had all had to be special ordered. Most Pontiac dealers didn't even know that option even existed. Only the most savy buyers ordered what is essentially late model COPO car. Unlike new Camaro COPO where they limited it to 50 of them seriously doubt if any were actually special order just a limited production run. Was basically just a sales pitch. True COPO means they didn't limit the number made if 5 were ordered they made 5 IF 5000 were ordered they would make 5000 of them. That being said what really makes them special the fact they were only available in Formula 1SA trim meaning no creature comforts like AC power windows and locks ETC only exception to that was 1996 and later had AC only because Pontiac made it standard across the board. They all have factory hardcore suspension and brake upgrades with there own specific GM part numbers. Also the gas tanks are different with the fuel pickup location and baffle in the tank so that during high G turns when the gas sloshed around it wouldn't uncover fuel pickup. All of them also had factory oil cooler. Although have heard of some that didn't. Mine has aluminum drive shaft from the factory,but have heard of some that didn't also the later ones after 1996 have double adjustable konis with tool in glovebox to adjust shocks with. Engine power is way underrated too. Probably shouldn't be saying this have had mine up to 168 MPH flat out nothing left. Know that because captured top speed on my garmin. Without all the creature comforts makes them lighter than standard F body with full load of fuel all our vacation stuff and my wife in car tips the scales at just a little over 3100 lbs. It is definitely a Porsche Jag BMW Mustang WRX eater wolf in sheeps clothing! for sure. Reason I think qualifies for future classic is mainly because of low production numbers no more than 20 or less in most years of course rare means unpopular only time will tell.....Next time I have on lift will take some detailed photos of suspension drive shaft gas tank etc. and post them. One other thing the SLP firehawks with 1LE are completely different.
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    NICE SCORE! I've always wondered what became of the parts they ripped out/off of all the cars they modified. Over the years they yanks several Pontiac Drivel-lines. Hey maybe you can track down the owner and offer an engine swap
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    You must've walked right by my car...Thanks Frosty..LOL
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    I went into the shop in Austin last week where that episode was filmed for some dyno tuning. I saw a Pontiac carb sitting in the corner of a storage area, and went over to check the numbers and it came back for a 1970 GTO. I asked to buy the carb, and they wouldn't sell it...unless I bought the whole drive train. So, I did. I now own (formerly) Lance Armstrong's 1970 GTO drive train from the air cleaner through the TH400 transmission. It was properly put away, but has been sitting for a long time. Other than being greasy, it is in good shape. I've certainly seen a lot worse be rebuilt. It's a YS code 400 wearing #13 heads and the block number is 9799914. Half the web sites say that #13 heads are Ram Air III, but I don't have the VIN on the car so I'm not making that claim. I'd be really interested in knowing if anybody knows where that GTO is these days. It's worth quite a bit with the drive train that is in my garage. Or if anyone is interested in a 1970 GTO drive train, give me a shout.
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    So did I JUSTA. Last time I talked to Linda Vaughan is when she signed my shifter plate. She looked at me and said to me, "we've met before haven't we?". I said yes ma'am when I was 19 years old at the Gratiot Auto,Supply store in Flint Michigan in 1979. She looked at me, smiled, winked at me, and she said the old Gratiot slogon "tell'em Linda sent ya'!".
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    A past Riddler winner....JUSTA, Indyman and I certain all remember Gratiot Auto Supply. Linda Vaughan was the spokesperson for Gratiot for a lot of years (besides Hurst). A DeSoto 331 Hemi powered '32 Ford Take a hard look at this '69 Charger. It is lowered, chopped and channeled. It is uber-sharp close up. A Buick GS-style wagon The General Mayhem from the guys at Roadkill TV and a newcomer, more modern POS Charger General Mayhem has a Hellcat engine and tranny along with nitrous. It raced the Fast N Loud Monkeys at the Pontiac Silverdome a couple of years ago and lost! The sign of this Charger says "this is not a wrap".
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    Sad really. That's like bringing the 442 or XLR name back as an SUV cross over. Ugghhh.....
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    No problem Ringo. I love this stuff, as you well know.
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    Last week the door on my Bonneville was stuck so I gave it a good kick and kicked the thing clean off. I buried it in the back yard and have been going doorless for a few days. Good thing the weather's nice!
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    I grew up in a Pontiac family and my 67 Grand Prix was bought by my mom when I was 3 years old in 1991 and her intention the whole time was to keep me interested in cars specifically Pontiacs and to give me the GP when she felt I was responsible enough and could care for it properly so this summer she finally signed it over to me so after a long 25 year wait I'm now the proud owner of the car I grew up in!! The first car that I had when I got my license was a 67 Bonneville 4 door hardtop that was a gift from my mom when I turned 16 and I regrettably say I sold it 4 years ago. Now this summer I picked up a 64 Bonneville 4 door hardtop Brougham with factory air, 8 lugs, power seat, and the factory rear air shocks. That's my new restoration project its a very solid original car that has very clean interior and hasn't ever been wrecked. So I have a long history with the Pontiac brand!!
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    Hey haven't been on in awhile. Mostly my self Ghost, today I took her to the body shop for cleaning up and paint.
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