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  1. Good race between Farmbird and the LSM4, too!
  2. Close enough, I like it! Way better than orange, lol! You can't beat free, and with the Pontiac touches you are planning to do to your engine, only the hardcore will be able to tell the difference. That is going to be an awesome, one-of-a-kind rod when you are done. Do you have a guesstimate of how long it will take you to build your '31?
  3. Well that's different! Sure glad you got her, she's a beauty now!
  4. Well...ok...since your dad gave it to you... ...and paint it Pontiac engine blue, eh?
  5. Outanding restoration of a typically rough VA car, 455conv! Are you in VA or is that just where your Goat came from? BTW,
  6. Sounds like a great project, cowboydanny! That is a PONTIAC 350 you're putting in there, right?
  7. Welcome to FP, brasil! Nice 1959 "flat top" 4-door hardtop Catalina you have there!
  8. Thank you for thinking of Nancy, Frosty... cruising with Nancy in that GTO made us feel like rock stars, I will never forget those good times. Great pictures!
  9. Great work, Rick... Red Rocket is one of the finest '67 GTOs out there! Will you be entering it in any Pontiac shows this year?
  10. We love pictures... about time for some new ones, Rick!
  11. Great pics, Ringo!
  12. Yep, definitely 1977-79 Toyota Corolla SR5... not AMC anything.
  13. Being rarer than a Cobra, I'm sure the reserve would be the same as if it were a Cobra. I understand the Aston Martin DB5 went for $1M+.
  14. Great stuff as usual, Frosty! That's strong money for a Judge. I think there was a triple white '71 Judge convertible that sold last year or so for more money. You know if I had seen that Trams Am wagon, I most certainly would have snapped a pic! Cool car. If I go again I will definitely spend two days there so I can see everything.
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