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    Oustanding pictures as usual, SPRINT 6! '61 bubbletops are one my favorite Pontiacs, love the color combo and the options on this one. Also a big fan of Plum Crazy Mopars... especially like the Challenger with the white vinyl top and white stripes, really makes the PC paint pop! BTW, are you really tall or did you bring a ladder with you?
  2. I now see Thebuddhaman and dale66gto (#7). Thanks, Ringo.
  3. New from N.E., PA

    Very nice '65 GTO... the engine is beautiful!
  4. Snow White checking in

    SnoWht95... This brings back fantastic memories for me! I bought GAGT sedan just like this one (except for the painted wheels) brand new back in '93. It is my favorite DD I've owned and wish I still had it. It was a Quad4HO with a five speed, a blast to drive!... 175HP was a good bit of power in '93 especially from a normally aspirated four cylinder... 4,000 rpm to 6,500 rpm was where it really came alive! Gosh... I haven't seen one of these in years. It's rare all right, but rare does not always mean valuable. I'm glad you bought it, you sound like someone who really appreciates these cars. I'm wishing you good luck on this project and please post your progress. Here's mine 24 years ago...
  5. Vargo Dragway Reunion

    Nice pictures!
  6. Notallthere's Truck

    No... the answer is 42.
  7. FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    I lack the words to describe this post. You are an incredibly talented man.
  8. Last show of the year

    Me and the vette went to the last show of the year in my neck of the woods. I guess because it was the last show, there was a great turn out (about 200 cars, which is big for this area). As usual, however, there were only a handful of Pontiacs. I don't know why there are so few classic Pontiacs here is the Shenandoah Valley. You guys in Michigan seem to have tons of Pontiacs at your shows. Oh well... Anyway, the green '69 Firebird 'vert was for sale. It is a restored, numbers matching, documented 350HO car (didn't ask how much $$). Even though we don't have many Pontiacs, the quality of cars here in the valley is outstanding (well... except for the blue ‘79 Corvette in the first picture, thankfully he arrived late and was parked in a corner lot away from the good cars). It was very sunny today, so I had a lot of exposure problems, cleaned them up as best I could in Adobe Lightroom. There are 72 pictures, hope you like them. http://s931.photobucket.com/user/us_strat/slideshow/Show 10_22_2017?sort=4 P.S... There was a '80 Trans Am with a chevy engine, I did not waste my time or storage space on the camera taking pictures of it.
  9. New guy from South Carolina

    Original paperwork like you have most definitely adds $$$$.
  10. New guy from South Carolina

    Different take on "barn find", lol! Way cool and unique Firebird- have never seen another with that engine/transmission combo at any Pontiac show I have been to. I will have to join the choir in this thread and echo the " keep the OHC6 and three-on-the-tree" chorus. You will want to contact PHS and get a copy of the original factory invoice of your 'bird. http://www.phs-online.com/services.htm You will then want Mike Noun to make you an authentic window sticker. http://musclecarfilms.com/PontiacWindowSticker Can't wait to see your progress on getting this rare 'bird on the road... keep us posted with lots of pictures!
  11. Another one, just for sharing... not my car.
  12. Not a problem, rules are rules. Glad to share.
  13. ok...full disclosure here...this is not my car and I have no idea who owns it, so... if that disqualifies this picture, I understand and I'm ok with that. I took this picture at a recent Pontiac car show, it is a hood ornament on a 1930 Pontiac.
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