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  1. A few Pontiacs

    My friend's '68 Camaro- he did all the restoration work himself, body work, paint, upholstery, engine, suspension... everything!
  2. A few Pontiacs

    Aw, what the heck... here are some non-Pontiacs.
  3. A few Pontiacs

    Thanks, JUSTA. It's a "10 footer", lol- any closer and you'll see all the cracks, chips, paint flaws, uneven gaps, etc. But she's a blast to drive! It is a beautiful blue, alright. I'm picturing Lucy that color in my head... nice!
  4. A few Pontiacs

    Not many Pontiacs show up at the car shows and cruise-ins where I live in VA. Here are the only Pontiacs at a car show I went to today that had over 80 cars. That ratty '79 Corvette showed up again...
  5. Golling Charity Car Show


    So many Pontiacs... Great pictures, JUSTA! I turned this one around, sharpened it a little, and changed it to B&W...
  6. ...saw your T/A at the Roy Rogers cruise-in tonight, but I couldn't find you!
  7. Labor day show

    Looks like Pontiac is much better represented in MI than done here in VA... car shows down here with over 100 entries you might have 3 or 4 Pontiacs. Great shots JUSTA! You are getting quite good with the camera- always look forward to your pics.
  8. So blessed to live and work in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Va, so I went cruising today in my Vette and ended up in a car show in Shenandoah (the town). It was such a beautiful day, that after the show, I put another 100 miles on the vette.
  9. Pre Labor Day road trip.

  10. Justa WOW....

    That's incredible!
  11. Woodward Dream Cruise


    Oh boy! I'm a member of y'all's Great Lakes Club now! https://www.autoblog.com/2017/08/19/dream-cruise-2017-in-pictures/#slide-endcap
  12. Me and the vette went to a local cruise-in tonight, and a pair of silver '66 GTO's showed up... ...oh yeah...some old fart showed up in a ratty late 70's corvette...
  13. The pictures don't do it justice- it was stunning. I can't imagine how many hours went into the paint, it was beyond perfect. It's tastefully lowered, 4 wheel DB, and the wheels remind me of Radir wheels from the '60s (think original Batmobile) but larger diameter. Not for sale, even if it was, I'm sure it would be large $$$, lol! You are correct, it would be the perfect Black Betty II.
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