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  1. stratman

    New here, saying Hi.

    Very sinister looking Firebird... I always thought Pontiac should have painted the front bumper on the '69 Firebird like you have... I like it!
  2. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/05/23/most-expensive-pontiacs-sold-at-auction?utm_content=sf88826188&utm_medium=spredfast&sf88826188=1
  3. You are absolutely right, Frosty... the 2+2 was an option on the Catalina as the GTO was an option on the LeMans in '65. The article did say he added a number of options that weren't on the PHS docs also. Perhaps the donor car was a triple black Catalina 2-door hardtop, then the data plate would match except for the VIN.
  4. stratman

    The Photogeekery Thread

    Great shot of this cool building, Frosty! How did you get this perspective and what/where is it?
  5. stratman

    New to the Forum Multiple GTO Owner

    Hi Fred and In the upper left-hand corner there a "zone" and "dealer" box... that is where it was shipped to, but unfortunately you would need someone who knows the codes to decipher that for you. I found out the dealer my '68 was sent to by ordering a reproduction window sticker. Mike Noun is the best, you just send him a copy of your billing history. He knows all the codes and will make you the most authentic window sticker out there. Here's his web site: http://musclecarfilms.com/PontiacWindowSticker
  6. I'm right there with you Frosty... the 2+2, 1965 specificity, is is one of my all-time favs also. I have a question for you, Frosty... The article says that except for the right front fender, right front door, and trunk lid, all the other body parts and frame came from the donor Cat. If that is true, then he would have had to swap firewall data plates. I have always been under the impression that it a BIG no-no to do that, but, judging from all the awards the car has garnered, it must be ok. Am I wrong then?
  7. Nice work, Rocket! 👍 I hear you about the cost of hoods... I want to get an L88 hood for my C3, but haven't pulled the trigger (yet, lol!).
  8. stratman

    1st show of 18

    Nice pictures, JUSTA and Frosty! 📷
  9. stratman

    The Photogeekery Thread

    Some random photos I have taken in the last year or so... Sedona AZ
  10. stratman

    Ahoy there!

    Hmmm... I wonder how that happened? Oh well, it should be good now.
  11. stratman

    Ahoy there!

    Today, on my way to the North Carolina Outer Banks, I did a side trip to Norfolk VA to see the battleship U.S.S Wisconsin. I need a new lens because I could not get a picture of the entire ship with the ones I have. Here are some pictures in totally random order. http://s931.photobucket.com/user/us_strat/slideshow/Wisconsin?sort=3
  12. stratman

    POTM Vote, April 2018

  13. stratman

    New to the site

    Beautiful GP!
  14. stratman

    The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday young man!
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