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  1. Great pics, Ringo!
  2. Yep, definitely 1977-79 Toyota Corolla SR5... not AMC anything.
  3. Being rarer than a Cobra, I'm sure the reserve would be the same as if it were a Cobra. I understand the Aston Martin DB5 went for $1M+.
  4. Great stuff as usual, Frosty! That's strong money for a Judge. I think there was a triple white '71 Judge convertible that sold last year or so for more money. You know if I had seen that Trams Am wagon, I most certainly would have snapped a pic! Cool car. If I go again I will definitely spend two days there so I can see everything.
  5. Great story, Frosty. I think it's cool that the car has gone full circle and is back at GM. Do you know what the Cheetah went for?
  6. Here are some non-Pontiacs from Barrett-Jackson. This is a tiny fraction of the cars that were there because first my camera went wonky and then my iPhone ran out of power... very frustrating! I did get most of the "star" cars, however. If you see differences in the pictures, it's because this is a mixture of digital camera and iPhone. I have edited all the photos in Adobe Lightroom to minimize the differences. That being said... I had a blast! Also, if I'm able to go again, I will go two days and be more camera ready. Not Pontiac
  7. Good stuff, Frosty! Thanks! I forgot to put this Judge and a Trans Am in my slideshow, they are in there now. The sign said this is a 1 of 1 '69 Judge convertible- the only one built that is triple green. What does your information say about it?
  8. I think the reason this kit looks so much better, is because it represents the first generation Firebird, just as the donor Camaro likens the first gen. Too bad it's no longer produced.
  9. Interesting story on the HPP Trans Am, thanks! I didn't meet or see Jim Mathison during the brief time I was there, but the red-on-red '69 Judge was one of three GTOs he was selling.
  10. Ha! No. You have to have a note from the bank that says you're good for a minimum of $30k.
  11. I visited my daughter, son in law, and grandsons in Chandler AZ last week. On Friday the 20th, we drove out to Scottsdale to the Barrett-Jackson auto auction. It was great, of course,but I only got to see probably half the cars there. If I go again, it will be for two days... it's that big! Anyway... I was merrily taking a bazillion pictures and then my camera wouldn't focus and then it quit altogether! Grrrr. I then used my iPhone till the battery ran out. Long story short, I only got photos of a small percentage of the cars, and a LOT of those pictures were out of focus, dang it! Lesson learned... I am through with my point-and-shoot camera and am looking at a mid price range DSLR probably Canon or Nikon (haven't pulled the trigger yet). Here are all the good (i.e. in focus, lol) photos of Pontiacs. There were WAY more Pontiacs than are represented here. 2017
  12. Got an idea for 2018... Pull out the FP credit card and fly to all the winners homes and take the pictures yourself. That way it will ensure that all pictures are the same and 13 lucky winners will get to meet The FP Fearless Leader himself!
  13. The old ones didn't, but these new All-Terrain T/A KO2 do.
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