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  1. New member

    Beautiful GTO!
  2. Great pictures, JUSTA! LOTSA great Pontiacs!
  3. Today, the Corvette got a name ("Blue Thunder") and a new home. Does this count as a barn find?
  4. Both sound like a lot of fun. Maybe some day, but you have a long way to go, you young whipper-snapper!
  5. Just another old fart in a Corvette.
  6. Dang!... way closer than MI, but still three hours away. My son and daughter-in-law just got back from Hilton Head for their fifth wedding anniversary. They had a great time there.
  7. You've had some nice Pontiacs! I've always loved the look of the '61 bubbletop.
  8. If you ever pass through VA, you bet!
  9. The vette yes, the garage no (in my dreams, lol!). This is what my garage looks like...
  10. Cruise In 5/20/17

    Well said , JUSTA. I guess i was overly harsh. It just kind of rubbed me the wrong way that he has the only Pontiac there, it's a very nice "65 Lemans 'vert, and he's got a mixture of Lemans and GTO badging on it. Oh well.. truth is I'm just jealous because I don't have a car to show and i would take that Lemans in a heartbeat.
  11. Cruise In 5/20/17

    You saw a '65 Lemans convertible with GTO badges. It is one of my pet peeves when folks do this. Be proud of your Lemans and show it as a beautiful 1965 Lemans convertible. I no longer take pictures these cars and it was the only Pontiac at the cruise-in.
  12. Cruise In 5/20/17

    There is a small town about 15 miles from my house, and tonight they had a cruise-in. Pretty small potatoes, I would say there were maybe 25 cars at the most, but it was a cool mix of cars which was completely unexpected. http://s931.photobucket.com/user/us_strat/slideshow/Show_5_20_17?sort=4
  13. Commuting to work

    Ton of respect for you, Two Lane! Cell towers are so ubiquitous that you don't even think about someone having to climb them to change out the strobe or antennas. Thanks for posting these pictures... I'll most certainly think about you and your fellow tower climbers whenever I pass one now. Great photos, btw. I took the liberty messing with a couple of them, hope you don't mind...
  14. image.jpeg

    Beautiful GTO!... love the old school Cragar SS wheels, too. Great shot, I brightened it up a little bit...
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