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  1. stratman

    A$$ Monkey

  2. stratman

    Pontiac Racing

    I don't, but you can google "2003 Pontiac NASCAR" and select "Images". There are quite a few good photos.
  3. Thanks for posting the pictures from the cruise-in and the HF Museum, really nice photos! Seeing the Jim Clark Lotus brings back fond memories from my youth. One of my slot cars was the #82 Lotus, (I think it was a Cox). I was within walking distance of the local slot car track (Falls Church) and I misspent much of my youth there, lol.
  4. I bet it did... you are the OHC 6's graetest champion. That Lincoln MK. II is beautiful. Always liked these cars, never see them much.
  5. stratman

    POTM Vote, August 2018

    I love this car, one of my favorites... Congrats SPRINT 6!
  6. stratman

    61/62 Catalinas

    Two great looking Pontiacs! Great to have another Virginian on board.
  7. stratman

    Pontiac Racing

    Here are all the drivers in NASCAR that have won in Pontiacs... https://www.foxsports.com/nascar/gallery/pontiacs-greatest-nascar-drivers-042909
  8. stratman

    Golling show

    Thanks for posting the pics, JUSTA... looks like a great show despite the random day/time.
  9. WOW! She's a beauty all right! 🏆
  10. More nice pictures, JUSTA. I really like the '74 ('75?) Grand Am. I haven't seen a first gen GA in I don't know how long, especially one this nice! Also like the "66 Bonneville wagon.
  11. stratman

    POTM Nominations, August 2018

    31pontiac's big bad blue Bonneville...
  12. Nice pictures Frosty! Always love pictures of Pontiacs, even though I currently don't own one, they are still #1 in my heart.
  13. stratman

    71 GP SJ project

    IMHO, since it has never been modified, I would restore it to factory original. You may have a somewhat rare '71 GP, considering the ton of options on the build sheet.... In particular the L75 455HO motor and positraction.
  14. It sounds like Pontiac had few champions in the GM castle, pretty much a Chevrolet dictatorship. It's no wonder GM went into bankruptcy in the 2000's and Pontiac was the first to go. I wish Bob Lutz had been there a couple of decades earlier, I think he would have put up a fight. Now that you mention it, I do remember that Fiero's had a tendency to catch fire... Not exactly a good selling point, lol!
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