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  1. Got an idea for 2018... Pull out the FP credit card and fly to all the winners homes and take the pictures yourself. That way it will ensure that all pictures are the same and 13 lucky winners will get to meet The FP Fearless Leader himself!
  2. The old ones didn't, but these new All-Terrain T/A KO2 do.
  3. I'm with JUSTA... bring it on!
  4. Thank you for your kind words, Frosty. You know, a Solstice convertible would be very tempting. I've been looking at them on ebay, carmax, autotrader, etc, and you can get a real nice one for not much money. As far as classic Pontiacs, I like the big bumper '73 to '77 big bumper GP's. Again, there are good ones out there for crazy little money. If you look beyond the bumpers (which helps keep the price low), these are big, beautiful, underappreciated cars. As you can tell, I'm going for cheap, but, realistically, I probably won't be able to pull the trigger on a second car for at least another year.
  5. If you're sticking with stock steelies, spider hubcaps with chrome trim rings is a classic custom look.
  6. Agree with SPRINT 6... BAD ASS!! Do you park with the Nomads when you go to car shows?
  7. So glad to hear you and Mrs. SPRINT 6 are ok! I am very impressed with your quick, but methodical thinking in saving most of your stuff and all your vehicles during this most stressful event. BTW, I bet you have fight off the ladies with those legs and boots!
  8. Thanks indy and JUSTA! For all that has happened in my life in the past year, I am truly blessed to be living here on my brother-in-law's farm. In the first "after" picture, you can see the barn and the farmhouse behind the Jeep. They appear closer than they really are because of the settings on my camera for that particular shot. The last shot is much more "real" proportion-wise. That hill I'm parked on is now called "Nancy's Hill" because that's where my wife Nancy wanted her ashes scattered. She grew up on that farm, and, as you can see, Nancy's Hill has a view that is beautiful and tranquil. I visit there often (but I usually don't drive).
  9. Thanks Frosty! I didn't show my new tow hitch (not very sexy, but most useful!), so here's a pic. Also, I have a pair of high output lamps I plan to install on the bar of that black grille guard in the previous pictures.
  10. ...that doesn't mean I've gone "cold turkey". My '08 Jeep Liberty is my daily driver, my one and only vehicle. It drives nice, I got it cheap, and it's 4WD. But I was getting tired of it's soccer mom SUV looks, so I've been stockpiling parts to transform it into a proper "manly" looking Jeep. Well, this week we put the parts on the jeep. Before pictures... After pictures...
  11. That poker run looks like fun, Frosty... thanks for posting those pics!
  12. Drove up WV's Corridor H this evening hoping to get some good fall pictures. Unfortunately, it turned overcast when I got there and the leaves were just not as colorful this year.
  13. Tecumseh!... thanks Frosty! So... you weren't a history major per chance? Visiting fabulous downtown Wytheville, eh? (that's With-vul, btw) I'm only 3 hours north on I-81! Have a safe trip Frosty. As far as the whole VA vs WVA thing...
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