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  1. Red Rocket lookin' real good there, Rick! Looks like it was a great show with a lot of nice Pontiacs.
  2. I am totally blown away! That is a lot of work (very skilled work!) to get done by one person in such a short period of time. You are incredible and I look forward to every new video installment.
  3. Those are three of my favorites to hear during Christmas time, Frosty. I enjoy a good cover also...
  4. Nice return to the Christmas of ‘64... Thanks Slipjoint!
  5. My You are probably regretting asking our opinions on what wheels to get, but I'm just sure you have been anxiously waiting to hear what I think, lol! I took this picture probably 4 or 5 years ago at a Pontiac show. I wish I had taken a picture that shows the wheels better, but they are 17" or 18" interpretation of the Honeycomb wheel. Being an old fart (Get off my lawn!), I'm afraid I like the old school rims. I'm a big fan of Rally II's (with no trim rings) and ARE 200s "Daisy" wheels. But seriously, don't listen to us, you know best what will look good on Lucy.
  6. Thanks for posting those links, Frosty. If I was up there, I would definitely take some or all of those circle tours.
  7. I'm so sorry for the loss of your father, Frosty. That is a very nice tribute picture. So that's what the sunrise looks like at the beach.... I've never seen that before because that requires you to be on the beach before noon, lol! 😜 Great pictures, btw.
  8. I was going to ask you how the colors were in Michigan this year. Is there a "go to" place in MI for fall colors?
  9. Pictures #4 Some miscellaneous pictures from this summer of the bird feeder, Jonesy the cat, and my grandson Zach.
  10. Pictures #3 Some pictures I took of the moon over the ocean at the outer banks of NC this summer.
  11. Pictures #2 Some night pictures on the farm
  12. Pictures #1 A couple of pictures I took in WV Saturday 11/3/2018. The colors were not so good this year, I guess because of all the rain we have had this summer and fall.
  13. I am so sorry about your wife's father. I can only imagine how he will feel when you take him for a ride in his old Trans Am. I'm sure you have googled the '69 TA, but in case you haven't, I came across the web page with a lot of '69 TA info: http://www.classicalpontiac.com/members/2/4.html BTW,
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