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  1. stratman

    POTM Vote, April 2018

  2. stratman

    New to the site

    Beautiful GP!
  3. stratman

    The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday young man!
  4. Excellent and thorough article , Frosry! The "Indy 4" is indeed a forgotten engine, thanks for the reminder. When I was a kid, my older brother (by seven years) had a '62 Tempest with the 4 cylinder. That's all I remember about it, because he had an Austin Healey 3000 before the Tempest and I couldn't believe he got rid of the really cool Healey and got this (in my 12 year old kid's opinion, lol) 4 cylinder grandma car...This was the first Pontiac in the family and I was not impressed! The Healey of course, being British, required constant "tinkering", and I think my brother got sick and tired of it and just wanted something that was cheap, reliable transportation as he was in college at Virginia Tech. Alas... no more being the cool kid riding around in an Austin Healy, lol! Here's Mickey Thompson's Indy 4 racers... http://www.tachrev.com/NHRA_Museumpg4.htm
  5. stratman

    New plates for the Corvette...

    Great minds think alike! The King Julien bit was stuck in my tiny brain all day one day when I came up with the idea for the plates.
  6. stratman

    1975 Pontiac Lemans

    I really like the Pontiac colonnade body style of the '70s, very rarely (like once, lol) do I see them at car shows. Keep up the good work, 68veable! I tried to make the sky in your first picture a little more dramatic...
  7. stratman

    2018 NHRA Arizona Nationals

    You bet I did!
  8. stratman

    2018 NHRA Arizona Nationals

    Wow!... almost 400mph! Found this on YouTube...
  9. stratman

    2018 NHRA Arizona Nationals

    I will seriously consider it next year. You are right, there is a great deal of Indian land out there. Some of the reservations you can fit a medium sized state in!
  10. stratman

    2018 NHRA Arizona Nationals

    So cool, Last Indian! It is small!.. looks like 3/4 scale Vega. Do you remember the time and mph?
  11. http://www.hotrod.com/articles/huge-find-first-1969-pontiac-firebird-trans-ever-made/
  12. stratman

    2018 NHRA Arizona Nationals

    Thanks Last Indian... So cool that you raced with John Force. We could not see the crash from where we were sitting, we just saw parts of the body flying up in the air. Watched the replay when we got home, amazing that neither of the drivers were seriously. I think 20 years ago a crash like this one would not have had a happy ending. Praise God for all the safety measures we have today!
  13. stratman

    2018 NHRA Arizona Nationals

    Thanks Frosty! Yeah, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler is quite a place. It is on an Indian reservation, so it has a casino and hotel, as well as a drag strip, a road course, and a lake for drag boats. They do have the Bondurant school, but I didn't bring the $4,200 needed for the three day school.
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