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  1. I am so sorry, my prayers go out to you.
  2. Thought I would start this thread for the folks out there in Forever Pontiac Land who build models. We all love pictures here at FP, so post 'em if you build 'em! Two years ago I got back into making models after a 40 year hiatus. I'm not very fast and am easily distracted, so I have only built four models in two years, lol. This is my latest build... It is a Cessna A-37B Dragonfly from the Vietnam war. It is painted in the colors and markings of a VNAF Dragonfly of the 520th fighter squadron at Binh Thuy during 1970.
  3. Different folks. I liked the products I got in Charleston, but Chemical Guys stuff seems a lot better to me.
  4. Got a hole in the radiator. It is an unknown aftermarket aluminum radiator (was in it when I bought it), it took awhile to find someone who could weld it. Got her back last week, so far so good.
  5. Guess I shouldn't complain... I could be in Florida!
  6. Yesterday (Sunday) I gave my '81 TA (Raven) a wash, claybar, and wax. I was going to do more, but I was dyin' out there! Here in Virginia it has gone from beautiful spring, low humidity, upper 60s - lower 70s... straight to swamp ass summer overnight. Anyway.... I'm happy with how she turned out
  7. Thanks JUSTA! I am doing well, but my TA not so well, been in and out of the shop. But life is good for me right now, hopefully I will pop in on FP more often.
  8. I recently built built this Star Trek Enterprise model from the original series. Wanted to take some pictures to make it look like it's in outer space somewhere... these two photos turned out not too bad.
  9. In addition to decoding your data plate, you should send your VIN to PHS Services to get a copy of the original invoice to see exactly what options were on your GTO when it left the factory. Money well spent. http://www.phs-online.com/services.htm
  10. Adobe Lightroom. It is part of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription that also includes Photoshop. The subscription is about $10 a month.
  11. There are two stamp pads on the front of the engine block. On one side you have a nine digit number that starts with a "2" (for Pontiac), "8" (for 1968), "R" (for Arlington TX plant) with the remaining six digits being the last six numbers of the cars VIN. This is a pic from my late great 1968 GTO... You can see they match the last eight numbers of the VIN (highlighted in yellow)... The pad on the other side of the front of the block has the engine production number and a two letter code that identifies the engine and the transmission (manual or automatic). Mine was a "WS" code for 400 HO/manual...
  12. Had fun with your picture, Frosty...
  13. Nice looking TA!!! Glad you got one after all those years! I'm a big 2nd gen TA fan also, have an '81.
  14. Went to a "trunk or treat" car show in Winchester VA last Sunday. The weather was beautiful and there were over 200 cars. As usual for shows in my neck of the woods, there were only a handful of Pontiacs. Also, as usual, you could create a separate Camaro and Chevelle show. lol! Anyway... here is a slideshow of a few of the cars, in no particular order other than I put the Pontiacs at the beginning. The first two slides are my 1981 TA, "Raven". https://app.photobucket.com/shared/slideshow/u/us_strat/a/703bd945-65c5-4a95-ac97-3f21ad814d3b
  15. Nice!! I had a ‘68 many years ago, love these cars.
  16. Ringo... If you are still wondering what you are going to do with them, how about some sort of contest for one of them (you keep the rest of course)? Might generate more folks on FP...
  17. Great looking car! I love the ‘59 and ‘60 GM “flattop” 4-foot hardtops.
  18. She’s a beauty! I would like to run 17” snowflakes on my ‘81 TA. Are those the 9” wide wheels and what size tire are you running?
  19. Beautiful Bonnie! Looking at the options I can see, it has to be a rare beast... convertible, 421 tri-power, 4 speed, eight lug wheels, tach, vacuum gauge, power windows, arguably the best color combination.
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