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  1. Thanks for posting all the great pics! Hope to get to that event one day.
  2. Here are some more pics from the convention.
  3. Congrats !! Love the car and the pic !!!
  4. I think every ‘61 Ventura there was a stick shift 👍, and I believe there was 5 or 6 ‘69/‘70 GP’s with factory 4-speeds.
  5. The green Oakland I think I saw at Norwalk several years ago. The green Pontiac has NY tags but I don’t know the owner’s name. Could have been in Smoke Signals, but I don’t remember.
  6. Good to meet you at the convention, Sprint6 and congratulations on your award ! A little info on some of the cars. The blue and brown 1929 Oakland roadster was at the 1980 POCI convention that we hosted in Gettysburg and won Best of Show at that event. The brown 1930 Oakland and the green 1932 Pontiac are both rare V-8 cars.
  7. The Pontiac-Oakland Club is having their national convention in Gettysburg PA this month. There should be well over 400 cars on display as well as a Pontiac sleigh! Also, several cars that were at the very first POCI convention will be in a special display area. Hope to meet some members of this website there!
  8. I only bring this up in the interest of being historically accurate. I firmly believe in “your car, your choice “ .
  9. All body styles of Bonnevilles ( and only Bonnevilles ) had that badge on the door for 1959. The greater question for me is why the Bonnevilles pictured have “Tri-Power” badges on the front fenders ? Even if they were so equipped, Bonnevilles did not have them due to an unbalanced look next to the badge on the door. Only lesser models got “Tri-Power” badging.
  10. redneck 276, sorry, didn’t mean to hijack your thread. Got a little off-topic from your original post. Frosty, tried to DM the article to you. Hope I was successful.
  11. Thanks Frosty, thought it could be his. We met him a number of years ago at a POCI convention. Been reading his articles in Smoke Signals.Dimitri wrote a feature article about his car for that newsletter and kindly mentioned our ‘59 as adding to his desire to find one for himself. Hoping to see him and his Bonneville at our POCI convention in Gettysburg in July.
  12. Justa6, by any chance does that ‘59 belong to Dimitrie Toth?
  13. We have owned our 1959 Bonneville since 1977. It has power steering, power brakes, automatic power antenna, power seat, power windows, and speed alarm. Most of the Bonnevilles (but not all) had power steering and power brakes. They definitely do not drive like a modern car, but back in the day, most cars were of similar size and weight and had drum brakes with no anti-lock feature. If you drive it on a regular basis you will get used to how it handles and brakes and it will become second nature to you. If you must have disc brakes, there are conversion kits available. Also, I do not trailer this car. We drive it to every event we attend.
  14. Designing and building a console.
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