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  1. Where’s the pictures of the sleigh?😉
  2. You might try Jurassic Classic Auto Parts (jcaparts.com). I had luck with them finding an ignition switch connector for my 1959 Pontiac .
  3. https://www.classicautomall.com/vehicles/2299/1926-pontiac-hood-ornaments Ran across this collection of Pontiac hood ornaments for sale. Thought maybe some of you might like to see it.
  4. Rim bolt pattern is 5 inches and original tire size for wagons and A/C cars is 8.50 x 14.
  5. Thanks Frosty. Yes , an automatic choke would have been easier, but I wanted period ( ‘60’s ) looking dual quads (AFBs). My engine builder found this pair of Carter 500’s online with no automatic choke and I said OK. I like the SD 421 inference.
  6. Not enough room in the dash for all of the gauges and switches so I made 2 “accessory“ panels , one to house the choke and ‘61 Pontiac ignition switch and the other for the A/C controls.
  7. The A/C unit under the dash left no room for the manual choke cable to be routed to the right side of the rear carb to meet the choke lever so I designed a bellcrank assembly to fit under the rear edge of the carburetor to do the job.
  8. Welcome to the site! Great ‘61 Catalina! Love it !!
  9. Couldn’t bring myself to use any other color than the original Pontiac blue metallic.
  10. Agree 100% Frosty ! I’ve always thought it was better to sell to the end user if possible .
  11. I use Plasti-Kote #208 Pontiac Blue. Don’t know if there’s another name for the color.
  12. Merry Pontiac Christmas to all !!
  13. Frosty, it’s my car photographed in front of my house. We bought the ‘59 in November of 1977 with 42,000 miles on it and have had it since then. We have driven it to many POCI conventions and in 1982 (IIRC) we had it in Minnesota where we met Dimitrie and he fell in love with our Bonneville. When I declined his offer of a trade for his car at the show, he began a hunt to find one. Our Bonneville now has 109,000 miles . Dimitrie had an article in Smoke Signals over a year ago about his ‘59. If you talk to Dimitrie, I’m sure he can tell you a lot more ab
  14. Frosty, try Tim McGeary ( I hope I spelled it correctly).😉
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