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  1. A few more items you may find interesting. I can’t be the only one here who has or likes to see Pontiac related items. Feel free to join in.
  2. There is a machined flat area on the front of the block below the passenger side head ( possibly under some dirt and grime) that should have 2 letters stamped into it. That 2 letter code will help identify the engine. I’m sure the engine codes are available online.
  3. The engine in the ‘66 (if original) is probably a 389 , but also could be a 421 ! In 1967 the sizes increased to 400 and 428.
  4. Thanks Frosty. Since you like AC here’s my favorite.
  5. Thought I would share some interesting (IMHO) Pontiac related items.
  6. I sent my emblem to Maxwell Enamel in CA for restoration. Not cheap, but excellent work! I was lucky, my dashboard emblem is good enough to use as is.
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