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  1. Show us your Pontiac Emblem!

    1931 radiator shell badge and a 1960 badge from the fuel door, each style was used one year only.
  2. 31pontiac's '31 Pontiac

    Thanks Frosty. Not everyone is aware of what it takes to build a car like this, so I thought I would show just some of the modifications that we have done without going into too much detail and boring people. Nice to hear from those who appreciate this thread.
  3. 31pontiac's '31 Pontiac

    Back to the seats. Looking to create a little more head and leg room, I searched for an alternative to the MG Midget seats I had., and came up with a pair of Austin-Healey 3000 bucket seats. Together with some modified Corvette C3 seat adjusters I was able to create a little extra space in both directions. Along with the seats, I installed a much modified '65 Tempest/ LeMans/ GTO 2-speed automatic shifter mated to the Turbo 350 trans with a conversion from Shiftworks ( before and after pics).
  4. 31pontiac's '31 Pontiac

    Doors finally fitted.
  5. 31pontiac's '31 Pontiac

    Replacing the wood in the doors was the next thing we addressed, and getting them to fit in their opening after the chop proved to be a real challenge. it required removing a triangular piece of the door skin and a lot of fine tuning.
  6. Random interesting Pontiac pics

    I have saved them from various locations on the internet over a long period of time. Many of them came from the HAMB. Others must have some Pontiac related images like these. Please feel free to share !
  7. Show us your Pontiac Emblem!

    Also on the trunklid
  8. 31pontiac's '31 Pontiac

    We took a sliver of metal out of the edge of the rumbleseat lid to make the gap more uniform. Also test fit MG Midget seats, wound up not using them. More on seating later.
  9. 31pontiac's '31 Pontiac

    Redesigned my original front shock mounts and installed 2-speed electric windshield wipers (on video). 20170122_143520.mp4
  10. Automania, Allentown PA

    Indoor heated swap meet hosted by Carlisle Events.
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