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  1. Here are a couple of details I hadn’t posted yet. The ‘58 Chevrolet Bel Air taillights were chosen due to their ‘60’s showrod feel. The push bars and rear spreader bar/ license plate plate bracket were fabricated from bar stock and an original NOS Hollywood license plate lamp was used to keep that vintage feel. The front spreader bar is a Model A brake bar trimmed to fit between the frame rails. It was chosen because it compliments the “V”ed shape of the grille These parts and a few others were dropped off at the chrome shop at Hershey last week.
  2. Lou Calisabeta’s “Surfari” custom ‘57 Transcontinental. Maybe someone could help me out and flip the last pic.😬
  3. We had 92 cars attend our show this past Sunday. Here’s a few pictures from the show.
  4. Thanks for the pictures! My choice would be that ‘71 GT-37 !
  5. 1969 handout showing the brand new Knopf Pontiac dealership in Allentown, PA. Building has been redesigned several times and now sells Porsche and Mercedes.
  6. Sunday, September 12 we traveled 3 hours to attend the last show at this location. There were 135 cars in attendance.
  7. Yes Frosty, this show is in Macungie, PA in the same park as Das Awkscht Fescht (the previous show pics I posted). WOTSRA is the club that runs the event.
  8. This was their 42nd year. They used to have a year cutoff of 1963, all vehicles had to be modified, and due to space limitations it was pre-registration only. IIRC, the cap was around 1600 cars. As time went on, the numbers began to decline and they periodically raised the cutoff year to what it is currently, 1986 (I think), and started allowing stock vehicles. Didn’t hear an official car count for this year but it felt like maybe a little more than 1000 cars, still enough to be entertaining for an event only 20 minutes from my house.
  9. Some pics from this weekend’s show (just the good stuff). 😉
  10. Thanks for posting. Anxious to see more!
  11. Thanks for the comments guys! The show is a 3 day event in Macungie, PA. Didn’t go on Friday, but always attend Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s car count was over 800 which is down from around 1400 during its heyday. Didn’t hear a count for Sunday for the whole event, my guesstimate is somewhere north of 900. Sunday is club day and the Pontiac-Oakland Club had 54 cars in attendance. Frosty, another note on that blue ‘71 LeMans convertible. Along with having the Ram Air option it was also a 4-speed!
  12. “ Das Awkscht Fescht” means The August Festival, for those who don’t speak Pennsylvania Dutch😉
  13. Thanks for your interest and comments Frosty. I do remember the Jim Waldron attempt to buy Pontiac and was hoping that he would acquire it and do the things with the brand to make them sporty and relevant that GM would not let them do. I for one would like to hear his story on his attempt and also his plans for Pontiac if it had gone through.
  14. Frosty, these are 2 pictures of the same building today. Sometime in the late ‘60’s (I think) the neon sign was removed, the facade was updated, and a porch was added to both sides of the building to display more new cars. Those changes are still what you see today. The dealership changed ownership twice since the mid ‘90’s but they were both dealers from 2 different cities and did not do well in this rural area. The last one closed in the early 2000’s. Since then it has been a motorcycle shop and has housed 2 vintage / antique stores, which is its current state.
  15. These 2 pictures are of the same dealer in 1934.
  16. Congrats on the award! So much to see at POCI conventions. I was involved with parking and my wife helped with registration at Gettysburg in 2019 so we didn’t get to see as much as we wanted to, but still had a great time!
  17. Liking all things Pontiac (as most of us do on here), I thought it would be interesting to see pictures of different dealerships large and small. Most had their own style, signs , and architecture, as opposed to the standard corporate look demanded by today’s companies. My 2 pictures are of the Paul S. Spaar Pontiac-Buick dealership in Chapel, PA , my closest dealer as I was growing up. The first is the rear corner of the showroom on new car introduction day for 1949. Second pic is the showroom in 1950. Always loved the huge porcelain and neon sign on the front! Post whatever you run across from personal photos to something you may have seen online.
  18. Sunday, September 26, 2021 near Bechtelsville, PA hosted by the Keystone State Chapter POCI
  19. Thanks for the great pics from both you and Justa6! Frosty, I didn’t think Dimitrie would have installed the steering wheel yet. He had said that he likes looking at it and the original box it came in 😉. Don’t know if he (or you) had time for him to tell you about the first time we met at the Minnesota POCI convention and he saw my ‘59 and wanted to trade his ‘63 SD Catalina for it. Looks like you had a good show despite the threat of bad weather.
  20. Congratulations!! Great looking Star Chief Vista!
  21. Pictures from the show. Great weather, great time! Much needed after last year!
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