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  1. 360Rocket

    cold tires

    Its all good brother, next event will have three sets there for bidding. lol. Hope you guys had a good time. Thanks for checking for me.
  2. 360Rocket

    cold tires

    Thanks, Its gonna make a huge difference in the driveability of this car.
  3. 360Rocket

    cold tires

    Here is my adventure for tomorrow. https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/pts/6633833493.html
  4. 360Rocket

    cold tires

    Cheap and the ones online are on back order always. You got my number brother, send me a text if you see any. Much appreciated as always my friend.
  5. 360Rocket

    cold tires

    275/60/15 BF Goodrich as soon as I find a pair of 15x8 Ralley 2's Anyone out there have some for sale?
  6. 360Rocket

    cold tires

    yeah at least the timing and carb issue for sure. I think I have tracked down a complete rear gear solution that I'm ready to pull the trigger on here real soon. Those 4:10's are just too much.
  7. 360Rocket

    cold tires

    Ain’t that the truth. Might stand on it a bit longer before letting go of the brake.
  8. 360Rocket

    cold tires

    Thought I would warm them a bit this morning. I should have shot the video myself dammit. Looks like it was shot underwater.
  9. looks like Ill be notching one side, thanks guys.
  10. 190 Pontiac GTO. the headrest locks? or escutcheons? inboard? or out board? I have two of the same side headrests so I have one side of locks facing inboard and the other seat has them facing outboard.
  11. 360Rocket

    Bottoms up

    Cars Frosty? I haven’t even got to the part of noticing ANY car, wheels, tires, road, gas in that pic.......yet. Lol. Glad you enjoy.
  12. 360Rocket

    Bottoms up

    Have a great weekend Poncho fans.
  13. http://www.musclecarszone.net/2018/04/23/trans-am-worldwide-takes-on-the-demon-with-a-1100-hp-firebird-drag-car/
  14. 360Rocket


    Cmon now Frosty, he’s Justa bit old sir, I can’t gontoo hard on him it’s tough to fill sandbags with a walker. Maybe you can charge of refreshments and entertainment. If not I got a whole militia lined up to pitch in.
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