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  1. and they are going on the garage wall. Seem to have lights in them as well, gonna test them out soon. each letter close to 24 " tall and 6 " deep I am glad to be repurposing a CITGO gas station sign or at least the good parts of it.
  2. 360Rocket

    Hello to the community

    I've driven my GTO to work everyday last week. Welcome aboard.
  3. 360Rocket

    To better see you all with.....

    Yeh it was a gaming motivated want. Had to do with "refresh rate?" We got a lucky break because the BB salesman stepped us up to the gaming monitor technology in a 50" that my son wanted, sold us the TV and suddenly they were "out of stock". They made it right and gave him the next model up in the same tech but in a 55" model. I guess he can pair our internet, his phone, as well as HULU, Netflix, YouTube, you name it, he can do it thru that TV. These have certainly outsmarted me at this point.
  4. 360Rocket

    To better see you all with.....

    So my youngest got his 55" 4000K HD Television and I can't say as I understand why as he had a perfectly good TV in his room already. (I know I sure as hell never had a television until not only was I out of the house but it wasn't until I was out of the Corps!!! These kids today!) So the obvious thing to do was to hijack his 36" HD TV and turn it into a computer monitor so I don't have to use reading glasses to see the screen anymore......but I might now need suntan lotion.! Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Xmas!
  5. 360Rocket


    Merry Christmas gang.
  6. 360Rocket

    A mint 1970 Chilton.

    And that doesn’t mean color pictures Ringo that means a red background to highlight a subject on the page. Ha ha.
  7. 360Rocket

    A mint 1970 Chilton.

    So I have suddenly gained an affinity for all things old and nostalgic. I've tracked down a 1970 Chilton Auto Repair manual. I had one of these as a teenager and never forgot its usefullness back in the day. I have also tracked down a Chilton manual specific to the 1968-1973 GTO, LeMans, and Tempest thats on its way in the mail. I'm starting to collect old Pontiac advertising and will probably display this cool old stuff in the car at car shows. Its better than the stuffed kid on "time out" learning against the bumper. lol.
  8. 360Rocket

    New Shoes for Lucy

    I'm diggin' that wheel Frosty, but polished or chrome. Billet is officially dead.
  9. 360Rocket

    New Shoes for Lucy

    Hey Dennis? https://www.carid.com/us-mags-wheels/u429-trans-am-2pc-forged-welded-u17905b85stl48cp-87723927-1132384550.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr5f6pNn13gIVT__jBx07lwWzEAQYASABEgKWbfD_BwE http://us-mags.com/bandit-u109-g-20509.htm http://us-mags.com/bandit-u109-g-15399.htm
  10. 360Rocket

    New Shoes for Lucy

    Tou probanly had a fender rub issue because you went too wide not too tall. I had the same issue in a 69 R/T Charger. Went with Kelly SuperCharger N 50 tires back in the day when I should have chosen the M 60’s instead. Kept chewing the sidewalks until I got my Skyjackers aired up. Lol. The good old days
  11. 360Rocket

    New Shoes for Lucy

    I would change the look by going 17” Cragar or Rally 2's. Fill up that wheel well gap!
  12. In other news, came across this filter on one of my stops today that came out of a Toyota Camry with 147K miles on it. This could possibly be the original filter.
  13. 360Rocket


    beautiful car, 1969 grills in it right?
  14. I 100% agree but there are cars that deserve to be in this calendar but will be out because of a lack of attention to detail. Or worse a car gets voted in and your left with a dilemma of putting a bad pic in the calendar or breaking someones heart.
  15. I'm taken aback by so many photos submitted with missing/cut off front or rear bumpers? Big shade spots from overhead trees in the middle of the cars? Trees and power poles growing out of the roofs of cars? C'mon guys, does anyone look thru the viewfinder before snapping the photo? Not trying to be harsh here but dang Cleetus! Visualize the photo as you want it to appear in the calendar. Just sayin'. Jim, maybe before next years calendar we can have a tutorial posted on Taking Car Photos 101?
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