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  1. In other news, came across this filter on one of my stops today that came out of a Toyota Camry with 147K miles on it. This could possibly be the original filter.
  2. 360Rocket


    beautiful car, 1969 grills in it right?
  3. I 100% agree but there are cars that deserve to be in this calendar but will be out because of a lack of attention to detail. Or worse a car gets voted in and your left with a dilemma of putting a bad pic in the calendar or breaking someones heart.
  4. I'm taken aback by so many photos submitted with missing/cut off front or rear bumpers? Big shade spots from overhead trees in the middle of the cars? Trees and power poles growing out of the roofs of cars? C'mon guys, does anyone look thru the viewfinder before snapping the photo? Not trying to be harsh here but dang Cleetus! Visualize the photo as you want it to appear in the calendar. Just sayin'. Jim, maybe before next years calendar we can have a tutorial posted on Taking Car Photos 101?
  5. 360Rocket

    Cars and Coffee

    Got up before the sun did this morning (530 am) and scratched off another bucket list item by driving across the bay and attend my first "Cars and Coffee" event at the offices of the DuPont Registry. WOW was it packed! So packed the local police were out in force to direct traffic into the show. I arrived in the GTO at 7 a.m. and the show lot was already full to capacity and closed. Parked in spectator parking which turned in to its own car show venue and had a great time. ALL the big names in super cars and custom builders were in attendance. I guess the early bird STILL gets the worm.
  6. "What happens when you mix synthetic and conventional oil?" According to Mobil Oil, it should be fine to mix oils. This manufacturer states it would be unlikely anything bad would happen, such as a gel-forming from an interaction of the chemicals (a common fear), because the oils are compatible with each other. In fact, many oils are a blend of natural and synthetic oils. Any SAE rated motor oil can be mixed with any other with no problems. That’s one of the requirements to get a SAE rating.
  7. Oil Change, obsessive? or just OCD? So I thought I would just throw out my oil change procedure just to see if there are any like minded auto fanatics out there that use the same oil change thought process as I do or maybe even a better way to do it. So here it goes. A 2005 Chevrolet Corvette with an LS2 motor with 95K miles on the clock. I change my oil at evry 3K miles. I will NEVER be caught waiting until 7500 miles, or 10K miles, or 20K miles or changing my oil once a year nonsense that you see in commercials. The oil viscosity tech may have changed but we have yet to discover "self cleaning" oils. I started a bit differently this time by letting the car sit for a week without the motor turning over at all to let everything settle to the oil pan. I haven't done this before because it really isn't practical as this is a daily driver. So I get the car up on ramps without starting the motor. I set the parking brake and pull the oil plug and oil filter and a thick black dirty oil pours from the oil pan drain and you can feel the micro carbon grit in the dirty fluid. The DIC read "37% oil life" after 3K miles this oil change when it normally reads "50% oil life" in previous oil changes. I change the oil at 3K miles regardless of what GM or my DIC demands. Next step is to replace the oil plug, screw on an inexpensive STP oil filter, and add 6 quarts of basic STP 5W-30 oil, start the engine and let it idle until the oil comes up to temperature and then shut the car off to let the "first oil change" as we will call it settle to the oil pan once again. I again jack up the car, crawl under to once again remove the oil plug, oil filter, and wait until the last drop of oil falls from the oil drain. This time the oil comes out cleaner than the old oil and even cleaner than in past "first oil changes" and i think its because the old oil in the car got the opportunity to settle to the bottom of the pan for a week. So last step in my oil change process is to button the bottom of the engine back up and this time add a top of the line oil filter and refill the crankcase with Mobil 1 5W-30 synthetic as the manufacturer recommends, put the car back on the ground, fire it up, let it get to temperature while looking for leaks, shut it off and then read the dipstick. I then slide a piece of clean cardboard under the car and come back in an hour and look for a leak to show up on the cardboard. Is that all too much? is it crazy? is it obsessive? is it OCD? or are there OTHER car fanatics out there that have a similar procedure? a similar love for the care of their autos? Do you have any similar oil change processes or ideas you want to share? and opinions on this procedure? my madness?
  8. 360Rocket

    Burt Reynolds dies at 82

    If you liked SATB, you'll love HOOPER starring Burt Reynolds and Jan Michael Vincent. Of course Cannonball Run kicked ass as well. Here is a hilarious scenes from Hooper.
  9. A cool dude for sure and sold more Pontiacs than any dealer in America. I had the pleasure of working for Burt on his horse ranch in my teens right before I left for USMC boot camp. He will certainly be missed by us fans of Trans Ams, and fun movies. https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/celebrity/burt-reynolds-movie-star-who-played-it-for-grins-dies-at-82/ar-BBMY3KT?ocid=spartandhp
  10. Same here, I used to trade in cars every 3-4 years but this vette has been double that average.
  11. 360Rocket

    My Pontiac Can Am

    Now there is a car I would love to own. welcome aboard.
  12. 360Rocket

    POTM Vote, August 2018

    Congrats. Nice whip.
  13. I was a Meguiers "mark" for decades until I discovered the full line up of "Surf City Garage" detail products. I'm old school and use their Carnuba wax straight from the can. I apply it in small sections with the applicator pad and then use an orbital buffer letting it dry to a haze. I then pull it off with brand new microfiber towels. I don't like to reuse the towels. https://surfcitygarage.com/barrier-reef-carnauba-paste-wax.html
  14. 360Rocket

    cold tires

    Its all good brother, next event will have three sets there for bidding. lol. Hope you guys had a good time. Thanks for checking for me.
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