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  1. Frosty would you think that a 10" rim would fit without rubbing in your wheel well?
  2. Got a slight header leak to button up but thought I would do a quick walk around since its been a while since hearing her run. The upgrades have really turned this hot rod into a joy to drive. IMG_3674.MOV
  3. So 15x7 fronts, 15x8's rear sir? That looks awesome!
  4. some of the small details done painted and marked driveshaft. Found the original markings under several layers of grease, dirt, and paint. new rear 3:42 gears and diff cover. New stainless trans cooler lines and coated long tube headers.
  5. So today I picked up my car and I now finally own the street beast I thought I bought 3 years ago. Its a night and day difference driving experience. I had to eventually get off the gas as this car will burn them now as long as you keep your foot on the loud pedal. here's proof that this car is a blast to now drive. I am extremely happy with the outcome and performance.
  6. I have finally lost count of the half assed shade tree short cuts I have discovered on this car. Example: electric choke on carb was tapped into the windshield wiper power wire. The trans kick down module was wired but never connected. The neutral safety switch/back up light switch in place but never wired. I've never had full throttle because the gas pedal was snapped in half behind the pedal. Body mounts missing. Piss poor welding everywhere on the exhaust system. Wrong shifter cable and linkage bent to make it work this list goes on and on. We won't even get into the rear end swap where half the parts are Chevy and half of them Pontiac. New axles are 5/8" too long and the Chevy pinion won't match up to the Pontiac yoke and I've gone thru purchasing and returning 3 different U Joint adapters to get the driveshaft to bolt up to the rear diff yoke. Listen folks, If you can't restore a car correctly go flip used cars and stay away from classics. The use of brown lamp cord under the dash and drywall screws to hold in your tail light lenses is NOT restoration.
  7. I had the same thing with my oil pressure, pegged out. Thought it was the oil sending unit but no, I found a wire going thru the firewall grounded out.
  8. So went on a marathon reassembly of the motor on Saturday morning with a good oil down of everything and got the motor back together and painted in 5 hours. I feel like I've been run over by a Mack truck, lol. All I found was a bent push rod and a broken ring land on a piston skirt. Cylinder #2 had enough pitting in it from rust to keep the rotating assembly from turning over. and now back to the rear gears and headers install.
  9. chrome, very nice pick sir congrats! Hey is it possible to fit 10 under these cars with no rub? The consensus is usually 50/50 yes and no votes. backspace and tire size if you say yes sir.
  10. So finally after 3.5 years of ownership I am finally going to disassemble, clean, inspect, and reassemble the matching numbers motor to my 1970 GTO. I am curious as to its story and its a chance to give my youngest son a bit of engine 101 of his own. I've so far got it down to the short block but still no rotation of the crank so far. I think the pistons are rusted in the cylinders and just need time to soak. Haven't seen any glaring damage except a well bent push rod.
  11. So finally getting around to that rear diff and gear change, removing old rusty headers and replacing with a new set of ceramic coated headers, some small projects as well like correct stainless trans cooler lines, a neutral safety switch/back up light switch, paint the driveshaft while I have it out, repair the windshield washer pump, just nagging little loose ends that mess with my OCD are finally going to be addressed and rectified.
  12. Both are badass rides. Congrats and good luck.
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