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  1. Thats awesome Frrrrosty, remember pics. We all like pics. We got down to 28 degrees here in Taampa this morning.
  2. HEY!! Lemme point out something......look down by my feet, this room was filled with trails of trans fluid, oil, and radiator juice from million dollar cars.....all cars leak! ha ha
  3. So "Ginger" must have a "Michigan" tune because she sure likes this cold air visiting Florida this weekend! Just had to stretch her legs after a day at the auction.
  4. Some of the beginnings of early Funny Car couple of ponchos
  5. Bugatti Chiron was a didn't make reserve highest bid was 3.5 Million dollars LaFerrari did not sell at $3 million dollars Ferrari Superfast, did not sell at $1 million dollars Jim Wangers Edition 69 GTO.
  6. actually peace signs at a bad angle, lol. or maybe 6 shooters since they wouldnt allow me in the building concealed carry, un American bastards.
  7. Man, Had a great time, saw some awesome cars and collectibles, and got to experience some real historic hot rods. Got tons of pics just gotta find time to upload.
  8. I didnt recognize anyone there last year, all college kid jobbers. I went and introduced myself and told them I was part of the forums and they could have cared less.
  9. I've not signed up on Gold Eagle since they flipped the site. Didn't think there was enough room over there for Chris plus anyone else? lol. Carl got ahold of me via text and asked If I wanted these.
  10. Dennis aren't you overdue to pay your boy Don Keefe a visit? maybe see what nice weather is like?
  11. I did visit it Frosty but not the blockbuster I was expecting. There is a muscle car collection/museum down south of Ringo thats pretty badass. It used to be an old Walmart location and its just filled with muscle cars in #1+ condition. http://musclecarcity.net/
  12. Please Jim one year add this event to your calendar you'll not regret it. Its an amazing experience. If you are a car guy there are a few MUST DO events, Mecum NHRA Gatornationals Daytona Turkey Rod Run Snowbird Nationals Bradenton I like the LS races in Bradenton as well as the U S Street Nationals
  13. In all reality, I am building one of these as we speak. I don't want to alter my car in that manner and add A/C that it didn't originally come with and the nice thing is once i get to a car show< I can pull this out of the car and continue to use it without having to keep the car running. I can use it in the garage while working in the car, etc. I even found a red and black cooler to match the car. I'm using 1 gallon Gatorade bottles with handles and using the freezer in the garage as storage while not in use/recharging.
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