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  1. Picked this up on Facebook Marketplace. Turned out to be much bigger and brighter than I imagined.
  2. An amazing story Dennis. I am blessed to have you guys as part of my family. Thank you all.
  3. Love you all. Thank you for the prayers and support!!!
  4. Thank you Ringo. Much appreciated.
  5. Kiwi, stratman. Thank you for your support and kind words. I will be a diehard Poncho fan until the day that I die and hopefully in another lifetime as well. This matter won’t defeat me it will only define me. I am blessed to be alive and have a group to be a part of like Forever Pontiac.
  6. Hey Dennis thank you for checking in sir. Well after leaving the hospital I guess if the blood transfusions passed on a disease that is similar to herpes and now I am legally blind. I was just approved for disability 100% so I am retired with nothing to do. Lol. But that’s life. I did just make reservations to go to the Tri Power Nationals in Ohio in July. As for the GTO I just repainted the front Wndura nose, added painted 71 mirrors, and added a complete engine turned dash/console. I will send pics via email to you. Thank you again for checking in sir!!! It’s great to hear from my friends. Yeah sadly my driving days are near over. No more shooting as well. In 2 weeks I am giving my son my daily driver. I have driven but in very short drives. It’s very difficult but somehow I will rise from all of this. Having good friends helps. Guys never lose sight of the things we take for granted. They can be taken down you quickly and without warning.
  7. Thank you all. It’s been almost a year I’ve been out of action. I’ll be happy to get back up again.
  8. Thank you brother. Still vision and walking issues. It’s a long slow road I’m walking but I am walking it. Thank you for the warm welcome sir.
  9. I'm not on this list either, did I miss a requirement? I'm sorry if i did.
  10. Thank you very much Dennis! Thanks to all of you for your support and likes. They are very much appreciated.
  11. Thank you all it’s a true honor to be affiliated with all of theses beautiful Pontiac’s.
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