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  1. I never win anything! Wish me luck ya'll !!!😀 A brand new picture, just took it minutes ago......really.
  2. There are 2 vent hoses on the tank that are clear of obstructions and venting properly.
  3. So I disconnected the hose from the passenger side line and its definitely a fuel return line. Zero pressure on the system but the line was under pressure. I bet the pinch in the line is causing back pressure on the fuel pump from the return line and heating up the fuel? Probably rough on the fuel pump as well. Probably use bulk fuel injector line from Auto Zone. Eventually get the expensive replacement line from "an undisclosed repop parts dealer".
  4. It is and then It isn’t. Might make this a temp fix and order it down the line. Still not sure that it is the fix for the tank but worth a try.
  5. So I'v once again looked under the car at the line on the passenger side and traced the line from the tank, along the frame, thru the K member, and over to one of the connections on the bottom of the fuel pump. I could NOT locate a canister anywhere along that line. it goes from a rubber fuel line at the tank, to a solid metal line along the frame and then comes out the K member as once again a rubber line. I'm going to hopefully soon cut out the smashed part of the line and probably replace it with rubber unless they make some kind of splice for the metal line?
  6. LOL< To be honest with you I slid under the car, (just barely, lol) and I'm running my hand along this supposed return line that runs along the frame and I get to the top of rear shock support and I can't follow the line anymore. I say this because I don't want to cut out that pinch unless I know 100% that I'm not cutting a brake line. At some point I'll have to find a lift.
  7. Drove the car back and forth to work yesterday with zero issue. baffling.
  8. Ok I’ll definitely look in to the gas cap as well. I have the old one laying around here somewhere. Thanks!
  9. No canister on the car. The tank isn’t creating a vacuum, it’s creating pressure. The return line in the passenger side is going to the bottom of the fuel pump. I’ll go and uncrush that return line and see if that fixes it.
  10. No air conditioning. Steve where is the return line going to? I don’t have anything going to the carb from the return line? Where do I look for where the return line is going?
  11. 1970 Pontiac GTO. 455, Edelbrock Performer RPM, stock fuel lines, in line filter, stock fuel pump. stock fuel tank. Holley Ultra Avenger 750 CFM carb electric choke and vacuum secondaries. So this weekend, I took @50 mile round trip and put the car back in the garage, I shut off the motor, and heard what sounded like percolating from the gas tank. I remove the gas cap and and its under high pressure and the percolating stops after a huge "woosh" out of the filler neck. I put the cap back on and the pressure builds again. I slide under the rear of the car and put my finger over the breather hose on the tank and feel pressure escaping from the hose. I have 2 other hoses leaving from the tank to the front of the car, one on the drivers side leading to the fuel pump and another leading down the passenger side to who knows where? I see where there is a crushed section in the steel line on the passenger side near the front of the car but that has been that way for many years. The tank bottom was warm but not near enough to boil fuel, the lines were a bit warmer than the tank but not by much. Now in front of the engine block between the fuel pump and carb is the steel factory line that leads to the fuel filter and the carb. THAT line was hot enough to have you removing your hand within a few seconds of touching it. The closest ANY fuel lines get to the exhaust is maybe 6 inches when the exhaust goes over the rear axle but the lines didn't feel that hot. After about 5-10 minutes of resting in the garage the pressure seems to dissapate from the tank. What do I have going on here? and better how do I fix it? What am I looking for?
  12. Thanks Esprit. What did Vin Diesel say in the first F&F movie? “ Don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile?” Lol. Look seriously ANY of the cars in this were worthy of winning.
  13. WOW, way to be late to my own party....embarrassing, lol. Thank you gang its definitely an honor to be selected from such a large group of amazing cars both in appearance and performance. I really appreciate the votes and accolades from each and every one of you and thanks to Ringo for providing us with such a great venue to show and share our passion for Ponchos.
  14. Damn that's a lot of participation for one month. All beautiful cars, Congrats and good luck to you all.
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