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  1. I'm not on this list either, did I miss a requirement? I'm sorry if i did.
  2. Thank you very much Dennis! Thanks to all of you for your support and likes. They are very much appreciated.
  3. Thank you all it’s a true honor to be affiliated with all of theses beautiful Pontiac’s.
  4. Damn dude. That really hit home fort me as well. I had sepsis, an abscess along my spine and brain, infection in my kidneys, liver,heart, and even poison in my bones. They called my wife 2x to come and tell me goodbye because they couldn’t do anything to save me. I appreciate your kind words and motivation. I will take your words to heart. It’s been a long 4 months and still more to go. Thank you bud. Thank you bud I miss our chats and hope to by back in the game soon. I really miss driving my cars.
  5. Thank you boss. I’m working on it. Please gang don’t take for granted the simple things that you do in your everyday life. You never know when you’ll have to fight to get them back. I’ve been working on walking again since the middle of May. It’s a loooooong road back.
  6. without further adieu,I'm finally back home. I'm re learning the basics like walking, dressing, going to the bathroom etc all over again. My first priority was to start the GTO and get her running again. I cant drive yet as I still have very bad vision. I do want to get the car in for PF POTM for August. Sorry I was gone so long but I guess its better to be on the top side of the grass. Thank You. RG
  7. Thank you sir. What a beautiful car you have sir.
  8. A perfect choice. Sorry I haven’t participated in awhile but I’ve been in ICU at the hospital for going on my third month. I’ve been dealing with an infection and absesses from the bottom of my spine all the way up to my brain. I’ve died 2x and somehow bounced back. I want out and I want nothing more than to wrap. My hands around the formula steering wheel and just ride. Congrats to the owner of this beautiful Can Am. I hope one day to own a Can Am of my own.
  9. Wow I love this detailed response and your help. My width measurements were from Outer sidewalk to outer sidewalk. We’re you measuring from the bare hubs? Also I believe that the rear 12 bolt axle is from a 67 GTO and I know I went to swap axles from a 68 Chevelle 12 bolt the Chevelle axles were longer by over an inch each. I’ll check air pressures as well. Do you know the widest tire size I can go with in the rear by chance? I’ll get you the backspacing when I get back home. Thanks for your assistance.
  10. Frosty I just had an alignment put on it before the tires and wheels went on These are Khumo Ecsta tires 255/45/17. I'm going to swap them for NITTOS since these tires are old. Gonna go with a taller and wider tire in the back as well and then drop the rear back down with a set of 2" lowering springs. I just recently got back on FACEBOOK thanks to work and I have been killing it on Pontiac Parts in the MARKETPLACE.
  11. So I recently bought a wheel and tire package just to change the look and performance of my GTO by going to a 17" aluminum wheel with a 255/45/17 tire and I expected a ride difference but not as big of a disparity as I am experiencing. The ride is stiffer, I expected that. There is more road feel I expected that. I had 15x7" R2's with a 245/60/15 almost identical in size. The difference I didn't expect was the car didn't track and it seemed more effort was required to keep her in a straight line she seemed to wander all over the road. Just out of curiosity when I returned home I measured from
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