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  1. ENJOY> Feel free to add you own discovered Real Deal Pontiac Power videos including those of your own ride to this thread....No Chebbies allowed !!!
  2. 360Rocket

    HPP Refugee

    very cool car, welcome aboard.
  3. So I got the carb installed and wired. I had plans to pull the intake manifold and have it powdercoated but its just not in the budget for now. I couldn't stand the mottled bare aluminum look anymore so I just taped off the rest of the engine and attachments and feel I did a pretty good job of painting the manifold still mounted to the engine. I'll get it powdercoated later down the road but for now rattle can will have to do. I still need to plumb it and I'm still not sure to mount the fuel filter up near the carb or mount it inline back by the tank. Of course we had to have issues. When installing the air filter stud my Gearwrench came apart and dumped the ratcheting parts down the carb throat. no magnets, no claws, no balls of tape on the end of a screwdriver were removing those parts the easier way so off came the carb to retieve parts before they ended up in the engine. Here's a quick pic.
  4. Thanks Steve, I think I'm going to discover that all this trouble was as simple as the car not having a fuel filter on it. That's next on the list before a single drop of fuel runs thru this new carb.
  5. So I've thrown in the towel on the current Holley carb on the GTO. This is the second car that I have purchased that came with a basic base model Holley 750 that have both given me endless headaches and on the previous car I purchased a new Holley 770 cfm Street Avenger, removed it from box, set the idle and idle mixture screws and the car ran flawlessly for years w/o nary a hiccup. My budget these days is as bad as I can ever recall can't afford a brand new carb or even the Fitech I originally planned to put on my car so I have watched Craigslist everyday for months now and today it finally paid off. New in the box Holley Ultra Street Avenger 770 CFM and man is she a beauty. Billet metering blocks and base, 4 corner idle mixture adjustment, clear bowl sight plugs. I'm not a fan of the Spectre dual feed so I have plans to trade that out for something better. Would you believe $275 ? with the hardware and a chrome 14" air cleaner? I also want to track down a period correct day 2 FRAM HPG1 canister fuel filter as the car didn't come with any type of fuel filter.
  6. 360Rocket

    Hood Tach Fogging

    The tachs are far from perfectly sealed up so the heat buildup in the tach evaporates the moisture in the case and the positive pressure moves it out of the "leaky" case. The front glass has no sealer around it and is where most of the moisture comes into the case. Mine usually only fogs after washing the car and then driving the car. It dries out fairly quickly.
  7. 360Rocket

    Any idea as to what this switch is for?

    Transmission Controlled spark solenoid valve. Supposed to add advance in the timing when trans is in high gear and the engine is cold or hot conditions.
  8. 360Rocket

    Helped out a friend today

    one day my friend, one day.
  9. Spent the Saturday morning helping a friend I haven't seen in quite some time restoring a 1970 Lemans into a beautiful 1970 GTO Judge. 455 with FiTech and a 4 speed auto. It was relaxing to work on someones else's project instead of my own frustrating turd. We did however use my car as a reference to label his engine wiring.
  10. Located rear passenger side of the intake manifold/block? This is a 1970 Pontiac 350 removed to replace with a 455 with FiTech. Trying to label and figure out wiring and just curious if this is needed to be transferred to the new engine? Thanks.
  11. Still working out tuning issues on my Goat. Replaced a bad PCV valve the hard way. couldn't get the damn PCV to fit in the grommet and thru excessive force, pushed the grommet and the PCV valve into the valley pan. Took awhile using a magnet to get out the PCV valve then some lotto type luck to hook the grommet with a coat hager but both are out of the engine. So after that fix still running like crap and getting worse. Gonna have to probably rebuild this damn carb as something is not right with the idle circuit. Ive never tried an Edelbrock carb in my life but these Holleys are getting on my last nerve. Had a friend that I helped today hand me a 600 cfm Edelbrock and I'm gonna do some homework to see if its enough carb to work on my 455.
  12. Isn't the timing tab on a Pontiac block cast into the block? I just wanna make sure i'm not screwing up the terminology. I can see the balancer separating and I'm gonna mark both sides and check it periodically.
  13. good advice guys, I didn't even think that the harmonic could slip so another lesson learned. A light is a light, is a light. It should fire at the same time its triggered. Thanks again.
  14. So maybe another tuning lesson learned? I'll ask you guys opinion first. So I've fought and I've fought, and I've fought with the carb/timing issue for far too long and I figure I'm fixated on one thing while the issue is quite something else so I decide to wave the white flag and get a fresh set of eyes on this tuning issue and I take the GTO to my local speed shop to have a pro give it a once over. So he pulls out a modern fancy star trek looking timing gun with LED readouts and dials and whistles on it and proceeds to show me that what I thought was 14 degrees of timing was actually set at 21 degrees of initial timing and 41 degrees of total timing. wow so in your opinion are my eyes that bad? or could there be a 6 degree difference between 2 different timing lights? The ride on the way home says thru the butt dyno that I picked up 50 HP with zero pinging and a much less strenuous sound coming from the starter on hot restarts. I still have some idle and off idle carb issues but that might have lead to a suspect PCV valve that I plan on replacing when I get back to work on Monday. Do I reserve trust in my trusty timing light? Or is a new set of contacts in order? 14 degrees is only 2 degrees off my timing tab so I don't think I could have been that far off, whats your thoughts?
  15. 360Rocket

    Head ID help please

    The block number just for conversation sake.
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