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  1. Hey Everyone, its been a while, Havent been around much so i figured id post and Give yall a update on my fleet. I still got my black special edition, its currently on jackstands after its last drivetrain refresh , But i have quite a few new additions, So i needed a new daily driver a few years back so i ended up Picking up this 2004 Grand prix GTP Compg off a former GM canada employee thats had it since new and put a few little things on it. Then My bmw got Written off so i ended up replacing it with this 07 335i With stage 2 turbo chargers, Then my last post here was when my avalanche 2500 g
  2. Just got home from it, It was a great show, Glad i finally was able to make it to it!
  3. Its actually a really easy swap, since the ubody is wbody based the wbody ls4 subframe bolts right up, the transmission is a 4t65 so the axles and drivetrain works as factory, just need to change the wiring harness and flash the pcm.
  4. Id be down to try it. Not sure id have traction tho.
  5. Yeah it goes numb once and a while and i cant text the best anymore haha
  6. Nope, just gotta be real careful on what i do, not supposed to even work on cars so im just doing the little things to get it ready, 2nd time tboned within a year
  7. Got tboned in the avalanche a few weeks ago, my c5 vertebrae is fractured from nailing my head against the window
  8. Finally started working on it again, but i got to watch out how much i can do due to having a fractured neck :/
  9. after letting this car sit since last summer, decided to change things up, New transmission AGAIN , Changed the valve train up a bit, New non rusty headers, new paint scheme. aiming for it to be running by Halloween
  10. you both are wrong.... another BMW... This time a 335i... with all of its twin turbo i6 goodness
  11. because the car was hit in the front wheel the front unibody rail got pushed in, roof was twisted a bit also because the lower part of the pillar took the hit along with the wheel, the wheel was damn near flush with the fender , and the new car was bought friday, Will be in my possession tomorrow , you guys probally wont like it tho LOL
  12. Well no more bmw thanks to a old lady who decided to blow a red light , but new car was purchased tonight, stay tuned
  13. Yeah part of me really wishes i went with the 5.3 avalanche, Well, mostly my wallet wishes , I didnt even know you got rid of your avy, how long ago was that?
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