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  1. Could have been worse, could have been at work and there would have been a bunch of paperwork to fill out.😜 It really wasn't a big deal 😆 was almost time to call it quits that night anyway. Shit happens, have done worse 😊
  2. Got the rear bumper and gas tank door on but still need to do some more adjusting. Bumper installation got cut short after I slipped with a wrench and smacked myself in the fase and was bleeding all over the place,was not as bad as it looked,so my daughter cleaned me up and we called it a night 😵🙄🤬😜 Today i finally got my pos sand blaster to work after i ditched the container that was supposed to hold the sand and used a bucket instead but that was after I finally got some sand that was fine enough to go through. Blasted these two little spots at the rear corner of the grove for the trunk seal that had some rust pits right through, put a copper backing piece behind and spot welded / grinded it down, came out better than I thought I would. Dropped off my original black CA license plates this morning with my buddy to see if one of his coworkers would straighten them out so we can repaint them, they did an awesome job on my nose piece for the grill so we'll head to see.
  3. My helper is doing some more painting .
  4. Front end done, figured out that the parking lights are not on with headlights on and thought I could look good if they were so I investigated and found that I could move one wire at the connector for the headlight switch and now it works
  5. It's not super hot, low to mid 30c but end up in the middle of the sun on my driveway for a good portion of the day. 9c sounds like our Winters 😄
  6. The kid got time to do some painting. Installed a loom on the front t signal wires also got a new lens, waiting for new connectors that's supposed to be here tomorrow before I install them. It's been a bit hot out there on the driveway so we will see how it goes.
  7. Got the last quarter and door done with the patina stuff. Removed the rear bumper and painted it inside, cleaned up the backup lights and license light. Installed new backup lenses and gaskets. Painted the nose piece and gas door with a rattle can. Still waiting for my painter ( daughter) to finish painting the grill and rear trim 😁 Was going to swing by OPGI and pick up a few miscellaneous things like screw kit and a glove box and some gaskets for lights on the way home on Friday when I got off early, checked on line during the week and almost everything was back ordered,may have to place another order with Ames but was hoping to avoid shipping.so that didn't happen.
  8. Can you just get the pins/ terminals and just shorten the wires slightly?
  9. Quite a puzzle you got there apparently, Good deal on the trans i wish i could find a TH2004R in the pick your part also. Yes that a bit much angle on the engine/trans, don't they talk about like 3 degrees or something close to that? Any way you can move the engine forward and lower? i believe you have the steering box and linkages behind the X member to deal with also unlike mine that are in front and out of the way.
  10. Rick out of curiosity the trans you you are installing is a 4lL60e or something similar? How tight is it in the tunnel? You are having to modify the floor, I was just thinking that the Catalina should be bigger than the Le mans but obviously not? I believe they are installing th 700 transmission without altering the floor in the Le mans that i have.
  11. Thank you,I'll check out the double duty ones,for the front right? My front lenses are amber so I'm not sure how those would work? I know about the flasher, have you used one that you know work good?
  12. where they any brighter then stock? i see a lot of mixed reviews for different bulbs
  13. Anybody that has found someone LED bulbs that works good? looking for 1157 and 1156 bulbs red and amber. Wanted especially my taillights to be more visible.
  14. Decided on 235/70 tires on the front and got 245/70 in the rear. Got them installed and took a short drive around the block. Got my helper out here painting the emblems,she is doing a great job😄 Still sanding and applying patina stuff one section at a time, left quarter and the back panel left, going to remove the rear bumper to paint it on the inside and install a missing bracket, the chrome is not good,s couple of spots have been flaking off, looks to be a cheap rechrome doesn't look like any triple chrome. Got some fake chrome in a can I'm going to try 😄
  15. Just a couple of things, to get rid of the old gas i poured mine up on s open pan and just let it sit and evaporate, I just kept adding and eventually it was gone but it is a bit smelly. Something else I learned from a friend that has done a few of these tank conversations, before you mount the tank check the resistance on your sending unit installed in the tank,just flip the tank upside down to check the "full" value. You are making good progress 😃
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