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  1. I agree ,it depends on What your main use is going to be, i really like the offset two post kind so you can somewhat get the doors open.
  2. What did you have to do to prep the floor before you applied the sealer? and where's the hoist going? You did put one on your Christmas Wish list right?😁
  3. I believe they started to run the offloading in Long Beach 24/7 but now they have to get the containers out of the harbor so the truck's are lined up forever.
  4. Ouch, not for free, out of stock probably sit in a container of the coast here, it is packed out there.
  5. Frosty, all i can say is I'm jealous. what an awesome shop, to get rid of a storage place that you rent and probably are not allowed to work in either and to get your own place that you can do what ever you want with. For heating have you ever looked at the mini-split A/C heating systems? very popular in Europe where they don't have any natural gas and for houses that only had electric radiators when new, have quite a few friends and family over there that use this in houses and garages, i'm actually going to have one installed in our front family room this fall also. I have heard numbers when compared to electric radiators or electric fan heaters that for every unit of electricity you put in to a mini-split type system you get 3 times the out put compared and they pay for themself pretty fast and you get A/C at the same time. Did you see the info from the intake guy?
  6. So it took a week before I had a chance to continue, had to go to Minnesota to look at some electric buses for a good part of the week. Trunk is almost done just need to put on some seamsealer in a couple of places and one more coat of paint. Wasn't going to change the rear brake shoes but one was cracked. Believe we have had this discussion before, the short lining in the front but the new ones are both the same but one is thicker. Asked the interwebs and apparently this is not uncommon, thicker lining in the rear supposedly,. Anyone run in to this? Frosty got the info from the guy with the dual quad intake, check your PM
  7. the center panel fitted and screwed down, I'll fire up the welder tomorrow if I have time.
  8. You guys be careful out there, got word last week that a second guy from work had passed away after two weeks on a ventilator and his wife is still in the hospital, both not vaccinated
  9. Left trunk floor panel done, took a long time to make it fit they way I wanted, on to the center panel. Used weld through primer and I think i put it on to thick did not want to weld real nice but turned out ok after some grinding.
  10. I'll se what I can do, i make a trip down there most weekends. I'm sure they aren't sheap.
  11. This is not someone i know, he shows up at the donut shop in Huntington Beach on Saturday mornings and i just had a short chat with him, in fact he was there this last Saturday also and another 62 GP also nice parked next to him, If you want i could try to get some more info if i see him next time I'm down there if he shows up? Would be interesting to know how much they are going to cost.
  12. Talked to the owner of this car this morning and of course it's not a original car with that engine and the intake is a replica, his story was that there was no factory cars with this manifold, think i believe Frostys story more. Apparently they are going to remake this manifold and need to order 50 and they already had 36 preorders, molds already made. For the right car in my opinion i think this is even cooler than a tripower set up. Was a really nice 61 Ventura next to it
  13. I believe this is on a really nice 62 GP. 4 SPD and bucket seats, no wonder I could not find anything on this just thought it looked really cool, so much better then a normal tunnel ram. Thanks Frosty 😊here is the car
  14. ordered panels for the trunk floor from summit racing but they kept extending the ETA again and again and when i called them they could not even say if they where going to get one one of the panels in at all so i ended going down to OPGI and had to pay twice as much but at least they had the panels. Got some spot weld cutters and got started cutting the floor out, All the braces underneath are OK just have to decide how much to cut out and where to make the splices. Hopefully i will get some more time this weekend,has also been really hot out in the sun on the driveway lately. I posted a picture of this before but no one seems to know what intake this is, have seen the car a couple of Saturdays down at the donut shop in HB. The engine might be a 421, anybody recognize this intake manifold?
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