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  1. Thank you Frosty, Wow that was a lot of good information,What is the difference between A/T and M/T heads? chamber size? and can you tell on the head? You are listing a few 1967 heads was that a split year for open/ closed chambers? What is thoughts on open vs closed chambers? Looking on Franks Pontiac website here in SoCal and all the Big valve heads go for around $800 or more but found two sets 1.94/1.66 heads with smaller chambers for $200-$400 is it worth the extra $ for the big valve head for a almost stock engine? Also read somewhere about valve shrouding with big valve heads
  2. So i have a 350 Pontiac engine that is bored 030 over that was given to me and i´m trying to piece this thing together for my -64 Le Mans, its going to be a almost stock street engine with perhaps a small cam also have a Edelbrock performer intake that i intend to use with a 600cfm 4bbl carburetor. I CCed one of the combustion chambers and it is 92CC so the compression ratio is going to be very low, probably around 7.5. I would like to se something around 9.0-9.5 if possible and what i probably need is a cyl head with a chamber in the low70s cc so any idea what head to look for?
  3. Thanks The 326 would probably have required sleeves on all cylinders so i´m going to see if i can use the 350 i got and put the front cover and all the rest of the sheet metal so that my accessory drives fit. The 350 need one sleeve and i might have to go to 040 over if the adjoining cylinders get to much distorted when they put the sleeve in (its 030 over now) I may want to try to find some other cylinder heads since the 350 heads cc´ed at 92cc and i like to bump the compression up a few notches.
  4. Thanks, it might be a while before we get this one back on the road. Got the engine block at the machine shop right now but it appears that everybody is playing with their toys so they are really swmped.
  5. Just got a 64 Lemans that had been sitting in my coworkers backyard for 20years it was bought by his dad from the original owner, it had the 326 engine rebuilt 20 years ago and never completely reinstalled or because of this never started, sat with intake off and no spark plugs so lots of rust in the cylinders and probably a total loss. Another coworker gave me a 350 engine and transmission and are currently working on getting that engine pieced together.
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