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  1. Back in October. Last show she was in.
  2. The back-up lights as an option amused me. They are a big part of the design in the rear but we're an option. I guess they just crammed a chrome plate in there if unequipped.
  3. Not a mechanical upgrade, but an upgrade nonetheless. When I took receipt of my GP, the original book and warranty pamphlet were in the glovebox. The warranty stamp card was still there and legible so I was able to do some research and track down the family of the original owners. And just recently I have completed the history of my car from build to present. May not be much, but it's quite satisfying to have research pay off with results. I was even able to have the window sticker reproduced.
  4. I was about your son's age, Wrongway, when my dad and grandfather would let me hang around their driveline shop. By age 11 I was working the clutch press and flywheel Turner. By 13 I was helping balance driveshafts and helping with installs/removals. The shop shut down shortly after, unfortunately. But I bought my first classic when I was 17. A rusty 74 Nova. Had a little-more-than stock 350. Me and Dad built the TH350 trans and kept tinkering till it would run consistent 15.5's lol. One of the greatest times I had was driving something that I had helped make possible. Link to the video on t
  5. I hear that. Little Oli (pictured) has quite a mixture of influences with myself being a muscle fan through and through but daily an Infiniti G37 sedan 6 speed, then his father who is an import guy for the most part, but has a soft spot in his heart for classic American wagons. So I'm sure he will just be a fan of anything cool, whether it be foreign or domestic.
  6. Get them hooked young and they won't be able to afford drugs or alcohol. Little nephew enjoying the day out. Made me a bit nervous with the feet kicking next to the irreplaceable blinker lense TBH lol.
  7. POTM Entry. Thought a pic next to the boat ramp would be fitting for a Yacht. 1964 Grand Prix. 90% original.
  8. Solid point. Unfortunately, the spot in the house wouldn't accommodate a larger tree
  9. Could have used the truck, opted for a more classic approach.
  10. My car and story have been published in this months Rock Auto newsletter. It may not be that big of a deal but I am decided over it! Hope she makes the Calander as well, would be Awesome! Attached pic is of this past weekend's car show. 3rd Place Antique.
  11. My 1964 Grand Prix arrived Friday. Couldn't be happier.
  12. I have been a fan of classic Pontiacs since I saw my first one in person as a child at a local car show. It was a 1966 Pontiac GTO. Beautiful car. From that day in 1997 I told myself that I would own a 60's stacked headlight Pontiac. A couple months ago just browsing Hemmings I saw a 1964 Grand Prix, similar styling as the GTO in the front but a much more elegant interior, I knew that was the car I would own. And in a couple of days, my first classic Pontiac will be on its way to my home. I'm happy to fall into the ranks of like-minded collectors. Thanks for having me.
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