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  1. Looks great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. It seems that those who want to be offended, will be no matter what we say or do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks Pat, lots of opportunities this year. for car shows. POCI is at Texas Motor Speedway in July, and will most likely participate in the DAPA show at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum again. Then there are the every Saturday breakfast club meetings and monthly car shows. I decided not to participate in the Dallas Autorama this year, but planning to next February. Thanks for the compliments. Hope all is well with you. Thanks. and for all your work on the site!
  4. Here are a few pictures of the finished project. Sorry can't seem to get them rotated correctly.
  5. Good luck with the repaint and the financing for it.
  6. Over the past few weeks I have been replacing the chrome (really anodized aluminum) on the top edge of the door and rear quarters. At least that was the plan, but it led to the following as well. Removed both vent windows and refurbished with new rubber and sash channels. Polished all of the stainless steel parts of the vent windows. Replaced all of the seals/felts around the front door and rear windows. Replaced the gaskets around the door handles/locks. Replaced the door locks with a matching ignition switch cylinder. Repainted the top of the doors and rear quarters (interior). Had the pulldown cloth on rear seat cushion repaired due to rotten cloth. The upholstery guy assured me the seat covers are original as I was told. Lubricated all of the window regulator/channels. Adjusted all of the windows for better seal. Resealed the door/quarter panel water shields with 3M caulk strips. Replaced the rear quarter trim panels that were warped due to moisture sometime in the car's history. So my weekend project turned into a month long project and the budget exceeded by about three times, but very pleased with the results, and all things that needed to be done.
  7. Hello Pat, welcome to FP and the Pontiac family.
  8. Happy New Year to everyone!
  9. Bummer, no sealed garage floor?
  10. order

    Didn't mean to sound unappreciative for RIngo's work to coordinate all of this, just offering feedback for what I perceived as actions by the new calendar vendor. As mentioned earlier, we just need to know the rules so we can take them into consideration while taking the pictures. My daughter is a professional graphics artist and could have taken care of the changes required for my picture had we known. No one would have been able to tell she made any changes.
  11. order

    Got my calendar yesterday as a Christmas gift from my wife and have to say I was very disappointed in the changes made to my picture. It seems that all the "branding" was removed via Photoshop or some similar tool. The GTO emblem in the grille was replaced with a rough white line, The Pontiac arrowhead was removed from the hood and the tire brand was smeared on the right front tire. While I appreciate the license plate being removed, the front bumper looks mangled now. I noticed other pictures updated as well. C&Ks GTO - Removed GTO in the grille and cropped the rear of the car. Diana George KyDon - Removed "Firebird" from the right front fender. wtjosaas - Removed "Firebird" from the left front fender. FredZeppelin - Removed white letters from tires, at least for the last picture I saw of his car. Those are the issues I observed. Just need to know what is acceptable and what is not so we can take appropriate pictures going forward.
  12. Looking forward to hearing about your garage floor seal if Santa brings it. Probably not too exciting to most folks, but I asked for new DOOR & QUARTER REVEALS for the GTO. This is the anodized aluminum trim on top of the door and rear quarter along the bottom of the windows. Also getting new rubber/felt seals. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  13. Welcome to FP! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Sorry to see that JUSTA6 and FredZepplin couldn't both be in the calendar. Both are great looking cars.
  15. Welcome to FP from another Texas based Pontiac guy.
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