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  1. Attended this little car show in Allen, Texas yesterday. 

    1967 GTO.jpg

    Award Picture.jpg

  2. Experience with Aluminum A/C Compressor

    Thanks Bear for the feedback. The factory fan and vent system will not help anyone in the back seat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Experience with Aluminum A/C Compressor

    After a few weeks of ordering compressors and trying them, I finally found a true bolt on replacement. Be aware if you're interested in replacing your old GM A6 compressor with one of the modern aluminum body compressors that the Four Seasons style from Summit Racing will require modifications. The muffler mounting on the back of the Four Seasons style compressor is higher and causes issues with the rear bracket that goes between the compressor and the intake manifold. While it physically fits the aluminum bracket on the front and the lower triangle bracket, you will not be able to use the intake manifold bracket or the muffler mounting bracket. I purchased a Pro6ten compressor from OldAir (manufactured by SunAir) , installed it over the weekend with new hoses and drier. Charged the system yesterday with R134a refrigerant and all seems to be good for now.
  4. First Day

    Thanks Dale.
  5. Experience with Aluminum A/C Compressor

    Sorry I posted in the wrong topic/area. Tried to find a way to delete it.
  6. About sixteen months ago I had a local shop replace my A/C compressor with one they purchased from Ames Performance. The compressor included the clutch. I noticed sometime after the 90-day warranty that the compressor clutch pulley bearing was making noise. I replaced that and was amazed at how the old bearing looked. There's no way it was replaced during the 'remanufacturing' process. I removed the seals and cleaned the grease out of the bearing and it sounded like an old worn out axle bearing. So the noise issue was solved with a $25 bearing a few hours effort and some loaner tools from AutoZone. Now the front seal is leaking already and slinging oil on the underside of my hood that I refinished last year. I'm thinking about going with one of the aluminum ten cylinder compressors that supposedly replace the old GM A6 compressor with no modifications in hose mountings, brackets, etc. My question to the group is has anyone installed one of these aluminum compressors and if so, what was your experience with the fitment and overall satisfaction with the compressor, its cooling capability, and the brand you used. I have already switched to the R134 refrigerant so that's not an issue with the replacement. Thanks in advance for any input you may have.
  7. Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Sorry my mistake. Tried it from my phone and it goes to Rules. Tried again from a real computer and it works
  8. Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Hey Ringo, the link is for the Rules page. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Forever Pontiac Shirts

    I like the top one, and black is good for me. Hotter but less likely to be ruined like most of my white t-shirts
  10. You are all my good friends, so you can't get mad...

    Looking good!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Looks great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Forever Pontiac Shirts

    It seems that those who want to be offended, will be no matter what we say or do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks Pat, lots of opportunities this year. for car shows. POCI is at Texas Motor Speedway in July, and will most likely participate in the DAPA show at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum again. Then there are the every Saturday breakfast club meetings and monthly car shows. I decided not to participate in the Dallas Autorama this year, but planning to next February. Thanks for the compliments. Hope all is well with you. Thanks. and for all your work on the site!
  14. Here are a few pictures of the finished project. Sorry can't seem to get them rotated correctly.
  15. Good luck with the repaint and the financing for it.
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