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  1. Wrongway, have you been over to gtoforum.com? I think folks over there tend to be pretty helpful also. Bear
  2. That's a good thought about checking the ground connection. I'd be surprised if the timing light issue is coming from an actual problem with the engine just because of how well it's running. It's not missing or otherwise "acting weird", so you can be pretty sure that plug is firing. However the light isn't detecting it.
  3. Same problem with 3 lights, makes it unlikely that the issue is with the lights. Therefore, it's probably something that's common and hasn't been changed during any of your tests. Considering how those lights get triggered via the inductive pickup that you clip around a pug wire, my vote is that it's the plug wires. Obviously the car is running great and not missing at idle, so my thoughts are that something about those wires is somehow "shielding" the timing light pickup from working. If it was something with the ignition itself I'd expect the car to be running crappy too - which it obv
  4. Dang... something is definitely off here with what they're telling you. I'm running an HEI on my car and also using some pretty hefty/fat plug wires. My light, which is one of these: https://www.boschdiagnostics.com/products/digital-timing-light works just fine. If they're giving you the runaround, then I'd say return it and avoid the hassle. Bear
  5. That Innova light is decent. The one I have is an Actron, I think, but it works the same way. Bear
  6. Okay I'm home now. I went out to the website and found documentation on your distributor. The link is here. https://pertronixbrands.com/products/pertronix-d1202-flame-thrower-distributor-hei-pontiac-301-455-blue-cap If I'm reading the documentation correctly that distributor has a maximum of 24° mechanical advance but it comes in a relatively high RPM even with the lightest springs on it. Just as a starting point and to see how it acts, I'd put the lightest copper springs on it and set your initial timing to 10° and see if it likes that. Of course that's setting it with the vacu
  7. Okay, I'm just shooting from the hip here because I'm in the car and on the way home from gallbladder surgery. Never and I do mean never adjust timing with the vacuum connected. That invalidates everything. I'm not familiar with that distributor and I can't really go look it up bouncing along the road here in the car, but I'm hoping that it has a means for adjusting the amount of total travel it has in it. It sounds like you need more. Also, did we ever validate that when your balancer indicates top dead center that it's not lying to you? That can be important.
  8. People sometimes obsess over the initial timing setting, when in reality it's not all that important. What really matters is the amount of timing when the engine is under heavy load at WOT and how that relates to various RPM. The real reasons that manufacturers even provide the initial setting at all is that they've worked out the initial setting that provides the settings they want at max load/WOT. However, at some point in the car's history someone may have replaced the distributor with a different one, and/or may have trifled with the springs/weights/limit bushing in ways that have al
  9. Yeah, that looks exactly like the one I have. Oughta work just fine.
  10. Sounds pretty good to me. Without knowing how much mechanical advance is in your distributor. Generally, Pontiacs tend to like something in the vicinity of 35 degrees total, in by 2500 rpm. You need some way of checking total advance though, like one of these (or similar): https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/innova-3991/tools---equipment-16488/diagnostic-16546/test---tune-17944/4887d9c7148f/innova-timing-light/3568/4384788?q=timing+light&pos=0 Or a timing tape on your balancer (it's important to get the right one depending on the diameter/circumference of the balancer).
  11. I think it sounds really good. You did a good job on this and I commend you for persevering until you got it to behave, in spite of being mislead by vendors and suffering through poor workmanship on the part of others. Pat yourself on the back. 🤘 Bear
  12. Yep, you can try tightening down the two center bolts to see if that at least changes it.
  13. It's that where the ticking sound is coming from? If so, that's an exhaust leak. The passage there connects to the center two exhaust ports. The purpose is to warm the bottom of the intake to help with fuel atomization when the engine is cold.
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