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  1. You guys are lucky down there. Lots of "summer weather" and no salt. I am stuck up in Ontario Canada with snow and salt on the roads yet. Will be another month before it is gone and then wait for a good rain before I can fire mine up again Come Halloween I park it again. Too old to move/ Too young to quit !!!!!
  2. nesier

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    My first car was a brand new Warwick blue 69 GTO Gave it up 3 years later and bought 13 beef cattle. Fattened them up over the winter and sold them. Then got married. Took me this long to find another one that was good enough. Came from Calgary Alberta (no salt) with only 46000 miles on it. It's a keeper just like my wife !!!!
  3. nesier

    IMG_1859 (1)

    my 69 GTO
  4. Trying to forward pictures but no go-- Too old for some of this stuff Will see if my kids can help me over the weekend 588 is the only reference number on that line Next line up is 578 for reclining bucket seat-RH Wish I could buy a new loaded GTO today for $4563.00 Canadian !!! Think I just got my picture up for the actual fan system behind the passenger front kick panel Think someone was looking for a picture of this. Both sides were the same style back when I had it apart Hope it comes thru
  5. Sure can. Just went to my rig (in storage since we get crappy winter up here) and got the info. Option code 588 at a cost of $42.13 in 1969
  6. So I have a 1969 GTO with powerflo ventilation system It constists of individual fans in the lower side kick panels by your feet inside of the side/floor ventilation grilles. Controlled by a switch in the dash beside and in from the cigarette lighter with 2 speeds/toogle switch similar to the wiper switch and blows out through the upper adjustable vents in the dash (poor mans air conditioning) and it seems to work well. Does anyone know how many 69 GTOs were manufactured this way??? Can't seem to get any straight answers on this one Car came from Calgary Alberta and has only 46000 miles on it!! Ralph / Fergus Ontario
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