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  1. Wow! I love it. Cool factor is off the charts on that beauty!!1
  2. Smashmouth??
  3. Anyone except the Cowboys. If Dallas was playing Kim Jong-uns North Korean All Star team, I'd pull for the North Koreans
  4. Thank you, sir! I thought I was doomed when I saw that I was grouped with your GTO in the voting. One of my favorite cars on this forum.
  5. Nice GTO! Even noticed the GTO markings on the side of the motor home. Do you have any pics of the '76 Grand Prix? What area of Texas are you in?
  6. Very tough choices. Lots of really nice cars!!
  7. entries

    Thanks, Rick. Found that spot a few months ago, south of us over in Lucas, close to the lake.
  8. Sorry to here of your wife's passing, Stratman. Continued prayers for you and your family.
  9. Thought I'd share some pics of a few nice Pontiacs at this years show
  10. Good to see you at the show, Rick! A lot of nice Pontiacs and cool planes on display. Congrats on winning the Gold award for your class. Well deserved.
  11. Love it!! I saw a '58 and a '57 Convertible Bonneville at a Good Guys show several years ago. Beautiful cars. I like your license plate, too
  12. I had a squeek somewhere behind the dash in my '76 GP ever since I bought it about 4 years ago, that only showed up during the colder winter months. This past November, I pretty much took the whole dash apart trying to find the source of the noise. Still couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Put everything back together, and lucky me... I haven't heard the squeeking sound ever since. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix
  14. Great to meet you yesterday Darrell. I'm sure we'll see each other again sometime. I try to participate in the Mustang Sally Produciton car shows when I can and also the Morning Maniac get togethers. That's a great looking Grand Prix.

    1. FredZeppelin


      Good to meet you too, Rick. I try to make as many of the local car shows as I can, but it's always been just to look. Yesterday was the first time I ever actually entered in one. I was looking through your album and those are great pics of your car at the Celina Ice and Storage building. When I go out on my usual Sunday afternoon drive, I'm always looking for cool places to take pictures with the car. Hope to see you at more shows

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