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  1. This was my sweet TA, I sold her to Lance in Orlando.
  2. I would love to win a free calandar.
  3. That was the previous state the car was registered. The issue was that the dealer I bought the car from sold it as a clear title car. He bought it at auction as a salvage branded car. From what I read that is a class 3 felony in Florida. But the problem is I can't go after him now since he is officially out of business. But he really is still in business under his sons name now. This guy is the classic crooked used car salesman! What I can't understand is how a perfectly good car ended up with a salvage title. I have been over every inch of the car and it's all original sheet metal. One of the straightest cars you could find and no damage anywhere. Just normal wear and tear, faded paint and some surface rust on the hood and top of the front fenders. All I can think of is that the car was impounded or left at a repair shop with an unpaid bill. The owner never paid the bill so the car ended up being auctioned as salvage by the shop it was left at. In some states they can legally do that if the car is never claimed by the owner. It even came with the original keys with the key fob from the same dealer it was sold at in 1979 as shown on the reproduction window sticker I got from Pontiac Historical.
  4. I purchased my 1979 Pontiac Trans Am VIN 2W87K9N131799, on April 28th 2012, from Caviar Dreams LLC, a used car dealership located at 615 N Cocoa Blvd, Cocoa, FL 32922 phone (321) 501-2800, or (321) 208-6334. About three months later I received a clear Florida title. This dealership has now changed its name to Extreme Motorcars LLC, and from what I understand they lost their license to sell vehicles due to illegal business practices. To regain their license they just changed names. So I am faced with a dilemma in how to get my title fixed. I just went to the DMV in Palm Bay Florida to have my wife’s name added to the title. At this time we were told that my title is no longer valid and that the state of Maryland where my car was previously titled had re issued a “Salvage” title on my Trans Am two months after it was titled to me here in Florida? They said I needed to go back to the dealership where I purchased it and somehow get them to apply for a “rebuildable” title of some sorts. Needless to say this came as a complete shock to me, I have put over $10,000 into this car since I purchased it back in 2012 and that is after paying this dealer the $7,500.00 purchase price. I actually traded my 2008 Yamaha R1 motorcycle for this vehicle plus around $3,000 in cash. As it was it took this dealership almost 3 months to complete their paperwork through the DMV so I would receive the title. If you look this dealer up on Google you can read the reviews. They have the horrible reputation of screwing people over. This is why I am fearful of going to the owner Jimmy Thistle and asking him to help fix this! The lady at the Palm Bay DMV told me that you have some other remedies to help me. Someone even created Facebook pages detailing the criminality of this dealership! https://www.google.com/search?q=Extreme+motorcars%2C+615+North+Cocoa+Blvd%2C+Cocoa+Florida&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Caviar-Dreams-LLC-Jimmy-Thistle-Unfair-Business-Practices/139224526173911 There is nothing physically wrong with this car. I have been over every inch of the vehicle and it has never even been in an accident. I had the car completely repainted and all new interior since I purchased it. If need be I can bring the vehicle into the DMV to have it inspected. I have even purchased all the historical information from the Pontiac Historical Society which authenticates this car matching the VIN to the exact color and vehicle accessories that it came with from the factory. They sent me a reproduction of the original window sticker which I have attached to this email. This serves to validate the VIN and vehicle as it is. I have no clue why Maryland made this a salvage vehicle and why this dealership failed to correct this issue before they sold me the car? Can you please investigate this problem and re-issue me a clear Florida title for this car? I sure would appreciate it immensely!!! Also if you need any more information or paperwork from me please let me know. This whole process cost me quite a bit of money and almost 3 months that I could not even drive my car!!
  5. Many thanks to everyone that voted for our "BlueAngel" Trans Am!!! My wife and I are very grateful to everyone! So does anyone know how much and when these calendars will be available?
  6. For the 2016 Pontiac Calandar I would like you to consider my 1979 Trans Am
  7. Flbandit98

    1979 Trans Am

    Just some shots of my TA at local car cruise nights.
  8. Flbandit98


    Some of the upgrades I have done.
  9. Has anyone done this swap? I need some advice. I am planning on putting a 2004R in my 1979 TA with the Olds 403. I need to know what crossmember will work with this swap? Do I need to find a TH400 crossmember or can I just move mine back the six inches. Any advice on this swap would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Do you have to have 10 posts in the month or is it ten total to nominate a POTM?
  11. Here are a few pictures of my Atlantis Blue 1979 Trans Am. It has 95k on the odometer and has a rebuilt Olds 403 and Turbo 350 transmission. I recently had it repainted and new decals applied. It still runs and drives beautifully and the original air conditioning still blows ice cold with R22. My wife and I enjoy taking this car to the local cruises and car shows.
  12. Wow speeding in Mexico, your a brave man!!
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