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  1. POTM Nominations, April 2018

    This is my 1994 25th Anniversary Trans Am GT. There was only 2,000 produced and this is 1 of only 91 with all the factory options including a HURST 6-Speed Manual.. It has 19,750 miles in original showroom condition. These models also had the honor of being the Pace Car for the 35th Daytona 500.
  2. Win a FREE 2018 Forever Pontiac Calendar

    Looking forward to some NEW RULE changes on the 2018 issue. I think having a separate GTO voting class will help getting some different Pontiacs into the mix, without the same GTO's always in. There are some awesome Goats in here, but it usually always kicks ANY other models out in whatever class they are entered in. Just my 2 cents. Also I think that the quality of the photos should be considered, as many members just don't take the time to figure out a really good background in their photo.
  3. Ed Kozinski

    Ed Kozinski
  4. This is my 1994 25th Anniversary Trans Am. It is a Mint Original 19,500 miles and never n snow or rain. It is 1 of only 2,000 made and has the very rare 6-speed manual of which it is 1 of 128. It also has the T-Tops and CD player that makes the total production of 1 of 89 out of the 2,000. This model was also the Pace Car for the 35th Daytona and 20 other NASCAR events.

    My 1991 Formula was forced of the road and crashed into a guardrail and was totaled. This car was owned by a collector who cared for it inside a climate garage.

  5. Voting - 2016 Forever Pontiac Calendar

    Just wondering, why some of the photos were able to be enlarged BEFORE the vote and now they cannot be enlarged. It makes for a MUCH nicer picture when you look at them.
  6. 2016 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries

    Here is my 1991 Original Survivor FORMULA 350. It is 1 of only 1,197 with the L98 350 High Performance Option plus rare SLP equipment . This photo was also a POTM winner! Click on the picture for a larger image. Thanks
  7. POTM Banter

    Congrats on the win. I have a framed 8" x 10" picture of my favorite GTO. I bought it new in 1967 and it was a Bright Red with a White vinyl top and a White bucket seat Interior. The wheels were the Rally II and it had the 360 H.O. motor with a 4 speed and 3:90 posi rear. If anybody can remember these tires, they were made by Elimanator and had a Red and a White stripe sidewall. These where street tires, but with a super soft compound and lasted about 10,000 miles (due to LOTS of burnouts). Throw in the wood steering wheel and shifter plus P/S and Brakes, a Reverb rear speaker with an AM radio (there were about 7 stations playing Rock and Roll). Of course back then, it stayed STOCK for about 1 week before headers were added with the Qjet reworked along with the distrubter and a Competition cam.
  8. POTM Banter

    Congrats to a hard to find good looking RARE Tempest ! It is sad though, that only 2-3 cars take the time to enter this contest. There MUST be a decent amount of owners who love their PONTIAC and would like to show it off. Sadly I see less that still want to show their Firebirds and G6's-Bonnevilles-Grand Am's etc., at car shows. Really nice examples of the brand are out there, but where is the enthusiam to show what a fantastic brand this once was. Just look at the other side of the coin, and go to a show and look at all the Camaros and Chevy products that are on display. I get a ton of people that come up to my 3rd Gen and say "I remember these models, but they have all dissapeared the last several years".
  9. POTM Banter

    Thanks very much to all who voted. My Formula sits in the garage from November until the salt and snow clears, and with the UNREAL amount of COLD weather and snow we have had here in Central, New Jersey (with single degree temps still here) looking forward to getting out of the cabin fever and back into show circuit. It's also good to see that the 3rd Gen models are finally coming up in value as there are not many left that haven't been destroyed or left to rot somewhere. I go to car shows now and find out that I am the only 3rd Gen there. So if you have a decent Bird, start to bring it back to looking good and enjoy the people that say "Hey, I had one of those, but you don't see them on the road anymore".
  10. This is my 1991 Firebird Formula 350 showcar. It is loaded with all the SLP options and has the L98 350 motor. There were only 1,197 of these made in 1991.
  11. 2015 FP Calendar Winners

    Congrats to all the Winners, really great cars. Plus a special thanks to ALL the 40 members who took the time to vote on this years Calender!
  12. 1991 FORMULA 350

    This Formula is only 1,197 made with the L98 350 Performance Option. Also the Black Trans Am wheels were a NO COST option in 1991-92. I have all the SLP upgrades that were offered by the Dealers in 1991. This Bird has been a Showcar for the last 15 years, and these 3rd Gens are finally starting to go up in value since most of the really nice ones are few and far between.
  13. 2015 FP Calendar Entries

    This is my 1991 Firebird Formula Showcar with the L98 350 Option of which only 1,197 were built. HPP magazine did a 6 page article on it back in October, 2012. It is loaded with all the SLP options that were offered and also runs in the 1/4 mile (best of 13.79 @ 100 mph). This car was also voted POTM in the last of that series. It still has the original finish Bright Red Code 81. It now has have 61,000 miles.
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