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  1. Just for Frosty. Watch the yards you are in.
  2. Here is the plan. Lockdown over in Ontario. Buy a canoe. Get in the St Clair River and do not die, row to Port Huron and do not get caught by customes, Police or some bored white chick with a cause. Meet up go for lunch, Somehow get home and enjoy a 2 week self isolation coma.
  3. This Pontiac commercial was familiar to me
  4. Shared that one with the better half.
  5. Sold a damaged motor for more than I paid for it running, heads, intake everything for $1500
  6. Merry Christmas. I am going to the roof to see if I can get some reindeer for Christmas beast. 308 should take down Donner and the fat man.
  7. Honestly, I am just going to get it running with a mild tune from a tuner I met this summer. He said bone stock the LQ4 should be good for about 380 hp to 400 hp. I will drive it like that for a year or two before I figure out what I want for it. Yes more burnouts.
  8. 2021 plans. LS engine with a 4L80e, new rear springs and a g80 for the 14 bolt. 91 Blazer tank. I sold the Brodix heads for more than I paid for them this past weekend.
  9. Knock Knock Knock go the rod bearings.
  10. I have the potential one on a coffee cup.
  11. Thanks Bud. I took Ms Notallthere out on date night in it. Came out to a couple guys staring at it. I had to give it a little gas in the first two gears when leaving. Upped Hagerty to $30,000 for it.
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