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  1. If it was the work bench and he uses Dewalt cordless I would have a look at the chargers as well. A few of the older ones (7-10 years) were recalled for fire hazard.
  2. Wait is this photo taken on Lapeer near Lake Orion?
  3. car work done.
  4. Depending on the Paint the low VOC paints will have a sweet smell to them. I have heard of bubble gum, candy floss, etc from some people.
  5. I have made my own on a few cars. I actually kind of like doing it so I can ensure the routing and the cleanliness. I use the MSD ratchet crimper. It usually takes me a good 2 hours to do it.
  6. 77-79 Corolla mmmmmmm The last Toyota that interested me until they came out with the GT 86
  7. GE thinkin of you
  8. Nice looking Ventura. As long as the front frame assembly is straight the rest is just bolt on. I get the time thing. There is never enough no matter what. Welcome
  9. The Lokar switch is not as robust as the pedal mounted switch. I prefer the pedal one just for this reason. The only problem could be the lack of a bracket on your pedal assembly.
  10. For the love of god avoid school zones and old folks homes.
  11. Get a bike rack and take it to car shows with the car. Get bored at the car shows and go for a ride. Nice combo.
  12. The old Esso gas stations advertisements of 'we will put a tiger in your tank'
  13. Based on that you are averaging about 19-22 mpg. Unless you are idling your car constantly then you mileage is way low. The first place I would look at are your O2 sensors as worn ones might not throw a code but would richen up the fuel.
  14. I am makin one of these
  15. Just out of curiosity what are you getting on your Sunfire? My wife has an 04 Cavalier and mixed driving we are averaging 29-31 mpg.
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