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  1. Ride share program for the Optima Ultimate Street Car. Heck yes I would use a phone to sign up for that.
  2. Light show

    Just to make you feel old 1977 I was 1 so my diaper was the second most important thing in my life. 2010 During the earthquake I was on vacation in Florida 2017 I am in Ontario so I did not see anything
  3. Insurer to monitor drivers via cell phone data

    I barely use a cell phone so no biggie to me. But like a drunk god help you if you are texting and driving and you run into me.
  4. Apple: Self-driving cars shouldn’t need a map

    So you can hit a deer and possums and blame the car?
  5. Apple: Self-driving cars shouldn’t need a map

    Yes but to get to the sensors dumbass cars will have to wait 5 hours in a line outside to get to them every drive.
  6. G'day

    Great looking ride and at least you are in the best country for the Haltech systems.
  7. Who is this guy related to?

    Frosty or Justa6
  8. Christmas outfits NSFW

    Speaking of needing brain bleach.
  9. Christmas outfits NSFW

    https://www.amazon.com/Mistletoe-Belt-Buckle-red-background/dp/B006CSZYZU I will wear it traditionally when I am with the ladies but at work put it on backwards.
  10. For the dream cruise we would stay at the Marriott across from them and I wondered what they made. The empty Big Buck Brewery always had an autocross coarse set up that was fun to watch.
  11. Things that make Pro tingly.

    If we are playing World of Warcraft I pick the Ogres.
  12. Based on how most people drive, maybe a computer can do it better.
  13. Things that make Pro tingly.

    You could put both those in the back of the wagon for the kids with the Shriners.
  14. Things that make Pro tingly.

    Tonight is going to be deer spaghetti. So we were cleaning out the freezer and found stuff.
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