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  1. Nice. If you need me to do a shake down run for you I maybe game.
  2. DC no reason just preference
  3. Calipers are on order from the manufacturer. I have to use Caddy calipers for the e-brake.
  4. Out with the old. In with the new
  5. BFG G-Force on the vibe, Fiero and Cavalier. Great tires but a little sticky so they hold the corners very well. The Falkens on the truck are good but old so they may not last long.
  6. Self driving cars means rolling slalom.
  7. I had a buddy of mine in highschool had the Chevy Spectrum. We would call it the scrotum. It was so small next to my 77 Impala.
  8. That is a rule that I was not familiar with. Good to know.
  9. So it is my duty to terrorize little Justa6 for the day.
  10. Nice car. Great background shot too of an older down town that is well maintained.
  11. We are not into that. Now if he said ball gags, clown shoes, and flarp. Then hell yes.
  12. The brass knuckle one would be great. Let's give her a weapon to keep me in line when we are driving.
  13. Old shifter New Shifter She is going through the Summit catalog to find a new shifter knob.
  14. Yes the Ricers of the nineties grew up and bought diesel pickups now rolling coal is a thing. I wish not being a douche was a thing so these kids would tune their vehicles right.
  15. Damn I may need to mortgage my house
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