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  1. Was Linkedin correct and it was RIngo's Birthday on the 7th? If it was right Happy Birthday Buddy.
  2. We still have some of the best Youtubers out there. Mostly because our TV sucks.
  3. Happy Freakin Canada Day, Quaranteen Cruisin today.
  4. If stuff is cancelled I was thinking, Cruise Woodward, Lapeer Dragway, and the greasiest burger we can find.
  5. I am still going cruising that weekend. Maybe dinner with some friends. Really do not need sponsors to enjoy the cruise.
  6. My Truck, XBIGDOGX, Ms Notallthere's Fiero 3NVY, the Chevheck, CARNIVOR. I got stuck behind a guy coming home from work. He was in a Traverse and his plate was EXPIRED.
  7. Forever FIero was run by a bunch of car nuts. They could talk your head off for hours on things with some really nice pieces and memorabilia. We visited the shop back in 2017 and had a great experience with them. We were going to bring our Fiero there this year but 2020 said 'f' you.
  8. Hey thanks guys. Birthday present this year is autorama tickets so this weekend should be good.
  9. Forgive the stupid question but if you cannot find windshield wipers can you get a set of wiper arms from a wrecking yard for the newer car the install them on your car to ensure that you have a consistent supply?
  10. Valentines Day + Calender = out of the dog house.
  11. Hookers and Blow. SWEEEEEEEEEEET
  12. Trust me a burnout on his street would break suspension stuff. His driveway on the other hand has not been christened.
  13. My old lap top bios rom date was 2012. Windows 7 is no longer being supported and I wanted to downsize overall tech. So I was looking at a Chromebook or Surface. The boss bought me the chromebook for Christmas. Hopefully it will last 7 years as well.
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