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    Those who think they know everything piss off those of us who do
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    Driving panel vans to highschool proms uninvited.

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  1. notallthere


    If SpaceX goes public I am all over it like a Fat kid on a Smartie. I bought Drop Box when it was considerably lower.
  2. notallthere


    Tesla, Starbucks, Lowes, anything Pot related in Canada, Drop Box
  3. notallthere


    It is not a hobby it is a lifestyle. Over the past couple years I have really become involved in biking and getting into shape and pushing myself physically. Frosty can attest to the fact that I am not a big as I was when we first met. My second is educating myself on different topics. I read allot and practice things like welding and working on different meta projects. My next attempt is to build my own trailer. Finally I am playing in the stock market. Nothing serious and not wasting any money that I cannot afford not to loose.
  4. notallthere

    1980 Trans Am Engine Swap

    PFFFT brakes are for quiters
  5. notallthere

    So your wife wants her own tools eh

    I bought her this https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/kjhi/?pfm=HP_TopCMD_kjhi
  6. Hello , just wondering what the car shows down your way are like ?

    1. notallthere


      They are okay.  Mostly just parking in a park and shooting the poop with other drivers.  The Canada car show is a little light with only about 15 or 20 cars but the Hot August nights one is usually about 100 or so.  Fathers day in Petrolia is nice and Wambo is about the best one that I enjoy as it is 3 days.

  7. Brodix heads, 268h comp shaft cam, tweek the carb to get rid of the part throttle bog.
  8. Replaced a fuel line on the truck today that looked like an oscillating sprinkler head. This is so I can turn the truck around put in the garage for heart surgery.
  9. notallthere

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    New engine in the truck new trans in the truck. Started drag racing it. Kids are in college and I am feeling old.
  10. notallthere

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    RedChevy maybe at Woodward
  11. notallthere

    Things that make Pro tingly.

    I have wanted to do this for years. Chevette + V8 makes a stupid fast car for little money.
  12. notallthere

    Things that make Pro tingly.

  13. notallthere

    My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Brakes are for quitters
  14. notallthere

    Popup ads coming to your dash soon?

    You know it is her car right? I am the nagger in the passenger seat.
  15. notallthere

    Popup ads coming to your dash soon?

    You can get nitrous for a Fiero? Interesting.
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