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  1. You should see the look I got when I confessed to putting the tools away before going the emergency room.
  2. For now there is a 98 Vortec 350. What you do not see is the LS 6.0 under the one work bench.
  3. Nice ride. I dig it front to back. If you have the straight 8 keep it clean it and use it for garage art. Those are great looking engines. As for the LS conversion. Get an entire vehicle if you can to do the conversion. The time you take to remove it will help you in the long run. I can pick up entire 2004 Silverado 2500s here for 1000.00 with a good drivetrain. Pull the engine trans and the wiring harness out and anything else that might fit. Scrapping the rest of the truck I net back 500-600 to recoupe some of my costs. The 200r4 is better than that of the 700r4 but stepping to the 4l60 or 4l80 will get you a transmission that will communicate with your engine control module. Just food for thought. Great car enjoy the ride.
  4. 200k (just around 120,000 miles for the U.S.) is not that bad for an 07. Thus it should be in fairly good condition. Do the usual, take it out for a hell of a test run. See if an oil change shop if they are not busy will let you drive over their pit and the guys can let you go down there or take your cell and take pictures. Make sure everything works and put in an offer.
  5. So pretty much this is how my car life is going, Mask off everything Sand with 220 Blow off car Dust wipe tack cloth final prep wipe/ degreaser Primer sealer Blow off car Dust wipe tack cloth final prep wipe/ degreaser Primer surfacer Blow off car Dust wipe tack cloth final prep wipe/ degreaser Sand with 400 Primer sealer Gonna be sanding with 1000 grit and remasking the car ready for paint.
  6. Small blocks with headers usually have the header bolts back out. I would have to re torque mine every three or four fill ups. Since the LT1 has aluminum heads it is even more of an issue. I have stage 8 fasteners on my headers on the truck. Brodix heads so copper antisieze torqued down with the e clips. You may have to clean up the washers on them to get them to fit properly around the welds and the pipes. Two years and they have not had an issue.
  7. Isn't Kroger down there called Harris Teeter?
  8. Sorry I left them at your house. Heard you tried them on.......They were to big in the front.
  9. Not making Hadley this year. I am helping out Mom and Dad change an oil pan on their F150.
  10. Kinda a light weight after loosing some weight over the past few years.
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