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  1. Thanks Bud. I took Ms Notallthere out on date night in it. Came out to a couple guys staring at it. I had to give it a little gas in the first two gears when leaving. Upped Hagerty to $30,000 for it.
  2. Vortec 350 with a zz4 camshaft. The 6.0 ls engine is still under the workbench. RIght now I am just enjoying the car right now. Shakedown runs and grinning ear to ear.
  3. I am not done sanding on it but I got sick of sanding it and sent it through safety with a half done paint job. Ran through a couple puddles as well on the cruise around town. So far 10 days legal and she spit out her power steering pump and got 80 km on the odo.
  4. We have been busy here and there. I do not carry my cell very ofter so answering it is kinda difficult. Send Dualquad my way. I can fix him up with some Irish Coffee and some scones.
  5. Glad you still like Little Lucy. Here are mine: First one is original from a magazine and the second is a replica.
  6. notallthere

    What do we have here?

    Batmobile if Bruce Wayne came from the south.
  7. Nothing like being 44 and helping your parents celebrate 45 years of marriage.
  8. Actually do this whole covid thing. I have been continuously working but I have been to 15/20 cruises this year.
  9. Nice job. That is one of the series I have to get up there to see.
  10. Been to all of those places. Gay Mi is still the best https://thegaybar.com/
  11. Was Linkedin correct and it was RIngo's Birthday on the 7th? If it was right Happy Birthday Buddy.
  12. We still have some of the best Youtubers out there. Mostly because our TV sucks.
  13. Happy Freakin Canada Day, Quaranteen Cruisin today.
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