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  1. Get a bike rack and take it to car shows with the car. Get bored at the car shows and go for a ride. Nice combo.
  2. The old Esso gas stations advertisements of 'we will put a tiger in your tank'
  3. Based on that you are averaging about 19-22 mpg. Unless you are idling your car constantly then you mileage is way low. The first place I would look at are your O2 sensors as worn ones might not throw a code but would richen up the fuel.
  4. I am makin one of these
  5. Just out of curiosity what are you getting on your Sunfire? My wife has an 04 Cavalier and mixed driving we are averaging 29-31 mpg.
  6. I still have a dream of a dragster.
  7. Is G.E. even allowed across the boarder?
  8. That is what Mayday Malone traded the Vette for? Holy Crap. Seriously Crap. Now a Datsun B210. There is a car.
  9. The freakin starter motor has more HP than the entire Yugo fleet. Seriously are there any actually running Yugos left in the world?
  10. How do you get a Yugo to 60 MPH? 300 foot cliff
  11. win

    come on Ms Notallthere needs a birthday present
  12. The Acme bondage book of fun. I hear Pro gets a discount.
  13. Try and get all our cars on the road.
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