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  1. Welcome! 🙂I've always loved the blue / white color combination of that vintage! Where was the picture taken? Guessing by the camera mounted on the windshield (and Corvette stopped behind), it's some type of car cruise?
  2. I hear you! I have a Grand Prix that is my show car and I, too, am an avid detailer 🙂. It's a lot of work and takes a lot of time but I love seeing that shine in the end 😄
  3. First off, welcome! 😃. Second, I LOVE this picture! Total money shot! 🙂 Are you big into car detailing? I ask because that gloss... wow!
  4. 🤯 Wow... I actually really like it! (I agree, many sharp lines). Probably has something to do with the fact that I'm looking to by a (used) Sienna right now - the family hauler is in need of an upgrade.
  5. Hey @Frosty - I received a response from Eric (see below). When he says "radios" (plural) he has two units - one in a Ford Fairmont build he did and the other in the Chevrolet truck build. Hopefully that lends at least a little help / insight into making your decision.
  6. Hey, @Frosty - happy to help (even if it is only a little). I have done some searching on EricTheCarGuy's website as well as his YouTube channel however I have not been able to find a video / post where he gives the pros and cons of the radio and if he would recommend the Retorsound over, say, the Autosound brand. That said, I did send Eric an email asking if he did, in fact, provide his thoughts after using the radio for a while and, if not, if he would reply back to the email with his pros / cons / etc. (I'll keep you posted if / when he replies). I have also found, on his website, a video he did of installing the radio and starting around the 29:11 time stamp, you see the radio power up and he goes on to give some likes / dislikes of the radio (however nothing in depth). To see that video (and I apologize for not being able to link directly to it but the way it's embedded in his website made it fairly difficult), follow this link and click on the video I have highlighted below:
  7. Those are generally called a "hood bumper" or "hood cushion". They can be picked up on Amazon, eBay, etc.. Check out this link on Rock Auto to see if this is what you're after. Because I'm not familiar with your year Firebird, I may be way off but maybe Frosty or someone else who is familiar with the '67's can chime in.
  8. One of the auto mechanics I follow on YouTube (met the guy IRL a few years back - his shop is literally next door to Kings Island in OH) rebuilt his dad's hand-me-down '90's Silverado and he put a Retrosound unit in the truck. If interested, here's a video he did about the unit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnTdEagU7VE.
  9. Greetings 😃! Pictures would be well received! 😁
  10. A pirate ship plank! Last night I clay bared T.C.. It always amazes me just how much junk contact-washing leaves behind - even for a car that is clay bared twice a year (granted, she's a DD but I routinely keep my vehicles clean). On the docket for this evening: CarPro Iron-X the painted surfaces... I'm curious to see how much she "bleeds" purple.
  11. Back in 2010 / 2011 while I was working at the Chrysler Tech center in Auburn Hills - when Obama was doing his "fly around and visit the auto maker's plants" tour - when one day I went outside of the building and watched AF1 either heading to or leaving (I forget now) the Detroit Metro airport. If I recall correctly, Obama was visiting the Sterling Heights Chrysler plant (~20 mins away from the tech center) at that time.
  12. Yesterday I started the spring detail process on my daily ('09 Malibu). I'm doing a full exterior strip down to the clear coat and starting with a virgin surface. It'll take several days to rebuild everything but it's overdue...
  13. 🤯 That's around $240 USD. Wow... (and I thought my oil changes were expensive at around $50 USD for the 5 quarts of oil & filter). Ditto.
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