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  1. We're on the same page. I may not have explained things clear enough but rest assured we're on the same page.
  2. Holy wow the past few days have been insanely busy (hence my going dark)! I've spent the last several days being severely sleep deprived so yesterday was devoted to literally sleeping most of the day away. Two vehicles detailed and ready for winter and two more yet to go 🥴. Labor of love coupled with living with snow (I updated my fall detail regimen to start playing with the new "hybrid ceramics" that are hitting the shelves so we'll see how that goes - but I digress) . @Last Indian Hey, Gary. Thank you for your input. It shows that you know quite a bit about (among other things, I'm sure!) the suspension realm! I've had similar thoughts to yours - changing handling based on a multitude of inputs - shocks (adjustables or non-adjustables), coils, to lower / not to lower, control arm bushings, spacers, sway bars (stock, GMPP, otherwise), sway bar bushings (poly, stock, other), sway bar connecting rods, trailing rods, engine (lower & upper) mounts, and so on. Where things stand now, I have a specific target (setup-wise / modification-wise) in mind of where I would like to go with my Grand Prix. Aside from two (technically three) more things I have left, the car has "arrived". I fully appreciate and respect your thoughts, for sure!, that there is yet quite a bit that can be done to firm up ride and handling response, that's not really where I want to invest my focus. Based on my previous Grand Prix where I did, comparatively, more aggressive ride / handling modifications, I am staying more conservative with my 2005 Grand Prix versus my 1999 Grand Prix. I came up, a while back, with a Venn Diagram of "automotive modding" and what I could identify as the minimum number of categories which could explain why a given person modifies their vehicle. With my '99 Grand Prix I was weighted more heavily to the "performance" and "perception" categories (hence more modding relating to, among other things, suspension tuning) while with my '05 Grand Prix I am more heavily weighted to the "performance" and "preservation" categories (hence taking more of a conservative approach to the "what" I do and "why" I do it). Anyway, these are just my thoughts and views of where I would like to see (have seen) my Grand Prix arrive at. One thing I enjoy considering (especially when at car shows / events) is seeing each person's creativity and their, essentially, personal expression of what they bring out in their vehicle. Shoot, I even can appreciate what would otherwise be a horrendous vehicle (e.g . a 1980's Monte with a lift riding on 22's with a sparkly neon orange paint job) because I know it reflects that individuals creativity .
  3. Thought I'd add to the fun with a few I can recall off the top of my head (taking more of a concept view of this thread): Pontiac Piranha Pontiac Rageous Pontiac Aztek (concept) - MANY people I know of looked harshly on the (production) Aztek - regardless of styling, I give GM props for having the courage to put something so "different" into production Pontiac Grand Am Convertible (saw this guy in person at the NAIAS several years back) Then there's this Grand Prix who did see production (one of one) but only as a Pace Car
  4. @Last Indian Hey Gary. Right now I still have, in both front and rear, the OEM sway bar links. I've been itching to swap them out for ones that are serviceable (i.e. have the zerk fittings on them) but I haven't been able to justify the cost at this point (albeit RockAuto has the zerk fitting equipped ones for a reasonable price but since the OEM ones are still good... 😕). The same goes for the sway bar bushings. One of the things (along with a few others) on the to-do list is to replace them with polyurethane bushings. I know there are dividing thoughts on the poly bushings but in my experience I'm a poly fan. I'm currently running polys in the upper engine to core support dog bones and have been pleased with the feedback in the steering wheel. Another item on the to-do list is to replace the trans and block mounts over to polys. My research shows in that case, however, the feedback in the wheel may be too much for my taste so we'll see. Oddly enough (at least I think I'm odd ), regarding the MacPhersons, I have factory's at all four corners. When the time comes, to be completely honest, I'm planning on putting OEM shocks (possibly new coils, too) back in. In my '99 Grand Prix I was running KYB GR-2's and while I didn't have any complaints per-say, I feel the OEM setup in my '05 provides a better ride and handing response (but, again, that's just me and I'm "different" ). @JUSTA6 Hey Steve. Thanks for the invite - it's appreciated! Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend 😞. That's the day the family is getting together to celebrate my daughter's birthday 🎂. Maybe next year... ?
  5. Nice article! I cannot remember where it was (social media, maybe) but I, in just the last week, saw a picture of someone who put a LS4 (mid to late 2000's Impala SS, Grand Prix GXP, I think the Monty SS as well) in a Fiero. How in the world they got it to physically fit is beyond me (without a lot of body work - this was just a picture with no description) but the shear thought a LS4 in that light of a car makes the Spidey-senese tingle... ... then again, I did see in person someone who put a, I believe, LS9 in a Solstice... jaw dropping.
  6. Hi everyone. Earlier today I introduced myself so I thought I should also introduce "Renovatio" ("Ren" for short) - my 2005 Grand Prix GT2 show car Below are most of the things I have done to-date (still a few things left on either the "in-progress" or "to-do" list). Engine - WizAired Cold Air Intake - K & N 6” Cone Air Filter - ZZ Performance Throttle Body Heat Shield - Overkill Custom-Tuned PCM - Premium Fuel Required - Radiator Fan Threshold Temps Lowered (fans engage @ 180 F) - Transmission line pressure increased - Transmission Shift Time Reduced - Speed Governor Disabled - P0420 (Exhaust) Code Removed - ZZ Performance Thermostat - 180 F - 50% More Flow Vs. Stock - Mobil 1 Fully Synthetic Oil & Filter - Mobil 1 Special Designation Oil Cap - Goodyear Gatorback Serpentine Belt - Optima Redtop Dry-Cell Battery Exhaust - ZZ Performance Exhaust Power Log (“PLOG”) - Bank 1 (cylinders 1, 3, 5) - Bank 2 (cylinders 2, 4, 6) - Corsa 2 ½” Cat-Back Exhaust - ZZP Performance High-Flow 2 ½” Catalytic Converter - Spark Plug Anti-Fouler Modification for Post-Catalytic Converter O2 Sensor Trunk - JarheadBobandMax Custom Made Trunk Lid Mat (‘70s / ‘80s “Grand Prix” Badge) Lighting - Interior - Red Sun Visor Vanity Mirror lights - Interior lighting changed to red - Exterior - Sylvania SilverStar Ultra 9006 (Low Beam) - Sylvania SilverStar Ultra 9005 (High Beam) - Sylvania Silverstar 899 (Fog Beam) - Red Gel-Cap Front Turn Signals - XPEL Headlamp Protection Barrier - LED Front Side Turn Signals – Driver & Passenger Side - LED Rear Side Marker Lamps – Driver & Passenger Side - LED Rear Marker Lamps – Driver & Passenger Side - White LED Reverse Lamps - White “Matrix” LED License Plate Lamps Handling & Braking - GMPP Rear Sway Bar - GMPP Rear Trailing Arms - Goodyear Eagle GT Tires, All Season, P225/60R16 - ZZ Performance Powder Coated Front Strut-Tower Brace - ZZ Performance Powder Coated Rear Strut-Tower Brace - Don Rome Rear Strut-Tower Brace Mounting Brackets - 3800 Performance Polyurethane Upper Engine Mounts - ZZ Performance Polyurethane Upper Dogbone Mounts - ZZ Performance “No-Drill” Front Strut Tower Brace Mounting Brackets - Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads (Front & Rear) - Brake Performance Slotted And Cross Drilled Front and Rear Rotors Interior - Embroidered Pontiac Arrowhead Front Driver & Passenger Seat covers - Embroidered Pontiac Arrowhead Protective Dash Cover - Parts-For-Your-Car Custom Windshield Sun Cover - Front Driver & Passenger Custom Door Sill Emblems – “Pontiac Grand Prix GT” & “GM Mark of Excellence” Emblem - Don Rome Custom Made Aluminum Door Lock Knob - Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Gauges x3 - ZZ Performance 3-Pod A-Pillar Gauge Holder - Interior lights Changed to Color Red - Front Driver and Passenger Under-Seat Inch Neon Lights - Under-dash 6 Inch Red Neon Light - TomTom GO 910 GPS Navigation System - Cobra Radar Detector - Custom Console-Mounted Switch Bank Controlling: - Under-Seat Neon Lights (Front Driver & Passenger) - Radar Detector - GPS Unit - Aeroforce Gauges - Transformers Reflective Badge (Reverse Side Of Sun Shade) – Autobots - Custom Made Protective Clear Floor Mats - Custom Made Headrest Wraps for Front Driver and Passenger Seat Transmission - Dexron VI Fully Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid - Fluid Line Pressure Programmatically Increased (PCM Tune) - Shift Times Reduced & Shifts Stiffened (PCM Tune and Upper Polyurethane Engine & Dogbone Mounts) Exterior - Painted To Match Headlamp Housing Covers - Painted To Match Tail Lamp Housing Covers - Painted To Match Reverse Bar - American Glass Auto Tinting: - 32% Front Driver, Passenger & Sunroof - 6% All Rear Glass - Black Wheel Lug Nuts - Pontiac Arrowhead on Driver & Passenger B-Pillars - Tire Valve-Stem Silver Sleeves & Caps - “Grand Prix” License Plate Frame - “Pontiac” Reflective Black Inlays For Rear Fascia - Gutter-Guard mesh covering for lower radiator air intake (black) Audio - Wireless radio frequency tuner allowing for external audio to be played through the vehicle’s audio system Anyway, again, I figured since I introduced myself earlier it was time to introduce Ren 🙂
  7. Thanks, Gary - looking forward to it! 🙂
  8. 👍 I'll post some pictures when I can get some extra time - I've introduced myself now it's time to introduce Ren 😉
  9. @MIreland She's a 2005 - same year as yours 😀.
  10. Thanks for the welcome, everyone 😀 Hey Ringo. My wife's Grand Prix being the daily driver with over 256,000 on the clock is fully stock (by intention) with the exception of a K&N drop-in engine air filter (carry over from when I upgraded the intake on the show Grand Prix). I'm pretty picky about keeping up on the maintenance and any repairs to keep her car dependable. Pretty much every system has been touched at length in the show Grand Prix (intake, PCM tune, engine, transmission, brakes, handling, lighting - inside & outside, exhaust - from heads to tips, audio, tires and aesthetics - too much to fully list here). I'm in the middle (when I have time 😛) of upgrading / re-wiring a custom made control panel which controls a variety of things in the car. My motto with the car is "A 'lil show with a 'lil go". I'm pretty picky about changing visuals of the car - my goal all along has been to keep the car looking as if it had just rolled off the line so I work at preserving the original design / visual flow as much as I can. Thanks Frosty - I work hard to keep 'em working well and lookin' nice. I'm actually just outside of the Flint Township line (about 15 mins from Saginaw St. / downtown Flint). I see you're from the Davison area - I grew up in Lapeer and was just to your Menard's a couple days ago for house project material that I couldn't find at my local Depot 😀. Thanks, JUSTA6 - born & bread 😀
  11. Hi everyone 👋. Just decided to take the leap and join F.P. (heard about everyone through social media and postings relating to the Woodward cruise). I've been driving a Pontiac in one form or another since 1998 and have in the past been an active member in other Pontiac message forums (Grand Prix, specifically) which have each gone the way of the dinosaur (such is life, I suppose). I started in the Pontiac realm with a hand-me-down Bonneville that had the 3800 engine. The great experience I had with that engine carried me into my first Grand Prix (I went with the Grand Prix specifically because it had the 3800 - Series II at that point). When, early one winter morning, icy roads claimed the life of my first Grand Prix, it only made sense to go with another one (now with the Series III). After driving this Grand Prix for about a year as a daily I decided to do one of the single most expensive mods I've done to the car - buy another vehicle as my daily ('96 Blazer 4WD) and promote the Grand Prix to show-car status. Around this time I met the woman who would become my wife and, coming from the Grand Prix world herself (with a '95), she felt it was time to upgrade (mainly due to reliability issues with the '95 and how it liked to eat head gaskets), she picked up an '05 after picking my brain about my experience with the 3800 engines and Grand Prixs. At that point, as they, say, the rest is history 😃. I enjoy taking my show Grand Prix to various car shows (I'm a HUGE fan of Flint's "Back to the Bricks" - even more than Woodward, I admit 😯). However, life seems to get in the way much of the time and I am not able to be involved in shows / cruises nearly as much as I would like 😢. Anyway, past / current Pontiacs are: 1989 Bonneville LE (08/1998-10/2001) - "The Bonnie" - 3800 V6 "pre-Series I" 1999 Grand Prix GT (10/2001-12/2006) - "Phoenix" - 3800 V6 "Series II" 2005 Grand Prix GT2 (01/2007 - present) - "Renovatio" (show car) - 3800 V6 "Series III" 2005 Grand Prix GT2 (09/2007 - present) - "Bleen" (wife's daily) - 3800 V6 "Series III" x Thanks for letting me introduce myself and am looking forward to getting back into the Pontiac message forum world. -Nathan
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