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  1. Thinking of you guys. Actually great conversation with Frosty so my July 4th was a great day.
  2. Technically it is Confederation day. The day we became a country--- or as I like to call it the day the Brits said, " get out" Poutine if done right the cheese curds will melt. You cook the fries and then add the room temperature curds. Then you add the near boiling gravy and this will finish melting the cheese. Do not ask for ketchup and pepper when ordering poutine especially in Quebec they may try to linch you.
  3. Hell yes I did. Of coarse I went with the one called Jack the Ribber.
  4. Date night for Ms Notallthere and I. Should be go to the ribfest or to the vegan restaurant?
  5. Nope just trying to get the MIL closer to us for logistical reasoning and sanity. Meanwhile at work.
  6. Day 155 of the three week Chirstmas Lockdown and any car show looks good. Even 25 cars going for coffee all at once. We are going to miss you guys this weekend. I will be thinking of you as we are staining my mother - in- laws deck.
  7. Well camping is a no go, restaurants are a no go, I am going for a cruise.
  8. Just for that you have to buy breakfast the first day I can make it over.
  9. Sure just put salt in the wound.
  10. Sparkly socks here dropped the ball like a Detroit Lions reciever when it comes to the vaccine. Zero invested domestically.
  11. Just for Frosty. Watch the yards you are in.
  12. Here is the plan. Lockdown over in Ontario. Buy a canoe. Get in the St Clair River and do not die, row to Port Huron and do not get caught by customes, Police or some bored white chick with a cause. Meet up go for lunch, Somehow get home and enjoy a 2 week self isolation coma.
  13. This Pontiac commercial was familiar to me
  14. Shared that one with the better half.
  15. Sold a damaged motor for more than I paid for it running, heads, intake everything for $1500
  16. Merry Christmas. I am going to the roof to see if I can get some reindeer for Christmas beast. 308 should take down Donner and the fat man.
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