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  1. Their useless! They did a inspection on the brother’s business and no way it would pass but they must have “ pull” as nothing was done and it’s worse than houses! By-law just the same, said if they can’t see the violations from street view that won’t go on property! Our high taxes at work?
  2. That’s as far as I could go, packed to the ceiling! and wall too wall! Can you say fire hazard?
  3. Would be an excellent choice for TV show Hoarders buried alive? Bothe their homes would qualify! Been in one basement, juke boxes, pinball machines, barber chairs all piled on top of each other and only got in aboot 2’
  4. To make it worse! There’s a 24 T Doctors coupe that was ready to start after restoration 43 years ago ( I helped on that one) but got pushed into storage and still sits there! Then they started on 27 T roadster resto rod, guess what, it’s in a shed 1/2 finished 10 years ago!! Enough to make a grown man cry or become a alcoholic!!
  5. Just up the street from me there's a 68/69 GTO Rag Top "BURIED" in a garage for the last 20 years or so!!! Just before it went in garage was being driven BUT he Blew up the 400 and his brother put a SBC & trans in it!! Shortly after storing it, owner bought a wrecked "Goat" & they dropped the "good" 400 & trans & front 1/2 of frame, and covered it with a tarp, 20 years later it sits out in yard exactly where it got dropped. Last time the garage door was open you'd never know it was there as it's "TOTALLY" buried under bundles of newspapers and "100's" of empty gallon vinegar j
  6. Frosty, I missed this post?? Sorry to have to correct you on Description of my Wagon, but it's not a 3 speed stick [ or straight drive as they say in W V ] it's a 4 speed!!!!! But I forgive you and will gladly give you a Canukistani" BEER!!!
  7. That brings back memories of my past stock car racing days. What track are you running it at?? As you know those are closing up rapidly, & have heard rumors that track at Peterbourgh Ont, is on verge of "folding!!!
  8. From what I see rear 1/4 panel is repairable & possibly a 55 Chevy "patch panel" might work?? How bad is fender up front?? May be able to do same there?? Agree with getting it running first!! Then decide if engine & drive line is good or needs rebuild or a " swap" to up grade, depending on your driving habits or if your going the "stock" restore route?? Nice car " I like it" First year of V 8 & hope parts are available, as Pontiac changed it for 56 [something to consider if parts scarce, to go upgrade] That was a problem for me here in Ontario when I had my 64 Catalina, being a
  9. Frosty, I'm not in Toronto, I,m north east of Oshawa Ont. "aboot 50 miles north east of Toronto!!!
  10. maybe 20, but you;ll never see me in one without a bag over my head!!!
  11. My vanity plate on car I lost in the garage fire!!! Nothing left of plates [tags for US members] they melted!!!!
  12. Heres a few "shots of 64 Impala S/S 409 4 speed!! Last one is from local show where it won "peoples choice" which was a BONUS as I just go for FUN!!
  13. Dennis, you missed ' Joe Bats Arm" in Nfld !!! Nothing beats " Intercourse PA" though in USA
  14. Beer consumption "UP" front thermometer facing west is at 108 F and back one at 96F in shade!!! Keeping MOLSON'S brewery in the black, just doing my part for the economy!! Will have to remember these days in January when I'm "oot" blowing 3' of snow!!!! Too "f" ing hot to even take a car for a run!!! A/C in house running constant, & may have to sell a car or re mortgage to pay bill!! Ontario has the highest rate for electricity in North America + Beer & gasoline!! $ 48 + for a 24 of beer & equivilant of $ 4.00 + a US gallon right now for regular, which none of my classics will
  15. We up here have other names for US beer but don't want to "offend" anyone south of border but does relate to different "animal xsgreestions!!!!
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