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    • I've replaced so many tires and rims on our G6, including both rims N tires on the same side from the same pothole. Michigan roads....N you wanna go to slimmer rubber bands?  I put the tallest COOPERS I could on the rims.   Has made a difference.  Personal choice I understand, you have sharp G6 and looks to be in great shape. You gonna make the Dustoff show in June?
    • Funny, I have very mixed emotions of the 20s on my Camaro. Love the grip, love the look. Hate, hate, hate the cleaning and buying new tires  . The 17s on my G6 are so much easier to clean and don't cost my first new born when purchasing new tires.
    • The coastals are only 1500 feet. It does the same thing at sea level. It ran fine till a couple days ago. It's a mechanical fuel pump and it's fine. It's narrowed down to an issue with the secondaries. Frosty suggested  checking to see if the secondaries open all the way. I don't think they are and as a result it's too rich for high gear.
    • Hey guys,  🚨🚨So I got in a-little trouble for “self promoting” I’m sorry for whoever was offended by this, my deep apologies go out to you. Did not mean to have it come off as me trying to promote my social media. I’m on this website to show my G6 GXP off for the rest of the Pontiac community on here and get opinions about my vehicle. I’ll just have to be more careful how I post my content on here. All positive vibes👍🏼   Anyways enough of the serious talk… Lets get to it!!   So as you see in the picture below I got my PowerStop Brake Kit on finally about a week ago. I’ve been getting a lot more attention on my car since this upgrade. Me and my wife are looking at 4 Spoke 20” wheels for my car. Currently working with the regular standard 18” wheels which me and her hate lol. I’ve saw other people rocking with the 20” wheels and they look so much better and fit the g6 gxp a lot better cosmetics and a-lot more grip on launch.    I am thinking about putting on a “Roar Throttle Response Controller” or a “Hikeit Throttle Response Controller” to give me better acceleration and speed. Tell me what y’all recommendations on these little speed devices. Any opinions would be great and I accept everyone’s opinions no heart feelings lol.    I am also thinking about a Cherry Bomb Exhaust for my car to get some noise finally on the baby! I think it would sound and make the car what it is instead of cosmetics. I’m still currently awaiting and looking for other exhaust systems but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go with the Cherry Bomb Exhaust. Before I do this I will tell you guys that I need a Front Catalytic Converter. Thats the reason why my “Check Engine” light is on right now for my car. If you guys have any questions, comments or concerns let me know and I’ll be sure to respond as fast as I can! All positive vibes 😎   
    • In my search for sheet metal to repair front of floor and tunnel area I am coming up empty handed.  Does anyone know if there is another BBody that would be interchangeable?   i have leads on 68 Grand Prix & 65 star chief.      
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