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  1. yay..congrats to every1 who made it LOLL trail-mix hahaa that was funny
  2. i got an email notification, thought i'd give it a try, here's mine
  3. yea ill do that in the fall..skool starts nex week ugh
  4. which one do u guys think is better? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/99-03-GRAND-AM-BLAC...=item2eb774c5b5 or http://www.ebay.ca/itm/99-05-PONTIAC-GRAND...=item1c1e86af78
  5. LOLLL those are the tyc tails and they're rare...most ppl on GAOC have tyc's or the led tails...ill probably give the black led tails a try and see how they look...theres a few ppl on cardomain who has done tyc's on silver GA's and they look great, maybe coz there was too much sunlight in the pic above anywho...i added an sc/t badge on the trunk lid and got a black overlay for the pontiac logo
  6. good idea..but dont tint the headlites...go for an aftermarket setup for shure my fav montana in your gen is the tan colour with black bumpers and mouldings, it looks nice and shiney on sunny days...imagine lowering it and puttin some rims on now thats a pimp vann
  7. the other pics were low quality and taken on my cellphone...heres better pix canuck springs with monroe struts and a magnaflow 12266 muffler is all thats left to do
  8. lmao o welll, first come first serve it was quite a drive
  9. its been a while since ive been on here but heres what ive done in the past few days off of work ! ready, set, go picked up a new bumper to be paintmatched since mine is hanging off the middle found a guy on kijiji with 404,000km on his GA and he had trouble selling it so i asked him if he'd part it out (more like swap hoods and trunks), so he agreed and we exchanged hoods and trunk lids...so my gain here was a scratch-free trunk lid with an sc/t spoiler and a factory sc/t hood...my old trunk had tons of micro scratches...so i paid $480 on top and i think it was a wise move i made, my car looks 100% more complete ! dont worry guys, ive also put brand new dual post mirrors that i bought off rockauto, and ive also debadged that trunk lid too haha enjoy! if anyone has any new ideas for my car, please feel free to spit em out
  10. Jim - thanks bud Chaos - i will dw loll, its rare to find power dual post mirrors up here, i think my only bet is to get it from certifit in cleveland when im down in ohio Sadie - haha ofcourse, but sometimes i feel bad about that car..i shoulda bought it back from the insurance and brought it back alive moddin this car makes me feel much better
  11. well heres the new car, its a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT1 with ONLY 106,000KM !!! day 1 (all stock) - bought it on May 09 2011 day 2 (rims on) day 3 (all debadged) day 6 (somehow found a set of fresh black tyc tails !) day 7 (cleaned all the crap outta the engine bay) May/30/'11 - since i was busy with work and finally got a day off on the 30th, i went and got my windows tinted sorry for not posting pics up earlier loll, i been busy recovering from back pains + working 5-6days a week ! lol enjoyy, please feel free to throw your inputs and list your thoughts on future mods
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