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  1. dangerranger67

    EM2 civic progression thread

    aint a thang!! lol word.. but it would be killer aha
  2. dangerranger67

    EM2 civic progression thread

    k series swap!!!! do it!!!!! lol
  3. i actually really kind of like that!
  4. dangerranger67

    Hi! :)

    mmm those are actually hella sick rims
  5. dangerranger67

    Grand Prix owner joining.

    i used to have one of those... not as clean as that one though! it was my first experience with pontiac.. i never drove it but i sold it to a buddy of mine a few weeks after i bought it and never a single problem.. then it got t boned
  6. dangerranger67

    Hi! :)

    lol the pontiac is going to sounds better then the civic no matter what you do though lol chaos is a guru lol.. he will not let you riceify your baby!!
  7. dangerranger67

    Hi! :)

    i like blacked emblems on pontiacs better then the debadge just IMO
  8. dangerranger67

    How in the bloody hell do you survive this?!

    its true i have tried once through to be a cop.. and they still make me angry sometimes but, living a life where you never know whats going to happen and you cant trust a single person.. i think you earn the right to be a douche when you pull some people over, or the right to use force when bringing someone into custody
  9. dangerranger67

    Hi! :)

    puuuurdy car! stop being so bossy chris ps yes.. i am finally back!
  10. dangerranger67

    Pictures from work. Mining equipment

    oh come on, anyone can just take pictures of there tonka toys with a background like that haha just kidding me loves big equipment
  11. dangerranger67

    Do you play an instrument?

    in highschool i majored in tumpet and percussion.. but i also played bass, guitar, started piano and have just recently picked up fiddleing lol lol ghost that was an awesome video
  12. dangerranger67

    How in the bloody hell do you survive this?!

    wow! i couldnt even tell that was a cop car at first
  13. dangerranger67

    Hi! :)

  14. dangerranger67

    Lowering the Montana

    well.. it would probably make it higher HOWEVER if you know they bolt in.. there are more aftermarket parts for the grand prix.. possibly a lowering kit.. if stock bolts in.. aftermarket will bolt in
  15. dangerranger67

    50 states 50 odd laws

    sucker!! haha just kidding we wont rat on you
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