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  1. This is really cool! Or several, if you're looking at GPs like mine.
  2. ill.motion Sunday School 2013: August 18th was the third annual Sunday School show and shine hosted by ill.motion. After plenty of preparation, our group was ready and arrived with a nice selection of cars; we were also lucky and got a great spot in the venue. I drove the 5.0 down with one friend taking the Focus for me... (this shot was taken after the show ended, hence why the Celica seen below is missing) ...and another taking the Grand Prix. The Focus had received a few updates, so I quickly edited some photos to post here. Who sees the meaning behind the d
  3. New headlights and visors: At this time the annual Sunday School Show and Shine hosted by ill.motion was less than two weeks away. That meant the Focus had some final items to address before the big day. First up was to take care of the headlights: Both were suffering from this hazing by the parking lights. The inside of the lens was being affected and it was looking rather bad. Some research showed other owners noting the same issue. I was able to get the new lights under warranty fortunately, so they were quickly swapped in place of the old units and the little blemish
  4. Time to catch up on some stuff... JBR shifter bushings: The ST (as seen in this thread before) and SE had some James Barone Racing (JBR) solid shifter bushings fitted. They were inexpensive pieces which would hopefully improve the feel of the shifter, so Mario and I decided to give them a try in our cars. The true install, that is the removal of old and fitting of new pieces, was very simple and fast. It was the tear-down prior to and replacing all of the removed parts after that took the time (in total we were working for a handful of hours). We also may or may not have dropped a
  5. I have the issues of High Performance Pontiac highlighting this car. So awesome.
  6. Installing an OEM ST exhaust: All of this was made possible by two friends; Jackie (who owns Zero Limit) and Mario (who owns the red ST). Yesterday the STedan was went into the shop for a never-before-attempted project. Since Jackie had replaced Mario's factory exhaust system with an aftermarket assembly on Monday, that meant that there was an OEM ST exhaust left over. Light bulbs lit up. With my Focus being built with the idea of an ST sedan in mind, fitting an ST exhaust would be a great way to continue the progress and further set the car apart from other Mk3s. Currently onl
  7. One from the show it had attended: More at: http://illmotion.com/im-event-coverage-calgary-firebird-clubs-show-and-shine-2013/
  8. Wow that looks nice.
  9. Needs low. There, I said it. The one with two yet-to-be-lowered cars.
  10. The ol' boy is definitely due for some Seafoam. It's been nice to have it out though. It still gets looks.
  11. Look at who finally came home today. It was filthy. It sputtered and fought to get started. It stunk of carbon build up. It's now clean, with a full tank of fresh gas, the buildup has been cleared, and after sitting for several months with a dead battery, fires right up and drives just like it did before. Tomorrow: Pontiac car show.
  12. I agree. Black would improve it further, but as it is it looks great.
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