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  1. Pontiacgt201

    [ChaosweaveR]'s Mitsubishi Galant ES Progression

    omg Chris is turning into a ricer. soon hell have a big ass wing and fart cannon. ROFLMFAO j/k looks good chris but Not feeling the rally flaps at all and the fender stripes are to skinny
  2. Pontiacgt201

    The Random Pics Thread (NSFW)

    heres a pic I took and photoshoped alittle
  3. Pontiacgt201

    I've fallen in love with an Austrailian

    god I want the dirty bird. im so close but dont have the money.
  4. Pontiacgt201

    Proud Mommy of 2 Pontiacs

    great looking rides. welcome to the club
  5. Pontiacgt201

    The Random Video Thread (NSFW???)

    hell yeah.
  6. Good Chips come in bags or tubs. crappy chips you buy online and install in grand ams. there are no true performance chips for grand ams
  7. Pontiacgt201

    RC Car Thread

    trust me it will get more rock/road rash tomorrow.
  8. Pontiacgt201

    RC Car Thread

    Got a new paint job on the truck yesterday.
  9. Pontiacgt201

    RC Car Thread

    thanks guys. gonna be putting a new paint job on it today
  10. Pontiacgt201

    RC Car Thread

  11. Pontiacgt201

    RC Car Thread

    well Steve has been busy today. Rhinolined the chassie and wheelwells.(not real rhinoliner) Then Dyed the rims. was suppost to be black but turned out bronze. kind of liking it. but changes are on the way The Windshield has some Trail damage some tools on the seat incase a need comes up on the trail. and a beer Got alittle more work done today. Floor board is done and Dash is almost done Got all the parts I ordered in. Steve holding the new CB Antenna New KingKong Hook Love these Bajas, Sick tires. New Axial Black Rims Finished up the new Dash and Door Panels Bed Finished off the bumper and the truck itself
  12. Pontiacgt201

    Its Offical!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Most likly it will be a GM truck. It was sad to see the car go but I need a 4x4 to get to work and haul shit. so had to send the car to a good home.
  13. Pontiacgt201

    Its Offical!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no I know the guy that bought it. parts from my car are going on his Supercharged GA and then he is gonna put mine back to mostly stock and use as daily driver
  14. Pontiacgt201

    Its Offical!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Js ill be sticking around sold for $3000.
  15. Pontiacgt201

    Its Offical!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well Im leaving in a few days but once I get back im buying a pickup
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