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  1. MissGXP

    Personal License Plate Ideas

    My friend got FLYY G6 on hers, Im putting mine in for FLYYGXP. Gay i know, but thats how I roll
  2. MissGXP

    The09GXP Progression thread

    Beauuuutiful car! I have exactly the same car, you must have good taste I found some really sick rims to go with mine, they are worth checking out. DriftZ monoblocks
  3. I went on the Pontiac site and looked up the GXP. makes me sad. I wish I had enough money to buy Pontiac back, cause i totally would
  4. MissGXP

    Hi! :)

    Oh yes, my car will be as nice, if not nicer than his once i get done im debadging today! and im putting in my order for the rims next week...so ill start my progression thread as soon as i get them in
  5. MissGXP

    Hi! :)

    Ill try and get better ones of both our cars together and post the pics up
  6. MissGXP

    Hi! :)

    Yes captain. these are not professionaly done, so the M3 looks a shit ton better.. give me 5 mins and ill upload them
  7. MissGXP

    Official Sig Request Thread

    lets see how quick you can get me my siggy back and then we will talk lmao
  8. MissGXP

    Official Sig Request Thread

    You are amazing Thank you soo much
  9. MissGXP

    Official Sig Request Thread

    I hope he does
  10. MissGXP

    Hi! :)

    Thanks girl i appreciate it. I was actually looking at my badges today, figuring out how to take them off. I think im going to try and let my bf try and do it oh, and im sure your not too bad yourself but thank you for the compliment <3 Chaos-I live in VA, and please believe the cops are TERRIBLE down here. They will try and get you for anything now the economys bad. AaronGTR- Thank you sir i try and take real good care of my car Autobot- Thanks but no thanks lmao, im not a fan of the huge hammerhead spoiler. but thanks anyways and i think that Emily is the coolest one here so far lmfao. all of you guys are so welcoming and nice its definatly a difference from most car enth. websites Thanks you so much for being so nice Well hi there Thank you I think I may stay awhile
  11. MissGXP

    Hi! :)

    lmao, that aint even funny. Cops are crazy around here, Ive been pulled over a few times myself lol
  12. MissGXP

    Hi! :)

    What 3 officers? who? lol
  13. MissGXP

    Official Sig Request Thread

    Jedi, could I please have a cool siggy? PLEASE?!
  14. MissGXP

    Hi! :)

    Lmao, He has a 2006 BMW M3, with ridiculous amounts of money in rims. My G6 isnt up on his level yet, but they both look good together. ill try and take a pic in a lil while if it isnt still storming to show ya all .. I do have a question though, how did you guys have your sig's like that? and how can i do one? OMFG! lmao! Yes I am the one on the left. Thank you for the compliments ..Im a really laid back girl, so probably nothing your going to say is going to hurt my feelings or make me mad but just know that me and my bf have been 5 years strong so there is no chance of a phone number
  15. MissGXP

    Hi! :)

    Lol, thanks! I will be posting more pics up soon. Im trying to get the rims like next month, me and justin will be doing a photoshoot with his M3 so I will post them asap.
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