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  1. Sam

    Killiger's Redline Sky

    These are...interesting....looking cars in my eyes. RWD and turbo is a fantastic combo with a manual transmission. Why go with an auto though?
  2. Sam

    I'm back with a WS6.

    They don't make a 3rd brake light. There are maybe 20 clear/smoked led 3rd brake lights and they are a lot of money if you find one used. So I'm going to tint it so it blends into the wing.
  3. Sam

    I'm back with a WS6.

    Finally had some free time. You can see, one of the housings was in rough shape. Painted I'll finish them up tomorrow.
  4. Sam

    POTM Banter

    Hopefully I can get my car to some better shots for october. It is my favorite month so I need to win haha.
  5. Sam

    I'm back with a WS6.

    It'll happen. I need a camera person, or just a gopro to record it. But it'll happen after the break in process for the gears is complete. Don't want to destroy the 10 bolt already lol.
  6. Sam

    I'm back with a WS6.

    Well....about the horse mask...... It has sustained some damage....
  7. Sam

    I'm back with a WS6.

    Line lock would be easy. I only have to do burn outs to please you lol
  8. Sam

    I'm back with a WS6.

    Now for the rear brakes to stop squeaking.
  9. Sam

    I'm back with a WS6.

    Please excuse how dirty the car is. It's covered in dust and hand prints from the gear swap. But it's a nice day out and wanted to drive her after I got off of location for the day. Even made a new list of things to do in the coming weeks. Sorry for the crappy pics.
  10. Sam

    I'm back with a WS6.

    The first time i do them, I'll probably grenade the rear end. lol
  11. Sam

    I'm back with a WS6.

    Oh you have no idea how badly I want to just tear down the street, but I'll rip the guts off of my diff lol. Once they are cycled for a while, I'll be able to spin the tires quite easily!
  12. Sam

    I'm back with a WS6.

    Appreciate it man. I'll try to get her out of the garage and get some pictures taken this week. Have to go easy on her for about 500 miles and cycle the new gears and bearings before I can have fun.
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