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  1. Merry Christmas!
  2. this. maybe. i also moved the wire away and zip tied it.
  3. starter fuse was blown. and now the replacement is blown too. where to check next?
  4. i may have found an issue.
  5. my G6 wont start. tried portable battery, tried car jump start. lights come on and gauges sweep like normal. stuck in a parking lot and its cold. what to check next? help! thanks.
  6. soo...i may or may not have "the Fast and the Furioused" a railroad crossing. and now one of my little low beam mini reflector thingy is bouncing inside the headlight.
  7. This is Pontiac Of The Month. Nominate the member and their vehicle you feel deserves this recognition. Lets support the people who are here with awesome rides! #1 - Please nominate vehicles from within Forever Pontiac. #2 - Please post the important and required details of the one you are nominating, like: Photo, Screen Name, Year, Make and Model. (*Modifications or Progression Link would greatly help but is not required*) #3 - Please submit only ONE photo in your post. #4 - One submission per person. #5 - You may Nominate yourself IF you meet the 10 post mininum. #6 - There is also no need to submit the same car more than once! #7 - Any member that has won within the last 6 months is ineligible for nomination, unless the member has another vehicle that meets the requirements may be nominated again. We will begin voting on the 25th and voting will close at the end of the month. If a tie occurs, then there will be a 2 day tie breaker vote. Nominations ONLY! This thread will be monitored. Banter will be encouraged in the POTM Banter thread, and not allowed here.
  8. did you try out the Rocket League Rumble update?
  9. congrats ez-rider, you won.
  10. New

  11. welcome to FP!
  12. looking great. and welcome.
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