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  1. 192GB of RAM!? ok next one. of those mentioned, what limits the max speed of RAM?
  2. ok so first question: what puts the maximum size limit on RAM? is it the CPU, motherboard, OS or a combination of two or all? if it matters its my laptop and only poking around.
  3. how many active computer parts experts do we have? just have a question or two on a thing or two. and just curious to know.
  4. cool build havoc. what do, plan to build?
  5. when you guys paint rooms, do you guys get a scent of bubble gum or is it just me?
  6. lake? well thats not fair, youre in the swamp lands. youre gonna claim everything as your property. and same size too! awesome. now we know you can host a Pontiac meet at your place.
  7. no pool...yet. yours? the almighty question is, what size is that lot?
  8. your copy skills are weak this time. lets just say i can house the G6, (the baes ) the Coyote and Jag comfortably with potential to expand my shop. and i keep moving East, although it was only 10 minutes over this time.
  9. ok true. thanks. you too. still in the same state/city? and the real question here, and everyone here would agree, big is the garage Ringo?
  10. well...i wouldnt be painting if it was a rental.
  11. why must you copy me!? i get a G6, you get a G6, i get a laptop, you get a laptop, i move, you move.
  12. painting rooms. just moved.
  13. not sure what all the fuss is about on kids huffing paint fumes. been doing that for a week, all i got were headaches.
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