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  1. Phenom

    The CHARLIE SHEEN sound board!

    it must be all these Gnarly Gnarlingtons...
  2. Phenom

    Florida Meet thread 2.0

    ill be in FL spring break. so like 2 or 3 weeks...
  3. Phenom

    Ghost's Progression

    ok..so u asked for my opinion and here it is.. if you want to do the flat black which you obviously do, without a doubt, go with the vinyl wrap. they are relatively easy to apply and i have a friend who vinyl wrapped the roof of his gto who could come down to help if you would like. you can wash, wax, and claybar the vinyl wrap. also, say for example you got in a fender bender, do you want to be the guy that says to the body shop, just bust out the rattlecan? no you dont. if anything happens, the worst possible outcome is that they spray ur car glossy factory black again and then we go ahead and wrap it again. Also, with the economic downturn, if anything bad happens to ur financial situation, you will want to know that you can still sell it if you need to. No one (and i repeat NO ONE) in their right mind would want to buy a rattlecanned G6. All that would do is point out to the possible buyer that the car is molested and would dramatically decrease the sell-able price or even make the car impossible to sell. I say, 100% that what you need to do is vinyl wrap it. Just make sure u use the weather proof and wax-proof stuff so that you dont waste your money. Thats my 2 cents.
  4. Phenom

    Phenom's Progression G6

    he added all new piping but its the same size. 2.25
  5. Phenom

    Josh's G6 2009 2.4L

    wanna give my dad a call and beg him for me?
  6. Phenom

    Looking for a 1st job..

    oh wow nice!
  7. Phenom

    Looking for a 1st job..

    auto install bays you have to be 18
  8. Phenom

    Chaos + Optima Turbo = ?

    i am starting to like Kias more and more as they come out with newer models. I say go for it.
  9. Phenom

    Looking for a 1st job..

    so far i have applied at: Target (one of my GTO buddies may be helping me get a job here as he is Operations Manager) Toys R Us Best Buy Chili's In N Out Nob Hill Foods GM Dealership Parts Dept and one more that i forget...... And no chaos, i do not haha
  10. Phenom

    Funny License Plates

    A VW beetle with the license plate BAH HUM (bug). A harlequin with teddybear wheels and the license plate LEGO VW (seen below)
  11. Phenom

    Looking for a 1st job..

    min. wage here is 8.25
  12. Phenom

    Looking for a 1st job..

    engrish pwease?
  13. Phenom

    Looking for a 1st job..

    So lets start from the beginning...in 2006 i moved here with my family from England at the age of 13. Four and a half long years later, today, I finally get y Social Security Number. I am now on the search for a first job. I really dont know where to start when it comes to where I should apply so im looking for any suggestions at all. Should I go into retail or restaurants? The tricky thing is that I am not 18 yet and a lot of jobs set 18 as the bottom limit. I thought about maybe running cars to customers for Enterprise or Hertz, but once again, the age is 18. All ideas are welcome. Thanks -Adam
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