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  1. Yeah i guess it makes sense anyway to color match them. now its just finding someone who carries then kit, seems like it has been discontinued up here in Canada at the dealerships. they don't advertise the gmpp cat-back exhaust setup i bought last year.
  2. another Edmonton local here. would be nice to get one going. maybe a nice cruise in the mountians around the kananaskis area. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source...3.56781&z=9
  3. they say this happend in windsor ontario Canada and who knows when but i cant imagine coming back from work to see this.
  4. looking at getting a Gm ground effects package for my g6, now when i looked online they have 3 colors, white/black then primed. was wanting to know if black would blend in well with my Carbon Black Mettalic on the car. any black g6 owners with the gm ground effects installed? Think im juast going to order primes and get it painted but its going to cost a hell of alot extra. Gm Ground Effect Gm ground effect 2 now i cant tell if thats just a black or the special carbon black mettalic color
  5. sent payment to [email protected] instead of jim. My bad payment has now been sent
  6. Dont think im going to lower it, im using this car aswell for winter driving and with the amount we can get up here and for how long i dont think its going to work out. i wish i could get a beater but dont got the room in my garage. for future mods i havent really decided were i want to go now. got it the way i like it. might put a gm ground effects package if i can find it in canada. think im going to look into interior mods for lighting etc. well see how it goes. i hope so, going to look for "how to" section for buffing for type of compound to buffer pads etc.
  7. Well finally got the new Rims installed but this weekend i was hit some minor scrathes and driver side mirror is busted. seems like i can buff them out. cant really see them unless you look at a very sharp angle.
  8. hell no! i would kill myself doing that going over the berm, but i have done whats called bacon strips going down the hill on ice when the one side of the duals lock up. its crazy when you got over 400tons of steel going out of control! Just called Haul trucks, off highway trucks etc. i've always like watching them when i was little now i get to build them and drive them once complete! lol! you got to it first dammit hoping i can get some video up of the trucks/ shovels in action on the mine site.
  9. Here are my 2 golden retrievers, Carter and Casey Enjoy!
  10. looks like you guys had a blast! to bad you guys are on the east coast. might have to make a trip across Canada next summer and come visit.
  11. Well here are some pics i have taken of the equipment i work on and build. i have tons i can post buts here a few for now to get started.
  12. i used a metra kit 99-3303 type for a single din, you can also buy a double din as well but the display cant be used. i have seen guys though put the display in the glove box. heres there site. http://www.metraonline.com/products.aspx
  13. Thanks, i really like how it turned out! well your going to have to wait till i get back from the field so around july 23-24th. i used the brand name duplicolor. its was a high temperature paint. first i used a adhesion promoter for plastics to help with the primer and the red color to stick better and hopefully prevent any kind of peeling. ill get some more info for the paint. i had to redo the paint job since i painted in a few areas with white paint but it had gone through the taping on some corners. anyway i put it through a sand blaster with short burst but had melted a few areas. the de
  14. i had someone from G6performance make that for me, acxdarlene. not to sure if she makes them anymore. Yeah some guy from g6performance with the same name and car as you do lawl. hey did you have issue with the brake light poping out the socket on the left side, from time to time then pop out doesnt clip in. might just super glue the dam thing. The only other major upgrade left to go is really just the rims and the new R8 healights. still debating if i want to lower it or not but with our crappy winter weather up north iam a bit worried about it.
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