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    Working on my car, detailing, doing agility, and flyball with my blue heeler Diesel

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  1. Power polished it this weekend, applying glaze, wax, cleaning interior and engine in the next few days
  2. G8chick

    FuriousG's G8 GXP

    Looks great! U planning on tinting the windows?
  3. G8chick

    All-new 2014 Cadillac CTS

    ATS and XTS had a baby and unfortunately this is what we ended up with, hate the entire rear section on the car
  4. G8chick

    2014 Chevy Camaro Redesign

    I like the front end but those tail lights are ugly as sin
  5. I've always gone with JVC, I had one that was a DVD player as well, it was hooked up to watch movies while driving ( I never did that tho I got it for my lunch breaks at work) no problems at all with it! Touch screen too it the G8 one craps out ill def get another JVC
  6. G8chick

    HELP. Looking for a hatchback

    Mazda 3
  7. G8chick

    Hi, from alberta :)

    Lol! If I could afford a GXP I'd go to the states and bring one up for me
  8. G8chick

    Hi, from alberta :)

    That was just a example lol. I don't like any of those other ones. To bland for my liking. And bronze would look horrible I think lol
  9. G8chick

    Hi, from alberta :)

    I love em. Didn't want to drowned my car with black rims that everyone else is doing, not eye catching for the most part unless they have a chrome lip, for spending that kind of money for rims they were going to be flashy, and not something that is easily overlooked like black not my style and the chrome rims compliment the chrome trim, and the tinted tails, windows change the look of the car. V6 has enough power for me.. Sure I'd love a GT or GXP but I like cheaper insurance and gas mileage better lol
  10. G8chick

    Hi, from alberta :)

    Lol! I originally went for a terrain and came home with a G8, I needed to stand out
  11. G8chick

    Advice on POSSIBLE purchase...

    Check out the G8 forums, there will be tons of info right at your finger tips. G8board GRRR8.net I am on both GXP would be so much fun
  12. G8chick

    Why did you get your Pontiac?

    My 1997 Monte Carlo Z34 was giving me lots of problems and was on the way to breaking again ( literally had it in the shop the day before) then we made the decision I was going to get a SUV or crossover. I am getting quite involved in dog sports and needed something that can haul lots of equipment) I had my eye on the G8 for half a yr. drove by and kept pointing it out to the husband.. We looked at the terrain, Durango, Cherokee. But I didn't want a vehicle that was like everyone else's I wanted to stand out from the crowd just like with my monte. Finally we needed up test driving the G8 and the rest is history, had her for just over a yr now My monte, still miss this car Can still haul all my equipment. This is with a tent and sleeping stuff as well lol From the day I picked her up
  13. G8chick

    2009 G8 GT

    Love em! They will make the car look sexy. Have you tinted your windows yet? Don't know if you've heard of Adams polished but they have a quick sealant that I apply to the rims that really help protect and make way easier to clean! Something to think about anyways
  14. ^ I don't like the SS on the rear door it looks stupid. Nice color, rims tho
  15. G8chick

    2009 G8 GT

    I think those would look sweet! what colour were you thinking of. I think its all in how they are taken care of, and the maintence that they are given. If you just run it through a car wash and leave them rims are prone to pitting quicker, and if you take them off over winter. Thats a pretty popular maker tho so id image they would be good did you check out tire rack prices? If i was looking for non chrome rim for my car i would have def gone with these!
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