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  1. Cruisn

    Took some pics of the TA

    nice ride! burnouts are always fun. lol.
  2. Cruisn

    Custom Retrofits

    The eye lids are form the previous owner, who had a black car. lol. I think I will take them off. might do lids, but orange is a tough colour to find
  3. Cruisn

    Custom Retrofits

    yes, on 2006 cobalt ss/sc the lens are smoked, which is what these are from the pink is snow reflection.. Dont know why its pink though.. Odd
  4. Cruisn

    Custom Retrofits

    Just got these last night, Figured I would share. stock headlight modified for projectors. I like them. they fit the car quite well they need a bit of work. but not much. test fit:
  5. Cruisn

    Hey All!

    WOW! one sick car man. great work
  6. Cruisn

    The Official Useless Post Thread

    hurt my back today at work... excellent.. lol. bring on the pain killers.
  7. Cruisn

    The Official Useless Post Thread

  8. Cruisn

    The Photogeekery Thread

    I hate lightroom with a passion.. LOL. CS4 seems so much easier
  9. Cruisn

    POTM Banter

    WOOT WOOT!! Thanks man!!
  10. Cruisn

    What did you drive before your Pontiac?

    89 daytona: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2142243 86 daytona: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/630670 85 daytona: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2185986
  11. post it up guys, how many? enough for a meet around edmonton? Or even just to chat
  12. Cruisn

    New memeber from alberta

    Thanks again for the warm welclome guys. already enjoying this forum
  13. Cruisn

    What did you drive before your Pontiac?

    I started with a 1986 dodge daytona turbo Z 5 speed then to a 1989 dodge daytona C/S turbo II 5 speed then to a 1985 dodge daytona Turbo Z 5 speed - first turbo build then to a 1992 Chevy 1500 short box auto - sold immediatly, do not like auto's then to a 2006 Pontiac Pursuit GT 5 speed.
  14. Cruisn

    Car Domain

    you bet. LOL
  15. Cruisn

    The Grand Am | Progression

    love the colour. LOL. stunnig car, great work. am a fan of the 3.4L
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