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  1. I'm a new resident of Alberta actually. Used to be in London Ontario. I would be up for a weekend meet in Edmonton with my G6.
  2. The Mirror - by Dream Theater (album - Awake)
  3. Hey thanks man sorry I missed it I didn't have internet for a couple of days. Much better than the sig I attempted! Now I can post in style!!! Next time I'll take some better pics! (^^^It says it's supposed to be dancing bacon, looks like a hot dog, or a really old bananna to me LOL)
  4. HEY WHATS WRONG WITH ONTERRIBLE???? Just kidding I grew up here and love it, but I'm in the military and meet lots of people from around Canada who hate this province, its probably mostly just directed at Toronto though. LMFAO!
  5. hey if anyone wants to make a Siggy for me I'd be thrilled, don't any great pics though, all I have is what is on photobucket. I attempted to make one the other day for kicks but it really sucked so I gave up lol! http://s699.photobucket.com/home/devriesd89
  6. Well hello again... you may remember me from such forums as G6ownersclub.com or G6performance.com. This re-registering thing had me confused for some time but I think I have the hang of it now. Here is a pic of my 2005 G6 GT
  7. This is a bit of a double post as it is from G6ownersclub but what-ever. I kinda put my six in the ditch... only slightly though, the snow was too much fun. I got it out after a bit of determination and some swears! This was before: (when I was still having fun) BELOW: Hard to see but it was in there pretty good, glad I had my winters tires and rims on! This is what it looked like after I got it out, should have taken a pic when the car was still in the ditch but I wasn't feeling to proud at the time. No harm done though.
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