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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian / Canuckstani friends. Today is your Thanksgiving - enjoy yourselves and be safe!
  3. Sorry bro, I must have missed that somehow. Justa been really busy between trying to get GP done and wifes family visiting for a month. Long month
  4. No. Its very original No. Its very original. I shared a video about it. Appears My 68 Caprice ND 69 Catalina Follow the video
  5. Wrongway ! Where have you been fabio won potm last month … he has a cool thread with video all about his
  6. Welcome! Has anything been done or is she stock? Any other pictures?
  7. Welcome to FP. You have a very beautiful car. Has anything been done to modify it?
  8. Yes I dropped my membership as well. Had a phone call from membership person in Grand Rapids MI and he said he’d get back after bringing up my issues but never heard back???? He didn’t realize than our dollar exchange was a hinderence and was as much as it is! Also told him this affects buying parts along with having to pay duty, brokerage fees shipping from border, then 13% tax after converting to Cdn dollars ! Just not worth it!
  9. Found it to be kinda boring so I let my membership lapse.
  10. I'm wondering if any Cdn members are in POCI and what you think of it?? I "re joined" after many years away, & I'm finding out AGAIN there's nothing for Cdn. members!! The Smoke Signals magazine is a wonderful publication, high quality, & some great articles but for almost $100 Cdn theres NOTHING North of border. Could go "on line for less" but you have to have reliable internet [which I don't] Membership drive is extremely difficult, up here, and only 6 new members recruited in Canada in last 6 mths. Would love to have a Canadian Chapter but on talking to Pontiac owners their interest "WAINS" when costs come up & having to join POCI as well as Chapter. I did Convention in Greensville SC back in 2005, great show, but some of the show car owners were "SNOTTY" Costs now days with dollar difference to US $ Gas & hotel fees out of sight curtails going to another !!! Comments?????
  11. Merrickville, Ontario 1 hour south/west of Ottawa
  12. Just joined this amazing Pontiac site and looking forward to scoping all things Pontiac. I am from the Milton, Ontario, Canada area but I am originally from the Toronto, Ontario area. Been in Milton, Ontario for the past 18 years but may be moving to the Belleville, Ontario area in the next year when my partner and I go into full retirement. Cheers.
  13. hmm, gravy doesn't come from a can frosty!!! it comes from a meat roast dish, after you drain off the fat and mix corn flour with all that yummy brown goodness left behind, from that beef you justA roasted!! ... dont think the can stuff can cut the mustards little lone the gravy train !!! haahha https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/authentic-canadian-poutine/ this just makes my mouth water !!!!
  14. Yup. the no name #10 can of beef gravy just like local burger joint opens. Ain't nothing in this world so simple that it can't be screwed up!
  15. Normally on the 4th of July, notallthere, his and my missus would be chucking candy at the kids in the Hadley Village parade with the Widetrackers. Not this year. Lucy is still disassembled and notallthere is still in locked down in Canuckistan.
  16. You know it's Maple syrup or nothin at all...... Headin North for the cabin and the NO PHONE ZONE..... Ahhhhhh Safe weekend everyone. Jet boat time!!!
  17. Right Kiwi - it has all the major cholesterol groups covered. So what's wrong with pepper and ketchup on poutine? Since when is Quebec worried about cuisine faux pas? If I did it, would I get a ticket or would a RCMP come up to me and say "sorry sir, about that, eh? Don't do it again" warning?
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