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  2. Canadian Humour

    Winter in Ontario looks like winter in northern Michigan - without the poutine of course.
  3. Pete reports there was no DeWalt drill. He appreciates the tip. He asked me if he should claim 24-pack he just put in the fridge. I told him to claim the 20-year old scotch instead.
  4. Thanks notallthere. I will let Pete know that. Thanks Pro. That is essentially what Pete told me.
  5. Fire in Northern Toronto

    If it was the work bench and he uses Dewalt cordless I would have a look at the chargers as well. A few of the older ones (7-10 years) were recalled for fire hazard.
  6. http://canadianponcho.activeboard.com/t63249341/lost-everything-yesterday/?page=2#lastPostAnchor More photos over there, but nothing anyone really wants to see.
  7. How sad. Glad they are OK.
  8. Pete emailed late last night. He got checked out at the hospital. He has a broken rib for his efforts. Pro - Pete is a big blogger on Canadian Ponchos. Is he saying anything else over there?
  9. Big thread on this over at Canadian Poncho. Heartbreaking.
  10. Fire in Northern Toronto

    Thought i had a bad day...this is where you find out if your ins co is worth a crap..
  11. Dang, that stinks! Lucky they're physically ok, minus the ice mishap. Hope he gets some good back from insurance. Hate to see that happen
  12. My buddy Pete who lives in Northern Toronto (known as DualQuadPete in a lot of the Canadian Pontiac forums) just emailed me today. It would seem that his shop caught fire on Thursday and his '52 Pontiac, '69 Cutlass convertible, and vehicle trailer appear to be a total loss. The fire chief says he thinks the fire might have started with either the beer fridge or the stereo. The insurance company is working with Pete. Pete is okay other than he slipped on the ice and hurt his hip trying to fight the fire until the fire got too bad. I'd appreciate it if you guys could keep Pete in your thoughts and prayers tonight. This obviously not something any car guy should have to go through.
  13. Canadian Humour

    That's because nobody gives a puck.
  14. Canadian Humour

    And unlike on American TV, not a puck was given.
  15. Canadian Humour

    Wow! After watching this show, I don't know which more intellectually stimulating - Molson Hockey Night in Canada with Don Cherry or Red Green. All of three shows star hockey pucks.
  16. Canadian Humour

    Welcome to me.
  17. Canadian Humour

    "I could watch kids falling off bikes all day. I don't give a **** about your kid" That's how you make Canada great.
  18. Canadian Humour

    Season 2 There could be a little swearing in this. Just a little.
  19. Canadian Humour

    Sure you were....in a supercharged SRT Challenger vs. an Acura. Riiight. I suspect BS and stumpwater was involved.
  20. Canadian Humour

    But Notallthere, actually stated all the facts about the race to the steak house. We were talking about all kinds of stuff and I missed the exit so, I just kept on til I got to the next one. Which was about 2 miles out of the way. But, it was fun and the gals won. But, we were gonna let them win anyway lol !!
  21. Canadian Humour

    Now back to your regular Canuckistani humour
  22. Canadian Humour

    Looking for equal consideration: For those of you who have ever seen the movie "Escanaba in Da' Moonlight" starring Jeff Daniels, you will truly get this song.
  23. Canadian Humour

    As the Yooper's song On the Road to Gwynn lyrics say, "you didn't take the wrong way, just the long way!"
  24. Canadian Humour

    First time I met GE this is the conversation. We can take the Challenger and you gals take the Acura. The restaurant is only 5 miles away and we will wait for you in the parking lot. Guess who beat us there.
  25. Canadian Humour

    I thought that's what GHB was all about?
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