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  2. Talk to dualquadpete. Pete lives in North Toronto, his buddy lives 25 miles north of him in Lindsay Ontario. Seems it snow there last week when it got so cold here. April showers bring May flowers and snow - to da Great White North eh? Perhaps you might want a pack a hat AND gloves......
  3. Had to get new tires for my trailer, so I can drag the tractor up to the cabin to mow. So of course the ck eng light pops back on. Didn't even read the code, Morgans gets it back Tuesday. Running fine ,but not takin the chance. Will have to use the wifes Acadia this weekend. Oh well, heated seats helps the pinched nerve in my back while enjoyin the AC. Oh yea, I forgot they are calling for frost warnings up there. Note to self...pack gloves!
  4. At least you weren't further away than that. You could have been in downtown Pontiac, out on Woodward, or worse.
  5. Dixie Hwy and Walton. Got it home today, seems to be running justa fine again.
  6. Would start, but couldn't keep it running. Pushed it off the HWY and around a corner. Idiots trying to change lanes behind me, tire's squeelin, almost accidents. Really thought I was gonna get hit. Then a 3 1/2hr wait for a wrecker.
  7. Turns out a MAF sensor and a 02 sensor. They will have the parts in tomorrow AM. Hope that's all. Wife is busy and needs her car, she will have to drop me off and JUSTA wait N hope the truck is done. Shouldn't take more than an hour or so to install (being generous) once the parts arrive.
  8. Least you had fun. Thurs my truck quit, spent 4hrs trying to get home. Thankz AAA.... Was sooo hot N frustrated I didn't make Golling show. Could have made the end of registration, but was at the end of my rope.
  9. I guess I won't tell you what I did on Sunday then. It will justa piss you off. Hint - it was at a local hickey rink.
  10. Well camping is a no go, restaurants are a no go, I am going for a cruise.
  11. So what do you have left to do to it - LS engine swap not withstanding?
  12. Thanks Bud. I took Ms Notallthere out on date night in it. Came out to a couple guys staring at it. I had to give it a little gas in the first two gears when leaving. Upped Hagerty to $30,000 for it.
  13. That's truly awesome dude. I know you've put a ton of work into her. I can't wait for you to show up at my doorstep, strap me in, and then start doing Rockford stunts with it in front of my neighbors, all because I say those three little words...."Okay - impress me!".
  14. Vortec 350 with a zz4 camshaft. The 6.0 ls engine is still under the workbench. RIght now I am just enjoying the car right now. Shakedown runs and grinning ear to ear.
  15. Well I'd say that is better than turkey and all the fixins' any day. You think you'll go after GE with that thing once the borders open up? The FrankenChevelle looks good from here pal. You should be real proud. So what is currently under the hood? SBC, BBC, or LS? You've talked about so many different options.
  16. I am not done sanding on it but I got sick of sanding it and sent it through safety with a half done paint job. Ran through a couple puddles as well on the cruise around town. So far 10 days legal and she spit out her power steering pump and got 80 km on the odo.
  17. Why didn't ya finish washin it? Top half lookin good buddy! Happy Thanksgiving guys

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