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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I'm afraid I can't argue with this one. Our Canuckistani friends to the Great White North due have stronger beer. Cheers lads! http://videos2view.net/stronger-beer.htm?sfns=mo#.VE1pcXVqBps.facebook
  3. This still doesn't explain away all of notallthere's faults, but it's a start. What's the fascination with poutine though?
  4. Sorry I left them at your house. Heard you tried them on.......They were to big in the front.
  5. Fine. Be a killjoy. So I guess you don't get to wear your maple leaf panties out in public again this year.
  6. Not making Hadley this year. I am helping out Mom and Dad change an oil pan on their F150.
  7. Happy Dominion Day lightweight. See you in Hadley on Thursday. Bring tons of candy.
  8. Kinda a light weight after loosing some weight over the past few years.
  9. 14 micro brews tried today 6 to go. Happy Canada Eh
  10. So the place got shut down and now I need a new present for Frosty's birthday.
  11. Thank you. We are not that kind of forum. Told you so Ringo!
  12. Damn it. Why did I not think of that? I could do one for gay dudes and name them all after you guys. The Frosty doll, Ringo doll, we just will not discuss the Professeur doll.
  13. Indeed. I can't make this stuff up..... Somehow I picture notallthere saying "Dammit! I wish I'd thought of that!". I wonder how this would play out on Letterkenny? I imagine them having a field day with this one.
  14. I will preface this article with my usual line....I don't make this stuff up. Reality is sometimes much weirder that my own warped mind. Here is a case of Canadian Entrepreneurship. https://www.complex.com/life/2018/08/sex-doll-brothel-opening-in-toronto
  15. I own it and watched it a dozen times as well as a movie called Ordeal in the Artic.
  16. Being a bit of an aviation buff, I am familiar with the sad story of the Avro Arrow. It's great to see it's history being found, preserved, and finally appreciated. In case you are curious to learn more, there was a 4-hour mini-series called "The Arrow" back in 1996-97 that starred Dan Aykroyd. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Arrow
  17. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/avro-arrow-recovered-lake-ontario-1.4793463
  18. Huh....that's higher than I thought you'd give me. Pity. We have Yooper jokes here in Michigan (poking fun at people from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan). Q: How do you ya' know if it's summer in da' Yoop? A: It's da tree months of bad sledding!
  19. Well given that for most Canucks, TO is pretty much the on ramp for the highway to Hell .... I give it a solid Meh.
  20. I thought it was still funny. How badly does it translate into Canuckistanti?
  21. You made that same joke in this same thread in 2010

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